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  1. Questions, questions. Give me no answers. That's all they ever give me. Questions, questions. Well look at this strange boy. He finds it hard existing. To cut a long story short I lost my mind.
  2. Don't see why not. Farke looks like the kind of guy who doesn't mind sitting on someones lap if needs must.
  3. Between his legs would be a good start. Alternatively, try aiming for his forehead as well.
  4. So it's the Front of the Judean People rather than the Judean Peoples Front then? Or is it the Peoples Front of Judea instead?
  5. I managed to find my lucky pants that went missing nearly 3 weeks ago. They were in the airing cupboard under a set of towels I never use.
  6. I don't know how no-one has said all this before.
  7. So all we've got to do is be a lot better at football, then?
  8. I think they're completely different types of player. For a start, I don't recall seeing Emi suddenly drop his keks mid-game and drag his @rse along the pitch.
  9. He should've been forced to sit in the stands and watch us play football instead....
  10. **Notices that no-one has asked "Why aren't we Brighton, Leicester, Wolves, Southampton or Palace?"** Why aren't we Brighton, Leicester, Wolves, Southampton or Palace?
  11. It Makes No Difference Who We Play Because We Are Crap
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