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  1. OK. I still think your comment reeks of lazy generalisation and dismissiveness. Call me all the silly names you like, I'm not the one in question (regularly). I think its quite a nice thing to actually respect and understand the culture of our players but yeah, dozy old me hey x
  2. I know, you should know and do better than to just generalise foreign players and get their nationality wring but there you are.
  3. I'm feeling something like this. If we could just keep stringing decent passes together rather than being so needlessly wasteful, we could actually stick it fully up em
  4. This is the whole point... it isn't normal no. We aren't 'normal' because you seem to want us to be something we aren't. NCFC are pretty unique in many ways. Loads of clubs have done the 'normal' stuff; including a merry go round of board and CEO and spending loads of money they don't have. Many of them are League One or worse. Seeing a club take a very measured approach to a hand over to a wealthy sports team owner with loads of dosh who wants to run a successful long term project and make sure they have the right guys amongst them is pretty refreshing We all want a new ownership and direction. We all want success. I want Delia and MWJ to move on. But rushing it to appease fans and not for the best interests of club is mad. I truly believe we will see great success under Attanasio and I'm willing to wait.
  5. Well, you're part correct. I know Mark the owner and he still brands it as Fat Cat Brewery Tap as they are still in partnership with the Brewery who Brew on site and use the Fat Cat (Percy) logo on the new signage (and kids colouring sheets).
  6. Our little lot have recently relocated to The Rose on Queens Rd. Great beer, good atmosphere full of fans pre match and great pizza too. Then a quick 5 minute wiggle down the hill to Carrow Rd. Perfick
  7. Please don't assume ones gender, geezer! I am merely a person who is able to see Idahs failures but also that he has a lot of skill and desire when he gets opportunity. I think hardly anyone gets to shine in this team. But you've clearly not been watching long enough of you think Idah is the worst we've had.
  8. As a big St.Pauli fan I'd much prefer us as a club to model them than Hamburg. That said, Hamburg are actually my Ipswich! Orrible lot
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