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  1. Hangings too good for him, he cost me my season ticket rebate.
  2. I shall be giving my ticket away until this is all over which probably means a vaccine.
  3. He has also very successfully distanced the PM from any of this.
  4. A lot of straw clutching but he's not going in my opinion. You can get 7-4 on him going by July and 1-3 after and that speaks volumes to me. This is over.
  5. The bet is lost. There is no chance he will get the push.
  6. Spraying the black fly and rust I think.
  7. Have they gone to your rose garden by mistake?
  8. Waiting for Death Rigby to get her lipstick on.
  9. I fear my wallet may be in ITU for some extended period.
  10. I'm expecting everyone to be fast asleep by the time Robert Peston gets to the end of his question. Then Cummings will ask him to repeat it.
  11. Same reason Sky wants the footy to restart
  12. Well, I'm on record on this thread in saying the lockdown came a week to ten days too late and also to continue accepting flights from Milan went on far longer than reasonable.
  13. I think the opposite position is that we could have also flattened it by drawing a ring around the vulnerable and letting everyone else carry on as normal. That seems to be Gupta's position if I am understanding it correctly. With different countries using different strategies it should be possible in retrospect to see who got it right.
  14. I am looking at Worldometers and they all look pretty similar albeit some are at different stages. None appear to be showing a second peak, hopefully that is positive.
  15. Looking at the graphs of infections and fatalities from countries that had different degrees of lockdown or none at all, it is hard to disagree that they are all broadly similar. What conclusion should we draw from that?
  16. Back on topic, here's another anti lockdown doctor. He obviously doesn't like Ferguson. We appear to have a growing band of nay sayers. https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/05/19/the-mad-modellers-of-lockdown/
  17. Well I doubt they will be playing beach volleyball at CR anytime soon but things change due to events as SuperMac rightly commented.(and by SuperMac I don't mean Ted McDougal) Remember the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times"
  18. You just have to put an X next to the winning candidate. Its not that difficult
  19. I remain hopeful of a stewards inquiry. In the meantime I am nursing a sick wallet.
  20. Yes it surprised me that they didnt pull the New Labour stroke. Lengthy enquiry until most have forgotten what its about then a slap on the wrists and back on the job. Simple but effective.
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