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  1. I think this is a surface level analysis from someone googling a few key stats. I didn't get the impression he'd actually watched any Norwich games. That said, I don't disagree with most of the conclusions. Maybe the stats don't lie? In particular, I think he's right on Omobamidele. He has looked solid every time he's played in his actual position, and has improved massively over the last couple of seasons. He could actually be our top defender, given the opportunity.
  2. If this is indeed the Farke "upgrade" then Webber should just resign now.
  3. Don’t listen to Lakey, he’s always so negative.
  4. It wasn't a knee jerk reaction. Reversing their decision on the basis of a single positive result would have been a knee jerk reaction. They just went through with the decision they'd already made (after Leeds), when, let's face it, Farke's position had become untenable. I do agree with some that the board are somewhat at fault here. I think there were some major mistakes made during the transfer window, which made the head coach's job a lot harder than it needed to be. But something had to change after the first 10 games. Anything else would have just been negligence. Overall, Farke was a great manager for us, and he'll go down as a Norwich City legend. It's nice in a way that he signed off with a win and with the fans cheering his name.
  5. "Ignore the noise" doesn't mean ignore reality. His stats in the PL made for grim reading - it was the right decision. I have some sympathy for Farke after Webber's farcical summer transfer window. But ultimately something had to change in order to give us a fighting chance of staying up. Daniel Farke has been an extremely good coach for us, and gave us some amazing football over the last few seasons. But loyalty can only extend so far. Beyond a certain point it's just sentimentality, and Webber is anything but that.
  6. I don’t buy the big club bias thing. MOTD mostly wrote us off when we performed like write offs. It wasn’t pleasant watching, but that was the reality.
  7. He was absolutely immense. He was involved in everything today at both ends of the pitch. He was also absolutely kicked off the pitch but he just kept on fighting. The most telling moment was when they had to re-insert his dislocated finger - he was desperate to get patched up quickly and get back out there.
  8. Let's just say it outright: Emi carried Farke. And then Webber backed the wrong horse.
  9. No, silly. The club doesn’t value individual players, so the same loyalty does not apply to them. Players, even so-called star players are just interchangeable cogs that Webber can easily replace for pennies on a whim.
  10. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
  11. To be fair, relegation bingo is more fun than watching games right now.
  12. I doubt we'll win, but if we do it will just serve to paper over the cracks for another few months, and give Webber an excuse to prolong the inevitable. Let's face it, the season is over.
  13. With his tendency towards favouritism, falling out with and stonewalling talented players? I’m not sure I’d trust his judgement at all.
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