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  1. As I wrote they will not up sticks and move south for a minimum wage = please follow
  2. British people know better than to up sticks and start a new life down south for a low wage.
  3. Is promotion to the PL really worth it ? It's great for the club, not so good for the supporters.
  4. British will not work for minimum wages
  5. We all know it's due to all the EU drivers not coming over here, which in the long run, will give more jobs to the British.
  6. leaving Charlton Athletic knowing that we'd been relegated to the 3rd Division
  7. No, I need my diesel BMW to get to Norwich and back without filling up I can't do that in an electric
  8. Major electric car firm in talks with Brexit Britain for new factory (foxhole.news)
  10. so why did they shut down the factory's in the EU ?
  11. Farage said about misunderstanding about the RNLI saying 'he wasn't attacking anybody who works on those boats, all he was asking was why aren't the border force doing it'
  12. Honda in Swindon finished yesterday (last car off the line) Nobody seems too sad, they get 6 weeks wages for every year served and get their cars at a 1/4 price. I put it on here because Honda are still saying it was nothing to do with Brexit as (They shut the factories in Belgium and Spain at the same time, it all went back to Japan.) Honda closes Swindon plant after three decades of production - Business Live (business-live.co.uk)
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