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  1. Well done, that man! ’Stat’s’ my weakness too, but again only if there is actual work to be done...
  2. This is the alternative route you’ll want then: Then: Then search for pinkun.com in the search box, wait 53 years for it to display pinkun.com, and delete that. Wipes cookies etc. for that domain only.
  3. Great point. It could be the golden goose effect. Wonder if there are stats floating about on losing Emi vs losing Teemu vs both. Not sure if we’ve played enough league games without both to tell, and I wouldn’t want to experiment ...
  4. It’s also possible the club’s option is conditional - eg linked to a pay rise and/or to Premier status. Hoping these boxes will be ticked in Summer ’22 in any case...
  5. The key lesson from last time. Players who look really great at champs level don’t automatically do so at the elite level. Sounds l obvious yet so easy to forget in the flush of (not quite) dominating tier 2. Of those, I suspect we won’t even have Skipp. Gibson was surplus to requirements in the prem. Hopefully the other two will translate. However brutally speaking, if we’re repromoted I’d expect the club to have to upgrade most positions to stand a chance of staying up Agree with the observation about big athletic prem players, I’d say not just the midfielders. Players tended also to be fast and relatively skilful even at the lower table level. It was the tactics (not the players) that were direct/simple but they didn’t need to be too clever to beat us.
  6. And if we can see that.. it’s unlikely the opposition coaches are blind to it
  7. I’d take that deal Although Mario is not the free kick assassin he was 2 years back (possibly down to not getting starts till recently) he was missed when we got a couple of classic ‘top corner’ opportunities - having already been taken off for Onel, not that I disagreed with that at the time. Shame he can’t match that quality in his open play, although he does still provide many magical moments like that back heel return for Todd’s recent goal (v Stoke I think?). Imagine a cross between him and Emi...
  8. I watched the no-commentary version on Ifollow. Now you mention it, it felt a bit like eating Smiths Salt n Shake.. and not adding the sachet! Seemingly all wrong but actually... nicer?
  9. Tactical... tactical, comrade. Many of the blue-faced brigade were actually wishing for a heavy loss to speed his departure. The numbers 7 and 0 were spoken of in particular
  10. They impressed me (till our 2nd), in a way that I didn't enjoy. Our fluent passing at speed though, at times... once that double-headed monkey of missed pen + conceding was off our backs... frightening
  11. I was actually trying to throw on the cold water but ended up exciting myself typing the C-word so much
  12. Champions elect? Prospective champions? Championship candidates? Potential cha...
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