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  1. We have to put things into perspective, we did well up to the lockdown.We were unlucky in most games.We had players who had not played in this league. We tried to keep in this league without getting into financial trouble. We are in good shape as a club.We will be in the mix next season for promotion. We are following a very sensible model of running a club for the future .
  2. A good effort from a very inexperienced squad at this level .Var ,injuries and being just plain unlucky did not help but they played well in most games.The fans can see that we are moving in the right direction and next season we will be one of the favourites for promotion. Rome was not built in a day.
  3. Yes this season has been average at best but we go into next season in a league the manager has a great record in .we will be top six at least .We are in good shape in terms of squad with youth coming through. I have already said luck has deserted us this season.Next season we will be one of the favourites to go up to the prem.
  4. Most would agree ,we were unlucky.But hopefully our luck will change next season and we will have fewer injuries to contend with.
  5. Looking back we can all see we had no luck during this season. You need luck with var ,injuries, empty carrow road,we had none,.They say it evens itself out over the season, it did not.
  6. The way we play will win the majority of games next season. Attacking play ,swift passing,play out from back ,retain possession.
  7. Next season this squad will without doubt finish top six.With additional players added during pre season ,we can look forward to at least the play offs.This season has been average ,but it has given players and coaching staff a taste of the prem.We now have a system of play which looks great.long may this continue.
  8. After a great display by our team yesterday it has turned the league on its head.Now we go into the next game favourites to get a result.We were miles better than United,well done the yellows
  9. I think it has showed in the two games since the restart we have a very poor squad at this level .Next season we will be against squads on our level.So I think a top 10 finish is possible so not all doom,something for fans and players alike to look forward to.
  10. Their squad is better than ours ,goal difference better ,won more games etc.
  11. They may go down but they are showing more fight than us.
  12. Probably wont need to ,should be a comfortable win for utd.But this is city's last chance to salvage a poor season so who knows.
  13. Fitness is going to be a major issue if a restart is able to happen .It will take 4 or 5 games to get up to speed so teams who hit ground running will have a huge advantage. Norwich will have players on their own fitness plans,I just hope when they come back to full training they have kept some fitness .This will be key.
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