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  1. Klopp sees something is it Robertson under study ? is it Move Robertson forward in some Games ? i am sure lewis will be be a far better player after Training and playing there Like Robertson has become How much is Robertson worth Now 40/50 million ? Lewis is natural left footed with pace full of potential not many players homegrown like that
  2. i think what we all know at the moment Lewis is a 15/20 million player bags of potential We also know Liverpool are champions so if they want him Klopp sees him as a Very Good Player We have seen Maddison leave for around 20 million turned into a 60/70 million plus player within 2 years i think that is the thing that disappoints me and that is why when we go up you have to stay there EPL players are worth more than Championship players
  3. The Old Webber Wobble ! I have heard it so many times we do not need to sell etc Every club says that before they sell a Player Never going to say we need to sell and be glad to get rid of him
  4. i think if they sold the lot then they would spend a lot of money on the ground to avoid tax I can not see them spending 30/40 million on the squad people will say wages but they should be accounted for already in a self funding club also the problem we have is we buy a player for 10 million say he will probably want more than 20k a week which seems our ceiling in the champs
  5. IT will be 15mill with add on's taking up to 20 million so Webber can tell the fans it is 20 million I Do not mind selling these youngsters BUT only if a most of the money is spent on the squad , I agree with Bethnal it will unsettle more than lewis if we turn down the boys dream move
  6. Klopp is No Mug if he is after Lewis that is because he sees him as a good player Some Managers / Head coaches see different players playing in Different positions it would not Surprise me to see Robertson pushed a little higher up in some games or if needed Also it might be the other way round he might see Lewis as a Left midfielder ?? Lewis will become a better player under klopp
  7. £100 Not much less than Delia Mwj / Board spent on transfers When we went up last season
  8. Hard one to Call can Farke do it again and get us up or have we seen the best of him ? Every Manager has a time scale at a club Alex Neil did it , Lambert did it but could not do it anywhere else Farke got us up but lack or signings did not help him last season so on to this season and for me it is the most Exciting for me to see if and which Farke we truly have is Farke a one season wonder or can he be a world class manager in the future Really do not know which way it is going to go
  9. I wonder how much Fulham are going to want ? if they do not go up they might as well keep him also a 20 million signing will be on far more than 20k a week ( our top earner Next season ) Unless he should sack his agent So I doubt he would take such a Drop in wages maybe loan for a season with transfer at end because of his injury?
  10. Depends on a lot of things can our young keepers be recalled ? can we sign a emergency loan keeper ? if not I would sign another McGovern is not good enough to be no1 if Krul is injured long term McGovern is No3 ok on bench if Krul is injured And No2. Is playing
  11. Financial ruin or Delia Forced to sell up as she needed a New Investor / Owner ?? Not many clubs Disappear Most owners sell up or are taken over when they can not afford to Keep the club afloat
  12. Bennett is like a old Fashioned stopper Not a Farke type CB He can do a job and we needed someone like him last season Like Lakey said No nonsense Stopper / blocker then clear the ball YES Pass it around at the back NO he has a mistake in him
  13. I think the Italian clubs are the first to move for him but plenty of interested clubs from England not made a move yet but like yourself I was surprised how many clubs in Italy wanted him What Godfrey has got which is a massive plus at CB is pace and good on the ball as for most potential I would go for Aarons
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