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  1. norfolkngood

    So will Farke REALLY be here next season?

    I Agree BUT if the club vision is to be believed if we go up next season , The theory is that we will not start the next PL season with the club in debt like the start of this season With this seasons sky money / profit plus i imagine player sales in the summer you would think we would have quite a bit of money i do not think Farke will be here Next season though
  2. He has got us playing some of the best Football Most Norwich fans have ever seen BUT i think questions have to be asked about how we have taken more points from the top teams than the teams at the bottom Great football but above the Championship winning football ? So hard to Judge really what the season might have been with a bit of money to spend and No injuries just my opinion though i think he will leave this summer
  3. i over the Years have been to many Away games as a Norwich fans on Free tickets from the club we were playing As they were Free i had No say where i sat and Nearly always in the Home end if you keep quiet and enjoy the game etc No Problem Nobody would ever have known you were a away Fan its the ones that Jump up and down etc in the Home end with Club colours on that get my Goat
  4. norfolkngood

    We need to talk about Carlton....

    Might be one of these players that might mature later in years I think he needs to Leave and find a club that is his that he will play for in the 1st team Loans are ok but it never is your club
  5. norfolkngood

    Maddison not going to Man U

    Yes i Agree but what comes in must go out in someway to prevent a Tax bill
  6. norfolkngood

    Maddison not going to Man U

    It will be interesting read Next season if we go down after spending very little on transfers, the wages will go down to champs level but we still will have sky money also Players fees that leave in summer IF and quite possible Godfrey , lewis , Aarons , Pukki , Cantwell , Buendia leave we would have to spend and spend quite big otherwise Mr Tax man will be getting a good payout
  7. norfolkngood

    I think we can now safely say

    The Thought of Colin Calderwood in the stands with his Ipad and Houghton so scared of every team ! Never want to go back to that football having said that Next season Farke has to play winning football not always Nice football
  8. norfolkngood

    Have we waved the white flag

    The Problem was our Owners Did not have the Money to put in at Start of Season , By the looks of it once all the sky money is in for this season we will make a profit Delia as a owner with limited funds is what we have and that i believe held the club back this season The Team needed investment at the start of the season to help the squad a owner with say 20 million to put in at the start of the season and to be taken out as the sky money came in may of helped i would say this season Transfer fees spent must be lowest in EPL history ?
  9. norfolkngood

    64% of Pinkun readers want Ryan Bennett back...

    To be Honest he might get another club in the PL take him or a club top of the championship that is coming up this season , he is English so a club like Sheff utd or Burnley might take him as a Squad player as he does not fill up a Foreign space
  10. norfolkngood

    64% of Pinkun readers want Ryan Bennett back...

    i would have him back , i always liked him a good Stopper which we have missed , Bennett to play as a stopper doing the Dirty work and going for the Aerial balls and play the ball to a ball playing CB next to him to pass the ball about , He has Grit and a bit of Steel about him for the championship he would be Good Also he has improved by staying in a Wolves team and Playing in the EPL
  11. norfolkngood

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    Ipswich Nottingham Forest due to be getting hit on the forehead by a sharpened two pence pence that hit my forehead in the barclay in the 1990's still got the scar ! Crystal Palace Remember many battles with them in the championship and that awful Andy Johnson over the years , awful hard to get to Ground and the sign that awful song !!
  12. This to sounds a good signing only 22 and banging in the goals in his league , i imagine it would have been cheap to buy him now though ? i think we need strikers this season so i would have paid a few million to have him here now
  13. norfolkngood

    Jamal to Palace?

    The Real value in our youngsters is Homegrown and English With the PL Team rules English Player's are worth more that's why some are 25/30 mil bracket
  14. norfolkngood

    Jamal to Palace?

    Yes but like you will know that Not all the money will be paid upfront so the club could ask for that in a way that it could be spread over certain tax years etc my concern is that if Lewis Aarrons , Godfrey , Cantwell get their heads turned if or when we go down what the club will do , In my eyes the club will have to spend that money somewhere unless there will be a Tax bill heading there way , maybe improve the ground etc ,
  15. norfolkngood

    Jamal to Palace?

    yes Indy you can but only once ! so we Start with minus 38 then we add the sky money and then on top players sales , would still be a very healthy profit and big tax bill unless they spent it