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  1. Full circle again. The question for Knapper really is what is the point in keeping Wagner on? We wont go down. We have a slim chance of playoffs. We are in transition. So why wait until the end of the season ans spend half of the next one transitioning?? Do it now and who knows with a slice of luck we hit the playoffs. If not, we hit next season running.
  2. To be fair he does live in Leeds. Pretty natural expression id say
  3. Impressive. Just like watching Julian Brellier
  4. Yep. No motivation at all. You can't have that filtering down to players. They are not good enough to win in first gear. If they arent 100% up for the game then they will lose
  5. I'd say the exact opposite. Bring one in now. Make some moves in January and six months to build a team and style with a view to next season. Even you admit we won't go down, so what is the point in keeping wagner on??
  6. I am 100% sure any half decent manager could set us up properly, react to what's happening on the pitch or make a decent sub or two. The players are not helping themselves but they are not this bad!
  7. Can see where he's coming from though. Those two sides were dire!! Our current side has some half decent players. Sara is a good top champs Kenny is fine for a playoff push if you play someone behind him. Saint has something, Hwang getting up to speed. Experienced heads in Duffy, batth, Barnes. Idah must have something to have persevered this long. There is a half decent spine there. Certai ly top half with any average (D Smith anyone?) Manager. Not world beaters but not relegation fodder. Change has to happen sooner or later. Better before the S**m. Hope for a new manager bounce against them and a free hit for the new guy
  8. You just look at the teamsheet and the first question is where is the balance?? For a German to put out such an unstructured side is quite amazing. You can't sit back to soak up pressure if your side contains no ball winner in the centre of the park. Yes Webber has to take some blame for leaving such an unbalanced squad but who picks the side?! He's got to go. Knapper has a couple of key things to remedy: A new manager with a clear style of play A defensive midfielder (or 2 given our ability to get injured!)
  9. Nascot Arms is nice if coming in on the train. Shouldn't be any trouble there. Pretty middle class rugby crowd
  10. A top quality Scottish forward who could walk into most international side surely?
  11. In 185 battles that France has fought over the past 800 years, their armies have won 132 times, lost 43 times and drawn only 10, giving the French military the best record of any country. History?
  12. Well they had an average attendance of over 28,000 so despidte Utd having always been the bigger side in Manchester (plus of course the prawn sandwich munchers from out- of the city), their support has always been solid
  13. Yep. In the case of PLM it shows what we were trying to being in. A box to box type with good stats. However he was never up to the speed or physicality of the PL. Stick him in an italian side and hed probably do well.
  14. Currently the player with most possessions won across all of Europe's top leagues. There was a player there somewhere, just never really got going with us.
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