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  1. Kingston Yellow

    Who tried to poach Webber?

    Is Hucks6 Hucks? I remember he used to post on here when he hung up boots and moved. Hope it it!
  2. Kingston Yellow


    Leeds haven't been the same since spy gate. They've been inconsistent since the Derby game and have bottled it time and time again in key games ever since. It can be no coincidence. If anyone had any doubt about the advantage spying on opponents' training sessions gave Leeds, then their gradual decline puts it beyond any doubt.
  3. Kingston Yellow

    Match thread.. .Mo back in the team

    Relieved but a pretty worrying performance and a disappointing way to end such a magnificent season.
  4. Kingston Yellow

    Match thread.. .Mo back in the team

    What a very disappointing end to the season. A very impressive coaching performance over the coarse of the season is being massively undone over the last 3 games. Devoid of ideas, no decisive substitutions and the team clearly losing confidence.
  5. Kingston Yellow

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Don’t think it’s fair to single out any player today. The coach got it wrong. Wigan out thought us and got their tactics right. We didn’t. We were predictable and they made it count. Hopefully a gentle reminder today for Farke et al that we can’t take anthing for granted.
  6. I think “blowing it” is a bit strong, but think not changing things up after Wednesday and leaving things completely unchanged and therefore predictable has got us into a pitch battle.
  7. Kingston Yellow

    Dean Ashton

    LDC knows nothing about football. Really can’t believe anyone rises to his nonsense.
  8. Kingston Yellow

    Our run in not looking as good

    Can’t believe the sudden loss of confidence on this forum. Hope the squad’s made of sterner stuff Our form is incredible. 8 consecutive wins and a draw. Last 14 games, 11 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. A 79% win ratio and 35 points out of a possible 42. Including a win at second place Leeds and a draw with 3rd place Shef U. Disappointing as it was to concede at the death, it was due to farcical injury time. Reading we’re very fortunate and these things happen. We’ll be fine.
  9. Kingston Yellow

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Totally agree. Bournemouth spent their way out of the Chamionship. They spent big money and it simply wasn’t mentioned. The BBC lapped it up, spouting their usual liberal, cozy, PC crap, expertly delivered by right- on puppets like Linekar and Mark “Chappers” Chapman. Yet Harry Rednapp is constantly ridiculed for flashing the cash. Rednapp’s a class act. Just unfashionable with the likes of the BBC / 5 Live etc. Rednapp sets clear expectations with the board when negotiating his package. If the owners over spend, that’s the owners responsibility not the coaches.
  10. Kingston Yellow

    back again

    Appreciated the link Bill. Cheers
  11. Kingston Yellow

    *****Official Match Thread v Rotherham*****

    Great result. Real gamesmanship and professionalism to see the game out. Awesome stuff.
  12. Kingston Yellow

    Go Alex Neil

    Incredible run he’s got them on since Jan when they were at the wrong end of the table. Really pleased for him.
  13. Kingston Yellow

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Generally agree with your post, although Alex Neil has got PNE on a hell of a run. Hardly lost a game since Jan when they were relegation candidates. Currently honing in on the play offs. That would be a hell of an achievement and worthy of promotion if he could achieve the impossible again, provided it's not at our expense of course!
  14. Kingston Yellow

    Rotherham Tickets

    Thanks NYC
  15. Kingston Yellow

    Rotherham Tickets

    Would love to get my hands on a couple of anyones' plans have changed! Wont hold my breath, but thought I'd ask!