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  1. Petriix

    What you all drinking ?

    I offered a spare ticket for the Spurs game to a good friend. He couldn't make it but said his nephew really wanted to go, so I enjoyed the match with a 10yo lad I hadn't met before. Upon reuniting the boy with his dad at the end of the game, I was presented with a bottle of Champagne as a thank you. I popped the cork at midnight. May 2020 be every bit as exciting for NCFC as 2019
  2. Petriix

    Tottenham's second goal

    Yes, it was as clear and obvious as the push on Lewis that propelled him into the path of the ball for the first goal. There were numerous fouls against us that the ref didn't give. Ironically VAR can't get involved for free kicks so we would have been better off if Lewis had been sent off so that they would have checked for the foul and offside and given us the decision instead.
  3. It's a fair point. I only stand because the people in front of me do and otherwise I wouldn't be able to see. There's a disabled guy who sits behind me who can't jump up so he misses all the action, and I suppose it's the same for all the kids and short people too. You're never going to change people's behaviour, but I do wonder if people give much thought to those behind them when they stand up. I guess it's fairly symptomatic of what's going on in the country these days. Sad really.
  4. Petriix

    Leicester goal

    What I was proposing was for these things to be enforced in real time which would actually speed the game up by eliminating the need for the ref to mark the position of the wall and preventing the time wasting you see at every free kick where players deliberately get in the way or grab the ball. But I concur with your point. We definitely don't want any unnecessary nitpicking, additional delays or retrospective enforcement of minor infringements.
  5. Petriix

    Leicester goal

    I (almost) totally agree. Precision tracking technology could be used to instantly rule on all offside and corners/throws etc. When a free kick is awarded, lights could precisely mark the spot to place the ball and project a 10 yard circle around it. Any opposition player still in the circle 5 seconds later (or deliberately entering it, touching the ball etc) could be automatically booked.
  6. Petriix

    Guardian Top 100 Players

    I'd take being the 84th best person in the world at any given skill. That's pretty impressive given that there are over 7,000,000,000 people.
  7. An interesting analysis. It would benefit from an editor's input to some of the sentence structure and phrasing, but the essence is fairly sound. I'm quite a fan of the diamond formation, perhaps through nostalgia for our rise under Lambert. However, as the article highlights, Leicester had far too much space between their midfield four. What ultimately led to our goal was that their single defensive midfielder got ahead of our entire attacking unit leaving us 4 vs 4 with the Leicester defence. With no protection and no pressure on the ball, Buendia had all the time in the world to pick his pass. Those balls are far harder to execute when someone is closing you down. It was almost as if Leicester were trying to play with wingers, a no 10 and two strikers. The diamond relies on having a narrow midfield while using the fullbacks to generate the width. I believe they were setup with far too much emphasis in attack and naively assumed they would tear us apart. Teams have much more success against us by sitting back, pressing our midfield and waiting for us to give the ball away before hitting us on the break.
  8. Petriix

    Nelson's Revenge...

    He was a bad fit for the club and city in numerous ways; not least his lack of awareness of the awesome food available from Norwich restaurants, or indeed the fact that England typically has a more diverse range of foods available to buy (if just as raw ingredients) than many other countries. I would argue that the 'disrespect' show at the Fulham game pales into insignificance when viewed alongside the real reason he couldn't hold down a place in the team: his lack of workrate and his failure to adapt to the fundamental change in footballing philosophy underpinning the club's subsequent success. A complete antithesis to Pukki, Nelson seemed to never make any runs off the ball and gave the midfield very little to work with. He would not press, never tracked back to defend and simply failed to put in the required level of effort which ultimately undermined his undoubted skill.
  9. Petriix

    Who do you sell?

    Assuming we get £50m, I'd happily cash in on Godfrey and buy a couple of other CBs who can actually defend set pieces.
  10. Petriix

    Leicester goal

    Back to the original post... The same as for crossing any other line on the pitch (particularly obvious for goals given using goal line technology) the ball is 'in' the quadrant if any part of the ball is breaking the vertical plane of any part of the line. It's possibly a little too difficult to explain to most football fans so officials tend to insist that some part of the ball is actually touching the line, but that is not obligated by the rules. It also doesn't help that from the angle of the fans behind the kicker, a clear gap between ball and line can be visible while the ball is legally 'in' the quadrant. I'm not sure where people are getting the alternative interpretation from.
  11. It just shows how well run the club is now.
  12. Petriix

    If you like this sort of thing ...

    I find our x-goals of "0.9 with no big chances" to be pretty inaccurate. McLean was clean through and only denied by a combination of a fantastic save and the outside of the post, Cantwell had a great chance which he put wide and Pukki had a shot well saved; all in the second half. Those chances alone would expect to yield at least one goal, on top of the two we actually scored. The more I think about the game, the more disappointed I am that we didn't win. We created loads of chances and, ultimately, conceded from two set-pieces having otherwise contained the opposition. It was a good performance.
  13. Petriix

    To the "child"....

    I'm fairly certain that the fans' antics with the ball were at least partly responsible for the lack of concentration at the corner. It was pretty poor defending and definitely would have been *someone's* job to pick up the free man at the far post. When there's an unusual situation and a delay, players can switch off for a moment and be a bit slow to react. In any case, if the ball had been thrown back on 5 seconds earlier, the corner would have been delayed so it was definitely poor timing.
  14. Petriix

    To the "child"....

    Zonal marking is statistically better than man marking.
  15. I might have a spare ticket. Will pm you...