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  1. Me too- working from home hides a multitude of football-supporting sins. Most at work are fans of Chelsea or one of two red north-west based monoliths, but luckily they are all nice people…
  2. With all due respect, **** with knobs on to you, and all the man-children whose only idea of fandom is to demand magic money men… and scream when the magical world stubbornly continues to remain in your imaginations. With all due respect!
  3. Pretty sad, I have to say, and resigned after the one-two of these home defeats. Praying we don’t set a new PL record this year. Wondering if Webber’s still got what it takes in inspirational head coach recruitment, if it comes to it by say November. Hoping DF pulls something amazing out of the bag and rams my fears down my throat
  4. I’d hazard a guess at ‘the likes of’ Heading South, yellow_belly, non scoring strikers, Yellowhammer, sack the chef and now keelansgrandad
  5. I see the whole season as a risky gamble on new players clicking as a team, which I think is probably the club’s only choice . This game is a gamble too, could go any way, like many others (if we’re lucky). I’m not more concerned about Watford than any other opponent because I’ve always expected us to go down If anything I’d say it’s exciting as potentially a first win. Think it’s important we wipe the slate of our record low PL points last time
  6. None of the posts on this thread so far make any sense to me, either on their own or as an ensemble. I don’t mind. To quote Robert Brown: I simply am stating a fact.
  7. Yes Mr C has rather graciously come on here since, via ‘a friend’ (the kind on whose behalf people ask for ‘intimate health’ advice), a la Penny post above, to explain - although pointedly not to excuse - some stuff he posted. He’d been going through a rough patch and regretted affecting others. Fair play Along with others, I missed that period myself or at least have forgotten.
  8. Steady on there According to The Stats I joined in the 04-05 Prem season - not quite half a lifetime ago. This was the only half sensible place for exchanging half-sensible nonsense (plus a few facts thrown in). Plus ca change. Who’d have thought I’d start as I meant to go on.. my first post a naive, pompous long-winded essay, which ended thus: All sounds very theoretical & removed from fundamental activity & values of the Beautiful Game, but in our post-Chase club, successful expansion wouldn''t have to mean tycoon politics and corporate exploitation. All the suggestions above will only be made possible by continued footballing success and producing/bringing in big-name players. But they''d contribute, along with Worthie''s team''s all-important efforts, to sustaining and improving on that success in the long run.
  9. We don’t know if it’s bad treatment or what (what if it’s him who’s acted the ****!), but more generally I agree & it’s definitely a question a journalist could and should ask. People are arguing that DF’s just not impressed by his ability to improve or even match our non-specialist DM options. Not normally one for ‘throw on the guy who’s not being picked!’ But...What happened to ‘prove it on the pitch’? This point may be moot (not ‘mute’ guys! Not mute) now Normann’s here but it’s been a puzzle in his absence, and it will be again if Normann doesn’t work out, gets injured etc
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