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  1. My DD for dual power is now £180 per month. Last year it was £99.
  2. A decent performance but need a similar one against better class teams.
  3. The answer is blowing in the wind. Could you all please huff and puff a bit because we are getting almost nothing from the wind farms at the moment. Low pressure coming in from the west will gradually improve the situation. 1.75% from wind 58% from gas. Also getting some back from the continent at last.
  4. Indeed, a great player. Only just within the compass of my memory. I remember him going to Spurs and in part exchange we got Johnny Gavin, my boyhood favourite player.
  5. I was a bit worried I might wake up this morning with a horses head in my bed. Luckily it was just Mrs R.
  6. He came round my house last night and tried to sweet talk me out of mine but I told him to clear off.
  7. They are mortal like the rest of us and nothing in life is entirely forseeable. Its difficult enough to control the present let alone worrying about what happens after the Grim Reaper has made his call. No plan survives very long after first contact with events. Sometimes you just have to see where the ride takes you. Legacy visions are often spoiled by hard cold reality. "The best laid plans 'o mice an men gang aft agley"
  8. The Denmark, France game looks like completely different sport compared to the tedious slow motion rubbish we endured last night.
  9. Centre backs outstanding apparently. 100 percent sideways passing success.
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