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  1. Correct, i won’t be the only one who’s read the “Sick of him now, where’s the money, the club’s languishing, he’s a jerk” type commentary and caught a whiff of familiarity
  2. <Sigh> If nobody else is saying it… It’s going to be a Long week
  3. And Smiffy as assistant. Our legacy to Wales
  4. We should have agreed a special clause where he took the reigns for the championship seasons & became assistant to A.N. other in the Prem
  5. Given you’ve posted a pic with your full name in the past, I’d be super careful about what other public exposures you confess to
  6. The most obviously predictable end to a 2-0 lead against Daniel Farke
  7. What we know about how this match could unfold: Farke brings potentially game-changing subs at 85’ far too late to make any difference the game Nevertheless Leeds prevail, final score 6-7 with a last minute winner at 103’ Er. That’s it.
  8. RIP Bobby Charlton Apt that it’s announced during the classic Saturday game slot Edit: Tributes already on this thread:
  9. Got to be four back2 back sessions of LOTR extended editions, no? (He’d miss the final 104 mins of return of the king canary but hey, what’s an executive car for if you can’t catch up on some streaming)
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