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  1. Not sure. From recollection I think the transfer was sudden and out of the blue so not sure if there was time to worryvabout injuries,because our finances were fecked. Didn't we sell him and Jon Newsome on same day in desperation?
  2. Last case I recall was the Colchester chairman when we nicked Lambert lol
  3. Wouldn't sign anyone who refuses to play for his current club
  4. If Aboh has indicated he will definitely leave, then don't give him development games, play someone who wants to stay.
  5. We do have the players.. we compare them to Farke teams and they are well below, but compare them to teams in the league and we are top 6 easily. A good coach with a single minded drive for promotion would get us in play offs comfortably.
  6. In fairness to him he has been a goal threat at times, I think as is the case for years, he's a central/10 player that we play out widely. Even Wessi wasn't great when played out wide. But that's the main issue. We don't play players in their best position. Gibbs up front? Nunez or Sara often the deeper midfield, at times Nunez was the deepest defender with the centre backs wide on the half way line. And Barnes..he's a passenger. I'm not sure we have ever played the ball to him to hold up with his strength and lay off to oon rushing attackers. We cross in hope not aiming for him. He doesn't even press tge GK or defenders now. We need a vision and philosophy. A coach to deliver that philosophy and players to fit within that set up
  7. We are still crap defensively despite what Wagner claims. We may score 1 or 2 but Watford will score 3+
  8. I remember it as Ronaldinho too.. needs the 5 syllables to fit I think
  9. They beat us at Carrow road......with the help of a floodlight perhaps
  10. Crap defending but an annoyingly good and inevitable fk goal
  11. Typical Didn't Webber just waste more of our money on a swimming pool at the training ground!!!
  12. There's a shop down near anglia Square, Aladdins Cave? Tjat sells lots of old programmes from different clubs I'm sure wld take them
  13. The hand over thing is pathetic. Let's not forget Webber actually quit in January but only made that public in June. We should have had a new SD in place for the summer ready for this season.
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