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  1. Petriix

    If you like this sort of thing ...

    I find our x-goals of "0.9 with no big chances" to be pretty inaccurate. McLean was clean through and only denied by a combination of a fantastic save and the outside of the post, Cantwell had a great chance which he put wide and Pukki had a shot well saved; all in the second half. Those chances alone would expect to yield at least one goal, on top of the two we actually scored. The more I think about the game, the more disappointed I am that we didn't win. We created loads of chances and, ultimately, conceded from two set-pieces having otherwise contained the opposition. It was a good performance.
  2. Petriix

    To the "child"....

    I'm fairly certain that the fans' antics with the ball were at least partly responsible for the lack of concentration at the corner. It was pretty poor defending and definitely would have been *someone's* job to pick up the free man at the far post. When there's an unusual situation and a delay, players can switch off for a moment and be a bit slow to react. In any case, if the ball had been thrown back on 5 seconds earlier, the corner would have been delayed so it was definitely poor timing.
  3. Petriix

    To the "child"....

    Zonal marking is statistically better than man marking.
  4. I might have a spare ticket. Will pm you...
  5. Petriix

    A bit of perspective

    I don't recall us ever retaining so much of the promoted team. Historically, problems after relegation have been caused by having too many players on big salaries and minimal commitment to the club. This is very different.
  6. While some of us had higher hopes before the start of the season, most people (quite rightly) expected us to be fighting for survival. We obviously set the bar pretty high by beating Man City so it is understandable to be disappointed by the run of games since - just 1 point from 5 matches is a poor return. However, we are not far away from where we would have expected to be and I'm sure we will turn things around. When reflecting on the first quarter of the season, keep in mind the following: We have played 7 out of the current top 10 in the league. While no Premier League game is easy, we have faced a disproportionate number of the better (and more in-form) teams. We will have easier runs of fixtures in which to make up points. We have faced a ridiculous injury crisis of unprecedented scale. It was always a gamble to largely stick with the promoted squad, but imagine if it was £100m worth of new signings lining the treatment room right now. Just 1 win could see us out of the relegation zone. We are involved in some very entertaining games. Last night was quite a spectacle, even though the performance was poor on the whole. I would much rather see that kind of drama than a tight and cagey 1-0 loss. Even if we do get relegated we will be in a great position. Obviously it would be a big loss, but we would be in great shape to tear up the Championship again. Last season was the best I can remember. I'd rather we had won a couple more games, but things are likely to improve over the coming weeks. Let's enjoy the roller-coaster ride that is supporting Norwich!
  7. Petriix

    The Centre Back conundrum

    With Amadou in midfield we would have the flexibility to seamlessly switch to a 3511 formation or to bring on a midfielder when one of our remaining centre backs inevitably gets injured midway through the first half.
  8. Petriix

    Webber’s new contract official

    His success has been in no small part down to the level of trust the board have placed in him. It is hard to imagine the likes of Man Utd affording someone like Stuart Webber so much freedom and control. For that reason, we may find that he stays here longer than some might expect. That and the hope that he continues to be so successful with us that we actually become one of the big clubs and can afford to keep hold of him.
  9. I was working from 8pm and my seat is about as far as possible from an exit so I left my seat a minute before the whistle and celebrated as I got to the stairs.
  10. I've done some man-maths and... We achieved roughly 2.5 times the amount of points per game over the course of last season compared to the first 5 games. If applied to this season we would win all of our remaining games and finish on 105 points. The title is in the bag!
  11. Petriix

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    Everyone seems to be forgetting Mike Bassett. He has about as much relevance to the current fortunes of the club as any of our Suffolk neighbours' previous managers have for their current plight.
  12. Petriix

    Time to cash in?

    It's an interesting discussion point, and not as clear-cut as people would make out. Arguably a number of our players have the potential to reach the very top of the game. But it is also possible that some are overachieving right now and might drop away without fulfilling that potential. It is also important to remember that players only really develop fully when exposed to first team football so the success of the current group will prevent the next generation of young players from breaking through without at least some of the incumbents moving on. So, what's the best case scenario? We keep all our young stars and somehow manage to continue to improve around them, bring in new young players to replace the natural attrition as older and lesser players reach the end of their contracts. Eventually we will have to start paying them higher wages to match their ability (and what they could be earning elsewhere). With agents in their ears and 'bigger' clubs circling, would we be able to keep the team unity and workrate which has been central to our success? Either we will have to become a top 6 club, or we will eventually have to let some of these players move on to bigger things. Only time will tell if we (or the young players) have peaked, or if this is just another rung on the ladder of untold future success. Injuries can quickly curtail careers and hindsight is a wonderful thing. However, everyone has their price. I trust the club to sensibly weigh up any offers and only sell if it is too much to turn down. We're in a great position in that we are financially secure. If the right offer comes in, and the club thinks we can unearth a replacement then we might see someone move on sooner rather than later.
  13. Petriix

    Todd Cantwell

    Yes, Cantwell plays Hoolahan's position as well as tracking back to cover in [defense]. The game has moved on dramatically since Wes was here and I don't believe that, even in his peak, he would have been good enough to fit into this team.
  14. I'm sure I can't be the only one who consistently runs out of reactions. I can't understand why there would be a limit on the number of times you can show your support or appreciation for the words of our fellow Pinkun members. You can 'like' an unlimited number of things on Facebook and upvote as many comments below-the-line on most major news articles. Can we ask the powers that be to remove or significantly increase the limit so that we can all be a bit more generous with our interactions on here?
  15. Petriix

    Our First Goal

    To be fair, there are still some people in the river end who do this.