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  1. John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - YouTube
  2. He would have to displace Gilmour first. However i was told this before the wondering why Todd is not playing. Was told they had a bust up.
  3. Nor me however the person told me just before Todd had issues and told me it will become an issue.
  4. I heard there was a massive bust up which became physical between Todd and Hanley were Todd threw punches. I heard this at the time Todd started having family problems. The person who told me i can believe but cannot say as fact. I have never put something like this out before but feel this may be true.
  5. Its a pity there are no Vardy videos of him playing at the same age The guy is young he needs time.
  6. Could it be a confidence thing? maybe a psychologist would help? if we can get him hitting the target he would be some player.
  7. We are talking about two touches. The first to bang the goal in and the second when played through which took him wide. We could be talking about two goals. How fine the margins are.
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