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  1. [quote user="Matt Morriss"]I agree that the spending of said £50m will probably be nowhere near what we want. But my point is last season did not work one bit, and it didn''t work because our attack was one guy in most games, and another who didn''t do enough. I don''t care about sentiment, he''s one of our own bull, Murphy was not good enough. Ive been here a long time and I''ve been spoilt by the Huckerbys and Redmond''s and Eadies. Murphy I''m afraid couldn''t lace their boots. Another season with Murphy as our main attacking threat equals another failed promotion bid in my book and £10m is great business.[/quote] I think McLean will play in Vrancic''s position last season and Vrancic will take over the Maddison role (which is his natural role). We don''t know that Vrancic, played in his natural position can''t have a big season. He has the talent IMO.
  2. The transfer window is still open for a while. A few good games this month might see Naismith off for example. He might get his chance sooner than first thought
  3. I''ve noticed the Murphy''s have featured in a number of off season training videos on twitter over the last few weeks (fitness, shooting, first touch). If these are recent videos then they really do deserve a chance as that shows real desire IMHO.
  4. I did read your post, the England squad used to be just anyone from the big 4, look at the squad for the Euro''s now? Hodgson has picked players on form not club reputation. Also it is much harder to break into the Man Utd than Stoke. When you play at Old Trafford for a club so in the spotlight you are brought up with the same pressure you get at international level.
  5. If you''ve not seen enough of him then why are you taking the pi$$ out of him? Seen him play up front and and out wide and looks like he has a big future. I''m sure there were quite a few people writing such witty things about Michael Owen before 1998, he produced the moment of the tournament aged 18.
  6. I think young and hungry needs to be the mantra for signings this season and he is not that. I think we have enough experience in our squad, the squad feels stale though and needs young enthusiasm. Mbokani won''t see this as a dream move, more a nice place to live and pick up wages.
  7. The championship is littered with big teams "too big to go down". Taking off any rose-tinted glasses, I would still be more worried if I was a Swansea, Sunderland, Aston Villa fan. I would then put Norwich, Newcastle and Bournemouth in the "could also go down but have signed well this window" category. I still worry about Norwich, but I do also see 3 worse teams in this division at this moment in time.
  8. So to get 40 points we need to get 4 wins and 5 draws from 16 games. It''s not exactly requiring a Leicester style effort to achieve this. I don''t really see why people think Newcastle, Sunderland and Swansea are too good to go down. They haven''t shown anything this season to suggest their position is false.
  9. [quote user="Vanwink"]mrs miggins wrote the following post at 12/08/2015 4:58 PM: Vanwink wrote the following post at 12/08/2015 4:55 PM:We have already dropped 3 points which could have been avoided with a bit more willingness to pay the going rate. --------------------- I enjoyed this bit the most. If only we''d have bought another RVW to start. New signings = points! That''s Bollox even for you Miggins We are a PL club and like all similar clubs will make good and bad signings, but if you don''t make any signings then you are stuffed.[/quote] How can you possibly say whether new signings would have made us win on Saturday? We made a shed load of new signings for the League 1 season and opened with a 7 . 1 loss. It is such an empty argument. We were competitive in the game, lapsed concentration a little for the first 2 goals but looked dangerous. Jerome''s goal being given or the penalty being awarded and we would be talking about a win or a decent draw. It''s not great to lose the first game but I saw enough to think 3 points at Sunderland is achievable.
  10. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]Arsenal have just been given the green light to open discussions with him. Not sure where some of this stuff comes from[/quote] I would read the OP with a sarcastic tone.
  11. I would worry about his performance on a cold, rainy, mid-week game at Stoke. For that reason I think we should give it a miss.
  12. What happens when the rich owner with no affiliation with the club gets bored? QPR is a great example, few years ago you couldn''t keep the owners out of the press, super models at home games, players from all over the world. All gone a bit quiet now. Rookie manager, lack of signings, quiet owners. Rather have someone at the top who loves the club than just treating it like a toy for a few years.
  13. The ex referees have put the boot in over Hooper''s performance more than our own players and manager. I think they will keep very quiet and try to forget this game ever happened.
  14. [quote user="hogesar"]It''s all a bit embarrassing really, seeing loads of Norwich fans on here panicking, crying, flailing arms because we haven''t signed as many players as bloody Watford or Bournemouth.Some people need to get a grip, wait and see what happens, cause y''know, the transfer window isn''t closed yet.[/quote]Actually I think it''s been quite a level headed debate overall actually. I''m not sure Watford or Bournemouth have been mentioned much. I think you might be on the wrong thread.
  15. Purple I don''t think many people think it is easy to get the right players in, plus I have no idea how it works. Personally I don''t think I''m attacking the club, but we haven''t really been linked with a CB all summer and I would have thought a) We would make this position a priority b) this would lead to a number of solid reports of activity in trying to get these players.
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