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  1. There is no doubt that gambling is a bit of a grimey industry and some of the marketing techniques they use are morally questionable... I'm of the belief that most people who are addicted to something have an underlying issue which needs to be resolved, and that until that is resolved they will only replace one addiction with another. Paul Merson has been a problem drinker, he's been a cocaine user, and he's now blown a load of money on gambling. It is easy to blame the alcohol companies, or the gambling companies, or colombian drug gangs, or the government, but ultimately he clearly has some unresolved psychological issues which manifests into a high susceptibility to mental addiction or to have periods of simply being self destructive. I've dabbled in all of the things that Merson has had a problem with, and haven't developed an issue with any of them. Now, had I experienced say childhood trauma or gone to Iraq and come back with PTSD that could be a different story.
  2. Wouldn't give the club any money or buy the club, it would be a terrible financial decision.
  3. Here you go guys... https://cheltenhamracingstore.com/products/horse-racing-scarf-trevor-hemmings-colours?variant=6141272653851
  4. He was a bit of a silly signing for a team in a relegation scrap, especially one with a lack of physicality.
  5. Woah, I feel like you should perhaps have done a little bit of cursory research here. Depends very much on which ethnic classification we are talking about. You are correct if we're talking "black" but you specifically say BAME. When sorting the above by % of households earning £104k a year or more, 'White British' are mid-table! I've been to a few Indian weddings in Leicester, and the supercars they turn up in aren't hired for the day (the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities also turn up to weddings in supercars, typically hired for the day).
  6. You see plenty of 2021 plate German whips in the car parks of Aldi and Lidl. I wonder if this is why: 1). https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/waitrose-parma-ham-6-slices/525474-156519-156520 2). https://groceries.aldi.co.uk/en-GB/p-specially-selected-14-month-matured-parma-ham-90g/4088600038315 £2.90 for 72g or £1.99 for 90g of the exact same product (and trust me, they are the same!) There is a point where some shops are basically just charging a snob tax.
  7. I always find these analysis of Mike Ashley to be incredibly harsh. He bought Newcastle when it was crippled by £75m of external debt at high interest rates owed to numerous banks including Barclays and immediately lent Newcastle the money to clear those debts and so convert the liability into an interest free internal debt / loan from director. And the £300m mooted as the sale price includes the repayment of about £114m in internal debt. That's not the amount he's selling his shares for, it includes the money he has pumped in as interest free loans. He'll trouser a profit of about £52m by selling the club, but he has without a doubt left the club in a better state than he acquired it. He doesn't deserve the reputation that he gets, he hasn't asset stripped businesses and left huge pension deficits like some other British billionaires, in fact he's been the only taker for several large corporate bankruptcies, helping keep a few high street brands going in some form (and saved jobs in the process) and hasn't made himself non-domicile for tax purposes like Branson (funny how he gets off lightly!). He is one of the billionaires who helps the country pay its bills, not a vulture or parasite on the state coffers, not trying to get his hands on public services, not a tax avoider, hasn't crippled Newcastle united like Mel Morris has at Derby. He's abused zero hour contracts, but only possible to do that in areas of high unemployment / areas where employment is desperately needed, so still not sure we can argue that his companies presence in those places is a bad thing!
  8. He's chasing his first cap though. Some players like Eadie come close to a cap but never quite manage it. Ashton retired within just 1 cap didn't he? It is a huge thing to get that first cap. I'd have done the same. Also, the keeper went with him.
  9. Are they though? https://www.canaries.co.uk/football-staff https://www.canaries.co.uk/club/fans/academy-staff Devil's advocate, but since Adrian Forbes left to get a more senior role at Luton, do we have any black coaches?
  10. A professional playing career lasts 18-35 A professional managerial career might last 35-70 That's 17 years, versus 35 years. Its more about how many managers exit the profession / retire / become unemployable isn't it? To shrink the pool? Looking at like 4000 professional players in England right now, and 92 managers jobs, regardless of colour, and sometimes former players sound like they are a bit entitled - Sol Campbell was one of them. The "pathway" is to get a coaching job, then first team coaching job, then assistant manager or technical director, like Tim Sherwood did. And even then, where's Tim Sherwood now? He's got a point about Lampard and Gerrard but they are talisman, natural born leaders, and I don't think Sol Campbell ever was. When it comes to Sol Campbell he seems barely able to hold a coherent conversation One black player who I did have that charisma and natural ability to lead an inspire, as well as an obvious footballing intelligence, and I think it is a shame didn't go into management, was Dion Dublin. Could really have seen him in the job. But guess what, he's in a boardroom instead... the board of a professional football club, which is also good to see.
  11. Before anybody calls me out for this complete guess, just googled the actual number for average age and at 49.5 I'm not far off!
  12. Of course I wish the best for him, as a Norwich player who worked hard for us and achieved on the pitch, nothing to do with the colour of his skin. With the 'proportion' thing though, that seems to consider black players now Vs number of black managers. But what's the average age of a manager, should we completely guess at 53? So they'd have been half way through their playing careers 26 years ago, that takes us to 1995. Teams looked a lot more white then, it was before the influx of overseas talent and sky money. Unless you start throwing out all the 60 year old white managers to replace with 40 year old black managers, which is how the BBC do it (so being ageist in order to meet other diversity quotas) then a bit of patience required. It is the same with number of females in the boardroom. More girls than boys at uni now, but with board rooms full of 60 year olds... and uni's full of 20 year olds... you'll need to wait 20 years to start seeing the major changes in demography.
  13. Tim Sherwood took a job as assistant first team coach at Spurs in 2008, progressed to Technical Director in 2012 and got a crack at the managers job in 2013. So there was 5 years of work experience and progression at Spurs leading up to that.
  14. Would help if you'd bothered to read the email, which says 7 BAME managers in the top four divisions at current.
  15. Also, I'm not a teacher, have never been a teacher, and have never told anybody that I'm a teacher. The Real Buh is just a very strange chap who hangs around in the dark corners of the internet.
  16. Studies suggest that intelligent people are more likely to swear.
  17. Last time I went in the snakepit I think the people around me had consumed more than beer.
  18. Well with the snakepit it is because everybody knows it is where the c*nts sit, and if they want to do us all a favour by sitting with all the other c*nts that is a good thing for the rest of the people in the ground. A better question is why you are buying tickets for the snakepit when you have kids.
  19. And guess which country sells them most of their weapons.
  20. What question is it that you think you are answering here, did you even read my post? Try just reading the first two sentences if any.
  21. They never liked Steve Bruce because he's a former Sunderland manager.
  22. You mentioned 4chan many times on this forum, and have a Pepe the Frog meme, we all know what you are.
  23. Imagine being a 4chan user who points at facebook and calls it cancer.
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