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  1. It was Norwich City v Sheffield United who had just been relegated from the First division we won 2-0 gaols from Hugh Curran @ John Manning our front two at the time.
  2. I've been supporting Norwich City for 55years !!
  3. I've got a picture of Elvis meeting the Beatles signed on by both of them.
  4. Ukraine17:00England North Macedonia19:45Italy QUALIFYING GROUP F Azerbaijan14:00Belgium Estonia17:00Sweden QUALIFYING GROUP I Andorra17:00Belarus Kosovo19:45Switzerland Romania19:45Israel
  5. As a schoolboy we used to cycle out to Yarmouth coz we knew where to get alcohol from a shop there. It was a little dodgy cycling back thought.
  6. I like being a share holder, and if I can I'm keeping mine
  7. We need a Norwich supporter to win the Euro millions
  8. I think I'll wait till closer to the election. TORY'S may have it sorted by then.
  9. Even later, Yeovil Town home win against Chelmsford City Norwich are going to win
  10. He was our first choice forward. We put in bid for him but it was not enough, now with the Omobamidele money we can offer more= some one enjoyed him. His money can only go up
  11. looks like everyone is expecting win (I hope so)
  12. there seems to be a lot of LABOUR supporters on here
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