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  1. Scoring goals is a huge problem at the moment, so we need to find a way to address that. The obvious way is to play 2 strikers and provide them with better opportunities to score. The diamond worked ok at Sheff U in the 2nd half, so, if Cantwell is injured, I'd go with a midfield of Tettey Buendia MacLean Duda behind Pukki and Drmic.
  2. I think Webber and Farke thought Amadou was going to be the player in that role, but CB injuries saw to that happening. So we're left with Tettey or Trybull +1 as the defensive 2 in front of the back four. One thing we need to fix is the number of goals we're scoring, so maybe the diamond midfield is the way to go with Pukki and Drmic up front. I'd also like us to get Buendia playing much closer to the strikers rather than collecting the ball in the centre circle or in his own half.
  3. Djenepo sent off for Southampton so out of next week’s game. watford losing 1-0
  4. I'd imagine they're waiting to know who we're playing first and when! Just kidding... I expect they'll go on sale as soon as we know when it'll be played i.e. tomorrow/Saturday and be on sale until Tue/Wed next week for ST holders. Don't forget a big chunk of tickets in the South stand will be going to Derby/Man U - they'll have up to 4,000 I imagine.
  5. I agree with most of the OP's thoughts. With Buendia, we have to find a way to support him in how he plays and accept that he may sometimes lose the ball or try something over elaborate. Godfrey gave him a right rollicking at one point! He's got better at knowing when and where to do this, but watching him jink his way into the box in the first half reminds us why he has to play. Equally, Vrancic, Rupp and Cantwell were just as guilty of giving up possession easily last night. We as fans have to accept that this is a huge part of the way Farke wants us to play - even if we sometimes take an age to have a shot. Of the outfield players, Hanley was my MoM last night. He's been excellent in the last few weeks.
  6. All 4 ties will be live on TV, so these times / dates will change for sure. If Man U win, the game will definitely be on Sunday 22nd or Monday 23rd as they have a Europa League game on the Thursday before. Sunday 22nd is Mother's Day... just saying...
  7. Totally agree - Kenny and Tettey were excellent in stopping Maddison from playing. We were also very good at not conceding free kicks in and around the penalty area, though the number of corners conceded was less impressive. However (I'll say this quietly), we do seem to be better at defending set pieces recently - Hanley's presence is a major factor in that.
  8. It's certainly a very risky strategy. I could understand it (and said so) for Liverpool, where we knew we wouldn't have much of the ball or Emi might get caught in possession more often. But the games are running out and we need wins in the games against teams around us and a couple of unexpected results against Leicester, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City, who we face before the end of the season. Everton and Sheff Utd are chasing a European place too.
  9. I saw that DF also bemoaned only having 3 fit centre backs for 2 out of 27 games this season. I know it's bad luck, but I really don't understand why we didn't at least get one in on loan in January. I guess in the 3rd week of Jan, Godfrey, Zimmermann and Hanley were all available and Klose was 'only' 2 months away, but then Godfrey got himself sent off and we were back to square one for 3 games and now Amadou's gone and Zimmermann's got injured and we're back to Tettey as a back up CB!
  10. Y&G - do we add Jaiyesimi to this list - seems to be doing ok out on loan at Swindon?
  11. If I knew how to find it, I'd love to re-read that thread - one of the best ever on here in my opinion...
  12. Oxborough will be back & we have Archie Mair as well - I think both are well thought of as back ups.
  13. I thought Rupp had a pretty good game v Liverpool & at Burnley. He, and 8 or 9 others had a stinker at Wolves. For me, Duda needs a player closer to him when he receives the ball with his back to goal. I think he and Emi would work well together. It's worth pointing out though that neither has scored or even taken many shots at goal. I don't blame Farke for playing Rupp in the last couple of games where we were going to be on the back foot for most of the game, it made sense to have someone who should be more solid defensively than Emi. Leicester might be another game where the opposition are going to be on top, but but we're running out of games to be playing on the break and trying to nick a win
  14. Yes, in hindsight I probably would have been one of them; I felt we needed a strong defensive midfielder as I didn't think either Tettey or Trybull were going to be strong enough in that position. As Webber says - it hasn't worked out for him due to those two being picked ahead of him. I'm not wholly convinced that they are, given our position in the league.
  15. I generally agree. Say we sell Aarons for £20m; we have Byram as a ready replacement, when fit, so (I hope) we go out and spend £2-3m on a back up who supports if the main man gets injured. Same for Lewis - we have MacCallum next season. I guess what we won't do is go and spend money on '£10m rated' players like Amadou and are priced out of moves for players like Jarrod Bowen - an 'established Championship player'.
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