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  1. that is exactly why you have to have shots on goal instead of trying to walk it in
  2. other teams let us play pretty football Knowing we will make the same mistakes week in week out in defence
  3. Well we can not keep waiting for the last minute for Vrancic to save us so we need him to start or the other players to create / score in the 90 mins so for me the form man starts if the others can not do what he does Vrancic has saved us twice and won us 4 pts if we had drawn them games a lot of fans would not of been happy
  4. Fashanu's goal for me because he had his back to goal the other goals are all Magic but they are all either running towards the goal or facing it when striking the ball so can see everything in front Fash just knew where the goal was i was there as a 8 year old on my brothers shoulders
  5. Exactly my thoughts vouchers that can buy food only no cigarettes no alcohol
  6. The problem is if you give £100 to one parent they will spend it wisely and cook good dinners and have plenty of food Give another parent £100 and they will buy Rubbish have some take away and be skint in a few days Like others have said the older Generation knew how to cook grow veg and Budget
  7. We are doing well playing really nice football , But i feel something is missing , i can not explain what but the strikers one who is new i will admit don't seem to be firing i am Worried that Pukki is no where near the same player he once was confidence ? maybe if he got one ? i dont agree with Farke saying pukki must play even if not scoring etc a non scoring striker can not keep in the team when other players might assist and score ? get the attack sorted and i am sure we will be top 4 otherwise we might struggle and be as low as 10th
  8. Right Vrancic to start next game Reward the in form players who make a difference
  9. Exactly Birmingham will be happy with a Point Something is missing in this team to put teams away
  10. i personally do not think we will ever see the old pukki back hope i am wrong
  11. we are playing great but counts for Nothing unless we win Pukki winner will do wonders for him and the team
  12. Hugill upfront i hope we go a bit more Direct with Pukki sniffing around for knock downs once we are ahead we can play the pretty stuff
  13. i would try it but are we trying to put Pukki in the team because he scored goals before ? if he played in a 10 role or just off Hugill it may work with Hugill knocking the ball down and Pukki having the work load taken off him But with any player it would have to work with either assists or goals coming from pukki or we could go back to playing the way that suits Pukki ? then blame him if he does not score i do not know the Answer but something is missing upfront
  14. That's is Impressive stats and i agree you do not get stats like that if you were Awful, But i am hoping that is just players yet to gel etc But the flow of scoring goals seems to have stopped i doubt any of our players will score 20 + goals this season i feel Pukki is Not the same striker he was last time in the division But it could all Click as early days but seems something is missing
  15. This ^^^^^ I also thought that we would sell some which we did for 30 million in a spend some of that on Replacements We are Strongest Financially than we have been due to not spending last season Most if not all the Teams in this division and many around the world have not had the money we have had in Sky plus Transfers i honestly thought we would be able to bully a lot of teams into signing some of the Gems of cash struck clubs Assets are king in any Business if you are the buying and selling type of club like we want to be we needed to buy to make the team stronger and more sellable assets to keep the money coming in for many years
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