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  1. I agree with you to an extent Nutty, but we were lucky McClean didn’t gift another yesterday with his insane pass back. It’s fantastic to watch when it all ends well. In a tight game when pressure’s on, it’s heart in mouth stuff! As you say, all well and good when we’re winning!
  2. Totally agree. Too many unnecessary risks playing out from the back and back passes putting Krull / defence under pressure. Same last week for Swansea’s second - and very nearly conceded early on against the Swans due to another poor back pass. I love it when it goes well, but possession in the wrong part of the pitch is heart stopping and doesn’t look clever when you concede.
  3. Great finish? Garbage. Week after week, we play ourselves into danger at the back. Too casual. Weve been found out tonight.
  4. Completely agree. Here’s hoping Idah puts his unfortunate start to the season behind him and can stay fit and be the player he looks capable of being.
  5. I also thought the chap on Canary Call suggesting we needed to bolster our attack during this transfer window was talking some sense. Reminded me of the Worthington season where we signed Hucks. Really lifted the team, club and supporters. Different times of course, but thought the guy had a point. As fantastic as Farke has been this season, we still haven’t dispatched teams in the way we should and our GD could be a problem in the shake down
  6. 100% this Hogesar. We dominated the first half of the first half and didn’t take our chances. They got on top for last 15 mins of H1 and, as usual, no impact from HT talk and no adjustments. Thought it was a disappointing coaching performance from us. And I love Farke but Warnock showed his experience yesterday.
  7. Interviewed by a pair of absolute plums unfortunately.
  8. Absolutely. It’s insane we’re in this situation. As are the number of injuries after 10 games. We’ve never suffered injuries like this. We seem to learn nothing. Thankfully, we have Farke.
  9. Delighted if that’s Klose gone. Nice guy but over rated and might mean we finally beef up options at centre half.
  10. Never understand why anyone plays the game. Such an attention seeker.
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