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  1. norfolkngood

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    Problem is no Decent manager / Head coach will stay to long with this model Farke has stayed loyal this season , We gave him a chance he performed Very well and Knew how the club was being run , But i am not sure he will stay that much longer with his hands being tied behind his back like this he performs a miracle to gets us up but maybe have a relegation on his CV when it is not really his fault , i know if i was a Manager i would jump at the chance of a club giving it a real go and giving me every chance of competing also with this Model we really need a Owner who can bridge the gap of Getting in the PL As for Owners was it Leeds ?? who had a queue of investors wanting to buy the club if it was for sale i am sure we would have the same
  2. norfolkngood

    Unlikely CENTER Backs

    Defensive midfielders look better because we pass and move from the back , most will be better on the ball and more mobile and pass better than a traditional CB ,as we have found with Godfrey Amadou is quicker / better on the ball and more powerful than our other CB's i would play them both unchanged until it is broken
  3. i Think we did Very well last Night ! great attacking and once we have 1st choice DM and CD in it will be fine , my only concern is that we play like last night against the lesser teams we have all seen players raise their game against the big 4 next up with have Newcastle we have to play the same if we do i am sure we will win enough to stay up
  4. i think it is the Midfield letting the Defence down ( ok not Hanley ) No protection we have looked good going forward but we need a Enforcer protecting the CB's cutting balls out to the forwards , Zimmo and godfrey CB'S for me they did so well last season Midfield well we might as well have the mayor of Norwich in there instead of Mclean
  5. norfolkngood

    25/1 to win at Liverpool

    25 /1 will look Even Better if Liverpool get a man sent off after 10 mins !! football is a funny game 25/1 is Crazy
  6. norfolkngood

    Jacob Murphy

    I Still Think they can come good Newcastle is a funny team and Club at The Moment , I Think they both need a really good run of games and they will find their old form
  7. norfolkngood

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Very True Bethnal alot can happen in 4 hours though , we have lost players who were going to sign had medical seen the ground seen the training ground agreed wages and everything say they are happy with it all then 10 minutes later turn to agent and say No not signing !! But this occasion you are dead right they had 3 that they had a strong interest in but they did not come to anything for one reason or other , still very happy with Business would of liked the final british spot in the squad filled so quota is easier and i think they did want that filled by a loan from PL
  8. norfolkngood

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Things can change in minutes !! someone who was not for sale all week can become available in a instant , Awful day to do business
  9. norfolkngood

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Well i was told by someone at the club we are interested in another 3 maybe if they become available etc and one of them is English 1 foreign and 1 bright prospect who could be anyone , i do agree though these will only brought in if they become available , right price and wages and also that they really want the move ,
  10. norfolkngood

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    well someone is in for Scott Sinclair from Celtic wonder who English PL club ??? i doubt it is us wages etc
  11. norfolkngood

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    My Sources told me we are still After 3 players 1 foreign 2 British 2 x 1st team players and one exciting youth player
  12. norfolkngood

    Wayne Rooney’s Derby County.

    i imagine he will drop deeper in midfield and pull the strings he will be class in the championship he quality / experience and skill is far more than any other player in that division
  13. norfolkngood

    Result v Liverpool

    1st Game of the season a lot of Nerves anything can Happen , i think this is the best time to play them before they settle and go on a run and build confidence . i think we might surprise them score around the 20 min mark , Then do they have the quality to come back yes of course they do but as long as we make them work and earn any points then i am happy, They are not in the Mini League we will be hoping gain points from so anything is a Bonus from teams like this
  14. norfolkngood

    DF is Rock Hard!!

    i Heard Farke was at the Euros and took on 50 Russian fans ! that were chasing England fans down a street !! on his Own by the way
  15. norfolkngood

    So Then - time to nail your colours to the mast

    Tough my Heart says stick with the players that done so well as a team last season which can work as we have seen before i would have liked to seen a few more signings in Midfield , A DM with pace and high work rate is a must in this division We Have Kept our best players which is fantastic and if they rise to the PL then we can have a good season i say we will finish 16th