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  1. mr footy

    Is Farke the new David Wagner?

    Too soon to tell,more of a Rednapp in many ways.
  2. mr footy

    Wigan predictions

    Football can be easy but sometimes it can be hard.what you must do is play to your strengths.This can be a problem but 3points is up for grabs.
  3. mr footy

    We have fight at last

    This squad is showing that although they are not that great they have fight. This is something I have wanted to see for years.Winning three in a row is something I didn''t think I''d see this season. Good job all round so far
  4. mr footy

    The Daniel Farke Rap :-)

    It''s a no from me.
  5. mr footy

    Mid table win

    Good win yesterday with players showing a lot of fight not to concede goals.we are good enough to win games but not enough to get to top six.We will probably lose or draw the next few games and then win again that is the lot of a mid table squad. Better this than bottom three.
  6. mr footy

    An ok performance

    Unless there is a change in the club''s financial situation we should not expect top six for some years.It will take four seasons at least for this system to work properly.
  7. mr footy

    An ok performance

    Yesterday was not a good performance but it was ok. A point away is acceptable in a season where staying in this division is the main objective. This squad is as I keep saying a lower mid table squad so I do not expect much in games but we are showing fight. This will be needed in the coming games.
  8. mr footy

    A wonderful win

    Great win today. Smiles all round,Now for three points Sunday.
  9. mr footy

    We must stay positive

    It''s hard when you lose but a win tomorrow. and Sunday will put a smile on all our faces.
  10. mr footy

    German culture applied to football

    I agree with LDC it will take time, it can be very successful What is wrong with the German way is it needs everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.Club, fans, players must buy into a different philosophy. If not it can go wrong very quickly with no plan b.There are signs it is working but this will take years to change.Let''s all get behind the team.
  11. mr footy

    " Farke needs time"

    The main aim this season is to keep in this league which we will finishing lower half.The squad is mid table at best so beating the top ten teams will be a tough ask.We have limited funds even for loan players so we are where we are

    Going forward hopefully our academy will provide the squad with good players for this division who can also bring revenue in when moved on.This is the way that has been chosen by the club and will take many seasons to get right.
  12. mr footy

    Club going downhill

    When the aim is to stay in this league it not too bad,I''m certain we will be ok and will finish bottom half.
  13. mr footy

    Early days.

    Losing to leeds yesterday was not surprising, well organised and on the up.We will struggle against teams who will be top six.Our next game in the league is one we can win,as they are a bottom half squad. It doesn''t matter about Cardiff as both teams will use it as a squad game.keeping in this league is the most important thing.As I''ve said before it will take three seasons at least for this football model to work.
  14. mr footy

    Rome was not built in a day.

    The model we have adopted at norwich is to bring good players through the youth system,while finding affordable lower league players in Europe to fill the squad. With time it can be very successful. We have limited funds,so we have to cut our cloth accordingly.
  15. mr footy

    Rome was not built in a day.

    It will take time to gel new players to the system we have here so mistakes will happen. But overall the performance yesterday was good.We are a mid table side squad that will take several seasons to build to challenge top six.So we need to be patient with the club as we improve on and off the field in the coming years.