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  1. I said under this manager we would be a lot fitter and so it has come to pass. Deserved 3 points.Very promising.
  2. One thing is for certain we will top the charts most weeks for workrate and sprints as most of our managers squads do,this will be key as season go's on.
  3. For the first time ever I'm not excited about watching this squad of players.w e have no stand out players to get you off your seat.Ireally hope that I I'm proved wrong and we gel quickly and play attacking football from the start .Having watched the some of the pre season games we look OK but nothing special. I think it's going to be a long season of a lot of effort from the players but only a mid table outcome at best.Maybe .
  4. Mid table squad at best,OK manager,OK board,decent ground/facilities, fantastic training ground,best fans.
  5. As we have no money for transfers, the loan market is our best bet for bringing in players. It can be a good thing for both clubs. Frees also good and are straightforward to put into action. The squad as it stands will struggle to stay in the top half of the league so recruitment will be welcome in the coming weeks
  6. A question someone from up north asked me yesterday. Had a think and although on loan and was poor for us it is Harry Kane.He laughed,I did not.
  7. No more of the same I would think
  8. Norwich will mostly stay the same for next season with perhaps a few frees coming in .we have no money for transfers unless we sell big time.We are not a spending club,rightly or wrongly.Who knows what will happen in the coming seasons ,top six can be achieved with average players playing as a unit.Otbc.
  9. Top to bottom, wage structure, investment in structurel redevelopment decreased exposure in national media,possible investment in long term projects. Above all a sense we are heading in a negative direction, with little to suggest otherwise.Unless of course........
  10. We now look like missing out on promotion which is disappointing. Finances in and around the club will suffer in the coming seasons ,impacting on our ability to bring in new players,coaching staff,ground improvements etc.we will have to cut wages to ALL staff. Really frustrating for everyone.
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