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  1. Woodman

    Is Klose close?

    That's harsh for me. When Pukki helped him out, he was shepherding him away from goal and ready to tackle (as the last man) when Pukki took the ball off him by surprise. I thought he did ok on Saturday & the EDP were harsh with their 6/10 rating. Klose's injury record worries me. I was hoping we'd get at least 30 games out of him this season.
  2. Woodman


    and Krul...
  3. Woodman

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    I don't think you can under-estimate just how good Liverpool's front three are. ANY of our 4 CBs would struggle against them. I also think Aarons had a torrid first half against Origi - was that down to Emi not supporting him defensively? Re Stiepermann - I hope I'm wrong, but I wonder if his awkward style of keeping possession might not work as effectively in the Prem. Sharp, incisive passing opens up defences, so players like Buendia, Cantwell and Leitner should thrive in that position. What they don't offer though, is the physical presence to hold the ball up if and when we need to pass it out long from the defence.
  4. Woodman

    10 years ago today

    As someone once said, if you want to see a rainbow, you gotta have some rain...
  5. Woodman

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    There are 2 Chalobah brothers - Nathaniel, who plays for Watford (having been on Chelsea's books since 2010 - he's now 24) and Trevor, who played for L1pswich last season on loan from Chelsea (who he joined in 2016). I thought he was L1pswich's best player when they played us in February. Nathaniel would be a good signing in my opinion.
  6. No one's mentioned Alex Tettey or Ivo Pinto. Last season when both were out of the team (Tettey injured, Ivo just not involved), they both stopped for photos with my son. I know they are expected to be polite and friendly, but there was no arrogance or ignoring of us. Both asked him what he thought the score was going to be and made him feel great. Actually, just remembered, Nelson also stopped for a photo once, he was alright too. For my 40th, played golf on the NCFC golf day with Mark Barham. He was a nice guy too, dealing with some real personal tragedy too at the time. Big Dunc was an absolute gent too - the Club Canary days with him as host on the coaches were brilliant. Not Norwich, but the funniest was when I got Bruce Grobbelaar's autograph & he drew glasses and a moustache on Kenny Dalglish's picture in the programme!
  7. Woodman

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Being pedantic, it was away at Stoke, he ran 50 yards to close down the ball then just clattered into and through the player - completely unnecessary. I liked Gary O'Neil, very steady player.
  8. Woodman

    Defending Set Pieces

    Sometimes it's more about the second phase of a set piece. We have players capable of winning the first header, but then getting to the cleared ball earlier or preventing it from coming into the danger area is something I think we could improve.
  9. Woodman

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Fair points, and to have retained all of our squad from last season without any sales at all, is in itself an achievement. We knew last year that Maddison would be going, then the money we received for the Murphys was an unexpected bonus. That said, the gulf between the Championship and the Premier League is huge, so it does feel like a bit of a gamble to go into the new season with 4 new players and none in positions to address the number of goals conceded as replacements/upgrades on the incumbent players.
  10. Woodman

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    The kit in question - and 3 of the best players of the time...
  11. Woodman

    VAR Extra Time

    No, it's not visible from the Barclay end (though they can rotate it, but even then I don't think its visible from the upper tier). Not sure away fans can see it either. Perhaps there should be a stadium announcement to go with it?
  12. Woodman

    VAR Extra Time

    I think its shown on screen when a decision is overturned (e.g. an offside not given & then the goal is disallowed). Not sure about red cards or penalty decisions.
  13. Woodman

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    Bet we will - as Bethnal says, it'll be in the Errea contract somewhere that we will wear the red kit and the grey one in 9 or 10 away games. Gone are the days when we only wore an away kit if we played Wolves!
  14. Woodman

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    Agreed. Go for the training wear, dafabet logo is much more subtle and no angry friends logo or whatever it is on the arm... https://shop.canaries.co.uk/training/adult-trainingwear/
  15. Woodman

    VAR Extra Time

    Undoubtedly there will be more extra time as a result of VAR, but, as we saw in the Women's World cup, it doesn't always equate to how long play was stopped for! I think there's some research somewhere that said the ball is only in play for around 60 minutes in a game. There will be howls of derision when we're 1-0 down and only 5 mins is added and there have been 2 or 3 incidents reviewed. I wasn't at the game (watched online) - but Atalanta's second goal on Tuesday was reviewed, but I think I'm right that there seemed to be no indication of it at the ground - only a ref standing with his hand to his ear for a minute or so while the VAR official spoke to him. Likewise, the skirmish between Srbeny and the defender seemed to be under review for a good 2 minutes. It was obvious on TV as the cameras were focussed on the ref, but how did it appear in the stadium?