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  1. Woodman

    So is Friday a must win?

    Not an absolute must-win due to the number of games left, but a very important one for morale and confidence building. It has the feel of Hughton's last home game (West Brom?), when they beat us and left us needing wins v Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal & Man U. Had we won that game, I think we'd have stayed up.
  2. Woodman

    Team for Watford

    Sounds like Deeney is also likely to be fit, possibly only from the bench, but he poses a threat
  3. Woodman


    Farke doesn't seem to like to change things too much, but he has to acknowledge that 4 defeats out of 5 (and 2 consolation goals), means we need to change things. If Amadou is fit, I'd go with Tettey and Trybull in front of him and Godfrey and try McLean behind Pukki, with Hernandez and Buendia supporting them. We also need to find a way to get Pukki into more threatening areas - he seems to have only had one or two half chances a game in the last few matches.
  4. Woodman

    VAR - F*ck off

    Easy to say that when you've just won 3-1 for your first away win since February and saved your job.
  5. Woodman


    That's my point - it's more difficult for us to 'do it better' in the Prem because of the opposition and our players need to make better decisions about when to do it - giving the ball away is resulting in more goals against us. It worked once v Man City and we played very well against Newcastle, but mistakes have directly resulted in goals against Man U, Villa, Burnley, West Ham and Palace.
  6. Woodman


    I thought we looked much better in the 2nd half with Stiepermann offering much more physicality. However, we have to stop giving the ball away in our own half by trying to play our way out. Two of the goals yesterday came from that, as did at least 3 against Villa. Keeping possession is fine when you're in your opponent's half, but little triangles when you're 30 yards from your own goal is inviting trouble at Premier League level. Having said that, the long ball isn't the answer unless you have someone who is physically able to chase that long ball down. Onel and Marco should start next week for Leitner and Cantwell.
  7. Woodman

    VAR - F*ck off

    Regardless of whether Young should have got a straight red, he should have been on a yellow card already from a previous bad foul on the half way line about 5 minutes before that awful challenge. ManUre's best player yesterday was the one in black with the whistle (and his friends watching the game 200 miles away).
  8. Woodman

    VAR - F*ck off

    Seems to me that taking so long to review the decisions can only mean that it’s too difficult to change a decision, so you have to back the original one made by the ref on the field. Neither were ‘clear and obvious errors’.
  9. Woodman

    Duncan Forbes

    "Club legend" is bandied around far too easily these days - Duncan Forbes rightly deserves this accolade. Once his playing days were over, he continued to work for the club, I vividly remember him organising the coaches at Carrow Road for Club Canary trips all around the country. I worked for the club for a short time in my teenage years (1980s) in the player's tunnel and he always had time to speak to everyone, young or old, and always with the loudest Scottish voice. I plan to re-read his chapter in Tales of the City tonight - choked me up first time I read it, I daresay it will again tonight. https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/duncan-forbes-the-legendary-hard-man-who-made-norwich-city-history-1-5214543 "Keep your voice down to a roar!" up there. RIP Big Dunc.
  10. Maybe we'll do a Spurs and turn the stadium by 90 degrees, meaning 3 seasons playing at Portman Road... I'm joking by the way...
  11. Woodman

    Toddy in training

    Good to see these 4 back and hopefully available. We know Klose and Zimmermann are out, who knows if Godfrey has had enough time to recover from his hernia op and whether Hanley's groin problem is still keeping him out. Defence is still a worry.
  12. Woodman

    Casino Royale

    https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/james-maddisons-friend-punched-man-1-5659677 I suspect he earns a little more than £7k a week now...
  13. Woodman

    Casino Royale

    There have been lots of rumours that Southgate is testing Maddison to shrug off his billy big blocks attitude & concentrate on being the very good footballer that he is. If what Southgate is reported in this article is true, it can equally read as a criticism.
  14. Woodman

    Webbers Interview

    It's chicken and egg. Against Man City, there was a collective backing as we all knew we were up against it. Against Villa, there was an assumption (wrongly, given the £150m they've spent in the summer), that it was the same Villa that we took 6 points off last season, so there was some expectation that we'd roll them over again. As it turned out, they outplayed us, and as mentioned, the only increase in backing came when we were denied a penalty and after McGovern's penalty save. It then kinda petered out when it became obvious that we were never going to get back in the game (after the 3rd and 4th goals). To be honest, I didn't hear any real discontent, just disappointment, with some acknowledgement/recognition that we had 6 or 7 first choice players missing.
  15. Woodman


    That was a fairly harsh red card for me. Very harsh to judge him on one 20 minute performance. Can we have another example? Oh, and what about the last minute of a certain game v Ipswich, I'm sure it was him that chased down a loose ball and crossed it in for Klose to head in to preserve a 10 year record... Yes, he's probably behind Godfrey and Klose for first choice CB, but certainly worthy of a squad place.