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  1. I wasn’t taking about you, I was making an observation about how threads seem to steer off topic. as for having the club at heart, this forum is infiltrated with trolls from other clubs, so I was making the point that all comments are not coming from a Norwich viewpoint.
  2. Are they allowed to approach agents? I know direct contact with players is illegal.
  3. How many times does a good topic end with in-house arguments? Most of us have the club at heart. I just wish some people would just refrain from a derogatory reply just because a poster they disliked commented.
  4. There was rumours on Twitter mate. Said we were in talks. No idea if true
  5. Would think that’s the end of Vrancic and steiperman as they’re well down the pecking order now.
  6. Can’t see anybody wanting him on his current wage. Maybe a loan away at best.
  7. If our transfer budget was discussed I can imagine wanting that to be kept in house. Can’t really think of anything else that needs to be kept from us though.
  8. I’m sure people think upon promotion you get 100 million plonked in your bank. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. What most clubs, with rich owners, do is spend out of their personal wealth until that money comes in and then take it back. Basically an interest free loan. We obviously don’t have rich owners so can’t do that. You could go to the banks and borrow money and spend trying to survive. You’ll be paying big interest on the loans either way. This coming season will be the time to judge the boards ambition with regards to transfers.
  9. Also var is meant only for obvious errors. Surely if nobody protests it can’t be obvious.
  10. You can’t spend what you don’t have. Now this season is coming to an end it’s clear we are a good few players short of survival. We could have pushed the boat out a little bit but with our bad luck with injuries I’m not sure it would have saved us. I’m really looking forward to next season. Plenty of new players and hopefully building for a better crack at the premier league.
  11. It’s not about not taking up the extra year. It’s about treating staff properly. Either way he deserved to be told rather than be left in limbo.
  12. Aarons- wolves cantwell- everton buendia- a Madrid godfrey- Newcastle
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