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  1. Norwich fans are great travellers, and many of us have turned up at a far-flung destination to find that the weather has taken its toll. Let's have your memories. I'll start . . . A Tuesday night in early September, Blackpool away in the League Cup. It was when Bryan Hamilton was manager. We arrived early and went down to the front. Blue skies overhead. Far out over the Irish Sea we could see a spectacular thunderstorm, but we weren't worried. Then we began to realise it was heading in our direction, and at 7 o'clock the heavens opened. It was biblical. Within minutes the road down to the ground was almost impassable. They eventually let us in, and the pitch was under water with ground staff prodding ineffectually with forks. A delayed kickoff was announced and the players came out to try and warm up. It was hilarious, more like water polo than football. Clearly no chance of the game going ahead. And to cap it all, I believe the referee was a Mr P Downs! Nothing for it but to head back along the M6, M42, A14 and A11, after a tour along the seafront to see the illuminations. Journey uneventful until, in the early hours somewhere near Cambridge, we came to a sudden stop. Police everywhere. Must be a major incident, we thought. But it was just a herd of cows on the road, and the local plod were trying to chase them away with little success. Highly entertaining, even in our exhausted state, and just SO Norwich. Did we do it all over again for the rearranged match? I think you know the answer.
  2. At the end of last season when we went up as Champions, I had that sinking feeling. Relegation was just so predictable you'd almost think it was planned. Didn't expect it to be this bad though. They're no longer even pretending to try and stay up. Ker-chingg as the parachute money plops into the club's account, giving us a financial advantage over most other Championship clubs next season. And so it goes on. We moan about the money side of the PL. People in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones. Parachute money is supposed to compensate clubs who have invested heavily in staying in the PL. We didn't do that, so it's almost a freebie. Self-funded club my ar$e.
  3. How interesting that some of you seem to regard the last 10 years as the pinnacle of success. Really? It could have been worse, but could and should have been a whole lot better. Using the PL as a cash cow doesn't make me proud. It reeks of lack of ambition. Gives a whole new meaning to "financial fair play".
  4. Thanks Broadstairs. In the immediate aftermath of today's game, it's easy to take out our frustrations on the board. They're not blameless, but this probably isn't the best time to have a productive conversation. Feelings are running high and rightly so, because we care. As you say, Delia's main focus is and always has been the social side of football. And that's precisely the problem, you've hit the nail on the head. It's her toy and no one is going to take it away, even if she's tired of it. But what's good for Delia is not necessarily good for the club, and I've seen no evidence that she is either willing or able to recognise that. No one would want her to sell the club to the first shyster who comes along with a wad of dodgy money, but her refusal to sell come what may rings loud alarm bells too. Now that covid has turned the world upside down, it's something she may already be starting to regret. She had plenty of time to pick her moment and leave on a high with the club in responsible hands, but she blew it. We need new blood at least as much as new money.
  5. OK, ignore that. How about addressing my main point? Hint: pointing out that other clubs are worse off doesn't really cut it.
  6. For several years now Delia has made it obvious that she's disenchanted with football, the PL in particular. Entirely understandable, and she's not alone. But she refuses to let go. Whatever the reason - stubbornness? pride? spite against those who think it's time for her to go? - it really isn't in the club's best interests, especially in these troubled times. Like a fish, NCFC is rotting from the head downwards.
  7. Been trying to scroll down to this page but got "Service Unavailable" message. Says it all really.
  8. Webber states that the aim is to establish Norwich City as "a top 25 club". What does that really mean? It means that we can go up for a season, get relegated, cop a load of parachute money and call it success. I call it cynicism. "Self-funded" my ar$e. Either we're serious about the top flight or we're not. I think we know the answer, and the sad thing is that too many fans are fine with it. In horseracing, there are penalties for "non-triers". If it was extended to football we'd be in dead trouble.
  9. There's a smell of death about our club, not just on the pitch but off it. Starting with owners who don't really care anymore but refuse to let go. Anyone who imagines that normal service will be resumed next season is in for a nasty shock, despite the very considerable financial advantage, in the post-covid era, of parachute payments. This is beginning to look terminal.
  10. The live page of our game on BBC Sport features a picture of the Norwich City Football Club sign on the City Stand. Behind it you can still see the outlines of the lettering for the old one. How much would it have cost to paint it over? Did they think no one would notice? Says everything about our club in 2020 I'm afraid. Only a small detail, but the last straw for me.
  11. Totally agree. As part of their preparation he took them to Wembley for a tour of the stadium, and they certainly weren't overawed on the day. Boro were favourites which can work either way, but they blew it. We were two up and in control after half an hour, and never let it slip (something that Norwich teams have a bit of a reputation for). May prove to be Neil's finest hour.
  12. We really need a better balance of youth and experience, always provided they are good enough.
  13. "How to watch Norwich V Everton on BBC" says their newspage. "From behind the sofa" was my immediate response.
  14. A message to the club: Don't think you can take the fans for granted any more. Serve up any old carp and we'll fill the ground as soon as this is over. Everything is changing, and people are starting to think twice.
  15. Nothing could be worse than Craven Cottage in 2005, but the benchmark is extremely low.
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