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  1. Hucks6

    Newspaper for toilet use

    I certainly did toilet bottom of garden as you say newspaper on hook emptied every Thursday night otbc
  2. Hucks6

    Danny Mills

    Don’t want to hear the word Norwich come out of his mouth
  3. Hucks6

    Danny Mills

    He is Norwich’s worst sportsman
  4. At least Ipswich can now go three games without losing otbc
  5. Hucks6

    Tim krul schalke

    Buying house or renting there is a difference
  6. Hucks6

    Not conovirus, not Norwich.

    Who gives a money about them 2 lingard and Dier both underrated
  7. Hucks6

    Tom Trybull absence

    TOM and his Mrs spend more time on social media then he does on the pitch
  8. 1959 cup run part 2 beat Tottenham and Manchester United
  9. You fans deserve to be men of the match singing all night and without you the team might not have won. Well done
  10. Hucks6


    Spot on mp
  11. Hucks6

    Journey home

    Hope they did, perhaps a few of them might not care otbc
  12. Hucks6


    Bad loser saying his players tired bollards
  13. Hucks6

    match thread

    Vrancic/ Cantwell look off the pace
  14. Hucks6

    Which costs more..........

    Wouldn’t swap my ticket but would pay good money to see them,Saw them at Yarmouth in 70s and they are still as good otbc
  15. Hucks6

    Ex city player

    Naughty Naughty BarclayWazza