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  1. I'm guessing they hired him because of the obvious potential. Same reason we took a chance on a certain German coach a few years ago. The guy has worked in very progressive setup and knows first hand how a successful football club is run. It might not work out (and honestly the start has been mixed), but it's too early to judge. This summer is going to be the first real test.
  2. Defensively questionable at times but he's come on massively this season and the trajectory was all upwards. I have a feeling we'll regret this one.
  3. He hasn’t set the world alight, but he’s barely had any minutes in which to build up confidence or match fitness. Seems harsh to slate him given the circumstances TBH.
  4. As others have said, we’re not assured of a playoff place. But also, why would we throw away that 5th spot and the better draw that comes with it? Playing a weakened team for one game for the sake of resting players would be extremely risky.
  5. You realise us losing affects our GD, right?
  6. I guess we'll agree to disagree. But it's kind of telling that about 50% of our fans think otherwise, even with their yellow and green spectacles on... In any case, my main point is simply that we were lucky to get a point, although I'm very happy that we did. It was a poor performance and even Wagner admitted that (which is unusual for him).
  7. I don't think anyone was debating what the decision was, but thanks for playing.
  8. He's partially obscured by Mccallum in this shot but Sarge does seem to be playing him on (and possibly one other). I'd have been livid if this had been the other way.
  9. Standing in an offside position away from the play is not "interfering with play".
  10. Weird interpretation. How is pointing out that we benefited from an incorrect decision “finding something to worry about”. I think the general feeling is relief.
  11. Yeah, clearly offside. At the other end, Bristol City also had a perfectly good goal ruled out for offside. I’d be fuming if I was one of their fans. We were incredibly lucky to get a point.
  12. Got away with one today. 2 clearly incorrect offside decisions went in our favour and Bristol created far more clear chances than us. They will feel robbed.
  13. Pretty sure that roof would hold water better than the current one
  14. Loftus road is a cramped ****hole with a leaky roof. They should knock it down and rebuild.
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