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    Lol Morgan signed Big Dunc from Colchester at a time when Mid-table Div 2 (Champs) and a cup run was the best we did. By the time he hung up his boots we'd had 8 seasons's in the top flight and 2 Wembley cup finals. Duncan Forbes was a massive part of that success. I'd say the modern era would not have happened without him. So many memories from those years but not just the football. He was a big part of the community around the club. When my son Duncan was a baby he used to say "hello Little Dunc, I'm big Dunc". On away trips he'd order a crocodile sandwich "and make it snappy". He sadly spent the last years of his life stricken by alzheimer's. So sad and so unfair. Duncan's wife Janette came to our Still On The Ball group in the summer and shared some great memories and of course a few of those jokes. A Scotsman's favourite dessert? Tartan custard... RIP Big Dunc and thanks for everything.
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    Looking forward to Brexit on 31 October?!
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    No, I'm not for an election. As I have stated previously elections are to decide between potential governments with a set of interlocking policies - but as Brexit cuts across party lines, it must be decided by the voters on a single question basis.
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    Very sad news, a great servant of the club over many years. R.I.P. Big Dunc gone but never forgotten.
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    PUPS! Kiwi here and guid evenin' again from Glasgae Toon. Love, buckfast, roll and square and dancin' all round. Nutty thanks again you daftie, you bampot for running this hing. How you do it I don't know and also good luck Michael Bailey in your Norwich picks. Right nae messin' this wkend so lets hae yer best efforts tae git in the cash fur the weans and wee stoatin adults wha need oor help. I want as many picks as possible. Risky ones, safe ones and if something is already picked and if you think its a good shout say so, but pick something else. Of course though your pick is your own and life is fast paced. Finally since pledges make PUPS I'll repeat my goals pledge. £1 for every goal in the 4 Scottish Leagues and Scottish Cup this Fri-Sun. The creaking from my scots wallet will be heard on the Richter scale. So let's hope this weekend is a belter. Taps aff and a wee nip if we do.
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    Just seen an article on Ben Godfrey on the "Football Bloody Hell" website which is well worth a read. For those interested it is on www.footballbh.net
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    Good fishing to ya! Nominated for the ' inflammatory post of the week'.
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    here's mouse brain preparing his speech for Halloween
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    A man to admire. A player with limited ability but the desire and heart to play in the old 1st Division. Keep your voice down to a Roar. And a leader on pitch and loved by the fans. One of those who truly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
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    Yet if they win their game in hand they’ll go top again. Obviously reactions to defeats are the same on all message boards and forums.
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    Wondered when City 1st would stir from his slumbers but I guess the agenda is a bit meaningless when the subject is top of the League and unbeaten.
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    Duncan Forbes has sadly passed away, aged 78. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich-city-legend-duncan-forbes-has-died-1-6339543
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    It’s more to do with him not being able to deliver on his promise and having a tantrum. His deal is not too far from May’s, the DUP have clearly been shafted and he doesn’t really understand what he has agreed to in that respect. Has to be better than a hard border in Ireland though, from a GFA perspective.
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    With only 7 days to go now, you must be getting really excited.... What does Ayanna... I mean "Pearl" think about all this?
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    There aren't enough Moyo's in the world to get the BREXIT party to 20%
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    I saw him play many times. Although he was not what you would call a cultured footballer the man had passion, desire, belief and he led by example. R.I.P big Dunc.
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    Makes my tenner on Clive Lewis winning Norwich South in 2017 seem a bit small
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    I'd think him more likely to be found in Offah's dy ke to be honest. Although lets be honest - the die in a ditch comment was just hyperbole for the thickos. Boris may have 99 problems, but a ditch ain't one.
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    maybe I should read more of your posts
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    Napoleon said ‘Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.’ I'll go with that.
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    Oxford home win against Rochdale City to draw 2-2 PS. 23/11 Swindon THAT WILL BE FINE FOR ME
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    It's not about "in the eyes of some". All you need to do is make a list of comparable club owners and their records over the last ten years, put the ones doing better above us and the ones doing worse below us. Don't bother with their wealth. Treat them all as equal. Shouldn't be too taxing, even for you
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    I was brung up in the 70's in a house next to the stadium. 2 hours before the game a few Norwich players would walk to the ground from Thorpe, they would kick a football about with us kids and laugh and joke. Getting on for 40 years later (Watford game) my father in law was visiting and I managed to get a couple of posh seats. As I sat down I felt an elbow hit me in the ribs I look around and theres an old man sitting there. Bearing in mind I'm 6ft 5 and well built, I thought to myself this guys trying to pick a fight!!. Another elbow 5 seconds later and I asked him what he was playing at. He asked me if I recognised him and I said no. he said "I'm Duncan Foebes" I said "no way. Do you remember kicking the ball about on the bridge with the kids before the game?" he remembered everything. I spend the whole game talking to him and ignored my father in law. One of the great privileges of my life. Rest in peace my Hero
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    Corbyn's last chance to do the right thing and go for a GONU with a senior respected Labour figure as Caretaker. Else history will not treat him at all kindly. As to an election who knows - dangers for everybody and likely will resolve nothing except Corbyn's still a loser!
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    A boyhood hero of myself and surely very many city supporters who had the pleasure of watching him play. Big Dunc, a colossas who led the canaries onwards, and upwards. Fondly remembered and always will be, deepest condolences to Dunc’s family and friends. RIP big man, duty done.
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    Nutty, all good for the 16th Brizzle home win to Wigan this week. As for city, amadou to score snytime
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    Well the way Oxford have hit form, I’d go with Oxford home win v Rochdale. But my picks are normally utterly rubbish!
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    Whenever I used to point out a player I thought was tough back when my dad used to take me, he would always laugh and say "he's no big dunc" Never saw him play but clearly meant a lot to a lot of people. RIP.
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    Coincidentally I was rooting around for my old poppy badges as it's running up to November 11th and found the 2018 version of the ncfc badge. Now being worn until Remembrance Sunday.
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    Any NI issues dissipate as soon as we agree the FTA. One credible idea is that we leave on Halloween by default with agreement with the EU with no WA but to WTO GATT24 and immediately start FTA negotiations.
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    NORSE used to maintain a lot of privately owned land in the City. They probably still do.
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    The idea that some of us lack ambition or are "just happy with our lot" is both arrogant and ignorant. Our club is over achieving. Not just because of the wealth of our owners. We are over achieving in the pool of all comparable clubs including those with massively wealthy owners. Of course a few are over achieving further than us. But that's not the norm or anything like the norm. If we ditched what we have in favour of a wealthy owner there's probably a one in five chance we could have what we have now. Let alone better. Why take the risk at those odds?
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    This is so sad and feels like losing one of your own family not just the football family we all love. He once told me that he was only ever carried off once in his career and that was shoulder high. He also admitted he was not a good footballer but would stop anyone who was. Sunday will be an emotional day for everyone that were fortunate enough to know the man or who saw him play.
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    Many many years ago, when both my kids were knee high to a grasshopper, I took them to one of the club 'Open Days'. There - I believe in the City Stand - was a large black and white poster of Duncan scoring with a header in a 1-0 win over Swindon close to the end of one season when we went up to the top division - I'm sure someone can fill in the date! So, I was telling the kids that I was there on that day, and it was Duncan Forbes who had scored. Little did I know he stood behind us and boomed out 'Yeah, that was me!' Great stuff! As many have said the word legend is thrown about very easily these days but Duncan IS a club legend. The fact so many star players of the day hated playing against him, showed what a rugged, no questions asked kind of defender he was. Rest in peace Big Dunc
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    I always took my boys up to Trowse to watch city train. Duncan always had time to speak to them and other people. Duncan and Dave Stringer were always gentle giants on and off the pitch. Duncan r.i.p. big man you deserve all the accolades you get otbc
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    What a fabulous picture.
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    It's not just Norfolk and Suffolk, they're all over the place. When they're not on football forums they're shouting "leave means leave" on the radio.
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    A Norwich City great, a great character and a real leader. RIP Duncan. 'Keep your voice down to a roar'.
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    I recall that a feasibility study was done under McNasty and the plan was to get the capacity up to 35,000 with a new City Stand for 30-40 million pounds.
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    This is definitely what Ben said. It was a good move by the club but I’m curious why the owners of the land sold it cheaply. They must have known that the club would only have made an offer if they were looking to expand the stadium. Who owned the land ? Wouldn’t surprise me if it was the city council in which case the dear old ratepayers have been shafted.
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    I'd imagine that he was pretty junior at Arsenal at the time they built the Emirates so would take that with a slight pinch of salt. I suspect what he was alluding to is that the club needed to get its hands on that land to stop them from being ransomed in the future by the landowners once/if they go public with any rebuilding plans for the City Stand.
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    Interesting list from Shyster (a name from the past), but he obviously hasn’t heard that ‘PurpleCanary’ has finally been outed by City1st not just as ‘a closet Brexiteer’ but apparently as yet another in the dazzling array of Van Wink’s totally fake posters (hence the inverted commas round the name). VW does not get enough credit for not just dreaming up at least half a dozen cod characters but for giving them such different personalities and styles of writing. I mean, it barely seems credible, but plainly it must be, that Mello Yello, with that offbeat zenlike humour, Rock The Boat, fiercely combative to a fault and perhaps beyond, and Len, for whom everything is a conspiracy apart from those that really are, actually are not genuine people but have sprung from VW’s fertile brain. Not to mention photoshopping so brilliant you would swear it was a genuine image. And the genius to realise back as far as 2004 that there would be a Brexit referendum, when no-one was seriously imagining such an event, and so to start creating these characters, even before joining the board as himself! VW invented Mello Yello in 2004, Paul Moy in 2005, and myself in 2007. In fact all the six or so (some posters get occasionally added), completed by Rock The Boat, Bagster and Len, joined before he did in July 2015. Such incredible foresight on his part. I knew City1st would rumble me eventually. The strain of playing the part of a milksop Remainer was showing in my posts. But I suspect VW had my unmasking factored in all along. Find one Fifth Columnist poster, was his logic, and they won’t look for another, for his really deeply hidden secret-Brexiter double-agent. I guess it would be a real firebrand of a pretend-Remainer, but I am stumped as to who that could be.
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    Are you basically saying that we shoudn't give the people another say because they will tell brexit to **** off??
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    I’ve no idea what Kiwi just said but my selections are ipswich to win at Sarfend ncfc v Man U - btts
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    Put your political bias to one side, if you can, and ask yourselves if you can disagree in any way with this statement. “Clubs are part of the social fabric that binds us together. They are too important to be left in the hands of bad owners who put their business interests ahead of everything else, marginalise supporters and even put the financial security of clubs at risk.” “Sport must be run in the interests of those who participate in it, follow it and love it, not just for the privileged and wealthy few."
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