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  1. benchwarmer

    Somebody thinks we can do it!

    The unfortunate thing is that this is proving to be a very, very mediocre Premier League season. It was a golden opportunity for us to stay up, but realistically I think it's gone. We haven't taken enough points from the teams around us, and we face Spurs, Newcastle, Liverpool, Wolves, Leicester and Sheff U in the next six games. Whipping up the kind of blind optimism verging on hysteria that we saw in 2005 could be counterproductive, by putting added pressure on the team. Don't despair, but keep your feet on the ground City fans.
  2. The club is using parachute payments to fund itself. We are NOT a 'self-funded' club. That is a lie. Get promoted, spend the bare minimum, get relegated and receive a windfall which gives us an advantage over most other Championship clubs, thereby enabling us to repeat the process again and again. Very clever, but as unscrupulous as any of the big beasts in football over which we like to take the moral high ground. It makes me ashamed. What do I realistically want, expect and demand? A club to be proud of. Is it too much to ask?