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  1. If you’re right.. is this the away changing room wall where they painted over the pink?
  2. And may I be the first to say [your wife is a babe*] that I hope we don’t get our Ducksch in a row *for all you Wayne Campbell fans. ... Oh, that’s just me then
  3. This is just too far into the future for me to plan for at the moment, I’m afraid All joking aside, I got a card each for the home & away memberships
  4. You forgot to add “blah blah...” at the end For the record (and staying in character), this season I am mostly supporting Liverpool.
  5. Not a defender... terrible stuff from Delia & co... don’t know what they’re doing, pocketing the parachutes, blah blah..
  6. It makes sense, as generally speaking wages will be a much purer reflection of the value the player is to the successful buying/retaining club. Transfer fees do include that but also the context-specific value of the player to the selling club at the time, the price & availability of alternative players at the time (including ‘do nothing’ option), etc.
  7. Has any club ever retired their no.1 shirt? One for the footie mastermind brigade. For me, like installing statues, it’s an act for truly exceptional circumstances and irreplaceable players. There’s no reason for every club to do either tribute. Still, not suggesting it can’t be discussed
  8. (Given the era, it’s possible the canary supply industry was on strike or shutdown that summer? )
  9. Perhaps corresponding to the aberration in August & September 1972. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Norwich_City/Norwich_City.htm Despite apparent success on the pitch Norwich were temporarily crestfallen
  10. Not I. However, covidia has thrown & continues to throw up more surprising turns of events than us potentially ‘staying on our Todd‘.
  11. Old school British footballing philosophy sounds just like old school British football these days: simple, direct and magnificently, uselessly ineffective
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