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  1. Woodman

    Team for Bournemouth

    To be honest, Leitner might be good there too. I don't think Bournemouth play the same high press that other clubs do, which doesn't allow Leitner the time and space to do what he does best. In theory, any combination of our central midfielders should be capable. At the start of the season, I'd have said, on paper, Amadou and Leitner would be our best combination, but no-one apart from Tettey has really grasped that position and made it their own.
  2. Woodman

    Team for Bournemouth

    Let's face it, only Cantwell came out of the Man U game with any credit. I'm thinking the same about Byram. I agree with playing Duda if he's ready to start; really don't know anything about Rupp, so I'd be really surprised if he started him ahead of one of Tettey, Amadou, Trybull, Vrancic, MacLean or Leitner. Everyone's assuming Godfrey and Pukki are both fit to start as well. So, assuming all the above are fit and available, for me, its: Krul Aarons Zimmermann Godfrey Byram Tettey Trybull Buendia Duda Cantwell Pukki
  3. Woodman

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    We're certainly not going to sign him at £15-20m, especially with Duda already signed and with Cantwell, Buendia & Hernandez plus MacLean and Stiepermann as back up. The other question is, is he better that what we have already got? Has never played in the Prem and I seem to remember him being pretty anonymous when we played them at home last year - could've been a one off performance of course as we were rolling teams over with ease by that point in the season.
  4. Woodman


    On new signings, if Duda and Rupp are improvements on what we have, that's great. With every signing we made last summer, bar maybe Amadou, I struggled to see who they were 'better than' in our squad. And that was what we needed then and what we need now. I'm still hoping for a centre back and a back up striker.
  5. Woodman


    I assume the 9 in the corners column is goals conceded? Another negative stat for Zonal marking. If Fahrmann can stay fit, I assume we'll see him at Burnley in the cup.
  6. Woodman

    *IF* we go down...

    I think our home games are going to determine our fate. We have Bournemouth, Liverpool, Leicester, Southampton, Everton, Brighton, West Ham and Burnley. Realistically we need to win 6 of those 8. I accept that we've only won 3 all season and haven't done well against teams around us, but if we can just get a win and some belief back, who knows. Away games look grim - Spurs, Newcastle, Wolves, Sheff U, Arsenal, Watford, Chelsea, Man City. 5 of the 8 look like defeats to me.
  7. Woodman


    someone suggested 3 at the back with Lewis and Aarons pushed further up. We haven't had the luxury of changing formation at the back all season due to at least 2 of our CBs being injured at the same time. That's also had some impact on when and how Amadou plays. With no direct replacement on the bench, it's unlikely Farke would play 3 CBs and Amadou in the same side.
  8. Woodman


    Interesting how The Athletic's MB says no and the EDP's 'Chief Norwich City reporter' is claiming we are in pole position (albeit by regurgitating a Bristol Post article). Who has the better inside knowledge?
  9. Woodman


    Can't win, can we - "we must sign someone, anyone!". Then when someone does sign its only on loan. Oh, and he hasn't signed yet! Sounds very promising to me - competition / an upgrade on MacLean and Stiepermann and a current international footballer.
  10. Woodman

    Vote for Adam Idah

    Even with my yellow and green goggles on, Wilson's goal for Livarpool was pretty special...
  11. Woodman

    January window.

    I do agree, but at the start of the season we had Klose, Hanley, Godfrey and Zimmermann as our 4 CBs, and unless we's signed another top quality one, they were always going to be given the opportunity to play - and many of us thought they were good enough, despite the 58 goals conceded. Personally, I think Klose and Godfrey would have been our 'best' pairing, but I don't recall them playing as a pair at all this season and injuries to all of them have destroyed any consistency in that area. But yes, I take your point that it is/was an area that needs/needed improving.
  12. Woodman

    January window.

    There are 8 league games between now and mid-February when we can realistically expect Godfrey and/or Klose back. Hanley and Zimmermann have been out for a long time, so its unrealistic to expect them to play all those games without back up (and not Amadou / Tettey as stand-ins). We simply must sign a centre back who can improve how we defend.
  13. Woodman

    Stewart Webber in Gunn club

    As well as us, I'd say it's between West Ham, (plucky) Bournemouth, Southampton, Brighton, Villa and Watford. Everton will improve. Watford looked ok v Man U yesterday, but I haven't seen a Man U side play as poorly as that for years. There's a side of Webber that is obstinate, defensive and bullish - he's never going to admit that he got it wrong in the summer and we do have to thank him for putting a halt to a strategy of signing players like Naismith. That said, to stand any chance of survival, we need one or more defenders who can come in and improve how we defend set pieces. I agree with whoever said that the way the team plays has a direct influence on how the crowd reacts. We saw v Man City and Arsenal that, as the underdog, we all pulled together. On late subs, with hindsight (easy, I know), Hernandez for Cantwell and/or Vrancic for Trybull once they'd equalised could've signalled our intention to go and win the game. Though replacing Cantwell would have been harsh in my opinion as he looked very good again.
  14. Woodman

    Fire sale

    Sadly, that's the legacy he will always have with us and will always be used as the measure by which all future buys are made.