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  1. I wasn’t aware of the acquittal. He was found guilty by a jury, Greenwood didn’t get near a trial. I still think it will be different for him because of this difference.
  2. Ched Evans is a convicted rapist, Greenwood has not been involved in a trial let alone convicted.
  3. We don’t release wage details in any accounts so what is the data based on? Hayden’s fees again would not be called out individually in accounts
  4. What a difference a month makes. Vast majority of fans weren't fussed if he left for free.
  5. I didn't say anything to the contrary. You are arguing with yourself.
  6. Another reminder that we have brought in more than we have spent in the Webber era in terms of fees. This idea that we spent big doesn't stack up and we had to sell key players to invest. We haven't been particularly successful in recent seasons but when you fish in the markets we do, there are obvious risks of this. Buying potential (on wages we can afford) rather than fully fledged performers means you hedging your bets and taking a chance.
  7. The set piece coach is this season's Soccerbot 360. A lantern for ill informed club bashing posts.
  8. Thats fine but we still lost at home to a very beatable team.
  9. A PL tier owner can loan the club that money (you can't just plough money in and meet FFP requirements). It is still debt on the club. What happens if that owner wants that money back or has to regain that loan because of insolvency? Having a rich owner doesn't mean you have the golden ticket, in fact the Championship / L1 is a graveyard for clubs who had big owners, who introduced debt, got bored and left the club in a worse state. I'm not saying don't seek investment, but it is nowhere near as straightforward as described.
  10. Can we change the title to 'Football Manager 2023 chat' please?
  11. Why was this latest window a debacle? 'a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco' - This is what debacle means to help you with your answer. Can you also expand how he has put our club in financial jeopardy too?
  12. You can trace back the discontent within the club to the boisterous expectations set by Webber at the start of last year aka the bazooka and a couple of grenades interview. Money was spent but nothing near the amount that warranted greater expectations. I think that interview is probably the biggest recent mistake. Selling Buendia was inevitable imo so that’s why I don’t put it as a mistake even though it had obvious consequences.
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