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  1. Vrancic was instrumental in our promotion last season. He didn't quite step up to the prem (although he was arguably not given a fair crack) but he is great at Championship level. I'd be disappointed if he went.
  2. I'm not saying Kenny is to blame. But, in my opinion, his area of the pitch is where we've been weakest all season. However, we've not looked any better when we have mixed it up. The problem manifests as us appearing outnumbered as we transition into and out of defence: runners aren't tracked at the back, and options aren't created when we gain possession. I believe much of it is down to positional awareness and anticipation. I'm not sure who we could sign to improve things.
  3. I'd go so far as to say that the midfield have been responsible for our problems at both ends of the pitch. With the exception of Cantwell the midfield have barely scored all season. Since the restart they've barely created a chance going forward and are too often sliced through in defence. We keep conceding goals where the centre backs are drawn out of position and the midfield simply don't track the runners. It's pretty basic stuff. Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of being able to afford (fee or wages) new midfielders of Premier League quality so we have to hope that players like Kenny McLean will be able to step up. So far that's not working. I sincerely hope that there are a couple of midfielders about to break through from the youth team.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51779559 I mean, what? Has he ever done this before? What does it mean?
  5. Yes. On one hand you've got people who actively want to harm, oppress and degrade people because of the colour of their skin and on the other hand you've got those nasty people who want equality, fairness and the acknowledgement of past travesties; and it's the horrible latter who viciously attacked that inanimate statue - the brutes! They're clearly all as bad as each other!
  6. I think they should have a giant claw crane come down from the sky and grab the player being substituted; that way the game can carry on while they are hoisted up and deposited in a chute leading directly to the dressing room.
  7. Seems like a good idea. Two evenly matched teams who have already fought three close matches this season. It will be a good test for both sides in preparation for the restart.
  8. Peep Show is my one exception. Otherwise I totally agree.
  9. The people who you should be feeling sorry for are the victims. While I couldn't condone it, I can maybe understand why someone poor or from a rough background might end up robbing people because they are desperate and have limited support; maybe if they're a drug addict or have mental health problems etc. However, it is the worst kind of low when someone from a millionaire family, brought up in the most privileged circumstances, decides to threaten and rob people just for fun. Obviously it's awful for the parents but it's also a pretty poor reflection on them to have failed to instil an effective moral compass in their child. My only hope is that the kids will have learnt their lesson and will never behave like that again after they serve their time.
  10. So there's the possibility that, if the season isn't completed but we are relegated anyway, we could become the first team to win consecutive Championship titles.
  11. I've been really impressed with Cantwell this season. But, is it just me, or is that basically a compilation of every time he didn't give the ball away?
  12. I imagine that a significant portion of player wages are likely to be in the form of bonuses for appearances, winning, avoiding relegation etc. I would really hope that the basic contracts are not overly generous and that a significant amount of the expected wage bill would no longer be due if the games aren't actually played.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52401062 It's incredibly harsh; he was just trying to retrieve the ball after Lamela's penalty.
  14. I love me a snickers, but... Those 4 packs contain tiny bars which seem to keep shrinking making them pretty poor value. Remember the 'hungerbuster'? 100g of snickers in one bar!
  15. To risk taking things off topic... It's like saying you might prefer Harry Kane to Teemu Pukki, but you have to think about the transfer fee and wages.
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