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  1. Established in the prem. breaking our transfer record spent and received for a player. Plans drawn up for our ground extension.
  2. No disrespect intended but I fell out of love with international football years ago. The bias of the players called up mixed with the passionless displays. Playing for England used to be the pinnacle for players but caps get handed out too easily nowadays. The bulldog spirit of Italia 90 is a distant memory.
  3. Don’t like that side. Think we’ll struggle physically. Only Gibson and Hanley are strong in the air. Set pieces could be a problem.
  4. I see what you mean. I just think mumba and Aarons would work really well together. Also defensively a bit more solid as mumba can cover if Aarons bombs forward.
  5. I’d have sorenson alongside skipp and mclean further forward.
  6. Dennis man to Parma. https://app.football-italia.net/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.football-italia.net%2F165492%2Fparma-pick-dennis-man#article/footballitalia-165492
  7. He definitely needs time and farke has an excellent track record of improving players. He doesn’t, understandably, look very fit and his sharpness isn’t there. Will be useful for the rest of the season but personally I can’t see him being good enough to start next season if we get promoted. Hope to be proved wrong though.
  8. If we extend his contract and get promoted I’d assume like others his wages would increase dramatically. That would be a massive waste of resources for a player, who in my opinion, is nowhere near good enough for the premier league. The only way I see him staying is if we fail to get promoted.
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