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  1. Kingston Yellow

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Totally agree. Bournemouth spent their way out of the Chamionship. They spent big money and it simply wasn’t mentioned. The BBC lapped it up, spouting their usual liberal, cozy, PC crap, expertly delivered by right- on puppets like Linekar and Mark “Chappers” Chapman. Yet Harry Rednapp is constantly ridiculed for flashing the cash. Rednapp’s a class act. Just unfashionable with the likes of the BBC / 5 Live etc. Rednapp sets clear expectations with the board when negotiating his package. If the owners over spend, that’s the owners responsibility not the coaches.
  2. Kingston Yellow

    back again

    Appreciated the link Bill. Cheers
  3. Kingston Yellow

    *****Official Match Thread v Rotherham*****

    Great result. Real gamesmanship and professionalism to see the game out. Awesome stuff.
  4. Kingston Yellow

    Go Alex Neil

    Incredible run he’s got them on since Jan when they were at the wrong end of the table. Really pleased for him.
  5. Kingston Yellow

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Generally agree with your post, although Alex Neil has got PNE on a hell of a run. Hardly lost a game since Jan when they were relegation candidates. Currently honing in on the play offs. That would be a hell of an achievement and worthy of promotion if he could achieve the impossible again, provided it's not at our expense of course!
  6. Kingston Yellow

    Rotherham Tickets

    Thanks NYC
  7. Kingston Yellow

    Rotherham Tickets

    Would love to get my hands on a couple of anyones' plans have changed! Wont hold my breath, but thought I'd ask!
  8. Kingston Yellow

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    Love the guy but since his sacking, he always sounds like a man routing for the other team.
  9. Kingston Yellow

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    Painful listening to Gunny. Always sounds like he wants the other team to win.
  10. Kingston Yellow

    iFollow Stream

    Hi all - I thought iFollow were streaming non-3pm Saturday matches but not having any luck. Have I got that wrong? Anyone found any streams? Cheers R
  11. Kingston Yellow

    What is Savage’s problem?

    I do ignore him mate! I absolutely can’t listen to him or any of the mind numbing, brain washing, moronic liberal elite on Five Live! Try reading my original post that you replied to! Dont let let me stop your fun though
  12. Kingston Yellow

    What is Savage’s problem?

    Savage is a pillock. Desperately trying to be outrageous and about as knowledgable as “Wrighty”. Enjoy.
  13. Kingston Yellow

    What is Savage’s problem?

    How anyone can a) listen to Radio 5, b) listen to Robbie Savage or c) take anything he says even remotely seriously is beyond me. He’s a thick cretin.
  14. Kingston Yellow

    Leeds away day....

    Just shows how little you know. I live in Leeds currently. The stadium has been half empty for a long time, until this season. Leeds’s support is entirely contingent on league position.
  15. Kingston Yellow

    A very disappointing day

    What you’re talking about Bethnal, is that the owners have taken their cash out. Anyone who thinks this isn’t so, hasn’t been paying attention. What I’m talking about, is the owners backing the coach. Like I said, it will either look incredibly clever or incredibly stupid.