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  1. Quite. When Israel talks about 'safe zones' what they mean is 'safe for the next couple of hours, if you're lucky'. Many Palestinians have moved multiple times, and they are being herded into a smaller and smaller geographical area.
  2. He's more concerned about the next Presidential election than what's happening in Gaza. He stated yesterday that his prime motivation for standing again is to prevent Trump from returning to the White House. Trump was responsible for moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Need one say any more? Biden's so-called 'sanctions' against Israeli settlers in the West Bank consist of refusing them admission to the US if there is hard evidence of violence against Palestinians. It was reported last night on the World Service that at the start of October a pattern of short-selling Israeli stocks and bonds was detected on the US Stock Exchange, which analysts say was indicative of insider trading. In other words, someone knew in advance about October 7th. It has also been reported that Israeli military intelligence knew that Hamas, in conjunction with other Islamist terrorist groups, had been planning something big for two years, possibly longer. It would be surprising if they hadn't shared this information with the CIA. It seems that almost everyone knew about it, apart from Benjamin Netanyahu. Something stinks to high heaven.
  3. Quite. Because if they don't, someone else will. Who'd have imagined that, only two months after October 7th, Israel's leaders would have surrendered the moral high ground? You wouldn't think it possible, but somehow they've managed it.
  4. Hooper's mistake is a handy diversion from the fact that Man City conceded three goals at home against seriously understrength opposition.
  5. No, I'm just trying to stave off death from boredom. It was a joke btw.
  6. Note to moderators: Pull this thread for goodness sake - littleyellowbot is back, churning out the same old boll ox in the style of Truth Social. Wish I'd never started this . . .
  7. Slightly OT, but I wonder if the English word "scrimmage" is related to the Scottish word "stramash"?
  8. There was the massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon in the 1980s, carried out by Christian Phalange terrorists at Israel's behest. And Zionist Irgun terrorists.
  9. As a Christian I agree, more or less. Jesus could have done magic tricks if he'd wanted to, but he didn't. Miracles aren't magic.
  10. Does Sunak realise that he's absolutely miles out of his depth, especially when it comes to foreign policy? His "I hope you win" cricket fan comment to Netanyahu was a schoolboy error and so was the Marbles fiasco. It's been made to look as though he was the one who chose Cameron as Foreign Sec, but I doubt it.
  11. I've been visiting this site almost since its inception and this is a first, so far as I know.
  12. Agreed, the Hermes/Evri courier where I live has better local knowledge than most of the others. Right now Amazon is the worst.
  13. Has it disappeared up Jools' backside? I wouldn't be at all surprised.
  14. I think there's more to it than that. Charles's father was a member of the Greek royal family, born in Corfu the son of Prince Andrew of Greece
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