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  1. Stuart Webber's gone missing. Last seen climbing up a mountain.
  2. You're right. I prefer the actual football games, not what Fifa 23 tells me should've happened.
  3. Got to love a bit of spreadsheet football after a $h!t-shower of a game. Can't wait for the slide-show to follow. It'll only have one slide with "But...but...2nd" written on it.
  4. So, changing colours confuses them? It's just too much for them to handle in life? Must be a nightmare when they encounter traffic lights.... "Hang on, that light was green a second ago, but now it's different....duh"
  5. The absolute cope on this thread is incredible. Thoroughly good laugh. Please keep going.
  6. You do realise Buh's not obliged to "check in" to the Pink 'Un match thread whilst at the ground?
  7. Will they likely be listing anything else? I was hoping for a turnstile and a row of seats.
  8. We're also easier to find in the league table. Things are looking better already....
  9. Getting excited over the release of a third kit is on a par with feeling giddy about using a new toothbrush.
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