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  1. Thanks Lakey! I love the cosmopolitan approach and I love this six. I've placed them with Bet 365 where the potential return is £43.29. Here are the details.... JaPS 1/6 12:00 Sat Sukhothai FC 1/12 13:00 Sat Dortmund 1/2 14:30 Sat Wycombe 9/20 15:00 Sat Kawasaki Frontale 2/5 09:00 Sun Slovan Bratislava 1/8 14:00 Sun We start tomorrow in Finland at midday, through the afternoon we take in Thailand, Germany and England before jetting off to Japan early on Sunday morning and finishing in Slovakia on Sunday afternoon. Good luck Lakey and all you PUPs @lake district canary which is your pick buddy.
  2. Thanks NFN, these look great! Lots for us to follow during tomorrows match. And thanks again for the extra. Will be fun following them in the afternoon. I've placed them to our best advantage and we have... Normann to score anytime £2 Bet 365 14/1 £30.00 Kabak to be booked £1 Bet 365 11/4 £3.75 Sarge to score anytime £1 Bet 365 13/2 £7.50 Over 3.5 goals £2 Bet 365 7/4 £5.50 Hanley to score £1 Bet 365 28/1 £29.00 Draw £2 Bet 365 12/1 £14.00 BTTS, Pukki score, Chelsea win £1 Bet 365 15/2 £8.50 G. Garner to score 2 or more £2 Bill Hill 16/1 £34.00 HT/FT Draw/Fleetwood £1 Bet 365 10/1 £11.00 HT/FT Binners/Fleetwood £1 Bet 365 40/1 £41.00 Over 4.5 goals £2 Bet 365 11/2 £13.00 Fleetwood to win from behind £2 Bet 365 16/1 £34.00 Garner to score last £1 Bet 365 15/2 £8.50 Fleetwood to win by 2 or more £1 Bet 365 10/1 £11.00 Good luck NFN FC and our beloved Canaries (and come on Fleetwood).
  3. You'll be pleased to know that Duncan already has shares and he can keep them after I've shuffled off this mortal coil...
  4. For Lakey the Finnish Kakkonen Group A... JaPS v MYPA Home Win For NFN from the Norwich game... Ozan Kabak to be the first player booked For NFN's binner special I like Hector's idea of the binners winning at half-time and going on to lose.. HT/FT binners/Fleetwood
  5. Well Smith and Jones never wrote to me to see if I was dead in order to hoover up as many of the small shareholdings as possible. Guess who did?
  6. Geoffrey Watling was very happy selling his shares to Smith and Jones after there was no interest from anyone else for 18 months. But which other shares would you prefer Smith & Jones not to have? The ones they got in 1996 when approached by Martin Armstrong? Or the ones they had to buy for underwriting share issues? Or perhaps the ones they got through converting loans to get rid of debt?
  7. I didn't think parachute payments came in until the mid 2000s?
  8. Bingo! I got a full house with 'we pay his wages'
  9. In the first pre season friendly Farke went 3 at the back with wing backs. Circumstances then forced a change. Circumstances now favour 3 at the back with wing backs. How is that abandoning most of his principles?
  10. If Webber wanted to sack Farke he would. If Farke is sacked over Webber's head Webber will go too. All to keep a few posters on the internet happy. Happy days....
  11. Could you provide that quote? As I remember it they criticised Chase's "all singing all dancing" approach and vowed to build a team.
  12. We had the same premature nonsense about Brentford in January. Who knows where the two clubs will be next May?
  13. I think those who say they do but then happy clap on match days and when we win things are hypocrites. Perhaps that's not the answer you wanted Kenny
  14. No I didn't and neither would I. Neither did I stand outside St Andrews hall chanting "Robert Chase is a homosexual" in 1987. Neither did I take part in the zigger zigger chanting at Geoffrey Watling in the 60s. The world is a much better place under Smith & Jones..
  15. Did Geoffrey Watling get her in to do it? Surely he could have done it himself or at least asked Barry Lockwood.
  16. It's the red and white stripes. They're interchangeable. Just don't mention Sunderland...
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