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  1. when you see Whitaker who cost Plymouth 1 million and is only 22 have such a good game makes you wonder why we loan such players like Hwang
  2. Yes i thought it was a shame for the boy he scored two yesterday but overshadowed by 6-2 result he did his job !
  3. yes in a Perfect world the back-ups should be close to the same style of strikers they are replacing , i think they might be a reason why we struggling because Idah plays a little like sarge with less energy , But Hwang hard to say but his style is like neither ( Barnes or Sarge ) so how he slots into the side is hard to see
  4. That is the most worrying thing most clubs have them why we are different , it seems a bit like that at the moment , we all were excited thinking this season we will get a sitting CDM nothing then we all were crying out for a replacement for Sarge we get Hwang not nothing but close to it ,
  5. to be Honest Mclean came out and said it honestly , i do not think you can blame Mclean if team is set up wrong , i have and others have pointed out playing 2 in middle is a dangerous game Plymouth must have thought they have set up exactly how we wanted them to , a real CDM would cut out most of the problems we have , i am more concerned about Wagner and his tactics than Mclean
  6. i would like to see a Under 23 striker on the bench , we had 2 players who could play LB but no striker option , you just never know with young players some play with no fear not that it would have helped yesterday but better than playing a player who is not ours and not played football of note for ages
  7. The players are good enough , But something is wrong tactics wise or we are to easy to play against now teams know our style , How a team with 70% possession loses 6 -2 shows us Plymouth were far better in the areas that count
  8. Something Leicester were trying striker dropping deep CB Follows him the ball over top into space then race between striker and CB , We have been found out by the smart coaches , we lack pace at CB ,play 2 in the midfield so as soon as we attack the 2 CM's are moving forward exposing slow CB's if play breaks down a Good CDM would counter that but wagner does not want that , to have 70 % of the ball and lose 6-2 is totally unacceptable , just goes to show how poor we are at using the ball and how good plymouth were when they had it
  9. he would be a handful up front , shame none of the under 23's are not close enough
  10. i would not be against playing Rowe up front he can finish that's for sure , Idah and Hwang might be hard working but lack of goals is a worry hopefully that will change today
  11. if i was Plymouth i would stick one on our strikers , any of them go off we are really up Sht creek
  12. i would of taken McCallum out and Under 23 striker in , PP could fill in if needed at LB nobody to replace strikers on bench without playing a wide man upfront
  13. i hope to see a young striker on the bench today if Idah and Hwang do not look like scoring we need to try something else , we need more than just hard work we need some quality in final 3rd
  14. i would put a young forward on the bench , Boy from man city ? times like this sometimes you can unearth a gem maybe last 20 mins if Idah or Hwang i know it is a team game and we are getting goals from everywhere on the pitch , starts with the press and hard work totally understand that but a striker is judged on goals not miles time for someone to step up and score from our front line
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