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  1. I’ve cancelled mine after a week. It contains most of what I don’t like about sports ed and not enough of what I want. In these times, I want digital media, commentary and podcasts. The best things about the Pink Un imo is the message board, and Paddy & Connors podcasts / videos. The new App is basically rebundling what the PinkIn already does.
  2. Wow. Incredible. Thanks for sharing. Heartbreaking to hear what that little chap went thru and incredible to hear the Brum’s fans’ response. RIP Arthur.
  3. Not sure if you’ve seen the rest of the results this season? Who’ve we’ve signed etc?
  4. Needs a hard look at them self. Hugely overrated and ineffective at this level. I live in hope that Smith holds the purse string in the next window.
  5. Unfortunately, Josh is the one signing Sir Stuart made who wasn’t a loan. Cracking signing.
  6. It’s what happens when you don’t strengthen your squad. Name another club who sell their best player on promotion. And assuming there was one, name another who wouldn’t then properly invest. It’s all loans leading to perm, if we stay up. It really is poor and has been the same since the 90s.
  7. I suspect that Smith would prefer to send Josh out on loan, but won’t be allowed to undermine Sir Stuart so spectacularly.
  8. Basically, appalling recruitment strategy. Quantity over quality. Ergo, we have Pukki and no one else who can convert.
  9. I would agree. Thought Idah looked pretty tasty when he came on against Newcastle, but trust Smith knows what he’s doing. Assuming there’s any truth in this of course.
  10. Great to hear. He’s a great talent and a good lad. Look forward to seeing him back to his best over the next game or two.
  11. Easy to say in hindsight and to be wise after the event. Can completely understand why Smith gambled.
  12. Blimey. I imagine you listen to 5 Live and Jeremy Vine and feel that everything sounds plausible.
  13. Right. So, you’re going to suggest this has been well orchestrated?
  14. Absolute rubbish. I rate Smith. And I hope he’ll ride to the rescue. But I’m not delusional. This has been a mess, from the moment Farke was dismissed.
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