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  1. GenerationA47

    Brentford v Leeds

    So much for ignoring others’ results and doing the job ourselves! So much to improve over the summer... But - we’re nearly back!!!
  2. GenerationA47

    Today’s games 🐥

    Goooooooallllllll !!
  3. GenerationA47

    Today’s games 🐥

    Don’t tease, I’m watching on live text!
  4. GenerationA47

    Worst case scenario?

    All of the above, plus a great dragon appears from the north, lays waste to the county and takes up its terrible residence in Beeston Bump
  5. GenerationA47

    Today’s games 🐥

    Although I hardly think Spies are labouring under a great injustice, by being on later, as Ashton apparently believes
  6. GenerationA47

    Is this you?

    Stoke have Harry Potter... we have Dave the Spotter
  7. GenerationA47

    National Press Coverage

    Citeh fans generally all right. They know where they came from
  8. GenerationA47

    Ref Watch on SSN just now

  9. GenerationA47

    National Press Coverage

    Sorry for the unintentional large letters in the middle there!
  10. GenerationA47

    National Press Coverage

    Right - though that kind of stuff happens all the time, certainly not defending it just saying although a talking point, it wouldn’t exactly be newsworthy?! I actually didn’t notice either offence and neither did the tv directors, that I saw. Vrancic also then had to actually produce the skill to score the FK. Whereas handballing a goal surely should be anathema to a professional football player , was really blatant on viewing the replays (admittedly ref could easily have missed it), and is basically only one better than simply pencilling in your preferred score on the scoreboard - in my opinion.
  11. GenerationA47

    National Press Coverage

    Have any of them picked up on Fletcher’s scummy Maradona moment though? Can’t believe more hasn’t been made of it . How he could then celebrate that act I can’t fathom.
  12. GenerationA47

    Matchball sponsor experience

    We get too few matchball sponsor write-ups! Was it for your pa’s (or whoever’s) company or was it personal?
  13. GenerationA47

    You ****** Beauty!

    You’re a lucky flouncer
  14. GenerationA47

    Looks like 92 is needed

    A win and two draws (plus maintain better GD) or 2 wins from 4 games now needed to guarantee champions / promotion
  15. GenerationA47

    Today's Games - Good Friday!

    News flash!!! My battery’s still at 19%