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  1. Hucks6

    Pre-season friendlies

    Mine to
  2. Would have jansson here any day
  3. Hucks6

    Women’s World Cup

    Agree Millie bright was useless gave the ball away far to much
  4. Hucks6

    Frank Lampard

    Hope he fails
  5. Hucks6

    Jordan’s coming home!

    What about Mississippi showboat can you remember that one
  6. Sunday Sun are saying he could go back to Blackburn on loan. I would say no. Thoughts
  7. Hucks6


    Hope he fails if he go
  8. Hucks6

    Kenny McLean vs Belgium

    He’s gonna be unhappy when he gets back to Norwich there is a new mayor
  9. Hope he plays against us this season Pukki will have field day(crap for England at moment)
  10. Hucks6

    The Murphys?

    No thanks not good enough for us
  11. According to evening news (prob rumour)we could be looking at him, Thoughts I would straightaway otbc
  12. Hucks6

    What price Webber?

    Just been on Manchester fans forum the only name mentioned is sporting director of Roma let’s hope
  13. Hucks6

    Released Players

    Could be kings Lynn soon. Even then Ip**** wouldn’t win
  14. Going back to Sheffield after loan expires.But I suppose we could try and get him anyway otbc