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  1. GenerationA47

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    I do like him as a player, not going to lie though
  2. GenerationA47

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    He really wasn’t great at Old Trafford..
  3. GenerationA47

    Sticker book!

    Same. See my earlier post for what I have available PS but obviously go to Herman first, his collection is huge!
  4. GenerationA47

    Grant Holt 😂

    Finished scoreless
  5. It shall be known as the John Bond, unless it’s a ‘keeper in which case the Kevin Bond* (* yes, am aware he was a defender...)
  6. GenerationA47

    *IF* we go down...

    Aren’t a Bmouth in a similar position to Villa, in respect of ffp rules and pending punishment -avoided by PLpromotion- or did I just imagine that?
  7. GenerationA47

    Been conned

    If they told you that you personally would have a high chance of a ticket - regardless of demand - or that the scarf is silk, then yes, you have been conned. Otherwise - I would respectfully contend that your post is tinkerbells
  8. GenerationA47

    Duda signed

    Far better late than never! If nothing else, it’s a message to the current players - (negatively) up your game and (positively) we’re serious about staying up
  9. Yes to that, although our team did keep giving us hope every so often even till the end (only to give the ball away every bloody time). For me the truth is somewhere between you and Rhino. Our fans were decent enough at the start, but soon gave way to almost acting like a home crowd (almost!). That made the “shall we sing a song for you” and “sshh” etc. rather odd and stupid-seeming, given the Stretford End were actually constantly noisier than us for most of the game, props to them - it was no Emirates-style morgue. i got the impression a high proportion of our support yesterday were probably part-timers like me. Anyway, what I was seeing on the pitch felt a bit like a kick in the teeth and I didn’t feel much like singing much of the time. Bizarre how our players would build up a move only to just pass it randomly to the opponents. Or other times they wouldn’t bother with the promising move first, just passed themselves into trouble wherever they were starting, from including our own box. Don’t know about others but it was almost like our best chances started coming when Krul started kicking it long, beating their high press and taking them by surprise. Severely lacked Pukki though on several occasions... poor Idah is unsurprisingly not Teemu and was unable to make our attacks count. Not blaming him though, he’s only young, first full PL start, was heavily marked and Pukki has honed his effective style over many years .
  10. GenerationA47

    Pressure on man utd

    Not granted
  11. GenerationA47

    Duda done deal according to father 🙏

    Isn’t Idah our forward cover now, or have I been naively seduced by the performance against Preston B...?
  12. GenerationA47

    Pressure on man utd

  13. GenerationA47

    DJ Thrills the Crowds.....

    Great turn, move and strike. Loved also the slight falling-short of the target and huge bobble to get it in the back of the net. Was like a little tribute to the standard of the league, don’t take the p or act all billy big-time and all that.
  14. GenerationA47

    Man U vs man c

    Can’t be the case, I’d understood Manchester to be a drugs-free city