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  1. Unfortunately work commitments but will certainly be there in mind. RIP big man otbc
  2. Hucks6

    Match Night Thread -

    Lewis different from last year every time he gets ball passes back every time like rest of his team mates have no confidence
  3. Hucks6

    Match Night Thread -

    Why get Amadou on loan and not play him,Why get Roberts on loan and not play him is this going to bite him on the bum. His selections are beginning to puzzle me
  4. Hucks6

    National Media Coverage

    Been listening to talkSPORT all day don’t think we got mention
  5. Hucks6

    Russel Martin manager

    Perhaps take some of our younger players give them game time
  6. Heard on talkSPORT today he’s supposed to be back for Watford on Friday ( not saying it’s true) but the last player we want to face our part time centre halves otbc
  7. Hucks6


    Is Webber and Farke using Norwich as a stepping stone.Will he (Webber) really care he’s already said he’s off in three years
  8. Hucks6

    Come on Mrs. Argos!

    They do still use private jets bobloz3
  9. Hucks6

    Sheffield United game

    So Chris Wilder can sharpen his blunts
  10. Hucks6

    Gloves !

    Whatever would Big Dunc say
  11. When I championship we were used to winning and teams not so good as city.You get used to winning/ Premiership a lot harder lose a few games confidence seems to have gone, At moment that seems to be the case otbc
  12. 7.5 million is a joke more like 30 million
  13. Hucks6

    Duncan Forbes

    I always took my boys up to Trowse to watch city train. Duncan always had time to speak to them and other people. Duncan and Dave Stringer were always gentle giants on and off the pitch. Duncan r.i.p. big man you deserve all the accolades you get otbc
  14. Hucks6


    Farke has for the last2/3 games to put Hanley in defence and Amadou in defence midfield has he done it NO
  15. Hucks6


    Are we all watching Man City v Dino Zagreb tonight if he plays will be good to see how he’s getting on otbc