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  1. Bill seems to think he is only one aloud an opinion, we all do.Forum police comes to mind
  2. That’s just for his hair cut otbc
  3. When he eventually goes to Liverpool I bet we won’t know the fee
  4. Leitner/ Trybull/ Josip. Not before time
  5. Running game at Wembley.One player who we should go back for, would definitely get us back up at first attempt
  6. Horrible team horrible supporters horrible so called big team
  7. I think nearly everybody who’s has won it have left. Let’s hope not. OTBC
  8. On parr with Ashton no way Drinkell way better
  9. Villa/ Leeds hate them both , think they have automatic right to be in premiership. As for their set of fans nothing but brain dead
  10. Very unprofessional I would say otbc
  11. Hope they go straight back down again HATE THEM
  12. Want to sign Emi on sky sports news app
  13. He lives in Hethersett horrible man
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