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  1. Midlands Yellow

    If Man United lose today...

    If we had just beat Arsenal and kept a clean sheet I think everyone would rejoice for days .
  2. Midlands Yellow

    If Man United lose today...

    Liverpool fans won’t be happy with that decision. Salt of the earth people who only want fairness.
  3. Midlands Yellow


    Indoctrinating my daughter to consider this university. Going to visit for an open day in October, has anyone been or would recommend studying there ? Living in Leicester she’s looked at Nottingham and Sheffield so far but it’s the fine city next .
  4. Midlands Yellow

    Greg Downs

    Latest my Norwich City story interviewee. If anyone can get through this in one take I’ll leave them a can of beer at the Berstrete Gates.
  5. Midlands Yellow

    Coventry/ the specials ot

    Classy shirt .
  6. Midlands Yellow

    Ownership questions

    Don’t question the ownership at Norwich !
  7. Midlands Yellow

    Ownership questions

    Odds on .
  8. Midlands Yellow

    Brighton Tickets

    No idea what your on about .
  9. Midlands Yellow

    Alex Neil

    Give the man a tight budget and he excels as he did at Norwich and now Preston . Obviously made awful signings when given money at Norwich but next time round at a biggish club will do well .
  10. Midlands Yellow

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

    I’d advise you to give them both a miss . Sanitised and patronising class A bores .
  11. Midlands Yellow

    Brighton Tickets

    I’d love to see the expansion and consecutive seasons of top flight football. If Norwich were to be relegated this season then that would be 3 promotions to the Premiere league but only 5 seasons in it since 2011. Could you name another side with so many promotions to the Premiere league in less than a decade but it never quite working out in staying there ?
  12. Midlands Yellow

    Brighton Tickets

    The away performances since Liverpool have been limp to say the least . I’d imagine most are expecting the par 2.0 defeat and that puts people off purchasing tickets .
  13. Palace will stay up and get £240 M for being around mid table this season and then including next seasons money . Burnley have lots of empty seats every home game but Sky keep them ticking over nicely . We look like we’re already planning for next season in the Championship.
  14. Midlands Yellow

    Ownership questions

    What’s the longest spell that Norwich have stopped in the top flight ? The promotions in the last 16 years have been fun but we’ve hardly looked like staying there for too long which is mainly down to lack of investment .
  15. Midlands Yellow

    Match thread

  16. Midlands Yellow

    An evening with Sam Allardyce

    VIP tickets are only £99 and you get to sit with Sam.
  17. Midlands Yellow

    An evening with Sam Allardyce

    Do you have to be a member to get tickets ?
  18. Midlands Yellow

    EFL Trophy v Crawley

    Absolutely no idea .
  19. Anyone who would be up to this is just weird.
  20. Midlands Yellow

    If we were playing the binners on Sat.....

    Coventry will beat them .
  21. Midlands Yellow

    Dare i compare City with Barcelona?

    Good job Barcelona fans haven’t witnessed our last 3 efforts away from home .
  22. Midlands Yellow

    James Madison

    Coventry fans believe they are in for a cut too should he be sold . They apparently put in additional clauses when selling to Norwich .
  23. Midlands Yellow

    Premiere league thread

    Every other message board has one so I thought we could join in . Aston Villa defeat helps our cause so the weekend has finished well .
  24. Midlands Yellow

    Premiere league thread

    Does Morty run that one ?
  25. Midlands Yellow

    Premiere league thread

    Benteke ? Or the lad at Inter Milan?