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  1. Is it? Plenty of restaurants struggling right now. Many of which have far better city centre (non match day) footfall too. Hard to staff too. And not worth the cost if hardly anyone is coming through the door. Sign of the times Id suggest, rather than a unique problem at Carrow Road.
  2. Yeah it’s a tough balance to play attractive attacking football and be successful in the top flight. Or even to get promoted at times. And naturally you’re always going to give the manager that got you up the chance at that season. I’m realistic about the scale of the challenge to stay up. That gap often gets bigger every year. And throwing the kitchen sink at it financially can see you still relegated but with far bigger debt. But - there’s definitely occasions when we have had a bit of a financial go (for us, comparatively) and unfortunately the recruitment has been lacking. Or we’ve been too loyal to a manager clearly out of their depth. Those opportunities do feel missed. But - as I say, the gulf to stay there is vast. But I do think we could have, for a season or two.
  3. The frustration is due to missed opportunities. In part you could argue we overachieved to even get into the premier league during our recent stints. And our financial power certainly meant our work would be cut out to stay there. But with better use of the resources and some more ruthlessness in dismissing managers we could arguably have increased our stay of execution. Personally I see us as being a club at Championship level. But one that accrues enough talent to get a chance in the top flight every now and again. Until we are forced to sell that talent. That likely won’t change unless we get wealthy owners in. I think we are currently in a state where we once again have opportunity re promotion (as 5th/6th could be well be better locked in for us). Personally I don’t believe we have the manager or ruthlessness of decision re him to capitalise on it. But once again, I hope to be proved wrong.
  4. A shame that Palace couldn’t convince McKenna to leave Portaloo. By all accounts they tried. Clearly not willing to wait until summer. Assuming (god forbid) they don’t go up.
  5. What is the point of this post. Of course we miss a player with that level of talent. It goes without saying.
  6. The jury is still firmly out on whether Wagner can get us in the play offs, yet alone promoted. I feel like he’s just a mad substitution away from throwing away more needless points. But he’s certainly turned it around and found consistency from when I was yelling multiple times weekly for him to be sacked. Credit to him for that. And the run in is looking quite kind. I can’t dare to dream just yet. But I’ve stopped yelling for him to be sacked.
  7. At least you and I have a coherence of opinion on matters. Rightly or wrongly.
  8. If you don’t think Wagner was fearing for his job when Knapper joined then you haven’t been paying attention to the results prior and after. Nor the demeanour / confidence change in the man. Credit to him, through poor performances to solid ones now - he’s found a way to win. Albeit his substitutions can at times make it even harder for himself. Cuesta will have other suitors than us. Likely higher profile too. There’s no guarantee we can get him. And that’s even if we are to make a move. As it stands I can’t see us doing that this summer. It’s looking like Wagner will start next season. but….there’s twists and turns to come yet.
  9. And all without Batth in the line up. Amongst many of your other fence hopping post game comments, depending upon result. Those that throw stones…..
  10. Wagner has achieved nothing with us at present. So the answer to your question is no.
  11. Excellent performance. McClean at the back and Nunez in mid gives a better blend of passing and defence. Great play from us coming forward today. And sensible and well timed subs. Huge credit to both the team and Wagner. More of that please.
  12. Learn to debate matters without throwing insults around. Your continual aggression on here should see you reported. You have a real problem with the opinions of others.
  13. if Wagner gets us into the play offs then he will start next season in that dug out. Regardless of the play off outcome.
  14. Let’s hope so, would be very exciting and a future we can all get behind
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