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  1. Well I for one said I was going to boycott it. Then didn't. Then got hooked on it.
  2. Ayle Colliery. https://thelastpit.simdif.com/ Until recently used to be able to go down it on a guided tour but they've stopped that due to an increase in demand for coal.
  3. Many former coal mining communities are still destitute, with sky high youth unemployment, nothing but minimum wage zero hour contract jobs in fulfilment centres and serious problems with crack and heroin addiction. Mining jobs are more skilled now then they used to be, require ability to operate and maintain some pretty complex machinery and the typical salary would be £35k-£42k and unionised so decent work related benefits and pension contributions. I don't support UK coal for export, but I could see a lot of upsides to digging more UK coal to meet existing domestic coal demand. Not least the knowledge that the people digging it would be adequately paid and protected by UK employment and health and safety laws, dread to think what the working conditions are for some foreign miners who are supplying coal to the UK. A relative mine has a multi-fuel stove and is seriously struggling with the cost of living, they are currently only staying warm because they buy a sack of coal every few weeks, only when they buy it from the fuel merchant down the road it says "South Africa" on the bag. That feels a bit backwards to me. You can preach virtues about how its bad for the environment for her to be burning coal if you like but I'd do the same if I were in financial difficulties and trying to survive a winter. By the way, your post is written as if you think coal mining no longer exists in the UK, sorry but that is simply not the case. There are still active colleries in Wales, Cumbria and Gloucestershire, and only in the past 10 or so years mines have closed in Yorkshire, Durham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and the West Midlands.
  4. How many of our players now are even eligible to vote? One of the qualifications is: "be either a British, qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland" Tim Krul I should imagine has British citizenship, but I don't think Nunez, Sara, Pukki would be allowed to vote as they are here on work permits? Also, the Green Party is pathetic. Energy crisis and rather than pushing for green subsidies etc they are too busy arguing about willies and vaginas, about 75% of the time I encounter them on twitter they are arguing about trans and non-binary issues. Full on culture war antagonists who have very little to say about green issues anymore.
  5. I've bookmarked forum.pinkun.com and now seem to be OK as long as I stay off homepage. So just going to do that.
  6. It is in the DNA of many of our communities, particularly in the North and in Wales. You may not want to send people down deep holes but there will be many who would love to be sent down them.
  7. So whilst our domestic coal is very high quality and abundant, I've been told by a former miner who reckons he knows about this stuff (and supported fully from what I can find on Google) that our import of iron ore isn't just about the lower prices but also about the inferior quality. Domestic iron ore has a lot of impurities and produces lower quality iron. And I suspect that our decision to produce our own coal has little to do with either the cost of importing or the environmental impact of shipping it halfway across the world but the fact that 19% of it was coming from Russia, meaning we're far too reliant on a single country (USA) which was selling us 54% of coal used pre-Ukraine war and presumably now supplies us with most of that 19% which came from Russia. It also wouldn't surprise me at all if our final three active coal-fired power plants (due to be decommissioned in 2023 and 2024) are 'mothballed' as a contingency against energy insecurity and that we'd be seeing train loads of the stuff heading to those three plants if necessary - Germany do it when demand surges.
  8. Where? I'd love to f*ck off somewhere mate, but we're woefully underserved when it comes to active forums for a club our size. I could f*ck off to twitter but all I can see is arguments between alt-rights and the ultra-woke about some chap who accidentally bought the site in a strop and is now trying to bankrupt it for a tax write off.
  9. Somebody else has suggested the bookmark thing so I will do that. However how many people have already given up never to be seen again? Does feel like a ghost town already with the same 20 odd people still here. Also, not good news for the site as a whole as means I'll have no reason at all to ever visit the homepage, usually visit that to get to the messageboard and occasionally read an article on the way. Feels like the Pink'un has been bumped down the list of priorities and that we should perhaps fear for its future. Presumably the future of the site is reliant on subscriber numbers as they are pushing that hard now, but technical issues can't be helping sub numbers!
  10. So an issue that I don't think I've even ever mentioned before is "starting to feel" like an issue with my wifi? No, Cambridge, you are confusing me with one of the other dozens of people having the same issue, patently.
  11. I will try the direct bookmark thing, thanks, I usually click on messageboard from the homepage. Still infuriating though really that they don't care enough anymore to fix the glaring issues. I know Pete Raven said 1 million page views a month means this forum is safe, but that's 1 million page views before sh*tloads of people started getting bad request issues, people haven't got infinite patience, they can and will give up on the place if the issues persist.
  12. I'd quite like the company formerly known as Archant to concentrate on fixing their f*cking forum before trying to rim Stuart Webber into forgiveness.
  13. Yes I know, you can clear cookies. Works for about half an hour, then its 'bad request' again. On multiple devices, on more than one browser. Tried several times to reply to posts on here only to get 'bad request' and lose all the text. In fact, this is the second time I've had to type out this very post (crossing my fingers I won't have to do the third). Actually, if this post works it will be the first time I've succeeded since 25th November. Opening myself up to "who cares", "good riddance" etc, but do have to wonder how many other people are simply giving up and have had enough with the complete technical ineptitude of the sites new holding company and/or whatever dregs are left from the old Archant staff after all the competent ones did the sensible thing and took a payoff. Somebody be a legend and start a new forum please, why isn't there one associated with the Canaries Trust or another supporters group? What about a forum for shareholders?
  14. I've been seeing £20m or £30m bandied about by newspapers for years, however suspect this is based on an outdated valuation of the club itself. Still, we all know that aren't rich compared with most football club owners... definitely a game for the super rich these days!
  15. If the club is now worth £100m. And Delia and hubby have 51 percent of the shares. Then doesn't that mean they are worth at least £51m?
  16. It was well known for a while that he had been looking at football clubs in Europe, I'm sure it wasn't the first time he'd been tipped off about opportunities.
  17. A few years later he was instructed by Tranmere Rovers to try and find them a buyer and he proceeded to list the club on eBay for £10m, so McNally was quite correct to not want anything to do with him.
  18. I think it went over your head. Woooooosh.
  19. That's because you've always been a contrarian plonker, thing is people would be more shocked it you said something sensible.
  20. I mean that's unfortunate for him, but I hope the exact same thing happens when they play England.
  21. The link you've provided doesn't say anything at all about him being in hospital.
  22. I thought Crescent Capital just primarily purchases/underwrites and packages up sub prime and distressed debts as an investment opportunity to financial institutions, nothing 'left field' or unusual about it all, neither is it particularly high risk. The financial crisis of 2008/09 was caused primarily because some unscrupulous financial institutions were packaging up and selling these types of debts as AAA grade / low risk investments, largely without suitable punishment or consequence. I still don't see any link at all between Crescent Capitals activities and Norwich City Football Club, people seem to be buying into the idea that we can somehow tap into their clients funds, we can't... that is frankly ludicrous. The only link between Crescent Capital and Mark Anastasio that might be relevant is that the latter might have more appetite to invest more of his personal wealth into our club if the former, his primary business, remains in good shape and performs well. There is no magic money tree at Crescent Capital or any means through which they can misappropriate clients funds, Anastasio has invested in Norwich City football club not Crescent Capital, they are two distinct entities. Besides, he's a co-founder of Crescent Capital, and the other co-founder who remains in the business hasn't bought any Norwich City shares. He'll probably get fed up with Norwich fans talking about Crescent Capital all the time, did Newcastle fans look at the Fraser Group accounts to see how much money could be directed from Fraser Group to Newcastle? No, they didn't, because it would be a ludicrous proposition and Fraser Group has many shareholders, Fraser Group didn't own Newcastle United... Mike Ashley did.
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