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  1. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    In consideration of Mullins' stance on the club's pockets and, as someone else has already mentioned, a CB on a loan (with a view to buy IF Norwich stay up) and back up to Onel should injury occur again. Given Roberts didnt featured in the absence of Onel it's pretty obvious he won't at all now.
  2. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Are we going to survive ?

    In terms of 19/20 Premier League retention, not sure but overall, yes, the club will survive
  3. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    Oi! I’m not advocating that at all. It’s what I interpreted from the EDP. Which I think is pretty low and negative to be fair given their standards. Im just trying to get an idea of perception, what bothers me about the EDP is they’re very quick to be negative without offering a balanced opinion at the moment
  4. Brighton is great fun! So no idea why Ads is not taking advantage of the night life! Silly sausage
  5. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    404 not found

    Yes. And it’s because of the waffle from Adam 72
  6. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    Reading Paddy’s recent Pointers, no.2 seemed to hint at Farke’s potential sacking if things don’t pick up post break.. Thoughts??
  7. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Dominated the game ?

    That, for me, is word of the week. And I’m going to add it to my lexicon. Never thought of it and it’s fantastic!
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  9. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    It starts and doesn’t end with Farke and Webber. They came into play at a time when this club was on its knees. They picked it up, and started an influence that I hope will continue into the years post them leaving. Prior to that we had players like Lafferty, Naismith and Bassong on silly long term contracts that only served to undermine the clubs resources. It’s **** now but look at Norwich, dining at the table of the premier league having spent nothing in summer, having a team that can and will compete, having an ethos which will outstrip most modern clubs. Better this than the desperate attempts at spending on old heads who have no standing for the club they kick a ball for. It’s ****, our current suffering, but the future is well considered rather than be a Bolton or Sunderland or Stoke.
  10. I think to be fair we got promoted far too soon, far sooner than the infrastructure predicted. We’re here on merit threadbare n all. It hurts like fk, however we have to think we’re here having started again more or less from scratch. Though I appreciate it doesn’t resolve fans’ disappointment going to games to see losses, overall the club is building stronger to a positive future than it was before. I’m struggling to see positives right now but also, considering context, Farke and the boys are completely inexperienced in one of the most unforgiving football leagues in the world. We will compete and it will happen at some point. It doesn’t end with Webber and Farke, they’re merely the being and foundation of a club that prior, was overspending and heading rapidly to being outmoded.
  11. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Interesting Comments By DF

    The simple plans are the ones least likely to go wrong.
  12. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    What’s the problem?

    I kind of feel it's a perfect storm, if you want to call it that, of: A young, inexperienced squad An inexperienced manager Injuries, though beating Man City with injuries kinds of takes away this mitigation And, having not spent enough on some players with Premier League experience over the summer to bolster the young 'uns. It's probably not what we want to address but according to 'the plan' we're a year ahead of where we should be, it's not ideal, but the parachute money from any relegation, plus extended contracts on some of our better youth, means we either sell them for much more or keep them for another promotion push, financially better off given the stance on self funding. I appreciate that doesnt help answer the current predicament, but Burnley seemed to be doing ok having been relegated that first time a few years ago, keeping Dyche and then bouncing back to become an established bulwark of mid-table. I look at it like those early days when Webber came in as essentially starting again because we were in such poor shape financially without a fit-for-purpose academy. Now we're fit with both. The results sting, the negative media tidbits do too, I try to ignore that and think bigger; we've only just started again and we're slowly getting back on track. Think back to when we had Bassong, Naismith, Lafferty etc on extended, juicy contracts.. those mistakes shouldn't happen again.
  13. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Man Utd meltdown

    Oh without doubt we are the underdogs. I saw the Man Utd Lpl game last Sunday and Man U suffocated Liverpool whilst providing enough on the counter in James. Arguable their goal should have been disallowed but though for the most part they were boring they were also dangerous when the hammer was down. I wonder whether our defence will be able to cope against the pace of James though in fairness we’ve done it before playing Swansea, his pace won’t be surprising. It’ll rely a lot on Farke’s forward four and whether Buendia decides its his day. Been a little off since Man City for me. Either way we’re not Southampton so that’s good with me!
  14. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    Man Utd meltdown

    It’ll be like the Chelsea game I feel. Very close to call. Would love a draw, would be in seventh heaven with a win. I mean.. it’s not unimaginable given Man City but equally the Villa result was sickening. Plus football is evil soooo.. a draw for me.
  15. Half Ar5ed Hipster

    We need a Plan B

    Why is there so many blinking injuries?! I’ve never ever known it this bad. Sure we’ve had cr@pp0 players before but never this many injuries! I got injured just picking up my phone checking the match report, zapped my texting thumbs! Wtf is going on?!