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  1. Ah yes. The Scottish lad we were excited to get hold of. Good shout.
  2. Which academy prospects are these? BYG last said Oxborough isnt up to task and he's the only one I can think of off hand.
  3. I know you're not, but if you were you'd disagree that football formations exist for a reason... players instead just 'play'
  4. I think had we have been in dire straights like we were in the Naismith-era then I would be panicking a little too. Now, I look at it like a 'lessons learned' and we have the infrastructure in place to give it a damn right go again without fear of a financial Sword of Damocles above the club's head.
  5. "Norwich are never going to win the league, but they still turn up every week don't they? The pr!cks!" Super Hans, 'Peep Show'. What a quote to live by.
  6. I'm offended by Freddo on a regular basis. What was once a stalwart of the 15p band of affordable sweeties has become a 40p hunk 'o choco. Shameful inflation.
  7. Someone got paid to create this. That's the ugliest thing about it. They could have donated that money to get Big Ben chiming for Brexit instead.
  8. I think we forget that players are just very well paid people who are human too. People like players adopt an online persona, say on Instagram, but what none of us see are the day to day grinds people go through, we in effect see 'best lives' the coolest snapshots. That irks external observers when, lets say, a player has a bad game; it turns into "all that money we pay him and he can't be bothered to turn up this week." You know how it goes. It becomes so easy to add to follow a player and upon witnessing a defeat or whatever, turn to sending scathing comments because it's a vent and a outlet to do so for that person who may be having a bad day on top of their team losing. For some, it's just out and out jealousy - Footballers are seen to have a lavish lifestyle, depicted on various media formats. I'm not saying footballers are innocent of not playing into the hands of a trope however, but I forget sometimes that these are boys. Boys who are just acted like any other boy of 20/21 just with a lot more money and fame. In the instance of Murphys and Todd, who grew up under intense scrutiny from an intense fanbase, this is amplified by the microcosm of Norfolk where we hold 'our own' very tightly to our chests and chastise them viciously if we feel they've acted out of turn. I dont know if clubs do it, im sure they do, but perhaps there needs to be tighter controls or classroom lessons given over social media access for players, especially youth players. This sounds very Nanny State I appreciate however it's horses for courses, if the public behaved better on the platforms then there wouldnt be a need for brother's keeper in the first place. The way I think of it is, imagine you went to work, had a **** day, came home and then opened up Facebook to a bunch of unknowns repeatedly telling you you were useless... I wonder how you'd begin to feel?
  9. Exactly. I feel like we've been indecisive about expansion for near a decade. You all know NCFC is a unique club in that it's the only 'big' one in the vicinity of Norfolk. Given the sort of football we play now, and the expansion and focus on the academy providing the first team some exciting talent, this seems to me a massive pull to kids, youths and even adults getting into the sport. I know a lot of people who haven't gone this year because they haven't been able to get memberships or seats 'cos of fans snapping them up owing to the Premier League status. Sure, if we get relegated the pull might not be so great when we're playing Rotherham instead of Chelsea but again, we're the only 'big' team in the region and still think it would provide a pull. At some point we have to decide. We can't keep putting it off until we're "stable" in the Premier League. Look at Wolves as example, with Moxey (that toe rag) over seeing the Molieneux expansion when they were in the Champ - and they're surrounded by other massive clubs. I feel we worry too much about the 'what ifs' when we've been run well financially for a number of years now. ... oh for a stinking rich Chinese owner...
  10. On the question of those two leaving, I'm fine with it and we're totally in control of the fee garnered. Bryam in his preferred position, Rupp in as cover and probably a new loan player at RWB. As for the centre back position, I wonder if we'll give that lad up at St Mirren a crack of the whip? I'd be pretty confident going into the Champ season with Hanley and Zimbo there with that lad as understudy. It's a perfect advertisement for other quality youth players to get on board at Norwich rather than choose some other club academy to go to. It's us saying "you work hard, you play first team football, you play in the Premier League and you progress with your career." We've started to become a really relevant academy choice for up coming talent in this country, that's pretty damn cool in my eyes.
  11. This isn't the first time you've posted some 'in the know' stuff on the forum, which mostly gets lost... I know you won't tell me, but where do you get this info from??
  12. IB I was being sarcastic, see 'Nuff Said's Forum Bingo posts a few comments back...
  13. Don't forget Jarvis - he stole a living from this club for years, the sick note, made of glass, can't believe he got a professional contract when we knew his injury record... etc
  14. https://www.football365.com/news/old-folks-xi-norwich-alex-tettey-granddad Got passed this today at work, thought it was worth a read for all you 'Tettey Lovers' out there. I did not know that Tettey has never, ever been sent off - either for a straight red or double yellow!
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