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  1. I tend to agree. The sad truth is that managers like Wenger, introduced very basic sports science, stopped players from getting pi$$ed after training and got them to pass 10 yards to each other which you would have thought a player being paid 15k a week would do anyway. The Premiership was so unprofessional, that adding a bit of professionalism to people paid to be professional sportsman is deemed as pioneering.
  2. I’m sure people are aware but wanted to make the point because I’ve seen mixed messages in the media. Any new restrictions aren't forced on us by now becoming a 3rd country outside of the EU. The FA, Premier League, EFL and Government agreed the rules, which are designed to promote youth development over cheap recruitment from lower European divisions. These rules have been set and can be changed at any time by future Governments. https://www.thefa.com/news/... I'm not a Brexiteer, but one of the points of Leaving was to enable policy to be solely focussed on the needs of UK. The visa policies are by design not a consequence of Brexit. If we are thought to be held back by these rules, the FA, gov, league etc can come together and revamp it so it’s not a worrying situation.
  3. Not many shouts for Wes and quite a few dropping Crook I first started supporting the team in 92ish so can't really comment on Bruce, Peters etc. Controversially picking Gary Holt but in his pomp was everything good about Norwich City and frees up Crook to just play (yes I have thought about this too much).
  4. I suppose I have two issues. 1. I don’t get this importance of being unbeaten. If we draw the next 6 games we are still unbeaten but it only equals 6 points. 3 wins and 3 losses equals 9 points. If we draw the next few games it will be a very poor return on winnable games. 2. Being top in November means nothing if we have misread the impact COVID has had on the new season, over trained and decimated our squad. We have 8 games in December with a broken squad. I think we won’t be top 2 come January and I’m concerned that we might not recover the season.
  5. Wilfully misunderstood my point again. No point being top of the league in November to have to then play kids and no striker for 8 games and throw away points against struggling teams.
  6. We are top in November, this isn’t proof it works if we struggle in December because we have to play the kids. The reason why we are fresher than other teams at the latter stages of a game is much more down to them chasing the ball all game. It is no coincidence that we have 65%+ possession and then score late goals. When in the premiership we didn’t have the possession advantage and it was us who looked jaded in the final 15.
  7. I disagree. As discussed, Farke talked about just how much sprint training Prem teams do and adapted accordingly. No coincidence that the bigger heavier players picked up early injuries with this adjustment.
  8. A) what proof do you have that we are fitter than Brentford? B) you are being wilfully obtuse. The injures have happened in the last few weeks and mainly last until Jan. unfortunately leagues aren’t won in November. As I said, I predict a difficult December and willing to bet we won’t be top 2 on Jan 1
  9. We are definitely a fit team. But let’s not kid ourselves 1) our rivals are also fit 2) we have a month now without most of our attack so I predict some disappointing results. We also had no defenders in the premier league which basically caused us to be relegated. Do the gains remotely outweigh these massive losses?
  10. Ok I’m going to be that guy... for the second season in a row we have had extreme injury issues. Way worse than our rivals. https://www.sportsgambler.com/football/injuries-suspensions/england-championship/ Is the training too intense?
  11. Wow, if he gets his own thread when he comes on in the 91st minute, whats going to happen if he starts? Get his own board?
  12. Famewo kept another clean sheet in league 1 today. Not sure if there is a break clause in the loan but if so he is definitely in form.
  13. Skipp and Rupp have been a good combination and shouldn't be broken up IMO. It is possibly a position where we have the most competition and unfortunately he'll have to be patient.
  14. What about Gary Holt? Ex army cook turned professional at Kilmarnock. Signed for 100k with absolutely no fanfare. Turned out to be really important to the team during the Worthington era
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