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  1. Well, who would have guessed that.
  2. Ive just been reading the one about building a new stadium.
  3. TWTD should provide hours of entertainment today.
  4. Swansea seem to have lost their defensive mojo.
  5. National 6385 - 315 Local looking good in NR2
  6. Hanley has been impressive this season. We do look much more solid than our previous promotion season.
  7. Even their luck had to turn one day. Still its been a very enjoyable decade and a half.
  8. Perhaps she should be narrower.
  9. Oh dear, very sad news indeed. Will be missed by all Pinkun posters. RIP
  10. Attempting to score Brexit related points off Worldometer mortality figures is a totally pointless exercise since we know that many countries reported Covid related deaths bare little resemblance to their reported excess deaths for the pandemic period. Italy, to site one example, has around 40% more excess deaths than have been attributed to Covid. The U.K.'s numbers are probably not far out from reality, although we are all aware anecdotally on this very forum that some peoples relatives deaths have been wrongly attributed to Covid. When this is over we are unlikely to see major differences in most countries who have suffered the full force of the pandemic.
  11. As can be seen by the way numbers are now going back up in Italy, France etc.
  12. I'm already looking forward to promotion in 2022/23
  13. I see they have another "Paul" lined up. Not good news If history is anything to go by. Fourth time lucky perhaps? (fifth if you include caretakers)
  14. A good player but not much of a manager. Sad news and far too young. RIP Glen.
  15. National 6035 - 144 Local Looking good in my neck of the woods
  16. Its got to the stage where I am surprised when he doesn't get it on target. He's certainly the best we have ever had from 20 to 25 yards.
  17. The odds are well in our favour but you can never take this league for granted. Having said that, things do seem set fair.
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