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  1. What owners we have who have given this club the stability it needed .supporters who never moan when things get tough. Players who fight for the badge.we are very lucky.
  2. mr footy

    Friday matches

    No because we won.
  3. mr footy

    clinical finishing

    We won .
  4. mr footy

    36 Points to Play For

    A good result against wolves and we are back on track. Let's get behind this team .
  5. mr footy

    Realizations finally kicked in

    We can do this ,it can be done remember churchill said we will never surrender
  6. mr footy

    So what do we do now ?

    I believe we still have a chance to win games,don't be negative.
  7. Byram has been outstanding. You play your inform players.
  8. mr footy

    Wonderful football today

    Fabulous, truly wonderful words.wow
  9. mr footy

    We will beat Liverpool

    I think we will.yes we will have to be at are best and liverpool off the pace but a great chance at home
  10. mr footy

    Sam McCallum

    Nothing special, ok player.
  11. Great play today,so unlucky again.Great chance to beat liverpool in next game if they play like that.
  12. mr footy

    We will beat Liverpool

    Yes I think we can beat liverpool as we are improving steadily as the season goes on
  13. A mistimed tackle.red card,learn and move on.
  14. We need to move on from var, refs,injuries to players,lack of vocal support at home games,no leadership on pitch etc,etc,etc.these problems will be with most clubs in all leagues.The point I am making is come kick off today there will be 2 teams trying their best to win and 1 will be unlucky in some way if they win draw or lose.This is the way it is and will be.
  15. These things happen, you need to adjust your game to suit the circumstances