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  1. Welcome to Rays Funds, supported by Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. We have a real treat this week with the one and only Leedscanary picking the final six results. Leeds is on top form right now and hurtled to the top of our profitability league with his Sheff Wed selection (5.33) last weekend. He’s also had 4 previous wins when making the final six picks. Kev’s a top man and a great supporter of all we do on these threads so let’s help him to his fifth win with our best selections from the games played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this weekend that are listed on the Bill Hill or Bet 365 web site. We have GMF making the picks for our important game at home to Bournemouth on Saturday. GMF is having a steady season this time with 63% winning picks and remains in profit on +1.01. Gary’s also won previously with these picks as well as a hat-trick of final selections wins with the six results. Gary, you have a tenner to spend split how you like between the PUPs picks and your own. Remember we have PUPanons insurance of £2 Norwich lose and £1 draw as well. As always a massive thank-you to our benefactor PUPanon for making the Norwich match picks possible. Also to all the Pink Un posters who send me pledges and donations. And to our sponsors Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. Their money all goes straight into the presentation pot. The The CSF and our DS boys and girls really appreciate this support. For more information on our sponsors take a look at their websites below:- http://www.turnereuropeanconsulting.com/ https://www.kareplus.co.uk/norwich/ I have provisionally set the rota for February. Please could you indicate if the date is suitable along with your picks. Final Six Results 01/02/20 – Feedthewolf 08/02/20 – Mandie Moo 15/02/20 – DJ11 22/02/20 – Crabby Canary 29/02/20 – Wooster Norwich Match Picks (next couple of weeks) 25/01/20 – Gregty 01/02/20 – First Wazzock 08/02/20 - No game Now I’ll hand the thread over to Leedscanary and GMF. Remember there’s no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you to success. We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community Sports Foundation and our fabulous Downs Syndrome boys and girls. Good luck all you PUPs... take it away Kev and Gary, the thread is yours................ Rays Funds on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Raysfunds Rays Funds on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098287639888/
  2. nutty nigel

    Ricardo's report v Bournemouth

    Did they have cards back then SOB?
  3. nutty nigel


    So what have we really gained? It's gone from the fallible judgement of the officials in the stadium to the fallible judgement of an official with a screen. But whatever. It's absolutely carp for anyone who pays to support their team in the stadium. I held back on celebrating the pen to see if it was retaken. That's how it's got.
  4. Dipped his bread in and mopped it all up today...
  5. Yes fabulous Kev. What a star Getting six has been soooo frustrating this season so you go and get TEN!! I know this means a lot to you because it was this weekend. Means a lot to me too. Ray's Young Gun Soooo here we have the new updated totals with the £200 we've added today... And here is proof that you've joined an exclusive club with five wins... We all love ya Kev, you lovely old boy!
  6. nutty nigel

    Time to move on.

    I'm not a ref but don't doubt if the tackle was reckless and Godfrey wasn't in control it's a red. As the Sheffield Utd one was. Whether there's contact with the player is surely secondary. Anyway, we'll get one go for us eventually. Won't we?
  7. nutty nigel

    Time to move on.

    Not disputing what you tv boys saw. Obviously it wasn't clear and obvious to us in the south stand. Just asked the question.. Was it more of a red than the sheff utd one?
  8. nutty nigel

    Time to move on.

    So was this "clear and obvious red" more clear and obvious than the one that got overturned against sheff utd? I have my doubts...
  9. Well done Gary, another £7 in the presentation pot. Bluddy Linfield lost us the six but Kev's Scottish acca is still alive for £193.21. Come on Celtic and Motherwell!
  10. nutty nigel

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    5 of them retakes after Krul saves and the other 2 by players sent off then allowed back on again....
  11. Alanyaspor won 5-1 We're on our way....
  12. We've certainly lost out through VAR. We'd still be bottom three, maybe even bottom, but we'd be closer to safety in a season where most people would have taken 17th. For supporters at games it's even worse. We are unlucky that this poorly thought out and badly implemented excercise coincided with our return to the PL.
  13. nutty nigel

    Look out St Johns

    They say it's a mistake. To my memory that's the third such mistake in as many years....
  14. nutty nigel

    Crowd surfing banner

    What happened to him? Hope he wasn't "reported"
  15. nutty nigel

    Crowd surfing banner

    If he did he'd never get beyond the Brexit thread...
  16. nutty nigel

    Crowd surfing banner

    Someone pressed the report button?!?! Is there anyone on here today with form?
  17. I love these thank you Gary. It's a great strategy buddy. I've placed them to our best advantage and we have : - BTTS £2 Bet 365 7/10 £3.40 NCFC - winning HT / FT £2 Bet 365 5/2 £7.00 Over 3.5 goals £2 Bet 365 11/5 £6.40 City to win 3-1 £2 Bet 365 18/1 £38.00 City to win, Pukki to score and 2.5+ goals £2 Bill Hill 13/5 £7.20 And of course we have PUPanons insurance... Norwich to lose £2 Bet 365 12/5 £6.80 Draw £1 Bet 365 13/5 £3.60 Good luck GMF, PUPanon and our beloved Canaries
  18. Tenner received thank you Kev. Thanks for doing this for us. Will be fun following these. I've placed them with Bill Hill where the potential return is an exciting £193.21. Here are these details... Aberdeen 1/5 15:00 Sat Inverness 3/4 15:00 Sat Hamilton 7/20 15:00 Sat Hearts 32/100 15:00 Sat Kilmarnock 2/11 15:00 Sat Livingstone 4/11 15:00 Sat St Johnstone 42/100 15:00 Sat St Mirren 1/12 15:00 Sat Celtic 1/20 17:30 Sat Motherwell 78/100 19:20 Sat All tomorrow finishing with Motherwell i9n the evening. Thanks again and good luck Kev
  19. Thanks for these Kev. They look sure things to me buddy. I think our luck is about to change. I've placed them with Bet365 where the potential return is £24.17. Here are the details : - Alanyaspor 2/11 11:00 Sat Linfield 1/10 15:00 Sat Leipzig 1/4 17:30 Sat Ajax 1/16 13:30 Sun PAOK 1/5 16:00 Sun Barcelona 1/6 20:00 Sun So we have an even split between Saturday and Sunday finishing with Barca on Sunday evening. Good luck Kev and all you PUPs
  20. nutty nigel

    Lakey Was Right, It Can Be Done.

    It happened quite recently (maybe last year?) They celebrated with a slide in front of the Barclay. All on camera of course
  21. nutty nigel

    If fans on here were were employed by the club

    Would be if I started a thread claiming Tilly, Smiffy and Jobbie are the elite of the board
  22. nutty nigel

    Crowd surfing banner

    I got a txt this afternoon encouraging me to allow extra time to take my seat ahead of the game. As if it doesn't take me long enough already... Blankets and thermals may be needed tomorrow but we should stay dry