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  1. GenerationA47

    Matchday casual staff pay

    “‘Er Indoors“ doesn’t really narrow down the reference these days
  2. GenerationA47

    Furlough & relegation

    Yeah and Spurs
  3. Easyyyyy! Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch Sutch But thanks for the challenge, was fun while it lasted (Would have been Huckerby... but Man City...)
  4. GenerationA47

    Earth Hour 2020

    Good stuff. For extra points & biggest impact, switch off every non-essential load That includes tv and most electronics. But obviously not the second, third and fourth fridge-freezers - the ones with the emergency refreshments and viennettas.
  5. GenerationA47

    National League null and void

    The outstanding games would surely just need to be played. Not great, but a lot easier to find time to fit them in than the full 92 (PL games remaining)
  6. GenerationA47

    National League null and void

    Sure, although we’re talking extraordinary times which call for desperate measures. If Leagues, FA, players and TV agree to rules and contract amendments*, the changes can be made. *Or at least if a compromise can be engineered which reduces the likelihood of court action and its chance of success
  7. GenerationA47

    National League null and void

    Best suggestion yet, in my view
  8. GenerationA47

    Corona Virus main thread

    Aha got you, thanks for clarifying ! From ITV’s website: “A spokeswoman for XR UK told ITV Central the tweet "in no way represents" the group's position, and said she "absolutely, wholeheartedly condemned" the message. "It looks like the account was dormant for a long period of time - and it's never tweeted anything like this before," she said. "We're trying to make contact with them but they're not communicating. We don't know for sure who it is, but it screams of being a fake account." “
  9. GenerationA47

    Corona Virus main thread

    @ron obvious all true in general, but how can a regional group of environmentalist collective Extinction Rebellion (XR) be termed far right?! (Must have missed summat here)
  10. GenerationA47

    So.....can I go to work today?

    Why that exact number?
  11. GenerationA47

    Corona Virus main thread

    There are police? What do they look like, how will we know if we see one?
  12. GenerationA47

    EDP lazy reporting

    Hahaha - I actually quite literally missed that! Well spotted.. (Makes my post look knowing & ironic, so I should keep quiet)
  13. GenerationA47

    EDP lazy reporting

    Admittedly a strange non sequitur of a sentence, out of context ! But no weird apostrophes’.. so I’m not complaining..
  14. GenerationA47

    EPL new plan

    Surely this must be all fantasy stuff, designed purely to appease/blindside those who desperately don’t want a void season, and the broadcasters. Come June the PL will have to say, ‘oh well- we tried’ best endeavours etc. but impossible still, force majeure don’t you know. Then they’re in a clearer position to resist the legal assaults.
  15. GenerationA47

    Dangerous Stuff

    Rounding? 99.5%..