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  1. Bruce got Newcastle 1 more point than us with a vastly superior experienced team. He's definitely not the answer.
  2. He could have had 6 yellow cards against us to be fair
  3. Coming out as the first gay player could actually be lucrative. Yes, he would get abuse 100%, but would it be any worse than the racist abuse we see all the time? How often does a footballer have a chance to be THE first anything. He would become a hero around the world
  4. I thought he did well too but krul punching vydja in the face looked a pen to me
  5. I suspect they will both start. Definitely need the physicality of Sargent but Pukkis movement is important too as long as we keep through balls on the ground and not expect him to win high balls. I suspect we would go 532 again but with emphasis on physical battles. Krul Gibson kabak hanley Aarons williams normann Lees-melou Mclean Sargent Pukki
  6. To be fair, they could remove the wall and just leave Messi or anyone else as a draught excluder and we still wouldn't get a shot on target from the fk.
  7. We are going to struggle to get 11 wins over 2 prem seasons let one this 1
  8. Either way we need to settle on a formation and stick to it even if it's 352 We are not good enough to change formations against different teams.
  9. I'm pretty obsessive about games, probably like most. Holidays, weddings, funerals, il still find a way to follow the game but occasionally I will avoid the game as superstition when we Reay need a result. Last time I did it was when we beat Everton 2-0 so, I'm trying it again this weekend. If it works, I.promise to avoid every Game!!!
  10. We have a gun, but war is all missiles and fought with computers these days.
  11. Lambert got lucky with having Hoolahan and Holt and then built around them. Farke had Buendia and Pukki in a similar way.
  12. That's the point. I see ppl moan about zonal marking everything we conceded and I tell them zonal marking only applies at set pieces, but we really do defend like we are zonal.marking in open play. Pukki would score 30 against our defending.
  13. In theory, setting a team up to defend should be the easiest thing to do, for a coach. Sort the defence out and the midfield and attack sorts itself. We need to set up for an ugly 0-0, no worries of scoring or winning, just keeping a clean sheet.
  14. I think we need 4231 So.. Normann Sorenson Cantwell McLean tzolis I'd hope sorenson will help make us more solid but also offer good cover for the LB
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