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  1. Good performance last night and interesting end an easy win .Be very surprised not to finish top 2 seasons end.Good job.
  2. But my point is we have a good squad for this league, we will be top six,we will have a go at the prem ,fact
  3. Actually the captain of the titanic was unlucky for a number of reasons.Also this is not a life or death situation as befell the titanic leading to loss of life.Comparing the two is ridiculous.
  4. Bit unlucky again yesterday, could and should have wonthat game easily. The number of chances created was excellent. Signs are that this team is starting to gel and over the next few games the chances will go in.We will get in the top six and have another shot at prem football .This is all you can ask really.
  5. We are as a club predictable. That's not saying this is bad because at least you know where you are if you like me have supported them for years.We spend big money this season on some average players, expect them to keep us up.Fail in that one,Next up sack the board,sell club,need to invest big money.Bottom of table ,let's finish 2nd bottom .Repeat for next 5 years until luck runs out .Stay in champs .Found our level etc.Very very frustrating. But call me predictable if you like I will support this club for the rest of my life because ,well I guess its because I must love it.
  6. In reply the answer is yes but you must look at the bigger picture.
  7. The owners have done fantastic for this club everyone agrees on that.But what can we do to help the club ,well not booing when the team is struggling would be a start.This is always going to be counterproductive.Next we should be realistic about the squad this is not a mid table squad this is a bottom four ,hope three other teams have worst squads squads.We must not get hung up on results but be more about the whole experience of watching our team that is by far the most important and rewarding thing about being a fan about any sport.So new start next season in the championship playing good football in a good atmosphere.
  8. We can't compete against most teams in this league but we can fight to the last and to the players credit they are.We need luck but we had none against Liverpool, so frustrating.
  9. No luck again against the top four.Played well 1st half thought they were lucky with all three goals .We will be regulated but showing some fight and playing some decent football.Good enough for a top two next season with current squad and management no problem.
  10. This is all you can ask in what is a very good championship side but a poor prem side.stats on fitness very good and will give us a real chance to go straight back up so not all gloomy
  11. There are worse grounds than carrow Rd for sure but there are many a lot better .Maybe spending a few million on the ground and not players for a change would be a good decision.
  12. A lot of voices on here say we have plenty of players in the squad and don't need to sign anyone.The only reason we are not is we have no money to spend ,simple as that .if we had we would be in for 1 or 2 by now.We prob will be in the championship next season and can move on a few to get funds for 2 or 3.There won't be as much pressure to spend big next season so frees up money for ground improvements ,much needed.
  13. We are on course to achieve another place in the worst teams in prem history.our only entry so far being 2019-20 season 21 points goal diff-49in at number 6.Sunderland have 3 teams in top ten worst.We will have to go some to beat Derby who only had 11 points and a terrible -69 goal diff.This is a top ten finish I would like us to avoid.
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