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    Nobody said it was difficult..
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    Tom's dad is still a season ticket holder and regular at Carrow Rd, you can take the boy out of Norwich but never Norwich out of the boy.
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    To be fair Six Pack this post involved the most hindsight of all. Because most of your posts are critical of players we sign and the people who sign them. In fact it's not very long ago you were soothsaying that "Farke would fast become more hated than Rodent" DID NO-ONE NOTICE?
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    It's funny and very pleasurable to see Leeds struggle. That is all.
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    Yeah but you can lose them all, just ask Ipswich.
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    Webber sets the strategies and big picture. Then Farke has to implement it. Both deserve huge credit for what has happened at Norwich over the past season. Without Webber the club may have taken a quicker decision on Farke and fired him in the summer (not that there would be a Farke at Norwich without Webber identifying him). A large part of why the partnership between them works well is Farke is a coach who has been a Sporting Director, so he understands Webber’s role. Webber has UEFA Pro Coaching Licence, so he understands that side of the game well and could see the work being done on the training pitches. As for recruitment it is hard as an outsider to say who does what. Kerian Scott has said in his recent interviews that Webber is ‘primarily still a scout’ which suggests he is very hands on in that area. He obviously has the ability to make good judgements on players. Where Webber does better than some of his contemporaries is he is more ‘holistic’. He looks at things that can get sidelined by some recruitment teams, such as character and temperament. But is flexible enough to make smart decisions. Scott talked about how when scouting Buendia that his temperament wasn’t great, Buendia was involved in a fairly high profile spitting incident in Spain last season. Webber still went for the player and got it done very quickly by the sounds of things. I’d also add that Webber is a great communicator. He speaks incredibly well at press conferences and you’d expect this to also be the case in the club. Having someone like that is invaluable, it brings everything together and makes people believe in what is going on. He is also savvy with the press and uses them well. Firstly there was the stuff with Maddison. He picked up a bit of a reputation for being difficult and it was putting his prospective transfer value down. So Webber organised a bunch of interviews with Maddison in the national press for what Webber described as a PR campaign. Around Easter there were suddenly a bunch of national press pieces this season. They were all glowing about how smart Norwich are, how well run the club is, how the players are being improved and having a great time etc etc. These were all arranged by Webber, knowing that they would be shopping with the big boys this summer and needed to get the word out that Norwich could be a good place to play football. It is also for the parents of prospective academy players to see that Norwich will do their sons well and look after them. This bigger picture stuff is why someone like Webber is invaluable. There are plenty of others who can do the recruitment stuff, or the football vision, or the communication. But not too many who do all of them. Webber just ‘gets’ it.
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    Need one for the german league really.
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    Ha Ha ! Nutty - though some of us can't spot a bad player - we can certainly spot good ones! You're right I do moan a bit - I blamed Chase mostly for what happened 94/95 season.
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    Really interesting stats. Comparing Godfrey and Zimmerman you really see the difference. Godfrey passing percentage (in both halves) is far superior. He has made fewer interceptions, clearances and blocks than Zimmerman but has made more tackles. He has also won a lower percentage of duels and aerial duels than Zimmerman. Godfrey and Klose is similar to Godfrey vs Zimmerman. Klose has even higher duels and aerial duels won percentage than Zimmerman. Godfrey also has fewer blocks, interceptions and clearances than Klose. I would say a natural defender is likely to make more blocks and interceptions than they probably would tackles - tackles often mean (especially in the middle of the park rather than a full back who is more likely to get taken on down the wing) that you’re slightly out of position and have to tackle to make up for it. Interestingly, Godfrey’s duels won percentage, aerial duels won percentage, and successful passing percentage are all almost identical to Trybull. The only real difference between the two on percentages is tackle success (Godfrey’s significantly higher). Also very similar when comparing Godfrey and McLean and Godfrey and Tettey. Obviously these are just stats, and the way we play we need one centre half with good passing skills. But from an individual point of view, I think the stats suggest he would be equally (if not more) at home in midfield as he would at the back. Wouldnt be surprised if in some games next year we play Klose and Zimmerman cb, push Godfrey into a floating dm/cb type role.
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    ........ so after all that is Leroy Fer a journeyman or not ......... or have I said enough. Shall I just keep quiet?
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    I'll just repeat what I said earlier in the transfer thread: This (a comment similar to Til's in this thread) was my line of thought for most of the close-season so far, but I'm starting to come round to the idea. We need a 'number three' striker to give backup to Pukki and his challenger, and Rhodes already fits in with the group, probably won't moan about a lack of playing time, and is home-grown. He ticks all the boxes for what we're looking for in a third striker. The only issue is cost. If Sheffield Wednesday want a couple of million for him and Rhodes wants £30-40k a week, then it probably isn't worth it.
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    I think you're confusing him with Gassan Ahadme?
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    We will need experienced players in the squad and home grown players too. He fits the bill - and the team proved they could make chances for him last season, even though he had limited time on the pitch. Worthy of a place in the squad imo - we will surely get another striker in too, so where else are we going to get a third or fourth striker of any worth who would be ok sitting on the bench most of the season but still be able to give their all when required?
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    Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads
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    https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2018/october/norwich-city-annual-accounts/ "As at June 30, 2018 there was no external debt with a cash balance of £16.1m at the end of the financial year. The Club anticipates a negative cash position by the end of this calendar year. " Some of the fag packet accountants on here believed we would have a a hole of £5-6 million at the end of the season, necessitating a player sale if we hadn't gone up.
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    I thought Harvey Barnes, Che Adams and Jack Grealish were the standout young players I've seen at Carrow Road in similar positions. Ignoring position and Carrow Road, Reece James really impressed me. FInally, Jarrod Bowen and Harry Wilson probably had better seasons although neither really performed against us.
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    Richmond blew hot and cold but he did pair well with Kew Kamara.
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    That feeds into Bethal's comments - likelihood is that the club ran at a big loss last season (factoring in the items he mentions) and the loan is covering the impact on cashflow
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    And two of those actually know what they're talking about!
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    Trust Bethnal to help demystify matters. With BY&G on 'football business', Purple on finances and Parma on tactics - have always thought we are very well served on this message board
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    That's the dilemma, not just for us, but for Jordan too. We're not going to offer a £30k a week contract to him, and its unlikely any other Championship club will either. He'll probably have plenty of clubs wanting him if Wednesday are willing to sell him for £3-5m, but only 4 or 5 will offer anywhere near £20k a week.
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    This was my line of thought for most of the close-season so far, but I'm starting to come round to the idea. We need a 'number three' striker to give backup to Pukki and his challenger, and Rhodes already fits in with the group, probably won't moan about a lack of playing time, and is home-grown. He ticks all the boxes for what we're looking for in a third striker. The only issue is cost. If Sheffield Wednesday want a couple of million for him and Rhodes wants £30-40k a week, then it probably isn't worth it.
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    Dear me, you really do, as I said yesterday, have a “disinclination to admit you’ve got something wrong” even when blatantly so. Falling back on the absurd excuse that you hadn’t investigated what you’d posted and it is somehow unfair of me to have done so.. You claimed Jansson is the current Sweden captain. He is not, and never has been captain as far as competitive matches are concerned. He has only captalned the second string in a few (perhaps only two) friendlies, the latest back in 2018. Granqvist was and is the Swedish captain (as Wiki has it correctly, as it happens, if you had bothered to do even a little research). You claimed Jansson captained Sweden in the World Cup. He did not. You claimed he had captained Sweden in Euro finals. He has never played for Sweden in a Euro finals match, let alone captained the team. All three of the specific claims you made were false. As for the “excuse” that you only consulted Wiki, perhaps you should have taken on board the sarcastic comment from a poster yesterday about the wisdom or otherwise of that: “So now you need to quote Wiki as a standard for accuracy? Marvelous." Oh, hold on. That poster was you. 
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    I was hoping for Vincent Company but now I don't know whether we need to be looking at Prem cast offs. We will be a Prem team next season so why have someone else's past sell by date. I hope we look for youngish, hungry players with bags of potential. I don't know what the club's policy is at the moment but I don't see any value in buying someone in the hope of hanging on for a season. Whoever brought Max, Jamal, Ben etc into the club has done a great job and we can hold on to them them we have a chance of creating our own dynasty, not copying someone elses.
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    Very good news. I'm assuming that Farke will tell the squad that regardless of who was in the team at the end of the season, all places are for grabs in pre-season training. Timm could well be in the starting lineup.
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    I'm not the kind of person who sits and has the time to analyse all our games but from in-depth videos around the web I've ascertained that our propensity to let in goals tended to stem from the lack of bite in defensive mid. Having seen the highlights of Leeds (A) and Reading (H), Roofe carves his way through our centre and that last gasp equaliser from Reading owed a lot to the fact no one closed their player down in midfield before he took his shot. I'm aware a few people are looking at that DM role as a major facet this coming season, but I also wonder, as the stats show above, how much fragility owed to the centre-back pairing.
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    But it does highlight the other side of the "rich investor" argument, that whilst successful businessmen often take calculated risks, when things go wrong they look to minimize their losses first and foremost. Swansea presumably gambled in staying in the Premier League, or were so used to staying up that they didn't have a decent relegation plan. Potter's gone, James will leave, and the only real asset left is McBurnie.
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    I think he means the rumour not being general knowledge, not that he's unaware of the Pink'un.
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    You’re a Norwich supporter of how long and you’ve managed to avoid becoming aware of the Pink’un message board until now?
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    So happy Timm is staying. Class defender and should be starting in my opinion (pre-season pending).
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    In the Premiership he is our best defender. Had he not have got injured v Crystal Palace we would probably have stayed up. This is like a several million pound defender being brought in on a free.
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    Bethnal usually seems pretty on the pulse but just got rekt by this kid making his first post. lmaoooooo This is clearly actually Gregor Kobel posting.
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    Webber might not be a fit for any top six side. Some people work better with constraints and this is where he has excelled. As for ManU I'm loving their dilemma. I am happy for ManC fans and this goes back to my experiences from the early 70s. I hate them more than 1p5wich.
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    Good thing Norwich didn’t worry about whether Farke had evidence he could manage at the Championship level. Potter’s Ostersund team beat Arsenal and Galatasary in the Europa League so he’s had more experience at that level than Farke... Think he’ll be fine and Brighton will be much improved next season.
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    It was that £30m could actually be regarded as "cut-price" that was the point.
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    Seeing as we tend to side foot a daisy cutter straight at the keeper I'm not sure it matters to us.
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    If we'd signed other players the cost of promotion would be the same. Don't fret about which players get what money because it's all gonna go to someone. At least we got a subsidised trip to Wigan
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    .... and if we hadn't been promoted, we'd have lost Max, Ben, Jamal, Emi and Teemu, all for a lot less than they'll be worth with a season in the Premiership under their belt. So, horses for courses.
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    They must have very long arms.
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    Good championship player but my view is he is not Premiership standard. Take off the yellow and green blinkers and forget ' he is one of us '. Thanks Jordan for your efforts last season.
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