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  1. Hucks6

    Sunday Supplement

    Poor old Leeds at least it gives them something to talk about
  2. Hucks6


    To political
  3. Hucks6

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    God I am glad we haven’t got the Leeds keeper
  4. Hucks6

    Who tried to poach Webber?

    Unfortunately he won’t be here much longer hate to say but let’s thank him he saved city big time. Let’s enjoy him while he’s here
  5. Great player deserves all the plaudits he gets
  6. Tod Cantwell /IVO Pinto/Timm Klose leaving
  7. Hucks6

    Goodbye Quest.......

    Certainly won’t miss boring Dean Ashton I would rather watch paint dry
  8. Hucks6

    Sky Sports News

    I hate Derby but sky sports have given us plenty of recognition today
  9. Hucks6

    Sunday Sun

    I agree Swindon Canary but will his head be turned
  10. Rio Ferdinand friends with Ben Godfrey and are likely to recommend him to Manchester United £15 million seems cheap anyway.
  11. Top man sticky fingers
  12. Hucks6

    Bristol win tonight

    Hope we win championship ( Norwich)
  13. Sorry guys who gives a flying monkey otbc