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  1. Are we in a stronger position than last time we went up squad wise? Maybe. The big players from last time were, Pukki, Buendia and Skipp. Buendia and Skipp would leave before the season and Pukki wasn’t as effective without the other players (although did his best). I would argue Sargent is a more complete striker and more useful in the premiership than Pukki. Rowe is a better overall prospect than Cantwell. Sara and Nunez have the potential add a sprinkle of quality. Then there is Tzolis. He’s had a banging season out on loan. Could he add a new dynamic? We don’t know, all we know is he’s older and more confident this time round. Gunn, McClean, Dimi, Gibson are more aware of the task in hand. We need to plug gaps in defence and midfield but I don’t think we are in a worse position squad wise.
  2. It feels like Murphy's season at Coventry. Went from potential into first team ready.
  3. We’ve had spirited away performances before, we’ve also crumbled and lost games we were leading. It’s the inconsistency that means we are mid table. I’m glad you are optimistic, but for me, there is no reason to believe this is the Norwich way going forward, when we have seen so many different (or indifferent) Norwich’s this season.
  4. Remember when Webber p**sed the money up the wall by signing him for 5 million. Webber out!
  5. Ben Knapper shouldn't make it past his probation. I understand Rome isn't built in a day, but the way he has allowed things to just drift, no communication, seemingly given up on this season and expecting the fans to just turn up is naive. He is out of his depth.
  6. Keeping Rowe, Sara and Sargent this window is more important than getting anyone in IMO. Not very inspiring, but thats where we are.
  7. Webber up a mountain in 2022: 'He needs to be more involved, he's never here', Webber up a mountain in 2024: 'He is clearly too involved, he never left'
  8. I'm loving these comments about Webber still pulling the strings at the club. You wanted him gone, he was the barrier to success and needed to be removed, now things are worse, the only reason this could possibly be the case is if...... Webber never left of course. It's verging on manic hatred now. Ben Knapper has the job, has communicated absolutely nothing, seemingly a rabbit caught in the headlights when it comes to changing a clearly broken first-team.... and its Webber who is the problem.
  9. The debt situation has been addressed by Mark A numerous times now. It is not a significant issue and if opportunities are there, money will be found. We were never going to get expensive incomings, doesn't mean we won't get someone who can make a difference.
  10. And some of our most revered players didn't do it at other clubs. Hucks by his own admission didn't have a good time at Leeds, Roberts and Wolves weren't a good fit. Holt needed to drop a league or two to get back on track. It's not always a clubs fault a player doesn't do well.
  11. No his record in his last three roles have been very similar and not very good. Simply can’t adapt. The team he put out yesterday was bonkers. Needs to be gone over the international break. It’s a non argument that we should keep him because no one else would want the job. I don’t think that is the case anyway. We are in a relegation fight with this manager, we simply need a clear change even if we have to go down a short term solution.
  12. His teams defend from the front and Sargent in particular is very good at this. Barnes is clever and orchestrated the press as well. If both don’t get injured then we are in the playoffs right now imo. That said, you are never going to be injury free and to not have the ability to adjust is on Wagner. I understand the criticism of recruitment. The last minute signings aren’t much help to how Wagner plays.
  13. No one has brought this up so I'm sure I've missed something, but Attanasio is charging a much rhigher rate of interest on the loan than others who have no affiliation with the club. Is this him taking the proverbial because we are desperate? Surely this is counterproductive because the less money we have to spend on wages etc the less likely we are to secure promotion which is where he wants to be?
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