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  1. We need promotion in order to enjoy the Championship, basically. But would you like it if we were fighting relegation every year ?
  2. it's as I always say, the fans prefer the Championship, but the Club requires us to be in the Premiership.
  3. I aways do badly on internationals but I'll have a go Wales at home to Austria a home win and BTTS
  4. The Navy did a fine job with the carriage
  5. It's the second game on the trot that we've been out played by their midfield, we've got to get a hold on this !
  6. EXETER home win against Burton Norwich match, another win THE 8TH SHOULD BE OKAY FOR ME
  7. Is everyone on this thread Labour suppoters ? I notice no one on here wishes to go back a prove me wrong.
  8. I'm not going back months to look for it, you may if you like
  9. Thought I'd come back on here just to point out that when I posted that Liz Trust would someday become PM as usual, I told it would never happen WRONG AGAIN !
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