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  1. Apparently Evans is going to spend some money promoting their glorious history. Yes sir! He knows what to do to keep the natives happy....
  2. Brilliant night Alex. Just gutted that we're not there to see it. Good to see you posting too. Are you completely recovered now?
  3. Best team in the league all season Alex. I think we'd have got the 4-0 if it wasn't for their keeper who was their MOM. And Toney spent the game in Big Grant's pocket so I'm claiming a clean sweep. Looks like beloved Brentford are now jilted Brentford too
  4. Agree about the controlling buddy. The criticism should be tempered by the fact their keeper was their clear MOM.
  5. Welcome to Rays Funds, supported by Turner European Consulting and Cavell Healthcare. I’m sure you’ve all seen the pinned thread about our top PUP and good friend Wooster who suddenly passed away last Sunday morning. Our picture today shows Wooster in the Nelson at a PUPs celebration in 2017 (First left in the smart City scarf.). Wooster will be greatly missed on our threads. I know us PUPs, the CSF and our DS boys and girls were very close to his heart. We need to do something in Wooster’s memory. Any ideas would be welcome. I have already had suggestions to do something draw related and Tilly mentioned maybe something at the Euros in the summer assuming they do take place. Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Meanwhile, after a late night brainstorm last night, Kiwiscot has challenged me to what he called a "draw off". The idea is that we pay a tenner each, both pick 15 draws and put them in 5 different £2 trebles. As well as any winnings the one who gets least draws is going to donate a second tenner in memory of Wooster. There wasn’t really time to get anything else ready for this week but anyone is welcome to join in if they like. This week we have @sonyc in selecting the final six results for the first time. Sonyc has been a great asset to our team of PUPs this season. He’s already won making the Norwich picks and has come back in top form from his little winter break with 3 consecutive winning selections. We need our luck to change and I think it will this weekend so lets find Sonyc some great picks from the games played on Sat, Sun or Mon that are listed on Bet 365. We have @Kathy making the final selections for our game at home at home to Luton on Saturday. Kathy has three wins on Arrdee’s honours board as well as being the current PUPs champion, profitability champion and even pools champion from the lockdown. She’s also won when selecting the Norwich picks before. Let’s help Kathy with some great options from those listed on Bet 365 or Bill Hill. PUPs backing City is on for tonight’s game. The PUPpower has been amazing so far with five straight wins. I think we’ll m,ake it six tonight.. As always a massive thank-you to our benefactor PUPanon for making the Norwich match picks possible. Also to all the Pink Un posters who send me pledges and donations. And to our sponsors Turner European Consulting and Cavell Healthcare. Their money all goes straight into the presentation pot. The CSF and our DS and Pan-disability boys and girls really appreciate this support. For more information on our sponsors take a look at their websites below :- http://www.turnereuropeanconsulting.com/ https://www.cavellhealthcare.co.uk/ Now I’ll hand the thread over to Sonyc and Kathy. Remember there’s no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you to success. We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community Sports Foundation and our fabulous Downs Syndrome and pan-disability boys and girls. Good luck all you PUPs... take it away Steve and Kathy, the thread is yours................. Rays Funds on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098287639888/ Rays Funds on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Raysfunds
  6. It's the trophy for the champions of the EFL. I suppose next you'll tell us that you won the EPL. Even if you really are Tony Swallow you wouldn't be able to remember it. I still think you're King Keano the welcher....
  7. Do you happen to know King Keano? BTW the trophy for winning the EFL.
  8. Nobody said it was the same They just pointed out it was the same trophy.
  9. Really? I suggest you go take a look. The trophy is for EFL champions They made a new one for PL when they broke away.
  10. This is such a shock and so very hard to take in. I'm really sorry for your loss you must all be devastated. Wooster one of our top PUPs and posted his pick as usual last Friday. He was romping the profitability league correctly predicting so many draws. Wooster's big heart shone through his posts on here and his communications with me. It's all so very sad. RIP Wooster
  11. Here are the stats.. 23/29 winning PUPs 79% 16/22 winning picks 73% Most profitable pick was Pockthorpe's Bristol City at 4.6 which has catapulted him to second place behind Wooster in our profitability league. KiwiScot remains top of the PUPs league with Parma in second. Hammond1612 and Mr Apples are now their closest challengers. Here are the tables... PUP Wins Picks Win% Profit Kiwiscot 23 25 92% 2.65 Parma 22 25 88% 0 Hammond1612 21 25 84% 2.53 Mr Apples 20 24 83% 3.84 Diesel Doris 20 25 80% 4.42 Cosmic Twin 20 25 80% -0.32 GMF 16 21 76% 3.86 PurpleCanary 19 25 76% -0.53 Mandie Moo 17 23 74% 0.31 Diane 18 25 72% 0.24 Kathy 18 25 72% -0.16 Greg 18 25 72% -1.13 Indy 17 24 71% 1.4 Jellytot 16 23 70% 3.18 Til1010 17 25 68% -1.72 ZLF 12 19 63% 4 Sonyc 12 19 63% 0.5 Lake District Canary 11 18 61% -3.01 DJ11 14 23 61% -2.96 Crabbycanary 15 25 60% -2.53 WWIAFTM 15 25 60% -2.9 First Wazzock 13 22 59% 0.87 MMMK 13 22 59% -1.99 NFN FC 14 25 56% -1.29 Hissing Sid 14 25 56% -2.33 Twidio 14 25 56% -3.88 nutty nigel 13 25 52% -4.93 Lappinitup 12 24 50% -1.82 ................................................................................................ PUP Wins Picks Win% Profit Wooster 9 20 45% 11.51 Pockthorpe 11 24 46% 6.97 Diesel Doris 20 25 80% 4.42 ZLF 12 19 63% 4 GMF 16 21 76% 3.86 Mr Apples 20 24 83% 3.84 Jellytot 16 23 70% 3.18 Kiwiscot 23 25 92% 2.65 Hammond1612 21 25 84% 2.53 Indy 17 24 71% 1.4 First Wazzock 13 22 59% 0.87 Sonyc 12 19 63% 0.5 Mandie Moo 17 23 74% 0.31 Diane 18 25 72% 0.24 Parma 22 25 88% 0
  12. So what denomination of banknote are you considering waving at me this time? When we eventually play each other again...
  13. Oh what a glorious thing to be A healthy, grown up, busy-busy bee Whiling away the passing hours Pinching all the pollen from the cauliflowers... Norwich 4-0 Pukki Hat-Trick Toney learning the contents of Big Grant's pocket...
  14. Unlucky Wacky again today. This run will end and when it does the win will be for all. Well done again Mandie. £54 is a fantastic amount to add. Well done PUP backing City 5/5 since this began. Here are the latest totals... Congratulations @First Wazzock on winning February's POTM a Stadium tour for two will be yours when the restrictions are lifted. PUP Wins Picks Win% Profit First Wazzock 4 4 100% 2.11 Nutty Nigel 4 4 100% 1.79 Mr Apples 4 4 100% 1.24 Diane 4 4 100% 1.12 Hammond1612 4 4 100% 0.86
  15. I have no preference really. They are all our rivals and your bees are up next. Maybe the team that would damage our closest rivals most by doing it...
  16. Five wins with since PUPs backing City. Let's make it six on Wednesday
  17. Prague won so that's 2/2. Divert the PUPpower to Lille who trail 0-1 at the break. Zagreb 0-0 ht.
  18. was just about to post for PUPpower for Slavia Prague as they went 3-2 up 82 mins. Sending it anyway
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