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  1. When you''re black and gay and only just managing to avoid being abused for that each game, try and imagine being a gay footballer on top of that. Multiply that with having a disgusting selfish homophobe for a brother... no wonder he had an identity crisis. The chap had it all against him. No amount of talent can make that go away.
  2. nu_matik

    Bournemouth u23 game...

    Cheers. Is on Facebook page now... scoreline not bad seeing as they had Benik Afobe and Callum Wilson up top
  3. nu_matik

    Bournemouth u23 game...

    ...cant see result anywhere! Anyone know how we got on?

    Ta x
  4. He really is some player, he''s slotted in perfectly and I think we''re yet to see the best of him. Agreed, get him on a 3 year quick as.
  5. Kudos to the blades for this. Life bans are absolutely spot on. They''re setting a good precedent... imagine if we had home fans acting like that after the game. Id expect the club to do the same. I love a good bit of banter, bit of jeering and goading... violence around kids and decent citizens is just for cunts, and you should therefore be banned like one.

    As pointed out previously, I hope they identify their embarrassing manager as part of the root cause. What a classless baby compared to Farke.

  6. nu_matik

    Mario Vrancic

    Stats are there to be manipulated, and not pointing put they were corners to make him sound better evidence. Being honest, his corners are good.
  7. nu_matik

    Mario Vrancic

    So we''ve all agreed that Vrancic isnt good enough despite his potential. And that stats are all good and well but when they still point to underachievement they are just numbers, yes?

    Thanks all, case closed x
  8. nu_matik

    Mario Vrancic

    Ian, dont you think comparing Trybull and Vrancic is a bit pointless? 2 differing roles but if you break it down, Trybull is a defensive player tasked with helping the defence. He did this and we earned a clean sheet despite him probably earning a 6/10. Vrancic is a creative player tasked with helping Oliveira score, which he did not and spent more time in Vrancic area than he did his own.

  9. nu_matik

    Mario Vrancic

    Bit harsh on Stiepermann and Trybull. They look very decent! I see your point but I don''t have any other major qualms with the starting players in the last 2 games other than Mario ''The Jogger'' Vrancic
  10. nu_matik

    Mario Vrancic

    ... least inspiring and enthusiastic midfielder on our books?
  11. nu_matik

    Martin Centre Back

    Ive only seen highlights but trust your judgement on Husband. Serious weak link!
  12. nu_matik

    Martin Centre Back

    Having watched the Villa ''lowlights''... is it me or os oir Captain fantastic weak in the tackle or to blame for 3 of the Villa goals? He ball watches all of them except the unfortunate deflected goal.
  13. nu_matik

    We Are Watching, Mr Balls

    What a load of Balls
  14. nu_matik

    Elijah Cokeytiger Paul

    I found his FB post endearing tbh, he didnt as for bank accounts nor proclaimed to be a millionaire. I say give him a go
  15. nu_matik

    Time to shine

    I feel confident about today. Even if we lose but are showing signs of us working better defensively, keeping the ball better I''ll be happy