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  1. [quote user="TIL 1010"]So glad that you are interested in thread number nine hundred and ninty three concerning Cody.Him scoring today against the mighty Cheltenham is surely of bugger all interest and significance to what is ahead of Norwich City FC and the remainder of this season. Still irrelevant and boring threads are your speciality and i take it your bitter and twisted stance has been brought about by you not starting the thread first. By the way my correct title is now Vice President of NCISA if you must insist on dragging them into it. There you have it......No Inner Circle needed to gang up on you and help me out. [/quote]I don''t post very often, but I do read these boards fairly regularly, and I''ve noticed the signal to noise ratio has decreased pretty significantly in recent months, mainly because of bitchy little posts like this. If you don''t have anything constructive to say on a subject, instead of making yet another ad hominem attack, why don''t you try not posting? Do you think everyone who reads this board is as fascinated with your little soap opera as you?On the subject of Cody, I believe he''s still one of our players, and as such I keep an eye out for him and I''m glad to see him doing so well. I don''t think anyone can claim to know exactly how well he''d do in the championship (or premiership even) as part of the current lineup, but surely he deserves a chance after his exploits this season. He''s done everything asked of him and more this season. Perhaps he''s simply improved as a player since he last played for us.
  2. Have we finally found our best starting lineup? It sounds like the 4-5-1 (or 4-3-2-1) Lambert played today worked really well. Playing Hoolahan just off Holt gave him the attacking freedom he needs, without exposing us defensively as has happened in the past. The formation made the most of our glut of quality midfielders, and lack of quality strikers. I can see this lineup being played a few more times before the season is out. I just hope Holt or Hoolahan don''t get injured, cause I don''t see many quality replacements for them in the squad.
  3. Any amount of goal difference is ultimately worth less than a single point. It''s pretty pointless worrying about it with so many points still to play for.
  4. BTW, that was in response to:[quote user="Boyo''"]I think QPR are going to win the league and I think they have basically already won it (I know there is a long way to go and Forest have games in hand blah blah blah) and I don''t think we have a chance of winning the league so I hope they beat them 6-0![/quote user="Boyo''"]
  5. I wouldn''t be so sure, based on recent form, I reckon Forest could quite easily overtake them. They''re both potential rivals for 2nd place (along with Cardiff, Swansea and Leeds), and I''d be happy to see any of those teams drop points. I really couldn''t care less about Ipswich, it would have been amusing to see them relegated (and who knows, Keane might still manage it), but I''m much more interested in the results of our rivals than some irrelevant mid-table side.
  6. If you''re in the UK, the BBC highlights are probably a better option:http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/9383553.stm
  7. [quote user="Go Wash Your Mouth Out Son"][quote user="The Bunny"]Ipswich. ...er, I mean Posh[/quote] You cannot be a real Norwich fan if you consider the first option, not that you would.[/quote] Yeah sorry, tourettes got the better of me there. I can''t help swearing at inapproriate times... Ipswich See, there I go again
  8. [quote] It''s fundamentally a dictatorship at CR...and we all know how intolerant they are of dissent. [/quote]What did you expect, a democracy? Are they supposed to have an vote once a year to elect new board members? Perhaps you''d like evictions too, with fans phoning in to decide who gets kicked off the board every week.I hate to break it to you, but Norwich City Football club is a privately owned business, just like every other club in the league. Sadly outside of la la land, people who don''t own a significant amount of shares in a business don''t get to decide how that business is run.
  9. Hey Smudger, you''ve got a right to your opinion and all that, but did you ever think of, just perhaps, saying something else? I reckon most of us know what you think by now. It''s not like you''ve posted anything else at all during the past few months (in practially every thread in this forum). Seriously, step away from the keyboard.
  10. [quote user="Fellas"] We don''t have shares in InterContinental Hotels we have it in "Kerrison Hotel Ltd". Does not sound like a huge thriving company although i cannot comment. If the club wants to start playing in stocks then shouldn''t more high profile companies be a better idea. [/quote] I''m speculating here, but presumably Kerrison Hotel Ltd is the actual hotel, which would presumably be a subsiduary of Holiday Inn.
  11. [quote user="Yellow fever"][quote user="just-cluckin"] Maybe it''s time to reflect..........[/quote]   no thats exactly what they want - we must carry on whilst the fans a re up for it - it took us ages to get the fans to boo this time - if we wait for months again things will be worse and more money will be gone   dont reflect act [/quote]Isn''t it time for your medication?
  12. Sorry but I have to disagree with most of the posters here. This is the closest we''ve come to a statement from the board that Worthy''s future at the club is in any way under threat. This has to be good news for anyone who supports Norwich right now. Whatever your views it''s a significant move from their previously endless "stand by the manager" statements, and the board know they''ll be held by these statements if the next two results don''t go our way. Sure, it may fall short of an ultimatum, but what did you expect? It could well be that a lot more has been said behind closed doors. It''s not necessarily in the board''s interests to release every detail and it''s unrealistic for fans to expect this. This isn''t going to quell the protests. If anything those protesting will sense an opportunity now that they know the board are listening.
  13. 5000 is a good sample size. Did you expect them to ask everyone in the country?
  14. [quote user="Yellow Rages"]I''m back...................... Spent all afternoon on this so the boss wont be happy. Anyway. I have looked at all relegated clubs from the premiership since it started. I have noted if they changed manager either during their relegation season or during their next season in the lower division. I have also noted their finishing place in that season. This is excluding this season as we do not know the exact finishing place of any team. 37 clubs relegated 23 changed manager 14 kept manager The average finishing place after relegation in 8.37 The average finishing place of all clubs that changed manager is 9.65 The average finishing place of all clubs that kept their manager is 6.28 Not what I expected at all but this tells us that on average, you are more likely as a club to finish higher if you keep your manager. Obviously this needs to be looked at on a case by case basis but it does make interesting reading.     [/quote]Correlation does not imply causality. You suggest that sacking a manager causes teams to perform worse, but you fail to consider that perhaps an underperforming team causes the manager to be sacked. Either scenario would explain the correlation you describe. Now I''m taking a guess here, but I think the latter option is the more likely explanation.
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