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  1. Excellent. Hopefully you’ll get a response. Keep us posted please.
  2. Yes mate. Really explains it perfectly.
  3. This really hits the nail on the head for me. https://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/2022/10/28/how-can-we-unconditionally-support-an-approach-that-we-dont-fully-understand/
  4. Well worthington was sacked after getting beaten by Burnley. Here’s hoping
  5. This game feels like we’re back in the prem where we can’t touch the ball.
  6. The decline in Aaron’s is remarkable. Nunez was very bright when he arrived. His movement impressed me. Making space off the ball to receive passes. In the space of a few weeks he’s turned into another of smiths statues, giving the person in possession no options at all. I really think it’s a huge coaching issue and the longer they’re been here the worse it’s gotten. There’s only one option now and they need sacking asap before this season is wasted.
  7. I’ve tried to get behind smith but I just don’t get any enjoyment out of watching this. I don’t care about the results we’ve been picking up. I feel nothing towards this team.
  8. The wording about Hayden makes it sound like Newcastle’s physio department doesn’t see it the same as ours. Regarding payment surely we will be paying for him as soon as he signed his loan contract. He’s not on a pay as you play contract.
  9. Krul wasn’t picked for the squad but they wanted to use him just so they could practice their penalties against him. He refused so van gaal basically said his international career was over. He wasn’t going to be picked anyway or go to the World Cup. I don’t blame krul for getting the hump as it must seems bit demeaning if they only want you for penalty practice. On the other hand you’re helping your country.
  10. Not a fan at all. Playing 4-3-3 when we don’t have a defensive midfielder is ridiculous. I’d go 3-5-2 and then we can get Sargent closer to pukki as he’s wasted out wide. The gap in midfield today was frightening. It was like we were playing 4-1-5. I know people bang on about style of play and I agree but I don’t even see patterns of play. The amount of misplaced passes is ridiculous. Even though we’ve won games I don’t think we’ve played well yet. We’ve got some really good players for this level and with the right formation and style I think we’re capable of getting promoted with ease as this looks the poorest championship I’ve seen for a while. Unfortunately under smith I think we’re going to make it hard work and have to settle for a play off place.
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