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  1. I would drive him to Glasgow just to get rid of him.love child come to mind
  2. His arrogance at Bournemouth got him the sack no thanks
  3. Give him till the World Cup break then get rid
  4. McLean should be nowhere near this team drop him for Hayden
  5. I will get him a free taxi to Glasgow Rangers the man shouldn’t be putting on a green and yellow shirt
  6. He spends to much time with his Mrs on instagram just picking his wages up, needs to spend more time thinking about football
  7. Where are the Sargent haters now
  8. What a player if we are hovering around bottom of table he will soon want out
  9. Paul Warne ,Smith is useless
  10. All the money they have spent don’t guarantee them staying up just ask Fulham
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