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  1. You genuinely think Cantwell's main attributes are "running around a lot" and "energy"? Interesting
  2. He's got a better track record than most (all?) of the coaches linked with us, hasn't he?
  3. No - zero interest. Have remarked to friends recently the same thing. It's a sign of how broken football is these days. How can our fans look at this team, understand the amount of money that would have to be spent to even get it remotely competitive in the PL, and then be excited for the prospect of another PL season? Which teams have genuinely managed to establish themselves in the PL and start competing for European football? Once upon a time, people would've pointed towards Stoke or Portsmouth..
  4. Wagner better not try and sit on this for the whole second half
  5. SvH is only here because, if we don't go up, Sarg is probably off in the summer
  6. We said essentially the same thing at almost the exact same time. Completely agree.
  7. Webber managed to convince himself so throughly of his own genius that he cannot comprehend, even for a second, how incredibly disastrous his media work has been over the last couple of years. He's completely tarnished his reputation, and severely damaged that of the board. If I were the friends and family of those mentioned in this comment, I'd be absolutely livid, and potentially litigious.
  8. Would've taken that before, during and after the match. Sarge really can't come back soon enough
  9. And what would you have suggested with the bench they had? We all know there is plenty to be unhappy about in general but let's have some sense of realism and perspective..
  10. Been pretty disillusioned with it all recently (let's be honest, for quite a while now). Just saw the lineup and came back here to say, WTAF. Omnishambles
  11. Be fair to the guy, it must be hard coming to terms with the fact that the zombie corpse of Jordan Henderson is still a better option than your own son.
  12. England put 3 past Scotland at Hampden in a 150th anniversary match. You: it was only a friendly! England draw with North Macedonia in an utterly pointless game. You: England failed to beat the 66th ranked team! Scotland have footballing greats like Jack Hendry and Ryan Jack in the squad. You: Scotland don't have a weak squad! England have Henderson, Phillips, Rice and Bellingham in the squad. You: Gilmour would walk into this team! The only player I fear is Kane! As someone else said, it's like you're dedicated to crushing your own credibility.
  13. Not Lyndon Dykes or Lawrence Shankland. Besides, I wasn't making comparisons with England - there are some really poor players in that Scotland squad. The likes of which, if you wanted to compare, wouldn't get within a country mile of the England squad. Players like Grant Hanley and Kenny McLean.
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