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  1. Not really but worked with a guy whose middle name was Rivelinho and played in goal for the Mexican youth sides
  2. I'll bow to the superior knowledge of corporate marketers but surely a unique selling point of City is tradition / history? Oldest song in the world, trying hard to avoid all aspects of modern football and yet gone down the route of branding. Don't suppose it really matters but just seems a waste of time. Its not an abomination like the Juventus effort but still doesn't seem needed.
  3. Probably bottom three but you never know. Should be some good noise levels in the next few games and confidence up.
  4. One things for sure, we need a bounce and we need one now. The next fixtures are kind, we need to be picking up some wins or were stuffed
  5. To be fair I wouldn't mind seeing him get another go now that Normanns settling. However the hyperbole around him is akin to England winning the World Cup every four years
  6. Can stuff down three deep fried mars bars at half time, wash it down with 3L of Iron Bru and still dictate the game against a side ranked around 120 places below the nation currently getting torn apart by England.
  7. Perhaps a bit of a flat track bully like us in the Champs. Fine whilst playing against inferior sides when he has time and space to ping it around but lost in a side that needs to battle. The England match is often mentioned but let's face it we were dire and played not to lose.
  8. "I also got us to put six past a makeshift second xi and everyone thought we were worldbeaters."
  9. 7 star player surely with the extra ones the Binners tag on?
  10. Said it before and I'll say it again, a proper midfielder. I'd be of a mind to sign a big strong DM in Jan and allow Normann to go box to box. Can do everything.
  11. We're we trying to see how he gets on as a number 8? Seemed to sit in the centre circle from what I saw
  12. Ah Lakey. If you lived in Ipswich, S****horpe, Wolverhampton,Stoke or the like then I could understand barricading yourself in your cellar and spending all day on a forum. However, it appears you live in one of the few places I'd consider living outside of the Fine City if I ever return home. Do yourself a favor - go for a good hike, have a couple of ales and chill.
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