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  1. Point well Made He was Amazing in the Championship i agree ,But i think his style is far to easy to read in the PL i Just looked at the Fixtures Brentford is our 11th game i will give him till then
  2. i am concerned About Farke and would give him 10 games Just out of Interest how long would you give him ? Not fishing or on a wind up just would like to hear someone who sounds pro farke
  3. Yes That was a Big Plus , i Had serious doubts about Pukki this season but he took his goal very well Just got to Create more chances for him
  4. i did mean a Lambert Norwich PL side Vs Farke Norwich PL team Not after he left with any other team
  5. Yes i understand Lambert has Done nothing since leaving us, But when he was Here His PL record with a side Promoted Wins it for me over Farke If Farke does it in the PL he will be the best by Far
  6. I would say Lambert is our best Manager from League 1 to Keeping us in the PL was amazing Yes farke did nothing short of Magic in his Getting us to the Premier league Then fair enough he was not backed Then he had by far the best team in the championship and got us up ( great again not many have done it ) but what players he had for a Championship side But now here we are again Lambert did not Rebuild a club i know that but his player would run through brick walls from him i honestly think a Paul Lambert PL side would Beat a Farke side of today by Bullying them and running straight over them
  7. Hanley for me is more a old fashioned CB More a Stopper and row Z type than a Ball Playing CB if Farke Wants all this Passing about at the Back i do not think Hanley is the man
  8. Gary Neville On a More serious Note LDC always backs the Manager i can not remember who but years ago was it Hughton or Alex Neil He was last man standing on this board for sacking As For the first 4 games there were points to be had , i bet someone in the lower half takes points off them Brentford have Against Arsenal Ok they had Injuries but still they beat them you would not expect Brentford to beat wolves but they did To say Write off the first 4 games was Terrible in the Premiership we see any team can beat anyone i think a lot of people are not unhappy with losing the first 4 games it is just how we lost the first 4 games then Watford well that was a must win game so you can trot out excuses but we had 15 points to play for and we have None that is the fact of the matter
  9. Half of me Totally Understands your Point and Agree But the Other Half is saying Farke won the Championship with a Very Good Squad i am not taking away what he has Achieved at all but last season is it Possible Another manager could of do what lambert done take us up and keep us there ? After all Football is a Results Business that is how Farke got the job That is the Gamble i think Farke is Not good enough for the PL , Lambert and Hughton have better stats in the PL and i would not want them back (they had their right time right club time ) Has Farke had his success 2 championship Titles but PL a step to far ever Manager has that Expiry date ? We have to find that Manager who can take us to the PL and keep us there who i have no idea !!
  10. Exactly Right ! Brentford are the Best team to Compare us with in Fact i would say we have a Better Squad But watching them so Far they have shown no respect to other teams and are playing some Nice Football and getting results So proof it can be done at this level with lesser players if you get the Tactics Right Sadly if Our bad Run continues it must be down to Farke
  11. One thing I always think about when someone says how much would it cost to sack a manager well if farke takes us down the sky money is less but more important the players are worth less if they have a good season in the Pl they are worth more than a player wanting to leave because we went down 5 million to sack farke if we stay up would be cheap
  12. No they used to protest and Smash the windows on the Front of the main entrance at Carrow road !
  13. Yes But it could Be a Lambert moment when a manager takes us up and keeps us here Farke has Proved it is Easier to win the Championship and go up with us Than keep us in the PL What Farke has Proved last time he could not keep us up ( ok he was not backed with signings ) this time he has been backed and he has lost every game without looking like winning what i would add Watford / Brentford take points off the teams we have lost to so there is not reason why we can not Brentford already have Beaten Arsenal
  14. Hope you are well LDC ! Not trying to wind you up but the Stat Does not Lie if i played for Norwich i scored 40 goals in champs we go up then 0 in PL then we go down i score 40 in champs then we go up Then in the PL i score 0 You would say i was the best Striker in the championship but i can not do it in the PL same as Farke he has Lost his last 15 PL games and thats not good
  15. i do not think Farke is good enough for some reason in the PL But i think after all He had done at the club you have to give him 10 Games
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