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  1. The ref was pretty awful (as per usual). It really surprised me both how dirty Brentford were and how much they got away with.
  2. I've done a fair bit of analysis. Without going into the boring details of my algorithm, I project we will finish on 94 pts. That will be enough to win the league by about 6 pts. We've already played our hardest fixtures and other have not. We only need 8 more wins to be fairly certain of the championship, and definitely automatic promotion. The ultimate outcome is more dependent on our performances against the bottom-half teams. We don't actually need to beat any of our immediate rivals, although avoiding defeat would be ideal.
  3. This is my ideal way to watch football.
  4. Sometimes the fixtures can be a little anomalous with blocks of tougher or easier games. Sometimes games that are apparently easy become more challenging than expected. This season has thrown us a strange situation indeed. According to soccerstats, our remaining opponents have mustered just 1.20 points per game (on average) which is lower than the for anyone else's remaining fixtures. This contrasts with the 1.41 points per game average of the teams we've already faced. https://www.soccerstats.com/table.asp?league=england2&tid=10 But that's only part of the picture. The only group of fixtures in which we are averaging less than 2 points per game is away against top 8 opponents. We've already played all of these. In fact our remaining away fixtures only include one top-half team (Barnsley). We do still have to play 4 of the top 6 at home, but those teams have a pretty tough fixture away at top-of-the-table Norwich. The only other top-half team we still have to play is Blackburn (12th) with 9 of our remaining fixtures being against bottom-half sides. Now, I'm not saying we'll win them all but, if we drop a few points against the lower teams, all we need to do is pick up the same amount against the top teams. 9 wins takes us to 91 points. That will be enough. If we continue our current average points per game based on the league position of our opponents, we'll finish on 99 points. Adjusted for our recent (slightly worse) form, that drops to 94 points. Nothing is a given but it would take a significant departure from our season so far for us to falter. That's why Project 538 have us at an 87% chance of winning promotion. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/
  5. VAR would be great if they implemented it properly. Offside needs a margin of error with the advantage going to the attackers. Handball rule needs changing. The problem is with the arrogance of the officials; they're not accountable or consistent. Decisions need to be explained and mistakes acknowledged.
  6. 87% chance of promotion, 62% chance of winning the title.
  7. Their player clearly jumped all over the back of Kenny. It was an obvious foul. You can't just lever yourself off the defender's shoulders.
  8. Absolute joke. He's killed this game. Pukki clean through and he gives a foul. Disgusting.
  9. Has to be a red card. Definitely a second yellow. Unbelievable!
  10. He's letting them get away with murder. So many fouls not given. Blatant handball from Buendia's shot. Three clear bookings not given. Absolutely shocking.
  11. Another 5 goals and they'll be second.
  12. Yes, but he happened to be handed the most lucrative contract in the history of the club, without the safeguard of a significant reduction on relegation. The single worst piece of business the club ever did. But the reason why I hold the resentment is because he simply never put in the required work level. He just used us for a retirement fund and put his feet up.
  13. Seems a likable person, but he absolutely rinsed the club in a way that no other player ever has. He was given a crazy contract which he saw out to the very last penny. A legacy that nearly sank us. It was only selling Maddison that kept us solvent. Without doubt the worst signing we've ever made.
  14. We're not guaranteed to go up. Last season in the Premier League we started really well, had a catastrophic number of injuries, suffered more than most to VAR then had a terrible end to the season after the enforced Covid break. We could have easily stayed up with that squad with slightly better fortune. We have a better squad now. Players have developed , the tactics have evolved, we are better balanced. The bank balance would be better than ever after promotion. We genuinely wouldn't need to sell anyone and, if we did, we would be rolling in cash. We only need to worry about losing our best players if we *don't* go up.
  15. Kenny is providing the fulcrum in midfield when we transition. He's not exactly perfect for the role, but we're winning again so he's not going to lose his place. Vrancic seems to be molding himself into the new Stiepermann: heavy touch, looks awkward, somehow effective. He's definitely off the pace and can't last 90 minutes; certainly not twice in a week. I keep hoping that Dowell will do something in one of his cameos and stake a claim for a starting place, but maybe Kenny could operate at no 10 and Sorensen come into the midfield.
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