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  1. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Tonights relegation games

    Thanks for this, I feel like I'm half way there...
  2. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Tonights relegation games

    None of this really matters, all that matters is my third strip shorts are in the post which means it's just a matter of days before I get to wear them around in the house with the heating up and a fan on closing my eyes and imagining im on a beach in Sao Paulo with tropical birds all around me...
  3. Half Ar5ed Hipster


    Are those cats those weird hairless ones hence the sweat?? I imagine all those creases become particularity moist.
  4. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Are we a better team since promotion........?

    I'd say that's a nigh on perfect assessment. You can add Bryam to exceeded to be fair to him. It might have been naive of us all to have expected Stiepermann et al to have flourish and propelled us up the table, they were offered longer term contracts after all, however equally, the cynical part of me does think it was done because it was clear we'd go back down without any deeper investment. Hence keeping together a competitive core in the Champ season 20/21.
  5. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Tainted Title

    Soft Cell's not so successful follow up single...
  6. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Are we a better team since promotion........?

    Tough question - but no. The cohesiveness and determination to keep going isn't there as much as last season. But you could argue that's because most of the team has no Premier League experience and therefore no nous to see a game out. The team we, perhaps naively, thought could storm the Prem by swashbuckling it just hasn't been up to the task owing to the quality of the individual in some important positions. The team in the Champ was the sum of its parts. If you, hypothetically (and realistically what we really needed to do in the summer), replace those that haven't stepped up to the plate, then we don't really have the same team anyway. What will be very interesting is what happens in the summer window and how the club addresses (and almost likely) relegation with who comes and goes whilst maintaining the football galvanised under Farke over the past 3 seasons.
  7. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Duda’s first day at NCFC 🎥

    Come on, I was kidding!
  8. Hmm.. it depends on a number of things; clubs who want to buy, players who want to leave, the price being right, a successor post sale.. And again, my point hinges on the fact that who we sell isn't immediately backed up by a player who is as good or better. We don't know that. Buendia hasnt set the Prem on fire. Godfrey has been thrown in at a deep end, a bridge too far? Pukki is at the sharp end of an age wedge and suits a particular brand of football (ours). Aarons is a good, I'd happily let him go when we consider Byram has had better games so far. Cantwell is a damn fine player but do we have a replacement more suited to the Champ (should we go down) to help us up again as I seem to recall him struggling in that division last season... There's a lot of sentimentality thrown about individuals but it's the team as a whole that got us up last season, a team yellow (no pun) to the ways of the Premier League. That naivety has cost us so far, it also means we dont they'll be clamouring of other clubs wanting to buy those players who failed to galvanise a Norwich city to survival that we all know is capable of much more than it currently exudes.
  9. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    Just like Razzle when I was 12
  10. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Duda’s first day at NCFC 🎥

    The way injuries have been, im surprised we didnt draft Gareth in...
  11. How do you know that? It's pure conjecture on your part to assume most of the players you like will leave. I think they'll be sales sure, but you dont know who's next in line will be as good, or better, than their predecessor.
  12. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Duda’s first day at NCFC 🎥

    This video was so 'The Office' without even trying, Ondrej looked like he'd just walked into Wernham Hogg to help them increase sales in the regional office stationary fantasy league
  13. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Todd Cantwell at 10 vs Bournemouth?

    'Ang on, we're 7 pts clear of safety but we ain't relegated yet. But sure, could give it a go, but why'd we hire Duda? I say throw Duda in this weekend and against Burnley in the FA Cup to get the lad up to speed.
  14. I'd like better queues to the beers. Better toilets. On a superfluous level. But on a more fundamental level, Premier League mid table enjoyment. Because it's never guaranteed but it's more nail biting and competitive than the Championship because ultimately we'll always be playing to avoid relegation, which, for me, is more fun (when you consider dining at the table of the elite) than aiming for a top 6 Champ position beating the likes of (no disrespect) Rotherham, Bolton, Blackburns et al season on season. We have one of the best infrastructures we've ever had before, so for me, beyond the above what else is there?! Cheaper official merch maybe?
  15. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    We Need More Experience - Sign This Guy!

    I was waiting for a photo of me... I did do 60 mins of indoor five a side last night, finished 9-9, I stopped the last shot of the game between my legs...