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  1. Thought Todd would have been modelling the new kit.
  2. Usain Bolt couldn’t Usain Bolt was rejected by Gold Coast Mariners and he wasn’t that bad to be fair.
  3. The truth is he’s just not that good, you’d hope most of the new signings are a lot better.
  4. Take a bow Bill, pure genius with those finds.
  5. It might be Chris Reeve modelling the new kit, let’s wait and see.
  6. Yes let’s hope, everyone’s over relegation now so a new chapter begins.
  7. He hasn’t had that many managers so far. Can’t be Leicester as they’ve persuaded him to stay, Aberdeen loved him so it must be Coventry but I can’t remember who was the manager back then.
  8. They would probably ask for even more now, 2nd highest earner at Leicester on a reported £110k a week.
  9. Not before time, I think we are catching on.
  10. Certainly looks that way. All’s fair in love and war plus the Premiership (Liverpool) it seems.
  11. Perfect for the last hours of a night shift.
  12. If they were on under 10K last season who could blame them if they ever want to leave soon.
  13. Dan Cruickshank is a great narrator, a Norfolk connection too in this one.
  14. I think Uncle Fred would insist on the gloves.
  15. I’ll be very happy to pay a £20 fine if that’s the case. The Murphy boys and Pritchard couldn’t leave fast enough when the bids came in. As much as we may not need to sell time will tell how keen our prized assets are willing to stay.
  16. Delia might talk to him, no camels trotting down Carrow road with this option.
  17. Let’s wait to see an Uncle Fred and Todd shaking hands photo for confirmation.
  18. Dave Freezer scoop to be on the Pinkun any time now?
  19. To be honest I thought Todd would go quickly and Max too. Again I hope you are proved correct and I am totally wrong. A lot can happen in days so far too early to predict yet.
  20. If I remember correctly I guessed at least 4 would leave from the most valuable 6 players at the club (no need to least them ) you thought 2/3 at most? Mind you you gave me evens on a 1/6 shot with Leeds so weighing up chances isn’t your strongest point.
  21. How long left in the window? Let’s wait and see but if your correct and I’m wrong what’s not to like.
  22. The £13m mentioned must be the first instalment.
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