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  1. GenerationA47

    Bristol City

    Well, thankful that this sounds nothing like any of our fans this season
  2. GenerationA47

    Other Clubs Forums

    Me too. Out of interest, Badger, did you just read the colourful list of club names? Or did you read every single post on all 23 message boards? I simply am asking.
  3. GenerationA47

    Free Beer

    Thassa wherry good pointer bear buh
  4. Ooh, can’t help with that but here you go, two or three more for your shortlist ! Krul Klose or Godfrey
  5. GenerationA47

    Ipswich Then and Now

    Well, I’m allowing I might have got it wrong but just felt it’s food for thought. For sure he’s done everything else to sully his reputation here.
  6. GenerationA47

    Many a tear has to fall..

    Yes, some beautiful scenes depicted
  7. GenerationA47

    Ipswich Then and Now

    Still, despite everything - as someone who’s felt relatively bitter towards PL over the years since he left - there are two things I noticed this weekend which have made me pause and consider . First, he refused to say if he still holds a soft spot for us, when asked in the pre-match presser. His reply was quite telling - something like he wouldn’t be saying it in the circumstances. And secondly, what he wore on the day. Plain black and no I*****h allegiance in sight. After all the insults he’s hurled our way, from before he even left if the accounts are true, to losing it on the touch line yesterday, I believe he’s actually been respectful towards Norwich in a coded way.
  8. Alternative assessment: except when it does, but it doesn't matter because "form is temporary, class is permanent" (As a certain set of fans like to recite, rather more spuriously... Now I can't for the life of me remember which club's.... but how apt for yesterday)
  9. GenerationA47

    It's Snowflake Friday...

    The Friday joke thread was good though
  10. In Norwich we say “quote me nappy”
  11. GenerationA47

    Can Only Hope For Good News.

    Fellow Canaries Nantes appears to be thinking along the same general lines https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/06/nantes-demand-transfer-fee-from-cardiff-city-for-emiliano-sala
  12. GenerationA47

    points neeed

    Impressive if we can pull it off, given preseason and partway-into-season expectations What period do you take as Leeds’ current average - you mean whole season to date ?
  13. GenerationA47

    They Really Love Living In The Past, Don't They?

    Daly’s an out and out racist. He recently managed to use the phrases “Asian paedophile gangs” and “black drug gangs” in a single post. Sadly, the thread was deleted so the evidence is gone
  14. GenerationA47

    Don’t boo lambert...

    Gotta be innit to NCFCwinnit Great plan, and a delicious extra meaning to celebrating Mr PL What’s not to NCFClike!
  15. GenerationA47

    Don’t boo lambert...

    Really? No iota of distinction there?