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  1. Some of the Brighton lot think they're trying to hijack Francesco Farioli's move to Ajax.
  2. Either that, or Knapper. Sounds more like a 'wot i reckon' comment to me. Why would Sørensen tell people he's well liked at the club by staff and players. And why would that have any impact on Knapper giving him a contract? "Yeah, you're not as good as Kenny, Gabby, Marcelino or Liam. But the tea lady likes you. So here you go, a new two-year deal "
  3. I don't think anyone cares now. Stuart Webber gave him a job, then promptly left. From that moment on his days were numbered.
  4. Does that mean I can return it as faulty and get a refund?
  5. Finally the end of the road for my 'Das Wagnerlution' t-shirt, I bought from Along Come Norwich when Wagner was first appointed.
  6. I think today should mark the true end to the Webber era. This was his manager. His players. Time to reset and move on.
  7. Again, there was no money to spend. We will have to sell in the summer just to be able to bring in anyone decent.
  8. Canary Call is going to be epic. They'll have to put the show on a two-minute delay to edit out all swearing.
  9. Remember, Wagner won the play-offs with Huddersfield after scoring one goal in five and a half hours of football. He must now think goals are unnecessary.
  10. I've turned off the telly and now following this on the BBC minute-by-minute. Less painful.
  11. Because you have to pick your moment when taking a dig at your own team. At 0-0 we could still play the mindless optimism card.
  12. Our away form has been horrendous all season. We knew this would happen in the play-offs, away from Carrow Road.
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