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  1. Misinformation about the Oxford vaccine from Macron and Merkel has cost the EU a lot of lives, now they both are saying it's as good as any other, whilst loads have been wasted
  2. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1196071/covid-19-vaccination-rate-in-euro
  3. We envy Britain! Germany's biggest newspaper Bild praises UK's incredible vaccine success and contrasts Boris Johnson's optimistic lockdown exit plans with Merkel's doom and gloom
  4. It's not only that, throughout Brexit the INDEPENDENT and the GUARDIAN have always sided with the EU They hate Brexit =left wing
  5. left winged press = the INDEPENDENT and the GUARDIAN Both have decided to back the EU in the latest scallop wars
  6. try to keep up UK agrees to EU extension of Brexit trade deal ratification : CityAMUK agrees to EU extension of Brexit trade deal ratification : CityAM
  7. funny how can I read this bit of hope for you Brexit deal won’t be fully approved until end of April after UK agrees to EU request for delay Ministers had resisted two-month extension to EU’s ‘provisional application’ - warning about ‘uncertainty’
  8. this is how you remainer's are https://youtu.be/oFL5NoM9GVE
  9. Members 805 2,648 posts Report post Posted 5 minutes ago Indeed! Little evidence that he made it beyond Peter and Jane 8b. Is that anything to do with Brexit ? you are on the wrong thread you should start a thread entitled 'have a go at fellow supporter's'
  10. First victory in the third test WE WON THE TOSS
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