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  1. Norwich City v Liverpool, 1980 Justin Fashanu Goal game i was just 8 and a liverpool fan then ( like many youngsters in the 1970's / 80's ) my brother and his friends took me ,they took turns with me on the shoulders in the Riverend right behind the goal where Fash scored that goal
  2. no i was saying in the past not now , we are set up to play to Sarge strengths which is fair enough as he is our best striker and first choice Idah is not the same player and struggles to play that role when sarge is not there , if the team was set up differently and idah was first choice we might have seen a different player if he moves to a club that plays he style then he might come good
  3. i Get your point but the team and tactics were set up for Sarge and Idah had to play that way instead of whatever his style is , he did take his chances off the bench but i agree when he started he was often a let down ,but never had a long run of games , but i believe if he was a main man somewhere he might settle into the role more , of course you are right Celtic didn't use him as main man but he still scored well 9 in 19 matches is good going for a player who has only just joined a club
  4. A lot of fans have always said it but Idah needed a loan when he was younger , to play a whole season as No1 striker somewhere , i feel for Idah a bit never had a run of games where the team was set up for him , Filling in playing in a team set up for Sarge style of play is not the same as playing in a team set up for Himself , his goals from the bench record is impressive , Having said that i think he will go sell on a big factor bang in 20 goals a season in Scotland and some PL team might pay good money in a couple of seasons
  5. the FA Should get Klopp straight after Euros
  6. 4.5 million euros seems cheap for a player who is as good as Nunez if we sell any of our better players it has to be very good money ( unless they want to go ) if we are selling we need as much money for a rebuild this summer it never is really who we sell it is who we replace them with
  7. EDP and Pinkun have spent it wrong Again !!!! it is the Blakeney Hotel who are the new sponsors
  8. did Gunn Catch him ? it looked someone else did happened so quickly
  9. http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/bullard.htm flown from the nest has this ...... 19 year old West Ham United midfielder Jimmy Bullard played for Norwich Reserves against Barnet in February 2001, assisting with 2 of Norwich's goals in a 4-1 victory. A native of Newham, Jimmy played alongside Rio Ferdinand as a schoolboy but made his name as at non-leaguers Gravesend whom West Ham paid £30,000 in January 1999.Jimmy played for Norwich again impressing in the 4-2 defeat at home to Millwall on Thursday 1st March, improving chances of a move to Norwich in the summer when his contract with West Ham expires. Bullard stated on 19th March that he would prefer to come to Norfolk rather than travel to Belgium whose Mechelen had also watched him and were keen to sign him.In April 2001, Jimmy had a trial with Peterborough scoring their 3-3 reserve team draw with Bournemouth. He then joined Gillingham on trial on 30th April and impressed in their 1-0 reserve team victory over Portsmouth. However the relationship was not expected to proceed any further as Jimmy has "plans up his sleeve" according to Gills boss Andy Hessenthaler.
  10. I have said it Before But a family friend who was a Professional footballer who has been and still in the game 25 plus years i asked him what is i do not get with Mclean he told me Every club needs a Kenny he will give 100 % , never causes problems ,will do what ever the team / Manager needs /wants ,Very professional willing to teach / Help others , Never gives in . sets the standards for other players after i spoke to him i realised that he was right , He never hides a challenge , he has played many positions for us and sometimes even playing better than the regular players ( CB )
  11. I just read Scott McKenna has been released from Forest , he was always a solid player must admit i do not follow his career that closely recently has he had injuries ? just been out on loan still only 27 year old
  12. someone who knows told me Rangers could not afford his wages at one point maybe they can now but i know in past they had a wage limit and Kenny was over that here
  13. Wagner said he would make a good striker 😉
  14. Good Job don't want any Accidents in the swimming pool
  15. To be Honest without knowing Everything that went on any money for him is a bonus , i think he came here didn't like maybe English Football didnt suit , living in Uk , style of play or something along those lines , maybe he made it clear he wanted out and lets face it even went down to D2 of German football so pretty desperate to get away by sounds of it , so £5 million total plus saved wages on someone who maybe would of ran his contract down and made it clear he didnt want to be here sounds good of course if that was not the case it and he wanted to come back and fight for the shirt ,that clause looks like a very bad deal
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