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  1. Totally agree with you. However in the long term how is that more of a punt than taking on an english team from the championship. His wages would probably be higher. Athletico No chance. I'm saying for his career he needs to prove himself and with the teams you have mentioned wouldn't be a proof. Maybe he will enter the manager merrigo round but wouldnt enter the elite. However i so see what you are saying.
  2. Failure maybe the wrong word, but with the group of players he has had he has maybe under achieved. those teams in the europeann leagues you mention certainly won't be the teams at the top. I feel he needs to prove himself with a team before he gets a major job in world football, he has the same CV as Southgate without the qudos
  3. I'm not sure that he would get a job at a top team. Imo failure as an international manager and no experience with a club side. Would take a leap of faith for even a high level champs team to give him a job
  4. 100% listen to the future owners im actually impressed
  5. At least he didn't bring a girl back with John Terry
  6. Historically the chairman seems to get voted in on how much money they can spend in their tenure. Spanish football is so so corrupt. the four biggest teams have a tv deal that the rest of the Legue is not party too
  7. Maybe the cost of infrastructure like a new stadium isn't considered under ffp as it will be offset over a number of years as a business loan
  8. I think you will find maybe that Barca is almost a Municiple club so can't be bought by a rich owner
  9. With Barca being knocked out of the Champions league tonight and a Billion in debt do you think the rules will be adjusted to keep them afloat? They seem to be the benchmark by what other clubs can overspend without a penalty.
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