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  1. Woodman

    Who replaces Buendia?

    Completely depends on what the ref puts in his report - I’d expect it’ll be violent conduct, so 3 game suspension.
  2. Woodman

    Blackburn match

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11684799/sky-bet-championship-fixtures-live-on-sky-sports-norwich-leeds-sheffield-united-and-aston-villa-all-in-action £100,000 for every home game?
  3. Woodman

    Bavarian Farkesody

    I'm probably way out on my own with this - but I don't like the s(um reference. Don't get me wrong, it's brilliant, but I'm just not a fan of calling them 's(um'. And ultimately, I'll be very surprised if the club and the BBC play it or support it because of that. Very cleverly adapted and enjoyable otherwise.
  4. Woodman

    Lovely SkySports article on Emi

    Agreed, I think a ‘clever’ Premier League player would have contrived to turn that tackle a penalty. He’s conceded a couple of penalties this season. But of course it can all be overlooked when he does things like he did v Hull.
  5. I actually think Krul would be fine if we go up, but there are a few good young keepers out there - Pope, Henderson (I don’t like his arrogance), or what about Randolph if Boro don’t go up. Or Sam Johnstone at West Brom? and I agree re McGovern’s influence at Colney, more to it than just being a number 2; his comments on the statement certainly imply that.
  6. Yes, I guess the point is, they've seen enough to offer him a new contract rather than letting his current one end and letting him go. Presumably the difference between his situation and Ruddy's is the wages (I haven't watched the 2 hour interview...!).
  7. I'm surprised too, but Farke clearly sees more than we do & it sound like he adds more to the club than being a back up keeper. Oxborough might end up out on loan next season I guess? So, we have Rhodes, Passlack, Pinto, Klose, Wildschut, Jarvis, Naismith and Tristan Abrahams out of contract in June 2019. I think all bar Klose and Abrahams will go. Then Tettey, Krul, Vrancic, Stiepermann, Franke, Raggett, Husband and Oliveira out of contract in June 2020.
  8. Woodman


    The thing I noticed is how Wolves used a long pass out of defence well - into a striker who was able to hold the ball up. (If we get there) I think teams will close us down quicker and we won't have time on the ball as we have in many games this season (like Swansea and Sheff Utd did). Wolves also look physically bigger than we do as well. We don't have height and strength in midfield and up front. I think we'll need that next season.
  9. Woodman

    Seat numbers

    I'm in row GG in the South stand which is about 10 rows from the back of the stand, so EE would be about 3 or 4 rows lower down.
  10. Woodman

    Hmm, what are Derby up to?

    Are they?! Well, I never knew that! you'd have thought someone would have mentioned that before now...
  11. Woodman

    Next season: what do we need?

    I was watching the highlights from Fulham's game v Man City & thought how weak their keeper looked. Seemed slow to get down to shots and for the first goal (after appalling defending it has to be said) he seemed to make a really lazy attempt at saving the shot, almost putting an arm out in the general direction of the shot in hop that it might get in the way. On the negative posters crawling out after our first big defeat, I think the club has a real opportunity to be very positive about our approach next season - committed to youth development, self-funding, belief in the way the club has got to where we are and how it'll be our approach going forward etc.
  12. Woodman

    Next season: what do we need?

    or did you mean Carter-Vickers, who is on loan from Spurs? If so, I agree, very good player.
  13. Woodman

    Cardiff v Chelsea

    Must be the cost - I think I'm right in saying that its only been used in the FA Cup this year when games have been at Prem grounds. Perhaps they'll show the replays on the big iPad in the corner!! (joke before anyone says anything!).
  14. Woodman

    When did your love begin ?

    Most of them would have been smoking at the game then too! For me it would have been around 1974/5 (I'm 51). My dad was the head gateman and we used to go with him, hang around the ground for a couple of hours and get in for nothing. I can remember one of my first games v Arsenal I think, an evening game, where the fog hung around the ground and I watched it sitting on the bar of the floodlight between the Barclay and Main Stand. Once all the gatemen had cashed up, they would find a seat in the main stand in what's now the Snakepit area to watch the game. I later worked in the Executive Lounge and the player's tunnel when I was 14 or 15 I guess. One brilliant memory is when Liverpool came and Grobbelaar signed my programme and drew a moustache and glasses on Dalglish's picture in the programme! Brian Clough shook my hand after Forest beat us one time too (I congratulated him and he replied 'Thank you, young Man').
  15. Woodman

    Player of The Season

    5th - Krul 4th - Zimmermann 3rd - Aarons 2nd - Buendia 1st - Pukki. Very hard to leave out Lewis, Stiepermann, Hernandez, Leitner, Godfrey and Trybull! It says a lot that the supporting enchilada of Klose, Hanley, Vrancic, Rhodes, Tettey and Cantwell is so experienced and would be first choice in their positions at most other clubs at this level.