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  1. I would still like Sorenson given some games in his place.
  2. Dont care what the team is as long as Sorrenson starts in midfield.
  3. There is a Norwich boxer fighting in a big fight tonight. Anyone knows his name and what card he is fighting on?
  4. Give it 5 more games and everyone will be saying "we will sell him for 20 or 30 mil in the summer What are we gonna do" btw i know hes on loan to buy
  5. For me the player of the night was Giannoulis. Thought he was immense.
  6. Come on Admin. Just reboot the server!
  7. Sorry but will stick with my initial statement. Skipp is a wonderful player. However maybe Sorrenson will be as good in his position? If he is we must play him there because we wont have Skipp next year. Hey good grief that we must look forward
  8. Because he will be as good if not better than Skipp.
  9. If we can make a phone call and get skipp for next season than great. If not we need to take care of NCFC not Spurs. Get Sorrenson in the tean at his position. The calmest player on the pitch tonight.
  10. I agree with you almost. Sorrenson will be a premier league player. We will not have Skipp next year and will be beneficial to bed him in. IMO he will be at least as good as Skipp but just an opinion.
  11. We need to drop Skipp. Sorrenson needs to be played in his place. As much as Skipp is great we need to settle Sorrenson in the team. He will be a better player than Skipp.
  12. IMO potentially the best player on the pitch. Mr cool.
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