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    Leeds Fined £200K For Spygate !

    "Lampard lied, the police lied and we won the European Cup....
  2. nutty nigel

    Millwall still in the cup

    Actually scrub that about Leeds because they obviously didn't play on Saturday. Maybe that always happens? So if so I'm talking rubbish...
  3. nutty nigel

    Millwall still in the cup

    What I find interesting about this. Actually, if it happened to us a little unfair about all this, is the teams due to play those who have progressed in the cup having their games postponed meaning they have three game weeks later. Leeds I believe have one this week.
  4. Swindon's great win with the Norwich selections was the 7th consecutive winning week and the 11th from the last 12. Big shout out for PUPanon who makes this possible. Tricky week for Crabby. 22/34 (65%) winning PUPs providing 17/25 (68%) winning suggestions. Wazzy marches on 2 wins ahead in our PUPs league. But we have a new leader in the profitability league. 93Vintage went to the top with the week's most profitable pick of Man Utd at 3.75. Here are the latest tables : - PUP Wins Picks Win% Profitability First Wazzock 27 28 96% 8.18 Parma ham's gone mouldy 26 29 90% 1.08 Purple Canary 25 28 89% 2.16 Molly Windley 25 29 86% 1.07 Leedscanary 23 27 85% 10.1 Twidio 20 24 83% 2.77 Hammond1612 24 29 83% 3.06 Mr Apples 23 28 82% 3.97 Anthony 23 29 79% 3.75 AJ 23 29 79% 3.35 93Vintage 22 29 76% 11.04 Diane 22 29 76% 9.45 Hansterbubble 22 29 76% 6.73 Graham Humphrey 22 29 76% 1.34 dj11 21 28 75% 4.05 Kiwiscott 21 28 75% 3.85 Inchy 20 27 74% 10.29 GMF 19 26 73% 4.1 Gregt 21 29 72% 1.86 Cosmic Twin 21 29 72% -3.14 JF 18 26 69% 7.14 Til1010 20 29 69% -3.71 Lessingham Canary 19 28 68% -0.83 Jellytot 14 21 67% 2.74 Crabbycanary3 19 29 66% -0.24 Kathy 19 29 66% -0.95 Nutty Nigel 19 29 66% -2.9 Lappinitup 18 28 64% 0.51 Lincsy 17 27 63% 1.59 Swindoncanary 15 24 63% -0.98 Diesel Doris 18 29 62% -0.86 Hissing Sid 17 29 59% -2.51 Lake District Canary 17 29 59% -6.79 ZLF 16 29 55% 3.17 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUP Wins Picks Win% Profitability 93Vintage 22 29 76% 11.04 Inchy 20 27 74% 10.29 Leedscanary 23 27 85% 10.1 Diane 22 29 76% 9.45 First Wazzock 27 28 96% 8.18 JF 18 26 69% 7.14 Hansterbubble 22 29 76% 6.73 GMF 19 26 73% 4.1 dj11 21 28 75% 4.05 Mr Apples 23 28 82% 3.97 Kiwiscott 21 28 75% 3.85 Anthony 23 29 79% 3.75 AJ 23 29 79% 3.35 ZLF 16 29 55% 3.17 Hammond1612 24 29 83% 3.06 Twidio 20 24 83% 2.77 Jellytot 14 21 67% 2.74 Purple Canary 25 28 89% 2.16 Gregt 21 29 72% 1.86 Lincsy 17 27 63% 1.59 Graham Humphrey 22 29 76% 1.34 Woostercanary 8 27 30% 1.25 Parma ham's gone mouldy 26 29 90% 1.08 Molly Windley 25 29 86% 1.07 Lappinitup 18 28 64% 0.51
  5. Welcome to Rays Funds, supported by Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus This week we have Crabbycanary3 picking the final six result. Crabby is a brilliant supporter of all we do on these threads helping raise so much for our wonderful DS boys and girls. Crabby has four wins when making the Norwich picks and I’ve been looking forward to his week since last year when Rennes let him down resulting in a very unlucky 5/6. So let’s help Crabby go one better this year with your best selections, from the games played on Sat/Sun/Mon of this weekend listed on the Bill Hill or Bet 365 sites. Making the final picks for our game at Bolton we have Swindoncanary. Swindon’s another great supporter of our Rays Funds threads as well as being one of our great clubs exiled army as every game is an away game for him. He already has a win on Ray’s signature for winning the six results so lets give him some great suggestions to help him to a signature double. Swindon, you have a tenner to spend split however you choose between the PUPs suggestions and your own. Here’s the provisional rota for March. Please confirm the dates with your selections. Six Results 02/03/19 – Mandie Moo 09/03/19 – Leedscanary 16/03/19 – DJ11 23/03/19 – Nutty Nigel 30/03/19 – KiwiScot Norwich Selections 02/03/19 – Gregt 09/03/19 – Special Guest 16/03/19 – Kathy 23/03/19 – Internationals 30/03/19 – Diane Now A word about one of our intrepid PUPs. Graham Humphrey is going to take on the Coastal Walk Challenge for the CSF. For those who don't know, it's a 47-mile walk from Hunstanton to Cromer and takes place on the 14th June. He has a Virgin Money page and would appreciate any sponsorship we could give. : - https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=GrahamHumphrey&pageUrl=1 We would like to say a massive thank you to these companies who support our work to raise funds for the CSF and our wonderful Downe's Syndrome Team of boys and girls : - http://www.turnereuropeanconsulting.com/ https://www.kareplus.co.uk/norwich/ If any other companies out there would also like to support our efforts, we'll be happy to add you to our list of links on this thread every week. So now I’ll hand the thread over to Crabbycanary and Swindoncanary. Remember there’s no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you to success. We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community Sports Foundation and our fabulous Downs Syndrome boys and girls. Good luck all you PUPs... take it away Jeff and Martin ... the thread is yours.................... As always I leave you with Ray’s signature which now reads :- Carve their names with pride.Yankee,5,Fellas,3,P'boro,2,Mr Chops,2,NewYork,2, Inch High,5, Blahblahblah, NCFC_Shaun, 1st Wazzock,5, Fonejacker,3, Norfolkbroadslim,3, Norfolkchance1,2, Scooby,3, Trent Canary,3, Cosmic Twin,6, Graham Humphrey, Leedscanary,3, NcfcStar, Herman, Delia’s Devonshire Dirtbox,3, Lappinitup, Statto, Mandie Moo,3, Mr Bump, Kathy,2, Til1010,3, Snake-eyes, Vindo,2, NWC, Hughesy, Gregt,2, GMF,3, SwindonCanary, Twidio, Hector Brockelbank, Lake District Canary,2, Bor Bor Bor, Yellowfuture, Chellecity,2, Diesel Doris,2, Lessingham Canary, Molly Windley, Parma Ham’s gone mouldy,3, Feedthewolf,2, AJ, JB, PurpleCanary,2, Hoola Han Solo, Diane, Hissing Sid, yes Norfolkchance1 £2038 for the Academy, and £2744 for the Community Sports Foundation. And with the Norwich match bet. Splutcho, jb,2, Redders Right Foot,2, Hector Brockelbank, Blahblahblah,2, Can u sit down please, Til1010,2, Mandie Moo’s Mear Kat,2, Crabbycanary,4, Paul, Stewfil, Parma Ham’s gone mouldy, Bor Bor Bor, Mr Apples,2, Woostercanary,3, City-til-I-die, The Great Drinkell,2, nutty,4, Feedthewolf,2, Lappinitup,4, NWC,2, Hoola Han Solo,3, Twidio,2, Ray, PUPanon,2, Molly Windley, 93vintage,2, ClareW, Van Wink,2, Diane, AJ,2, Norfolkchance1,Yellowfuture,2, Graham Humphrey,3, Diesel Doris,3, Duncan Edwards,3, Legend Iwan, YorkshirePudding, Kathy, Platonic,3, Cosmic Twin,4, Mr Jenkins, Reggie, Snake-eyes,2, I’m A Banana, ZLF,2, Lake District Canary, norfolkngood, Syteanric, Felixfan, TeamPUPs, First Wazzock,2, Baldyboy, Len, Jamie Abbott,2, King Canary,2, Hissing Sid,2, Hammond1612,2, Lessingham Canary, Indy_Bones, KiwiScot, Crafty Canary,GMF, Mandie Moo, Hansterbubble, Herman, Lincsy, yes PUPs £1622 for the Community Sports Foundation. And with Both Teams To Score bets £126 And in honour and remembrance of much loved PUP Chellecity £431 (Of which £50 was donated to SarcomaUK). And £55 to Prostate Cancer UK with Keelansgrandad. And with £4391 for the CSF from the Pink Un Pledges, sponsorships donations and competitions we now have a total of £11,437 since we began £1,844 of which is already banked for the next presentation. Rays Funds on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Raysfunds Rays Funds on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098287639888/
  6. nutty nigel

    Whoscored.com team of the week...

    I think the expected rating for a striker is 7.5. Clearly Pukki is over achieving so it won't last....
  7. nutty nigel

    Is Lambert heading for a new record?

    Lambert loves them so much he's doing it for free. In fact more benevolent than that because he's putting money in for their fans. Just like Marcus
  8. nutty nigel

    NCFSC - Next Event Wed 20th Feb - 7:30pm

    Some would say the shirts for the wireless too
  9. We don't need no tippy tappy, We don't need no ball control...
  10. nutty nigel


    Apparently Zimbo has improved from being a German fourth division player to being Beckenbaueresque in a matter of months
  11. nutty nigel

    Bolton fan reaction

    Great stuff! Thanks for posting this
  12. nutty nigel

    Away Fans and Luggage

    I only expected the bag to be stored for 75% of the game so that's brilliant guys
  13. nutty nigel

    The Scum Now Require Snookers.

    Get saving King Keano...
  14. nutty nigel

    Mark Rivers Commentary

    We've got the Fin...
  15. Really harsh buddy Leitner and Tettey looked good when we won 4-0 at Sheff Weds. You may just as well say we looked good that day without McLean or Trybull. I think we're lucky to have them all and I love how players wait for a chance and then make a real claim for the shirt
  16. I can't wait for your next time Crabby. I think you're a nailed on winner
  17. Well done Swindon. Profit of £12.23 buddy. The tenner didn't belong to anyone because it was donated for this very purpose. Unlucky Crabby and Purple. It wasn't meant to be this week.
  18. I expected Pukki to score today
  19. Great start for Swindon Working lead 1-0 too
  20. Perth won as did Ruzumberok for Purple. Good luck everyone OTBC
  21. Perth Glory have just gone 3-0 ahead on HT for Purple
  22. Thanks Crabby. I love these and think we have a fantastic chance of getting all six. I've placed them with Bill Hill where the potential return was boosted to £41.22. Here are the details : - Aberdeen 3/10 15:00 Sat Rangers 3/10 15:00 Sat Woking 27/100 15:00 Sat Clyde 2/9 15:00 Sat Deportivo La Coruna 2/7 15:00 Sat Barcelona 1/7 19:45 Sat They're all tomorrow finishing in Spain in the evening. It will be great fun following these during our game and we'll hopefully be going into the evening just needing Barca having seen City and Swindon have a winning afternoon. Good luck Crabby and all you PUPs
  23. Thanks for this extra set Purple. And for getting that tenner down the back of my sofa. Good job Mrs nutty didn't find it.. I think these look a great set. I've placed the with Bet 365 where the potential return is £52.96. Here are the details : - Perth Glory 3/10 11:00 Sat Ruzomberok 1/2 13:00 Sat Deportivo La Coruna 1/3 15:00 Sat Baumberg 2/9 15:00 Sat Sydney 1/4 06:00 Sun Fluenlabrada 11/20 11:00 Sun So we have four tomorrow and two on Sunday with Sydney at 6 am. I'll nominate my buddy Lapps to keep us updated with that score.... Good luck Purple