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  1. I can no longer access the message board from my phone unless I’m connected to my WiFi. Had this for several months. Anyone else? No problems with any other site.
  2. Agree with you. Plus Webber’s arrogance and belief that he’s beyond reproach. Which he absolutely is not. He’s clearly no longer allowed to speak directly in a Q&A format with journalists given he has zero tact, diplomacy, or emotional intelligence. He’s a complete liability in front of the camera, which is contributing to the division with the fans that the board are in denial about.
  3. He doesn’t paint the changing room walls either. I was reflecting and commenting on the debacle over the last 2 years. Most of which Webber does land squarely at Webber’s door.
  4. What an absolute bell end. Not even mildly amusing.
  5. As amusing as the last few posts are, you forget some of the absolute f@&£ ups of recent years. I’ve been so fixated on the appalling recruitment that Webber’s led, that I’d almost forgotten the pink dressing room, soccerbot and BK8 controversy, a sponsorship deal which lasted even less than Liz Truss’s cabinet.
  6. Have to say, Mark Rivers has provided co-commentary the last 2 games and he's pulled no punches at all in his assessment of how bad we are currently. In particular, he's criticised Smith's tactics, called out why Kenny McClean gets so much game time and seems undroppable, has openly commented that Hanley's a decent Champs defender, but not more than that. And other such similar comments. Refreshing to hear someone offering a genuine 'fan' opinion, rather than the likes of Simon Lappin who's opinion is completely blighted by his need to keep his head firming up Webber's @rse.
  7. Agree with you re Gunn. The rest were previous season’s signings, under Kieran Scott’s tenure, regardless of how the deal was structured.
  8. It takes some believing this is what Webber blew £60/£70m on last summer.... Gilmour, Kabak, Sargent, Tzolis, Rashica, Normann, Lees-Melou, Yet not one word of acknowledgment that he screwed up massively. Instead, Farke gets the bullet and look at us now. It's scandalous. Personally, I find it laughable that people are calling for Dean Smith to walk. The issue is much bigger than the coach.
  9. Yes, Kieran Scott was Head of Recruitment and he left at the end of the last promotion season (can you spot the pattern?) to take over as Director of Football at Middlesbrough. Kieran Scott isn’t the only member of the senior team to have left over the last couple of seasons either. Can’t be a coincidence and (massive assumption on my part), but perhaps Webber’s arrogance and tactless public persona make him as likeable to colleagues as he is to fans / Archant or anyone who has the temerity to question any of his decision.
  10. Let’s not forget Gilmour, Kabak, Normann and Lees-Melou. It was a complete shambles. And this summers recruitment doesn’t look very clever either. We have an unbalanced side with no wingers and couldn’t invest after last summers massive errors.
  11. Why do the majority seem to overlook who’s single handedly overseen recruitment over this time period. Not to mention the panic appointment of Smith.
  12. “Maybe we haven’t got recruitment quite right?” Is this a serious post?
  13. It’s already being mentioned significantly less than just 2 months ago. Added to which, pundits / hosts who were spouting XG at any given opportunity in August, are now acknowledging “not all fans are convinced.” Why? Because it’s absolute nonsense.
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