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  1. Woodman

    Is Lambert heading for a new record?

    Very good point about our Championship squad in League 1, which I believe he himself said in the press conferences before our game. I can't believe his performance - which is worse than Hurst's - isn't being questioned. Or is it just resignation that relegation was inevitable from the day he was appointed?
  2. I thought that too. Wrestling with the fact that Hearts will probably be offering him less than 25% of what he's currently earning from us. Here's another angle on it: https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/hearts/why-would-i-not-try-it-hearts-striker-steven-naismith-on-possible-mls-switch-1-4875163
  3. Woodman

    Bristol City

    Don't concede many do they? 9 in all those games - 2 of which we scored, and Ipswich got 2 of the others, so they can't be that good!
  4. I can't help but think it would have all gone away if Bielsa had just said 'sorry, I hadn't realised that this isn't OK in England', rather than setting up a long, protracted and totally bizarre presentation to justify himself and his club.
  5. Couple of huge games next weekend - ours and Sheffield United v West Brom. Leeds have Bolton at home. Then it’s Leeds v West Brom the following weekend. We could be battling it out with West Brom rather than Leeds and the Blades by then.
  6. Woodman

    Help please!

    The seats I saw were in the lower tier, so not very high up at all, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it from where you are...
  7. Woodman

    Help please!

    Personally, i don't like the view from so low down, the pitch is almost above you, so it's difficult to get the perspective of where the ball is, especially at the other end of the pitch. There are a couple of individual seats higher up in Block T Lower River End when I looked. You may also find that some become available next week if Bristol send any of their allocation back - mind you, they're going well, so they might sell out. Apologies for the sensible reply!
  8. Woodman

    Staying in Lancashire

    Leeds would love that... no need for binoculars.
  9. West Brom website: Dwight Gayle has been suspended for two games by the Football Association after being found guilty of simulation in this week’s 2-2 draw with Nottingham Forest. The Club supports Dwight’s view that he was attempting to avoid anticipated challenges in the 89th-minute incident which led to a penalty award for Albion. Although disappointed with the outcome, Albion have regrettably concluded any appeal would be fruitless. Clever wording - enables them/him to say that they don't think he dived without further upsetting the FA.
  10. Woodman

    Dear Mr Declan Rudd

    Sensible piece of refereeing in my view - he saw Rudd punch the ball away (yellow card), then saw the silly push from Aarons (yellow card). Don't like the over-reaction from Rudd, holding his head when Aarons pushed him in the chest. As per the Dwight Gayle thread, I wonder how long it'll be before someone who feigns injury from a shove in the chest gets an FA charge.
  11. Woodman


    Don't think he'll drop Stiepermannm, we need his height - especially against Bolton and to give Krul the option from a long kick when we are unable to play out from the back. I don't think Farke will panic about last night, but the defensive 2 midfielder system didn't work last night and I was confused by the change in system, Aarons, Lewis and Hernandez seemed to get in each other's way.
  12. Go to the planner, on channel 403, select the live game and it'll bring up the other games, then record the one you want.
  13. The two previous cases have resulted in a 2 match ban for the player.
  14. King, you can record the match from the red button via Sky sports Football channel. Then you can pause, rewind etc. The only problem is you have to put up with the terrible camera work and shocking commentary - its Try-bull not Trebor! On Rudd, I hadn't realised he's 28, only 2 years younger than Krul. Played well last night (Rudd, that is...).
  15. Woodman

    Farke new contract imminent

    I'm told this is definitely the case - the example given to me was of Krul reprimanding two younger players who had left their empty plates on a table at Colney, expecting someone else to clean up after them.