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  1. Shrimper - are you the same Shrimper who''s on the FOF by any chance?
  2. Are people seriously calling ''embarrassing shambles'' because we haven''t re-signed Chris Martin? Yeah he''s been good the last few years but don''t forget, he was as much expelled as sold... Delia and MWJ certainly won''t have forgotten that. No go!
  3. Looking down the board there''s this thread and another on Crouch. Some even entertaining the prospect of Grabban. If they hadn''t been ex-employees of the club, would anyone mention them? It doesn''t matter who I''d rather have. I might do a little air-punch at midnight when the presser comes out with the familiar ''we''ll go with what we''ve got'' line...
  4. Jim Moriarty - wasn''t likening him to them. Just don''t understand this obsession some have with our former players.
  5. I say go for it. Then go make Rochdale an offer for Hendo too. How much do you reckon Lowestoft would accept for the Jarvis brothers? I say let''s reunite the lot of ''em.
  6. To the contrary, I think we need a player who looks like a Gumby. It''d really set us off.
  7. I wonder if we can send them Bassong too. Would if nothing else have them nailed on for relegation this season.
  8. If we make a 50% loss on the Naismith fee (reported £4m to Sunderland), I''ll be well peeved. That said, if they give us £4m plus Cattermole, that could be fun as we clearly don''t have enough midfielders yet.
  9. I''d rather have Graham back than Grabban. Graham Benstead.
  10. If we''re going to revisit 2003 why didn''t we jump ahead of Leeds for Greeno, or make a bid for that prolific attacker Ian Henderson, or maybe even spend some real money and bring Shackell back again. Move on...
  11. Wouldn''t be surprised to see any of Ruddy/Martin/Brady leave. Seeing Whittaker ahead of the queue should certainly make Russ realise his decision to reinvent himself as a CB hasn''t paid off. However, I''m not going to sit up until 1am just to see we''ve sent Turner to Notts County on a free. Though for entertainment value alone, I''d love to see Odemwingie''s 4x4 pull up outside Colney (thinking it was London Colney to sign for Arsenal, preferably)
  12. I just couldn''t get over Wednesday''s new kit. Spent half the game thinking I was watching I**wich.
  13. Though of course, it takes a lot more than an eye for a sideways pass and a talent for row P goal attempts to make a Makelele.
  14. Not at all. Tettey obviously favours 27, it''s been his number since he joined us. Dorrans however has been shuffled around closer to the 1-11 and now he''s reached the golden number for defensive midfielders. The Makelele.
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