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  1. That fee is way too low and it'll be a real shame if he goes
  2. This is just preparation for the news we've all been waiting for. The return of James Husband.
  3. "Ineffective" "prove he's a championship player" Good one
  4. An RAF spokesman updated the community last night, "We had many reports yesterday afternoon of an extremely loud noise that rattled windows and scared animals. RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled as we tracked an unknown object on radar. Upon further investigation, the police are pleased to announce that there is no danger to the public. The source of this noise has been traced to a Mr Przemysław Płacheta who was witnessed breaking the sound barrier at the John Smith's stadium. The RAF have requested that he should file civilian flight plans if he intends to do this again. We are sure that the local Huddersfield community will be pleased to know that he has no current plans on returning to the area in the near future".
  5. We'll always love him for the goals in the run in, especially THAT free kick, but I'd be surprised if he gets more than a handful of games this year and it's hard to see him even making the bench (if we have no major AM departures)
  6. As you've alluded to, he's nowhere near mobile or defensively sound enough to fit the system we've got. The signing of Sorenson is probably a hint as to the profile they're looking for in the midfield. "Pinging 40 yard passes" isn't really a benefit given the way we're setting up.
  7. Just seen this, missed it in real time. He must be the fastest player we've had since Eadie
  8. He came up big at vital moments of the previous Champs season but I struggle to see where he fits into the system now
  9. Vrancic isn't incapable of doing what Kenny did today, they're very very different players.
  10. 2 stonewall pens, no red card for Todd. VAR would've, should've, could've..
  11. Nothing to do with Skippy, everything to do with the pathetic flack Todd gets..
  12. Ruppinho is going to stick a 25 yard rabona into the top corner. Just watch.
  13. Probably disappointed that Todd has been our best player this half
  14. That is excellent from Teemu. So many strikers wouldn't have done that
  15. Seriously, the Cantwell hate is absolutely ridiculous.
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