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  1. Craig Fleming was at Southampton coaching Rob Newman is Recruitment West ham Tony spearing Scotland national team head scout Darren way Yeovil and Plymouth youth , Ricky Marin head of west ham Academy
  2. i think this would be worth a go as pukki has experience to move up along side Sarge or drop back when needed like a floating striker around the big number 9 Sarge has to play through the middle pukki is a better player all round so might be able to play a different role more easy
  3. Smiths Job is getting us up the table and winning he is doing that does he need a plan ? not really if he is getting results would us fans like to see better football of course we would But like another poster said Farke played great football in champs then blown away in PL , i think with Smith you get what you see with Farke or another unknown Foreign manager you get that unknown have we unearth the next pep or Klopp feeling , Farke we we went up first season we were going into the unknown which was exciting Smith is not going to Excite us but he might get the points ?
  4. i think we were spoilt under Farke we won and played good football , Under smith we are still winning games and 2nd in the league so he is doing his job just not that connection we had before but he is getting results
  5. 10 pounds has been sent !! come on Kenny !!!!! well done Nutty !!
  6. oh sorry Nigel my comments have been about him in General not his last game or any one game i agree with you hats off for his last game out of position and a good game sorry i was talking in General ! and not explaining myself very well again ! can you pm me your email all this Mclean talk must be talking up a bet for the pups over the next few games i will donate £5 for mclean to score anytime the next two games that he plays , got a feeling as i have talked him down he might get one with his head !!!!
  7. Exactly , he could of downed tools and made it hard for the club but got on with his job and accepted the outcome i think it maybe hard to keep him in the summer but if we go up he may stay
  8. Nigel i get he was close to 8/10 against Bristol and well done Kenny thats the sort of Performance that we expect from a experienced player to be fair to Kenny thats not his position DM or left back and he will fill in a useful to have but to be the pointer the one who barks orders you have to be the standout performer weekly the benchmark for others you think kenny is that ? like others have said and with the transfers we have had this season mostly a new midfield throw in gibbs who could be the find of the season when fit i see kenny struggling to get in a fully fit side for now yes he will be in and he will put in a shift and hats off to him for a good performance more of the same please
  9. i doubt Mclean will play i might be wrong but there was a reason smith and webber tried to buy a whole new centre midfield this season And that is because the ones here were not good enough Gibbs has been a Surprise this season and when fit with the small amount of games he has had so far i would pick him over Mclean in that Role
  10. i was talking in his General play the last few seasons
  11. i think with the new Signings and Gibbs now Mclean will be benched until we have a fully fit squad he will be ok and at this level a good squad player One thing that annoys me more than anything about Mclean is he is so so quick to point and shout at others mistakes but he makes just as many if not more to be the pointer in the team you have to be the Best / most effort and lead by example i can do it why can you not type Kenny has to be 8/10 to be that guy and sadly he is not good enough to lead by example
  12. Bournemouth and Maybe Brighton / Leicester i wonder if with this little merry-go-round someone might go for Smith ? Leicester with the board not spending is not such a draw than what it was Brighton seems a good club with a bit of money and a good team would be a good job for someone to slide into
  13. Helveg was another with Russ martin syndrome ? Played for some massive clubs won the Champs League etc Helveg had played most his career at RB and came here and played CB AND CM ?
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