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  1. norfolkngood

    Max Aarons

    Spotted at the Tottenham Asda !
  2. norfolkngood

    Luke Woolfenden

    "Josh could be the only one. If there's something there that Marcus thought was right then I'm sure he would try and help, but we have to remember where the club is at. You know the debts and what's gone on. He can't just magic money out the air, the club has got to keep continuing to survive. That's the way it is." Someone should tell Lambert Marcus Evans could Magic the money out of the Air as it is his debt and he is a very Wealthy Person , i think Marcus is telling porkies paul !!
  3. norfolkngood

    Max Aarons

    Alex i would love to keep all the youngsters BUT if we go down and Liverpool , Spurs ,Man utd etc plus big clubs aboard are interested and bidding would he be happy playing in the championship i doubt it , Also if given the chance to earn x5 ,x6 ,x7 times what he is on now for the next 5 years also he is 20 but will he play until he is 32 or will he get a Ashton type injury and be finished young ? ( I DO HOPE NOT ) chances to earn that type of money rarely come along and that is what if it was me would be thinking footballers careers can be finished in a flash ,
  4. well you are correct , spread over time would be perfect but any profit is taxable , so if we went down and they a left ( example ) then Tax would be a problem if not spent
  5. norfolkngood

    Max Aarons

    i think Farke should leave him Alone so he can bomb up the line like he used to instead of stopping at half way
  6. norfolkngood

    Max Aarons

    Wish i had Harassing calls like that instead of PPI !!
  7. The Club will have to Spend a lot of money if they sell Cantwell , Aarons ,Lewis , Godfrey , Pukki If they kept that Money the Tax bill would Be Massive
  8. norfolkngood

    Max Aarons

    i think it is only a matter of time Aarons will sign for spurs
  9. norfolkngood

    Todd Cantwell Instagram post

    The Boy works hard always has done when he was 13/14 in the close season when other players i know were having taking it easy etc ( school holidays ) Todd was out running etc to stay fit and to get stronger for next season , i would even argue that some of them were just a good at that age in the same team never made it
  10. norfolkngood


    Exactly right clint , i have many times heard correct information and shared on here , you can not say e.g bill smith told me he is head scout etc i have never revealed my source
  11. norfolkngood

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    I think Webber has done a good job but i do feel that Anyone would have done the same get deadwood out and lower the wages , the club had Little choice as we had no Money we all know Webber's best Work has been getting Farke here ( That is a success itself ) but i also think we were a little lucky ( like man utd ) we had a lot of good youth that came through together Godfrey / Cantwell / Arrons / Lewis £100 million ? worth of talent ?? Now we have money and maybe have to replace these players even maybe Farke that will really be the test of how good webber is
  12. norfolkngood

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    Problem is no Decent manager / Head coach will stay to long with this model Farke has stayed loyal this season , We gave him a chance he performed Very well and Knew how the club was being run , But i am not sure he will stay that much longer with his hands being tied behind his back like this he performs a miracle to gets us up but maybe have a relegation on his CV when it is not really his fault , i know if i was a Manager i would jump at the chance of a club giving it a real go and giving me every chance of competing also with this Model we really need a Owner who can bridge the gap of Getting in the PL As for Owners was it Leeds ?? who had a queue of investors wanting to buy the club if it was for sale i am sure we would have the same
  13. norfolkngood

    Unlikely CENTER Backs

    Defensive midfielders look better because we pass and move from the back , most will be better on the ball and more mobile and pass better than a traditional CB ,as we have found with Godfrey Amadou is quicker / better on the ball and more powerful than our other CB's i would play them both unchanged until it is broken
  14. i Think we did Very well last Night ! great attacking and once we have 1st choice DM and CD in it will be fine , my only concern is that we play like last night against the lesser teams we have all seen players raise their game against the big 4 next up with have Newcastle we have to play the same if we do i am sure we will win enough to stay up
  15. i think it is the Midfield letting the Defence down ( ok not Hanley ) No protection we have looked good going forward but we need a Enforcer protecting the CB's cutting balls out to the forwards , Zimmo and godfrey CB'S for me they did so well last season Midfield well we might as well have the mayor of Norwich in there instead of Mclean