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  1. Petriix

    Corbyn Speaks

    It's pretty hard to argue with the man - I mean the actual things he says, not the made up stuff. We should have been locked down six weeks ago. By the time the effects of the current measures actually kick in, more than 1000 people will be dying per day. Imagine if the NHS was better prepared by having been properly funded over the last decade...
  2. Petriix

    Small Claim To Fame.

    Now, everyone remembers 'that' milk advert with the two boys: "Accrington Stanley...Who are they?...Exactly". Well, I lived with a girl who previously 'went out with' the brother of one of those boys (not sure which one); and, by 'lived with', I mean: I lived on the ground floor of four in student accommodation and this girl lived in on the top floor on the opposite side so, while we lived in the same building, it was about as far apart as possible with that building.
  3. Petriix

    Anyone else learning a new skill?

    I'm trying to learn how to get some work done and not go completely mental while the kids squabble about everything. It's not going great so far.
  4. Petriix

    So.....can I go to work today?

    The reporting has been somewhat contradictory but, as I understand it, people are allowed to go to work as normal if they can't work from home (and obviously assuming they are symptom free). However, a number of business types have been instructed to close; all of which seem to be in relation to customers visiting the premises. All non-essential retail is to close, but shops are encouraged to continue online sales and and deliveries will continue.
  5. 1) The ridiculous late winner against Millwall last season: it was the point at which I realised that the club had turned a corner and the transition into a genuinely good footballing side was complete. 2) The win against Man City: no-one expected it, but there we were outplaying the champions with half of our first team injured. It wasn't a fluke. We played some excellent football, but we still didn't believe we would win until the final whistle. The atmosphere was electric. 3) Simeon Jackson against Derby: the momentum carried us over the line to promotion. Incredible celebrations in the stands. To be honest, these could go in any order. The thing I always remind myself is that the tough times make the moments like these genuinely special.
  6. Petriix

    Void season - what the rules say

    Personally, I think it's likely that the virus is both beyond containment and less serious than statistics indicate because there are probably many people contracting it, passing it on and recovering without becoming ill enough to be tested. It will probably become endemic until they put together a vaccine in the next 12 months. At some point everything will have to carry on regardless although, sadly, many of us won't make it. I'm just not sure how long it will take them to decide that this is inevitable. Unfortunately, the window for containing it has well passed.
  7. Petriix

    Void season - what the rules say

    I believe it will have to be agreed amongst the clubs themselves. It seems that no decisions have been made yet and there will obviously be some contrasting opinions in line with teams' respective positions in the league. Firstly I think it's highly unlikely that normal service will resume in April, with UK cases not expected to peak until June or July. Even if we were all forced to stay at home from today, cases would continue to grow exponentially for two more weeks. By that time we will possibly be looking at 2000 new cases per day and 10,000 total cases. With schools still open and people still going on as normal, that rate will continue to grow. Italy are about two weeks ahead of us and have already shut everything down but have over 17,000 cases with more than 2500 new cases yesterday. Because of the 14 day incubation period, we are likely already at that level of infection. So the likelihood is that, in the next few days (or maybe a week or two) the government will shut everything here down. That shutdown will almost certainly last for a couple of months, but cases will still continue to grow before starting to drop back again. The problem is that you have to wait until everyone is well again before you can even begin to allow people to mix again, so it is unlikely that crowds will be back at football matches before the summer and likely much longer. In theory, however, if all players and staff are isolated for two weeks and there are no more cases amongst them, games could start up again fairly quickly behind closed doors. So football doesn't necessarily have to follow the general population. This is probably a remote possibility as players will likely have been infected already and be passing it between each other and will continue to do so. Also, they have families, kids who go to school etc so they aren't going to be protected from catching it elsewhere unless they are kept in isolation even when healthy. So, assuming that no more matches are played before August, there are sill decisions to be made. There is no compelling reason to assume that a new season should or will start in August. There is a reasonable argument to say that this season should be completed first before another one starts, no matter how long the delay is. There could easily be a whole year off before picking up again next spring. There are obvious complications with contracts etc so I can see some legal wrangling and possible compensation whatever the outcome. Ultimately the clubs have to make a decision between them so nothing is off the table. There have been suggestions of playoffs, expanded leagues (no relegation) or just ending the season now with the current table being final. As it's a developing situation, expect these discussions to go on behind the scenes while the official position remains that everything will continue as normal from April, no matter how unlikely that actually is.
  8. Petriix

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    It's a hilarious possibility that the season in which Leeds and Liverpool finally win their respective leagues is declared void. I wonder if there will be any implications on TV revenue or consequences for unfulfilled contracts etc. I can see lots of lengthy legal battles.
  9. Petriix

    Match Analysis

    That's a pretty poor piece of analysis. Sheffield Utd dominated approximately a quarter of the game - roughly the second quarter, in which they scored. Ultimately they defended better than us, but we had two chances where you would expect to score and, yet again, failed to do so. I thought that we mixed up our attacking play nicely. We passed the ball well from the back but also attempted to exploit the high Sheffield Utd line by hitting it longer on occasion. We just lacked a cutting edge in front of goal. We didn't lose any tactical battle and [were] largely the better team with the obvious caveat that we didn't manage to actually gain any points; such is the enigma of Norwich City this season.
  10. Petriix


    Gate receipts will have been around £1.2m last night and I believe they are split 45/45/10 for the FA Cup so at least £500k. I'm not sure about TV money as there was something dodgy with betting companies so don't know if we get the full amount for red button/iplayer coverage. I also believe the prize money is cumulative so it's £1.8m total for the winners, £900k for the runners up etc. In any case it's a nice bonus which we've not experienced in recent years.
  11. Petriix

    clinical finishing

    This is the primary reason for our current league position. If we scored the league average ratio of goals to chances then I'm certain we would be comfortably mid-table. That doesn't necessarily mean that we're in a false position: finishing is a crucial part of the game in which we are clearly deficient. However, we do seem to be disproportionately bad at taking our chances in comparison to the other areas of the game where we appear to be better than what our league position would suggest.
  12. Petriix

    Mixed emotions after that

    We were playing against the best side in the world right now. It was entirely sensible to [stay] defensively disciplined and attempt to play on the counter. Our approach was so effective that we can genuinely look back at two or three moments in the game and say we could easily have won had things gone our way. We can be disappointed in the result without blaming anyone. Liverpool are much better than us and we caused them real problems and came pretty close to an upset.
  13. Petriix

    Rupp and Duda

    I would suggest that all our problems of late (since the defensive injury crisis) are in midfield. Ultimately we're suffering because our midfielders seem incapable of kicking the ball into the goal; be it a surging run to finish off a counter attack, beating their man and tucking the ball home, or finding the top corner from 25 yards: our midfield aren't doing it. Duda and Rupp seem pretty much on a par with the rest in that regard. Playing nice football between the two boxes is all well and good, but our inevitable relegation is the result of a failure of our midfield to score goals.
  14. Petriix

    Red and Yellow cards

    I get what you're saying, but (mostly) disagree. A yellow card means that you can't do it again. It's a massive advantage for a pacey winger to get their opposing fullback booked because they can't then risk making tackles. Personally I would like to see far more yellow cards issued, specifically in all cases where a player deliberately disrupts play such as by grabbing the ball or rushing up to prevent a quick freekick; and definitely for the very first instance of time-wasting.
  15. Petriix

    Match thread - Newcastle

    We are down!