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    You get really close to the action on this one. Maybe even spot yourself in the stand...
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    Braverman's clearly up for it with her speech in parliament today: "There are 100 million people around the world who could qualify for asylum . . . They're coming here." Talk about dog whistle politics. I actually feel a bit sick.
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    This thread has aged well. Made many of you frankly look like hate-filled idiots. "Uefa to refund Liverpool fans who had tickets for 2022 Champions League final It follows a recent independent report that found Uefa bears "primary responsibility" for the chaotic scenes before the game against Real Madrid." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/64875183
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    I kind of see what you’re saying Chicken, but I had to do a double take at this point. No-one, and I mean no-one, wants to look like Ed Sheeran.
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    The strange thing about cat owners is that they think their cats are intelligent. My neighbour actually talks to hers. I told my dog about it. We did laugh
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    ....Couldn't help myself.....
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    "He took over as chairman of the club in 1985, succeeding Sir Arthur South after the entire Carrow Road boardroom resigned over the rebuilding of the main stand." This rather glosses over what could have been seen as sharp practice on Chase's part. The other point is that comparisons with previous and future eras based on the idea that Chase's oversaw the most successful time in the club's history are highly questionable. He was very lucky in that he took over at a time when medium-sized clubs like Norwich could and did prosper. Which is not to downplay the success we had or his part in it.
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    Hanley is a better centre back than Gibson. Really it's an area which needs investment if we go back up, and I reckon Tomkinson in 18 months will be our best centre back and first name on the team sheet, but Hanley is a good centre back at this level.
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    We also went from relegation battle under Stringer to title challenge and European qualification under Walker in one season though, in the interest of balance, and if you'd started following one year earlier you'd have known that, such is the craziness of football. The bit that you are missing from your equation is that yes he sold the talent and didn't adequately replace those players, a mistake that he admitted to after selling the club, but that he spent most of the proceeds on buying a huge tract of farmland, gaining planning permission and then building Colney, because we were leasing a ridiculous concrete and asbestos training pitch from the council at Trowse which these days wouldn't be fit for a National League side. We moved to Colney in 1995, no coincidence, it was a huge investment in this clubs future, one that Delia and every other owner will benefit from immeasurably, let's not pretend that Bellamy would have turned down the biggest clubs in the country to join us if we were still playing at a training ground fit for Chelmsford at the time. Now, one could say it was unwise of chase to take the risk of losing Premier League status at the time it was just about to becoming a rich league, in favour of investing in infrastructure and facilities, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Others would argue that we've done exactly the same in the past five years under Webber, sold our best players and invested in infrastructure and facilities instead of investing adequately in the squad for Premier League survival. In fact, Webber is proud of that fact and is open about that. Chase sold our best players, invested in facilities and ended up with us in the Championship. Webber sold out best players, invested in facilities and also has us in the Championship. What's the difference exactly? The elephant in the room of course being that if it were not for Chase sourcing and purchasing the freehold land at Colney for our training ground there would have been nothing for Webber to have built on! That's before we mention all the luxury apartments along the river that was built on club owned land which was acquired by Chase for a pittance when it was post industrial wasteland, Delia's reign was propped up by that money. He had a lot of foresight, he was undone in some ways by his vision and ambition. If Chase had not bought Colney do you really think Delia Smith would have been able to move us out of Trowse? I think we can equate the training ground to a new City Stand. Delia, McNally, Webber have all bottled it because they fear it could be a mistake. Chase didn't bottle the training ground. Left us in a bit of a pickle. And yet most fans would love to see a new city stand wouldn't they. Sutton, Fox, etc, was sad to see them go, but Colney still serving us well decades 28 years later. Would we have been better off using the Godfrey and Buendia money to build a new city stand? In the medium term might have rendered us stuck in the Championship, but who knows 28 years later we might have looked back at that being a very good decision. Chases legacy needs revisiting, he was really rather bold, got the timing a bit wrong but we have him to thank for a lot of what you see at Carrow Road, and arguably for everything you see at Colney. Ps. He was genuinely a Norwich fan. It was many many years before be could bring himself to visit Carrow Road again, but he was known to travel to our away games now and again with his sons. He would go in a box so as to avoid our fans, but he was genuinely a Norwich city fan.
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    This one is going to be popular! Enjoy an evening with ncfc head coach David Wagner and host Darren Eadie Ask your burning questions - promotion - play offs - contracts & more It starts at 7:15pm - pay at door - raffle for the Community Sports Foundation Details here http://www.ncfsc.co.uk/david-wagner-fans-forum/
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    I get why so many would be wingers of the past have been converted to full backs because the modern game requires attacking fullbacks and wingers are pretty much obsolete beyond Championship level but I don't get why we see Bali Mumba as a full back. For me he should be someone who plays in the wide no.10 role for us like Hernandez or Tzolis, he's too short to defend high balls and really not good at 1v1 defending. I'm not gonna pretend that I know better than our coaches or the coaches at Plymouth who play him at wing back and I've agreed with all of the positional changes we've made to young players recently like making Godfrey at CB or making Gibbs a deep lying midfielder but I just can't work this one out to be honest and his best game for us was a left sided no.10 in the game we won v Swansea two years ago. I'd be extremely worried about him replacing Aarons but more than happy to see him take Onel's place in coming seasons.
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    This is why we need to keep pouring aid and weapons into Ukraine. If we don't stop them here the battlefield will just come further West. The Eastern European countries that have been warning us for decades saw this a mile off but Germany and France etc were too busy taking Putin's oil and gas and handing him money to spend on his armies. Thank goodness for good old fashioned Russian corruption and incompetence that most of it was spirited away.
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    Tettey scoring that wonder goal teasing me to think we might stay up… the hunk
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    Experts believe in 5 years time you’ll never be more than 2 metres from an ex-Watford manager… (I type this on here every time it happens and believe me the humour has worn thin now…)
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    Dean Smith will be gutted; he could have been sacked by Villa, Norwich and Watford and still have his reputation intact.
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    No, I’m not insane….
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    These guys live this stuff every day, it's their jobs, it's reality to them.
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    I always find when I've missed the thread and and skip to the end to view the latest comments on the subject only to find people are now talking about something entirely different.
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    Incredible we've got some even at the bottom of page 14, so well after the events were clear, clinging to their prejudices and refusing to acknowledge they were wrong. Fair play to @hertfordyellow being the only one willing to hold his/her hands up.
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    Yes, exactly. I don't think it's really been picked up on here, but Idah was often doing the man-to-man marking job on the 6ft6 Jake Cooper at set pieces - and he usually managed to do enough to prevent Cooper getting in a meaningful header. (These are the sort of things that a lot of fans don't really notice, but coaches and managers most definitely do).
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    I don’t think we necessarily need a new keeper next year - Gunn is now no1 and we have several reserves who ought to be looking to make the step up or leave. I suppose it may depend which division we’re in, but I’m not sure Karius is that good an option (and did he do well in the cup final? Most of the pundits (harshly) blamed him for one of Man U’s goals).
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    I think most people were surprised by Wagner's team selection on Saturday, but it has to be said he got it spot-on, with Sorenson giving us more solidity in midfield (and height at the back, as you said), and allowing Gabby to get a bit further forward. Also, playing Idah on the left gave us much more physical presence than Tzolis or I imagine Marquinhos would have provided. It was a very good team and formation for that game - real coaching triumph I would say.
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    Of course anybody with a brain knows that's not how football policing works, and you can't just phone up and request some horses, as if they have saddled horses ready for an emergency call out 24/7/365 like a fire crew waiting for a 999 call, such a stupid moronic claim. "Hi, police, there's a crowd outside the ground, can you send the horses and get here in 10 minutes. make sure you whack that disabled chap on the head!", utterly ludicrous claim and a classless one at that, besmirching the dead. The police assess the risks well in advance of the game (most football work was overtime back then as well), resource according to threat, and then invoice the club for the full costs. The idea that Chase would have enjoyed an extremely large policing bill at a time of suppressed gate receipts is ridiculous. A club can't dictate how many police, or what sort of police, are sent to game, f*cks sake. The protests were organised and publicised, so the police would have policed accordingly, same with heightened presence at any other organised protest. The death threats that Chase received, and the brick thrown at him through a restaurant window, would have been factored into the risk analysis. Next thing you'll be telling me that Chase and the head of Norfolk Police were both in the freemasons and sorted this all out through some Latin chanting and weird masonic handshakes.
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    Every time Millwall lumped a corner, free kick or long throw into our box (and that was lots of times) Sorenson was back there defending. He played his part in defending those attacks and won some very important defensive headers. As I said before, I like Gibbs and I think he can count himself a little unfortunate not to have got more game time under Wagner, but Sorenson was very definitely the right horse for the right course on Saturday and was a good selection by Wagner. (And that's even without talking about his goal and his assist).
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    Be interesting to see how people would react if Stuart Webber called in the mounted police to clear the road of protesters from outside the City Stand. I pulled a fella in a wheelchair to safety a split second before half a ton of muscle came thundering past with some loon on its back swinging his baton as if his life depended on it. Yeah, he was a top fella was Bob.
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    That has to be unique to Millwall. A load of blonde women asking a bunch of Norwich blokes celebrating a goal to come over to them for a fight, magical
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    It's an absolute nightmare. The Conservative Party has looked at the situation they find themselves in and have identified immigration as being the only issue that can save them from being annihilated at the next election. The difficulty for Labour is that it's an extremely complex problem which means the answer is likely to be complex and will involve compromise. How on earth they approach it I don't know because the Conservatives will convince a lot of people that their problems are caused by immigration and those people don't understand anything complex. If you give them answers they neither like or understand they get upset. The really sad fact is that when a country is in a mess it is very simple politics to blame it on minorities. It's been done before with disastrous consequences and we're now seeing the start of it happening again. I suppose we could create some form of European group of countries that decided how to help these people and how to fund a solution. And perhaps it might help if we stopped selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. One thing is for sure. The next election is not going to be for the faint hearted. One side is relying purely on hate to avoid losing.
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    I think the problem was that the seasonal pilot licences were passed down to their children. The parents had qualified for the licence but demanded that the same rights be bequeathed to the kiddies without them meeting the qualifying criteria. And, well, look. At least Webber doesn’t have such trouble with mountains, and does so without adequate corporate governance. Bravo, Stuart. *None of the above is remotely true. Or is it..? *winking emoji* No, winking is not a typo. *eye-roll emoji*
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    Thanks LYB. I'm out of the storm and into calmer waters now. Have done a ridiculous amount of self reflection about the relationship, what went wrong, what the miscommunications were, where I failed, where she failed, what her needs are, what mine were and should have been, changes that would need to be made if we reconciled etc. Ultimately, the relationship wasn't working for her so it wasn't working for me. I've reached the place of acceptance now, where I understand that actually, the relationship had a LOT of positive traits and was full of love and care, but also it was very codependent (pushed by me) which turned it into a very high pressure situation for her, and the subsequent breakup into a very high pressure situation for me. I'm just going to keep putting the work in to improving myself, I have done a lot of the mental and emotional stuff already, but I've relised other traits I want to change and improve that I hadn't realised I carried. I went to the burial site yesterday to open pandora's box on the grief and trauma from her mum's death, and it was healing. It'll be a long journey but I've taken a step. I'm eating now and going to join the gym this week and start to try to find ways to meet new people, expand my network and create an independent life. I'm striving for the position where I am zen with myself and my own life, so that when we do make a decision about whether to get back together, it won't just be her who has to decide, and I can walk away with no drama either way. I still love her deeply, and if we don't get back together, I'm going to take some time on my own for a while and just do things that I want to do.I've put some action plans down on paper and set some goals. I'm getting there. Ultimately, I know her inside out, sheer gut instinct screams she doesn't want the end of this. She had several opportnities to leave me behind on Friday, she took none of them. She's not stupid, she knows her own mind even if it's clouded atm. She would have left it in the rearview then if she was going to. When she realised I wasn't pushing her to get back together immediately and had heard her request for space, but I still saw a pathway back and it could be a break with a fresh start that met her needs instead of a finite break up, she softened quite a lot, the wall came down. That was what she needed from me and she felt heard and validated. If I'd reacted any other way, she'd have shut it all down for good, but I'm comfortable with the current limbo and tightrope because I know I've changed and the changes match the future things she needs to see for me to navigate the tightrope and get out of limbo. She will see those changes in time. The break up happened because she got overwhelmed, there was too much pressure and she blew it up. She didn't see, or really have an alternative. There is an alternative now, and I have my agency and self-respect back (I gave that to her, she didn't take it). We'll spend some time, take things slow, rebuild from the ground up, it will all figure out in the end. and if it doesn't, then c'est la vie, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat and have learned a lot, grown a lot and had an amazing 18 months or so with memories I wouldn't change for the world. I'm very much keeping the door open, and I would like to get back together with her when the dust settles, but I'm choosing to view this as an opportunity to take my agency back and take my sense of self-worth and validation out of the hands of others for good. If we get back together, it will look very different, and I have a solid idea of that roadmap, but it will also be because I want to be with her and I choose to be with her NOT because I need to be with her. I masively appreciate the support from each and everyone of you. That was a rollercoaster I was not prepared for.
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    I was texting a man u fan last night, he wasnt happy with 7 nil, i told him nor was i.........as i had a tenner on 8 nil.....he didnt get back to me.
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    Most certainly does as having embraced all of the players one by one Wagner led the celebrations with the fans and the good times of fan engagement that have been sadly lacking prior to his arrival are well and truely on the way back. Together anything is achievable and wouldn't it be good to see a repeat sight after the game next Sunday ?
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    Another slightly obscure one. In May '77 we played them at Carrow Rd in the old First Division. Brilliant sunny day. We were safe but they were likely to go down ( and did ) There were thousands of their fans in the city with a huge number in the supporters club on Rosary Rd. It was rammed. We went 2-0 up but they clawed it back and it ended a 2-2 draw. One of those days when it felt great to be a football fan.
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    I am sure it will be the usual format at such events of Darren doing a Q &A with Wagner before being opened up to the floor for questions. No agenda but if you are coming you will be held hostage and mugged for the raffle.
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    That's not Chris Wilder, that's Ham Saladeyes.
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    That time of year? Must only be 2 or 3 Watford Managers until Christmas...
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    Wilder must be running out of money.
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    Must be an amazing payout, I’m not really sure what incentive there is to do a good job. Sign up, do your 3-6 months and move on.
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    By new world record do you mean the length of time he lasted as a Watford manager as after all it was 6 months ?
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    Anyone getting 6/10 in understanding your sidewinding drivel is doing pretty well, actually. Planet Ethics is a very odd place. The centre of its very own universe.
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    Interesting tactic of those Russians to film their war crime on that video that's been doing the rounds. Huge balls on the Ukrainian soldier though. Forced to dig your own grave, mocked and told to say pro Russian slogans only for him to respond with Slava Ukraini, went out like a man. Hope they build him a statue when the war ends.
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    There's is an ex-player, ex-manager and an ex-chief exec though! 🙂
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    Only one that rivals Sara's is the Northampton one, I'd say. Sara's is a connoisseur's, goal, though. Not sure it's immediately apparent how good it is. The other thing in its favour is the sense he could do that every week. Loved the Nunez goal (and the similar third one on this video) but I think even he would admit that 9 times out of 10 that volley would have ended up in the Wensum. Whereas Sara just looked in such control.
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    Or if Dean was sacked before the World Cup break rather than after...!
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    From one High School Musical fan, to another. I salute you!
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    Let's be honest Essex you'll never be satisfied whatever the club does. You come across as a really self-entitled individual.
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    Sheff have game in hand, that's a massive factor in how catchable they are. You'd think they will escape this blip and sail home - every club goes through it in that position. You look at our current form though it's certainly within the realms of being logically possible. If you find yourself within 3-4 points of them anything can happen, even with 2-3 games remaining.
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    Yes it looks that way. Not proud enough to admit that my previous encounters with Liverpool fans led me to question their innocence without all the details.
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