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  1. Who would have guessed that a loan to a lower level would have helped the lad? I for one am completely astounded. Next we'll discover something mind-blowing about the Pope's religious beliefs...
  2. Or, heaven forbid, having a genuine threat from the bench.
  3. I've got a funny feeling we might end up facing Leicester in the playoffs. That's not actually a massive worry because I think we're better than them at this point in time.
  4. The fact that these three were anywhere near our squad and we actually gave them minutes on the pitch was a contributory factor to our poor form earlier in the season. We're better without them, but it shows how poor the squad management has been. We've got a decent first 11 but no depth and, like @Monty13 says, we should have brought in at least one loan to provide an opinion in the wide areas.
  5. Pukki's erect nipple was objectively 5 microns offside. It was the correct decision. The worse decision in that game was when Kane was clearly offside when Spurs were given the free-kick from which they scored. Obviously VAR can't intervene with that. The implementation is bonkers. VAR should automatically highlight all off-side offences and there should be a margin of at least 10cm. Rant over.
  6. That's a ridiculous claim. Leicester arguably have 'better' players but lower confidence and a greater degree of mental fragility. Unfortunately our away form and own lack of consistency was a poor match up for such a side. Ipswich are a totally different proposition, not least because we're playing them at Carrow Road. But don't underestimate their resilience. They keep on playing and never let their heads drop. What they might lack in individual quality they make up for in determination and cohesion. Anything could happen on Saturday and it might well hinge on one or two moments. I know some people place a lot of weight on the bragging rights but we shouldn't underestimate our neighbours. Nor would it be a disaster to lose this one.
  7. "Lads, remember, if we win then Ipswich stay top. Make sure you concede at least one more and try not to create too much at the other end."
  8. I'd say this is symptomatic of our system rather than his own failings; the midfield should be covering for his absence. [I thought Nunez was culpable for the Plymouth goal because he should have tracked the scorer while the defence adjusted for the unmarked winger.] McCallum has potential and generally presents more threat than Dimi ever has. I really like his long throws too. He's definitely the one to keep.
  9. I totally agree with all of that. The Stacey one was something you never see. I was happy with all the decisions really, I just thought we got the majority of the marginal decisions.
  10. In my opinion there's clear contact. Maybe Gunn did pull his leg away at the last moment, but he's slid in and got nowhere near the ball.
  11. I had a pretty good view of the 'dive' and I'm sure there was contact. Sainz also handled in our box and McLean had previously been penalised for an identical infringement further up the pitch. As the game went on he gave more and more to us, seeming to book Plymouth players for every foul. He was a proper homer.
  12. By "best" you mean kindest to us. If I was a Plymouth supporter I'd be fuming.
  13. I love the idea of a Schrodinger's Banana Skin which simultaneously does and doesn't exist. As for the game, here's my guess: Bali Mumba scores a first-half hat-trick (against the run of play). Stuart Webber is force to march around the pitch naked at half time while Ben Knapper follows behind shouting "shame" repeatedly. Mark Attanasio's takeover is confirmed with the club being rebranded as The Anglia Phoenix. Sargent is subbed off after 60 minutes to resounding cheers and chants of "you do know what you're doing". McLean scores a stoppage time equaliser to make it 6-6.
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