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  1. Number of players wearing black boots. Number of players without tattoos. Freedom of speech ranking. Corruption ranking. Population size. Crossbar Challenge. 5 a side zorb, 1st goal wins. Number of players from domestic league.
  2. Out the moment we face a half decent side as per usual. There's potentially a good side there with the talent we have. Don't know if it was hot but they all looked knackered and it's only the 2nd game of the tournament!!!
  3. Amazed that Foden doesn't get in this side. Good enough for city yet doesn't start for England? And Madders would offer more than Mount for sure
  4. Always thought him a poor man's Howson. He generally a solid 6/7 out of 10 but never does enough to stand out. Flip side of course is he's never that bad. Probably a no brainer really. Increased fee if he goes to Rangers, solid enough squad player if not.
  5. Club by a country mile. About as interested in England as i am in the Binners.
  6. Prob had Kenny on the sidelines pointing the way just in case
  7. How was the field? All lower league fodder or took on someone fighting towards the top of the table?
  8. A World Cup coming up and I couldn't even tell you when it starts! Would be nice to see Madders play some games but will probably get 5 mins as a sub when we're about to get knocked out
  9. Surely there is no one left in the Smith in camp? Question is if Webber's ego will allow it to happen. Pissed money up the wall on players that didn't fit our system. Talked about how DoF and Head Coach will work and then sacks a manager with seemingly no replacement lined up and no continuity in playing style. He takes those examples into his next job interview...he's more likely to end up at the binners than in the PL.
  10. As we always hear, games are won and lost in the midfield. Ours is bang average. Last 16 / quarters as usual at a bet.
  11. In answer to the op, yes I would. Can someone pass my bank details on to Galatasary please?
  12. Well that escalated pretty quickly! Being out of the country I hadn't seen "potm" before and thought Max may have had some kind of post traumatic issues with Deano's management style. Was a comment around the rapid americanisation of things in general. If there is a "culture" you shouldn't want to follow then that would be it. Still, given the Brexit and Troy votes, it would seem im in a minority on that one. For what it's worth, as the club of Justin Fashanu, it would be nice to think that we would be at the forefront of such changes so if that is the current preferred abbreviation then all good. Lakey also talking some sense - pigeonholing is never good and if Graham Dorrans wants to be a left winger then he can be a left winger!
  13. Player of the match?! Is this in case a female ever makes a male professional side? Can't think of any reason why man of the match can't be used. Most valuable player might be better for us anyway since anyone half decent will get sold on
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