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  1. Is he in the room with you now? y’Alright.
  2. I’m probably in the minority here but I don’t rate Nunez. Too slow and weak when played deeper and doesn’t offer much in goals and creativity further forward. Keeps the ball ticking over nicely so might suit the new manager.
  3. Wagners either delusional or being dishonest. I’d have more respect if he came out and admitted how terrible we were. Apart from maybe Gunn everyone was off it. We were so lethargic, weak and second best in all departments. A special mention to Stacey and McCallum though. I’ve never seen opposition wingers have so much time and space. Utterly clueless defensively when up against decent players. Here’s hoping for an improved performance Saturday.
  4. Regarding Hanley. Those serious Achilles injuries often result in the player never being the same player again. Especially effecting pace and mobility. Gibsons wages are massive and there’s no way he stays in my opinion. Adegboyaga potentially looks the best of the lot. I assume most will be loaned again next season with one retained to be around the first team.
  5. Very poor first half. Look very slow and weak. Sainz the only positive.
  6. Idah wants to leave due to not being a regular starter. He’s on a huge lengthy contract. Knapper needs to generate funds and getting him off the books is a good move. Vanhooijdonk has hardly played in Italy but his record is good in Holland. His attributes seem to fit perfectly and is a definite upgrade on barnes. If it doesn’t work out we don’t have to buy him. What’s not to like 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. I can’t believe how many people seem to accept this utter mediocrity as the new normal. The ambition from the club seems to have disappeared.
  8. Our owners always get too personal with the staff that are hired. Professionalism goes out of the window and you end up with long drawn out amateur decisions happening time and time again. I can’t see our club progressing until the lot of them are gone.
  9. Seems like we’re after someone not mentioned so far. Waiting on that club to buy first.
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