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  1. vlad666

    Match Night Thread -

    Pathetic. Not just buendia but trybull as well.
  2. vlad666

    Team V Man U

    When vrancic is fully fit I’d love to see him in steipermanns position.
  3. vlad666

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    I imagine he must have really impressed at their training camp to go from substitute to captain. Top player.
  4. vlad666

    Farke - Klose's season could be over

    Biscuit bones.
  5. vlad666


    If it’s fitness im surprised he hasn’t featured for the -23s to help get him up to speed.
  6. vlad666

    Huddersfield’s kit 😳

    Been charged
  7. vlad666

    Ruddy muddy

    You’re welcome buddy.
  8. vlad666

    Ruddy muddy

    Yeah, I thought he came across really well. Genuinely nice guy and very talented.
  9. vlad666

    Ruddy muddy

    For anyone interested, bbc1 7:30, our favourite Norfolk artist is on. He’s done a few pieces on Norwich.
  10. vlad666

    The elephant in the room.....I'm going to ask it...

    i mostly like the way we are doing things but it would not break the bank to sign a couple of players for a total of 10 million per say. We haven’t addressed our weaknesses from last season and were obviously up against better players now. Have we given ourselves the best chance of staying up with the funds available? I don’t think we have. Fingers crossed it will be enough.
  11. vlad666

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    That’s fine mate. It’s all about opinions. I just feel they don’t offer enough protection to the defence. They’re both not very mobile and you often see opposition midfielders running off the back of them, exposing our defence. Also I’d just love to see someone in there with a bit more bite.
  12. vlad666

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    Leitner and trybull together doesn’t work in my opinion.
  13. vlad666

    That’s your lot!

    I suppose my disappointment is that we haven’t improved the first eleven, just the squad.