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  1. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    We need a Plan B

    Why is there so many blinking injuries?! I’ve never ever known it this bad. Sure we’ve had cr@pp0 players before but never this many injuries! I got injured just picking up my phone checking the match report, zapped my texting thumbs! Wtf is going on?!
  2. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Grim Injury News

    Valid, I was just panicky after a pretty **** injury report. Apologies wavering all.
  3. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Todd Cantwell

    Got a Xmas card from Todd last year and will no doubt again this. It’s his dedication to 24 card multi packs that keeps him focused... btw I’m not joking about the Xmas card..
  4. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Now do you understand??

    I’ve eaten every hat in plain sight because of you.. and it’s very very starchy
  5. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Grim Injury News

    Genuinely bites a55 though. I don’t see what choice we have but to have look at promoting youth or free agents. Gone beyond a joke. And, whether we agree with Waveney or not, he’s right, a lack of investment in a decent CB has come round to bite us. As someone else has written on another thread the fact that we were considering planning on loaning Hanley our suggests we never thought he was up to the task. We now have a DM as CB and a rusty, old servant as our other DM option going into the next few games. You don’t need to wear yellow n green specs to see we’re up against it. But then, you can equally argue this season was a free hit when all things considered “we’re a year ahead of schedule”.
  6. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Pukki Protection

    Oh don’t you worry, Lakey has Kerouac covered. It’s a regular Dead Authors Society on here
  7. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Maddison and Mings

    Mings the Merciless; I'm sure he'll leave a stamp on proceedings..
  8. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Pukki Protection

    I always thinks pete channels his inner William Burroughs when he posts, adopting the avant garde and leftfield 'cut-up' technique. It's actually quite arty.
  9. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Farke - Klose's season could be over

    Any one know what the regs are on free agents? Or indeed if there's any capable about? This is surely now a massive priority. I genuinely can't believe we're staring down the barrel of this centre back mess again, it's like a Premier League lesson we never seem to learn.
  10. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Mr Farke

    One that smokes a **** ton of green.. p.s. Hats off on the Norvic thing, but what about Dereham?! I’m trying to get a vote together to ensure Todd switches on the Xmas lights this year over Chris ‘Harry Potter’ Rankin.. always falls to Chris, but this year is Cantwell’s year I feel! Let’s get those votes in...!
  11. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Mr Farke

    Joking aside, I also think the same can be said of the players who have chosen this club to represent and play for us, their fans. They’ve been just as real and as human as any fan could ask for? Godfrey in his interviews shows the maturity of a guy who’s been a central defender for years and his passion is second to none. Pukki looks like he’s at City College doing a foundation course in carpentry is the most down to earth striker I think we’ve ever had (bar Holt) and Cantwell still lives at home with his mum.. it’s a collective pull, and it’s nuts to be a part of this right now. As an aside, anyone else get teary when watching the new home shirt launch video??
  12. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Mr Farke

    Is that even a thing “Norvicensian”? What about Derevicensiham??
  13. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    People are saying the battle will be won in midfield. Agreed, but at the same time we have goat and also not a terrible defence. I know we give them a lot of flack, probably because of our past experience but again you look at Liverpool and Newcastle I’d say we did a decent job of keeping the scores as they were. Chelsea’s front line is nowhere as competent as Liverpool’s, and their defence isn’t as founded as our forward line is potent. I also think we’re doing a disservice to our central midfield in that Leitner, Buendia and Cantwell are all on form and look at our cup at Chelsea last season, though I appreciate they didn’t put out a full strength back then but in the same vein they’re not now. Realistically a draw would be a fair result for both teams when you consider the strengths and weaknesses both sides deploy and in consideration of the games played. The one major plus we have is it’s on home soil and the crowd will be up for this one more than ever before. So long as the boys keep their heads and Trybull is on his best game I can see a positive result. Either way, we’re on a hiding to nothing and shouldn’t be scared.
  14. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    I can't believe t 1 t got barred... but you caught my drift hopefully
  15. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    To be fair to you I do like a bit of **** for tat, maybe you're the new scapegoat we've all been looking for?!