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  1. SwindonCanary

    Geoffrey Watling

    Remembering Geoffrey Watling who saved this club from bankruptcy in the 1950's & again in the 1990's
  2. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Italian politicians took out a full-page advertisement in one of Germany’s most prestigious newspapers on Tuesday as they urged parsimonious northern Europe to do more to help the south through the coronavirus crisis, amid an increasingly bitter rift within the EU.
  3. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    And you are lying because I never said it !
  4. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    OK Maybe I phrased it wrong (it was not lying ) I should have wrote some of our ventilates
  5. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    You were saying I was lying, all I said was we would have to share, now you are jumping on the moral bandwagon ! You really are someone who's got it in for me !
  6. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    The stalker has got it wrong again ! Look up the to EU scheme to get extra ventilators. FROM THE EU "With widespread concerns about our ventilator capacity and the urgent need to scale up capacity we should be co-operating through international schemes and share production and distribution, to ensure we get these desperately need pieces of kit.”
  7. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Oh, Dear, where is the lie =is that all you can say ?
  8. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    EU Leaders are reverting to the nationalism, they have publicly claimed to have despised ! Are you glad we left ? If we had remained in,all our ventilators would have to be shared.
  9. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    And I didn't believe all the profits of doom !
  10. SwindonCanary

    Boris tests positive

    I always thought at those press briefings he gave, that the others with him, were not the recommended 2 meters away !
  11. SwindonCanary

    Olympics postponed for one year

    I was going, but luckily I've got insurance so can get my money back
  12. SwindonCanary

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Thank you Boris, for still allowing me to go out for my runs
  13. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Bitter and twisted remainers is all I see on here .
  14. SwindonCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Not too sure why I was dragged into this argument ?
  15. SwindonCanary

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Not too sure why everyone is blaming the government or Boris when they are taking advice from medical people.