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  1. Wow, amazing. Not Mark Lawrenson’s prediction. But that a) anyone still looks at the BBC / watches the BBC / listens to the BBC, or; b) has ever taken any notice of Lawrenson.
  2. Why do people even try and engage with this plank? He’s like the annoying, unpopular attention-seeking kid at school.
  3. Plank - get your head out of the sand. Carry on like this and Webber / Farke won’t be here to “pick up underrated players and combine them with astutely chosen academy products and come back up again stronger than this season”. Seriously, can you not see that it’s not just the best players who’ll be leaving if we carry on like this? Time and again, we’re lucky enough to unearth an exciting young manager, they drag us into the big time, and time and again, we don’t invest so either the manager leaves, or we get relegated and the manager leaves. All this happy flappy nonsense. Get real.
  4. Agree. VAR is a joke. But can’t blame that today. What’s evident is we haven’t strengthened and we’re running on empty. Amazing effort by the players and management team. Amazing to think what we could have achieved this season if we’d taken a leaf out of Shef United book.
  5. But this season’s disasterous campaign (the latest of how many by the current owners ) is not the fault of the brilliant coaching team, nor the fault of VAR (although it has hampered things massively and the deployment has been a complete disgrace). No, the fault lays with the Board and it’s incompetent strategic planning. What a shame. Happy to wave Webber goodbye. Hope we can keep hold of Farke. season’s disaster ( the latest of how
  6. Don’t think anyone’s suggesting we should have spent £100m. What Shef United have done is incredibly impressive. And with less than fashionable Chris Wilder setting the strategy.
  7. No point trying to reason with an idiot Ghoul. He’ll beat you with experience
  8. Totally agree with the OP. And in the same way Delia, Michael and Webber took the plaudits last season, this season they’re equally responsible for the disaster this season is proving to be. Such a shame that, yet again, we fail to get behind an exciting young manager and show any real ambition, a la Lambert, Neil and now Farke.
  9. No offence to Ben, but if someone is prepared to offer half of that, I’ll help him pack so we can invest some cash in our defence. Given how well we perform, the decision to not invest at the back looks more and more stupid with every passing game. Insane.
  10. Very lucky not to be 3 down after that corner. Where was the defence?
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