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  1. I think it's partly due to our players not being great in the air. Hanley could easily have had 3 or 4 goals from corners and is often first to the ball. I would like us to mix it up a bit and do the occasional short corner routine
  2. I'm not against a Rhodes return, if cheap, but mainly in almost a Tettey type cameo role, to use his experience in the last few minutes to win free kicks etc and as a last throw of the dice Idah reminds me of Harry kane when he was here, think a season loan somewhere is needed so we definitely need a genuine alternative to Pukki
  3. Have I imagined this, or was he voted best England player during one of our tournament failures.
  4. Yes, . Didn't he have a testimonial with us? I vaguely recall Gary lineker,Lee Chapman and Leslie ash(Chapman's wife) being there. Just to show how small margins can be i think that was also the game Robert Fleck made his debut in. 1 player went on to score 83 goals in 300 games and the other got about 45 minutes.
  5. I still think of the days when we sold our best talent to Coventry!! We have come along way since then It sounds a fair price in today's unsure market, but I'm sure there would be a sell on clause too which could be a hefty sum too
  6. greenwood Maddison. Foden. Sterling Grealish. Henderson Shaw. Stones. Maguire. Alex. arnold Pope.
  7. In Dean's defence, if the ball hit his arm in that position it would be a foul and handball so why shouldn't it be a foul if Sones head get hit instead, accidental or not. I don't think it was a red but I can say that about penalties given with the slightest touch or ball to hand or offside by a pubic hair. Most football fans need to stop being **** and stop moaning about refereeing decisions so much, just accept it and stop crying.
  8. Not sure of the sizes now, from previous experience a Normal L is XXXL in football shirts
  9. Not really seen enough of him to judge but he has all the attributes. I would have like him to get 15mins v Millwall, I also think he's work a try in Place of Placheta as Wide attacking player
  10. I wonder if it's related to Covid-19. Didn't he have a positive test then a negative one a few months ago, not sure if he actually had it but I have heard a few instances of people being more prone to bad viruses or illness after having Covid.
  11. Think his dad passed away before the 89 SF, and yes was injured v Southampton and went in tgevoxgen tank to aid recovery for 92 Never understood why Lee Power wasn't a sub with fleck a risk, power was in good form in the run up. Wembley helped me get over the play off final loss in Cardiff. I pray one day something happens to help me get over Sunderland. Going back to the 89 SF which obviously got put into perspective that day, am I right in thinking we were due to play Sheff wed in the league at Hillsborough on that day?
  12. I thought he maybe tried too hard at times. Sometimes players need to doing the boring simple things first then look to impress going forward. Suspect he may start v Millwall but Sorenson plays v Swansea.
  13. Their man marking of buendia and cantwell allowed Vrancic the time and space to waltz through their defence and should have scored. Other players have got to take advantage of the space We also need to take advantage of the close marking by winning free kicks and getting their players booked.
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