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  1. But the question didn't state which league or division. If they didn't move directly to the EPL (which I believe they shouldn't) they would get little money and, without playing in Europe, perhaps even less than they do currently.
  2. But why would anyone give them that money, without them having to progress through the leagues to earn it? It would be a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas
  3. They are unlikely to move directly into the EPL, rather they would probably have to start somewhere lower down the English football pyramid.
  4. It's because Wagner prefers a right footer/left footer combination at center half. Therefore, no Gibson means Handley plays and Kenny, being left footed, moves into the back line.
  5. No. That is exactly what they did in the River End.
  6. If it was, I stand corrected. My memory is not what is was. I remember all 4 stands being replaced but clearly not what happened within. I thought that both the Barclay and River End had terracing.
  7. No we dont. We may also have won if SvH had replaced Sargent. Your response only comes with the benefit of hindsight. I'm glad we won though.
  8. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing and that is one of the reasons that it makes it harder to justify bringing SvH on to replace Sargent. My logic is simple. We know that Sargent is coming back from injury. We know that his return needs managing. What I think, and evidenced by performances earlier this season, is that without Sargent we struggle. Ideally it would have been beneficial, but probably not realistic, to have signed a ready made replacement in January. We didn't. Instead we signed SvH who, according to Wagner is not ready. My question is he will be ever be ready? A few minutes here and there towards the end of a game will never be enough. Against Watford there was the opportunity to give him more game time. Now that it has been announced that Sargent is injured again that leaves us, potentially, with only Barnes. Limited goalscoring threat there, unfortunately. I would have liked to see a Barnes/SvH given some time against Watford to see it could work. Of course SvH may prove to be another Idah ( we don't know currently due to lack of game time). In which case I may prove to be stupid in my hopes.
  9. One of our problems, I guess, may be to do with the fact that the lower Barclay was designed as terracing and not for seating. Our seats have been shoehorned into spaces for which they were never intended. A return to standing, but with seating in place, may be a safety issue which may negate any future move to a 3 for 2 spacing arrangement. This is, of course, in addition to one seat - one standing space - one ticket allowing those in power to be able to identify any miscreants as well as ensuring that there are no crowding issues. All as identified by others.
  10. As I said, we may have had a similar result if SvH had replaced Sargent, but nobody knows. It would also have had the additional advantage of providing SvH with more game time. If Barnes is played as the lone forward from the start on Saturday, God help us.
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