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  1. vlad666

    Anyone else learning a new skill?

    I’m trying my hand at sobriety. Not that great at it though.
  2. vlad666

    FA Chairman - season won't be completed

    Surely they can’t enforce relegation if the games aren’t completed and it’s mathematically possible to survive. I’d imagine they’d be massive lawsuits.
  3. vlad666

    match thread

    Our midfield is so powder puff it’s embarrassing. Men against boys.
  4. vlad666

    match thread

    Too many passengers today. Duda is been anonymous.
  5. vlad666

    match thread

    Godfrey and Hanley ball watching. Pathetic goal to concede.
  6. vlad666


    He’s a beast for his age. So composed as well. If we get relegated I can see him fighting for a first team place. Loaned out if we manage to stay up.
  7. vlad666

    Grant Hanley

    Credit where credit is due. He was brilliant tonight.
  8. vlad666

    match thread

    Needless freekick by buendia and our aerial weakness exposed once again.
  9. vlad666

    Kenny Mclean

    Personally I don’t rate McLean but we are short in that position. I also think him being 6 foot might be one of the reasons for his inclusion. Looking at our side last night, apart from Hanley, we our quite a weak side especially in the air. When Aaron’s, Lewis and godfrey all play in our back four together, we tend to look vulnerable from set pieces. For me Godfrey should be playing in mcleans role but needs must at the moment and farke seems to prefer him at the back.
  10. Due to his age I couldn’t really see English clubs paying big money for pukki. If, say a Chinese club, came in and offered him huge wages you couldn’t blame him for accepting it at this stage of his career.
  11. vlad666

    Philip Schofield

    Don’t see the need for anybody to “come out”. Who cares? Straight people don’t need to pronounce they’re straight.
  12. vlad666

    Central heating

    Have mine set to kick in when the temperature drops to a certain level.
  13. vlad666

    What constitutes a good breakfast

    Free range and 4 minutes 20.
  14. vlad666

    What constitutes a good breakfast

    I had boiled eggs and soldiers this morning. Can’t beat a full English though.
  15. vlad666

    Bid for a left back.

    Being loaned back for the season apparently.