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  1. Red Sox are the Manchester City of MLB. The 5th most successful franchise of all time, in both regular and post season win-loss stats. Best times were in recent decades. Red stockings (not sky blue?!!! Ed). Obvious choice for glory-hunting Norwich fans
  2. So Suede win on all 3 classic parameters of time,* quality and price *at least in the sense of being even more ancient and decrepit than me. No idea if their set is longer than the articulated simians’
  3. Finished 3-3 but Turkey must feel that as a kind of defeat. Well done, o Danel Boy
  4. Begs the question whether it‘s a hard withdrawal, or is he staying within single ‘oil, fish & irnbru’ market.
  5. You’re not suggesting it might be <sips and gulps>… coffee?!
  6. Tbf winning should be the only objective, no? But yeah, Rodgers won’t come here because we’re not losing and couldn’t afford him even if we were. Not convinced Dean is the man long term, personally, there’s a caretaker feel at the moment. But as long as he’s getting points consistently, he’s got his chance to get better and prove otherwise. I do hope it’s either that, or a relatively painless separation and match-made-in-heaven type replacement. Just don’t want a detrimental run of results mediocrity to develop, wiping out promotion hopes while he gets benefit of the doubt
  7. A comedy of errors Unfortunately only in the sense of a radio 4 style ‘comedy’ ie no humour in sight
  8. Do we detect some wistfulness from Bert? While the big fish wants to boycott the board and for this to be a message bored On Marky Mark and his funky toe-dipping , I must say I much prefer this angel who fears to tread approach. Vastly more reassuring for the (potential) future than some born-again pension fund rushing in with much fanfare.
  9. Maybe they traded Norwich jokes, so: Tzolis: “Ah, van Wolfswinkel!” RvW: “Christof Tzolis!”
  10. Highest number of shots so far - but below-average in goals scored per shot. The latter issue sneaking us (just) inside the ‘energetically wasteful’ camp instead of the ‘constant threat’ we need to aim for when attacking. (To join Burnley & Sheff U who are getting the attributes right) In the ‘formidable’ group defensively (along with Shef U, Watford, Burnley & Luton), by keeping shots against us low, as well as a low goals-per-shot-against conversion rate. Promising start, but improvements needed. Hopefully the first disappointing 4 or so games really dragged down the stats and we’ll continue as we left off last week.
  11. In a good way (eg special place) or bad way (eg rough end)?
  12. “For the first time in many seasons neither the opposition or Burnley fans know what the starting 11 will be and which specific tactic will be used” ”After last Friday there would be a few changes if I had my way. I'd goMuricVitiniho THB Egan-Riley MaatsenBrownhill CullenBenson Churlinov BastienTella” etc etc https://boards.footymad.net/showthread.php?t=38295230 You’re welcome!
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