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    Delia needs to go now. Everything wrong about the club starts with her. Beaten by a club who don't even have a training ground. We've spent millions. Speaks volumes.
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    The toxic part of our fanbase wouldn't have accepted it. You should have seen the backlash when his name was merely mentioned.
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    Delia goes to Amazon to find a new manager ”filter” *click* select *sacked* *click* sort by most recent *click* sort by price, low to high *click* select *total f@&£ing failure* *click* select *awfully nice fellow* *click*
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    We played ok against Millwall,not great.I must say we have played some good stuff on occasions just not enough. Luck has been against us that's for sure.if we had some luck we would be in the top 4.They say it evens out ,no sign yet .With players coming back,1 or 2 loans in Jan ican see us in play offs then we do need a bit of luck.
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    Barnes and Duffy were the result of lack of governance at the Club (which S&J dont recognise). Holding short term contracts with the Sporting Director and the Manager pushed them to look at short term options without enough sight on longer term. We now 2 older players, past their best, probably high wages and contracts running for another 1.5 years for Barnes and 2.5 years for Duffy. No other club will take them so their wages will tie us up and hinder the overhaul. What a mess.
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    ...and dont expect any favours from us on Monday you bottlers
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    Anyone on here go on the bin board when 1p5wich were ****e and we were sweeping all before us a few years back? No, me neither. Put your phone down Bluey.
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    They won’t though will they? They should, but they won’t. Norwich fans are mute.
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    I don’t think that would have any effect if I’m honest. The ground is already half empty. I never notice it when I’m there but when you watch any “highlights”, the amount of empty seats is really noticeable. Unfortunately ticket sales aren’t the big income anymore so it’s not the impact it once would’ve been. The only real way of sending a message is if the crowd turn en masse, not against Wagner - he’ll be gone sooner or later regardless. It needs to be aimed at her akin to the Chase Out era. It is the only way she’ll realise that time is up. Unfortunately, the modern day Norwich City supporter doesn’t have it in them to do so.
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    Drop a good defensive midfielder into our squad and we will **** this league
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    Disagree about Tzolis. In a different system, with a different manager, I still think he could be OK. But I think he doesn't want to be here and will go to Dusseldorf, where he seems to be doing quite well. We'll have to take a big hit on what we paid for him but I think his days at Norwich are over. The whole thing has been bad for us, bad for him. Duffy is OK as a back-up, I think, if he is happy enough to sit on the bench most of the time. Gibbs needs to be given some time under a new manager to see what he can do if he has someone who has more idea about how to realise his potential. Agree about the rest.
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    Took a wild punt on Tsoliz and Rashica with the Buendia money, and then tried to cover his own back when it was clear they weren't up to scratch by blaming Farke for not getting the best out of them and making him the fall guy. That was obvious to many at the time, and he should have lost his job at the end of that season when the managerial change resulted in no improvement. His successor should then have had the parachute payments to work with.
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    .....that was shambolic. Pedestrian for most of the game, midfield slow and then when going forwards, a lack of movement and support - particularly for Stacey, often isolated on the right. Leaving out Nunez and bringing forwards Mclean for Gibson was a predictably negative move by the manager - it stifled us totally. Fassnacht doesn't seem to do that much, Barnes is not the player Burnley had - but he should be - and that is down to the way he is being asked to play. They were passionate and worked hard, but that isn't enough. Quality is what is needed - and we left it on the bench until the last twenty five minutes, by which time Millwall had the initiative and weren't going to let it go, using their usual sh*thouse way of upsetting the opposition - which we fell for hook line and sinker. Where has the pass and move gone? Where are the triangles of passing that bamboozle opposition players? Rowe seems to be the only one who is up for that kind of play, the rest of them wait too long on the ball too often. Slow, slow, slow - and it happens every game - and we still get suckered into giving cheap goals away. Rowe is our Buendia. Leave him out and we look toothless, as we were tonight. So we have Southampton next. Good luck with that one.....let's hope for a bit more quality on show on Monday. If we have Sargent and Rowe in from the start, we might have a chance, but after tonight, where will the confidence level be? Missed opportunity for three points tonight, hardly a shot on goal. Pretty useless really.
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    Bring Webber back before it's too late.
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    There wasn't much appetite from our fans for this unfortunately. Plays progressive football, and just says it how he sees it. Unfortunately boat missed, we're clearly a downward step and he'll be in the Premier League next season. Fortunately, that will likely be at the expense of Ipswich.
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    Careful, that's were I sit. Leave us to sleep in peace.
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    Not a lottery @Morph, which implies fortune or luck but probability, and that within parameters of the fundamentals of the club. As @Don J Demorr posts money in the principal determinant of football success. But within that his position that good methods, lead to better decision making and this increases the probability of better outcomes is also true. Finally, it comes to @Parma Ham's gone mouldy's result spectrum. Good decisions & a good coach might shift the results from around 40% e.g. good coach +5%, bad coach -5% but it takes money to move the baseline from 40% to 60%. Even then, it is only the cost of failure that is mitigated. Without the prior two "success"" is not guaranteed. Manchester United, the greatest cash generating machine football has ever seen, and Chelsea, bankrolled by US billionaires, look a long way from being in a position to win the big trophies. They lack that right time, right place serendipity that keeps football interesting.
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    i think some of it with Barnes he is frustrated he is not the player he once was and he knows it , we can not afford someone on Big wages who only strength is being a cheerleader for the rest of the team , he does not score enough for a striker and he does not assist enough ,
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    Legs have gone; can't run can't jump. Seems to have one or two issues going on in his head as well. Needs time away from the first team squad to reflect and get fit or get out.
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    And her image as cutesy public face of Norwich City. If that starts to crumble, she'll soon get off her backside.
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    Mumba did that, was L1 young player of the season, playing left midfield / wing! What did we do? Gave him away for peanuts and played Hernandez and Platcheta wide left! Club needs manager who is brave, gets the lads inspired and believing again. That doesn’t happen with short term strategy and incompetent staff in recruitment and coaching functions. That needs sorting first!
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    Delia is to blame. He even took the pi55 out of the club in the national press with that 90% stuff. That’s how complacent and arrogant he’d got.
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    Arbroath ran out of outfield subs so they bought on the sub goalkeeper to play as a striker and he did this.
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    I really, really dislike these things. Completely debased, undermined, degenerate. They should ONLY be for people who have done exceptional things well above and beyond their chosen career path - typically for charity or the greater good. They should not be for 'entertainers' (including sports people) who are all well rewarded if successful anyway. They should certainly not be for political goons, hang-ons, civil servants and the like.
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    We should be top of the table by now, work should have started on the new stand and signings should be in the offing. Christ, how many weeks is it now ? The club needs far-sighted folk like you, wigwam98.
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    90% of people who voted leave thought economics was something to do with cookery classes at school.
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    The real question is out of those signings not one has improved the squad from What we had! Sainz can be considered the best of a poor bunch. Fisher is young and looks as though he could be a gem….but Dads Army we signed should all be considered really poor to this point! is it the manager or is it just old players way past their peak! I thing both!
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    Was it deliberate? Did Webber purposely do this to get back at the divorcees who questioned his genius? This is a serious question. I can think of no other reason to explain such blatant incompetence.
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    From a mathematical standpoint an individual player can increase and decrease your chances of winning a game. However as you say you have to build a team and those equations for an individual player is influenced by the other players around them and the system they fit into. Take Sara. In this set up, playing as a deep central midfielder and with a McLean type player next to him Vs playing him in a freer, number 8 type role, in a midfield three with a couple of more positionally sound players next to him. In the current system the % chance of him winning you the game is reduced and the chance of him losing you it increased. I disagree that there is nothing to lose by playing McLean- there is lots to lose with him as a central midfielder next to Sara where he is constantly out of position and cut through far too easily. I don't think it's a coincidence our midfield looked better when he wasn't in it. Conversely he's a limited 'jack of all, master of none' player who doesn't add much to our chances of winning from there in this system. You've also got to find ways to accommodate those 'boom or bust' type players like Sainz. You can't have a team of xi McLean's and all too often under pressure managers fall into the trap of filling the team with players they see as reliable and predictable in carrying out their instructions, even if those players lack the skill or quality to actually unlock a team. Largely I'm of the opinion that this system doesn't maximise the outputs of anywhere enough players and often does the opposite. Wagner is not helped by a squad that was built so poorly with no balance but he's also putting nobody in a position to succeed. I find it hard to make judgements on players like Sainz until we see them under a coach with at least a smidge of tactical competence.
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    Here he is, the party’s over guys…
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    She’s fully lost it, to be honest. That last AGM was embarrassing and it did leak out of the local press and into more national press which must have worried her. Shes desperate, she’s absent and she doesn’t bring anything. It’s time for her to leave immediately.
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    It was also originally a far more subtle and interesting novel by David Peace based on a fascinating if often controversial reworking of history, filtered through the unreliable narration of a fictionalised first person account from Cloughie and the traditions of English myth and fairytale. And neither version offers anything like a relevant parallel with us appointing Knapper. Which is a frankly bizarre analogy although it does make a nice thread title I grant you. What a completely random post ... Book is well worth a read though. Film not so much as it dumbs it down to make it easier to follow and loses a fair amount in the process, although Michael Sheen is pretty good.
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    It's game on in Hamilton(Where Clyde play currently)
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    I’ve noticed that every time Wagner’s asked to comment on Rowe, he always finds something negative to say. It’s like he can’t handle Rowe’s personality in any other way than to continually make petty comments and pull rank. There’s keeping a young player’s feet on the ground and then there’s a being a pr1ck. And let’s face it, Wagner would be already gone without Rowe’s goals this season.
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    Why though is a problem that people have respect for Delia though? Yes anyone with sense knows she needs to go. She's done more for this club the last 25 years than any poster has on here has and certainly more good than harm. Abusing her litterally achieves nothing. She's not going anywhere until the planned business is done. That time will come and it'll be a more prosperous one I'm sure. The amount of hatred and anger that gets stirred up by the little old lady is actually quite bizarre.
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    "Now is the winter of our discontent".....
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    Who are these pensioners that have been arrested? Second Amendment Right to Bear ArmsA well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. How does the 2nd Amendment allow pensioners to be arrested so that the 14th can be twisted? Ratified after the Civil War, the 14th Amendment says American officials who “engage in” insurrection can't hold future office. But the provision is vague and doesn't say how the ban should be enforced. Have you ever said anything that makes any sense?
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    He was my first choice when Smith was sacked and I stated that on many occasions on this forum. He was the closest thing to Farke available and he knew the division. Unfortunately, he was also a former captain with a few hundred appearances. This would've meant that a lot of fans would've screamed 'little old Norwich' without even looking at his CV.
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    What a weird fixture. Whilst I’ve always been one of those that would never want us to lose, on this occasion, in light of the 1p5wich situation, I must admit, I’m torn! I’ll take an entertaining 5-6 defeat
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    Didn’t want him at the time, thought we could do better. Didn’t really get the hype around him either, he’d been solid to date, but not spectacular. He’s got Saints playing, but he’s also got arguably the best squad in the league. Jury is still out for me.
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    Any ball winning midfielder would have to do the job of 2 players to make a difference. A player of Oli Skipp's ability actually would fix most of our problems but we're extremely unlikely to find one who's willing to come here. A player like Tettey would help but wouldn't be enough to make a real difference to results. A player like that would snuff out some counter attacks but not enough of them. The reason we keep getting torn apart of the counter are structural issues with our set up and while a mid table PL quality DM would help solve a lot of our problems it's unrealistic to think just signing one would be an easy fix. It's the equivalent of a really defensive Championship team who don't create many chances or score many goals saying if only we could sign a player who puts away the one chance they'll get every game, that would really help that team but they're not going to be able to find that player.
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    The amount of people defending the 90% stuff at the time blew my mind. Some of the stuff he said in that interview was inexcusable for a guy in his position, especially considering how poor we were. Yet people were championing him as some great example of work life balance or somehow being one of the few people in existence to take on two massive undertakings and focus on both of them to the level needed with no detriment to the day job one. That interview was a massive red flag as to where we were headed and why.
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    Wagner would play him at lb so prob not!
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    Just more gambling and losing from a guy that had been on a losing streak for a while in my opinion. He rolled the dice on selling Emi and lost and he’s just been chasing wilder bets trying to recover that ever since.
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    Do we know what Knapper wants? I am going to be patient and see if he has a plan.
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    I agree with that. I wanted him to succeed because he seems a genuinely nice guy, but I'm 100% sure he should go now. That starting line-up was incredibly over-thought. In terms of formation, it changed something that was working quite nicely. In terms of overall strategy, it lessened our chance of winning a game that we stood a good chance of winning, presumably to rest people for a game which we are much more likely to lose. Personally, today is my final straw. He has to go.
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    Thanks, @Monty13, First, the only constant thing in human endeavours is change, from the rise and fall of a local shop to those of great empires. Within that concept, even from my own lifetime I can make a long list of seemingly impregnable giants of industry and commerce that have risen and fallen, from ICI downwards – and in many cases have vanished from sight altogether. To answer Monty’s question, yes I can try. How strange therefore that I can’t make a similar list of significant Professional Football Clubs that have closed their doors and gone out of business. Why should that be? Because Football is Different, that’s why. Before the splendid @BigFish and others of the XXL Massive burst into derisive laughter at my perceived Damascene conversion – there isn’t one. My views on the need for a sound Corporate Governance structure and on the essentially victim status of the Manager are still sound (IMHO). This has been almost my entire and meagre contribution to this Forum up to now, because I have not thought about Football as a corporate venture. Here is a first pass at it. At least in the context of Western Capitalism, a business venture seeks, in competition with other similar organisations, to provide goods or services of competitive quality and an attractive price to a common cloud of customers who can choose one supplier or another, maybe Waitrose one day, Albert Arkwright the next. Professional Football is different, at least it was in former times. Whether or not one is a customer is (or was) decided primarily by accident of birthplace and the captive customer is far more tolerant of variability of performance. If NCFC falls short, who is going to show up at Portman Road? What they will do is to stay away and smaller attendances mean lower income. Hence the Season Ticket. Success or failure did not result in going out of business but in the relative position on the greasy pole of League position and consequent bad humour in the snug at the Dodman’s Rest. This is no longer true. One of the catastrophic influences on any business performance is what we call a Paradigm Shift, when previously tried and proven concepts become superseded. The notion that big conurbations supported big crowds, hence rich and successful clubs is now threatened by two simultaneous shifts, both in the source of money, - television and vast sums from foreign parts. It is now axiomatic that externally-sourced money is the principal determinant in the acquisition of points and the whole thing is a self-sustaining cycle In this new context it is fruitless to try to compete in the old way. It seems to me that the NCFC, although moving in the right direction, is being relatively slow and indecisive in making the necessary changes. If it doesn’t it will almost certainly survive, but not prosper. Luck doesn’t come into it at this point. Oh, and the self-financing concept cannot possibly work. It is exactly like trying to ward off incipient anaemia by bleeding the patient, who will simply die without blood transfusions. The policy will inevitably sink under the weight of its internal contradictions. Mr Attanasio knows this and has said so, if not in so many words. My best to all, Don
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