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  1. glory.win or die.


    I'd happily lose in 3rd round every time rather than any more semi final defeats just so we can get a few wins before
  2. glory.win or die.

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    And to be fair I'd take relegation for another Wembley win a season later
  3. glory.win or die.

    Team for Everton

    Krul Byram Godfrey zimmerman lewis Tettey amadou Hernandez vrancic buendia Pukki
  4. glory.win or die.

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    The model we have for the club is simply the only model we can work to, and ensure the club survives. Unless we are bankrolled by Russian,US or middle east billionaires we have no choice so, as frustrating as it is when we simply struggle to compete,we have no other option. We could risk the club and spend every penny of the £90m or whatever it is we get from the prem, and end up as good as Watford, who are just marginally less **** than us. So we get relegated and the club becomes Bury
  5. glory.win or die.


    I cant blame Delia or Farke , both have achieved miracles with Norwich, and to be fair Delia has overseen 3 promotions to the prem, how many clubs would love to have done that? The truth is, this is the best we can expect, in fact, this is consistently more than we should expect given our lack of money. The prem has seen more and more investment, which makes it harder and harder to compete every year, we are already seeing investment spread to the championship, my worry is how long until we can no longer compete there too.
  6. glory.win or die.

    TWTD of the day

    Yeah he did when we were in lg1 I think in 2010 lol which I guess could be looked at as Jamie coppinger bookending when Ipswich were last better us and now the furthest behind us ever.
  7. glory.win or die.

    Simon Hooper - VAR

    We will have a pen review in the last minute, and VAR will show Hooper bad been recording BBC2
  8. glory.win or die.


    Strangely I'm feeling quite positive and proud tonight. Our defence was poor first half, almost rabbit caught in the headlights but 2nd half more aggressive more mobile and more switched on and overall i think we played the better football. Liverpool scored due to our own errors not clever incisive play. With klose/Zimmerman, and Amadou instead of MacLean i think we wouldnt have lost tonight. Glad to get this game out of the way, can enjoy the weekend now and wait for Newcastle which is when we really do need to start our season.
  9. glory.win or die.

    Wayne Rooney’s Derby County.

    I think Rooney will do well, never really had pace to lose so can see him doing well. The MLS has improved alot, having said that kei kamara is still scoring goals so it can't be that high in quality
  10. glory.win or die.

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    No deal is better than a bad deal......
  11. glory.win or die.

    So Then - time to nail your colours to the mast

    Trying to take my emotional connection away, I would look at Norwich transfer business and predict 20th. I fancy is to score in most games, but I can't see many clean sheets. But i honestly feel we are 1 Good CDM away from mid table. Maybe letting my heart rule head but I'm going for a lofty 17th ahead of Brighton palace and Southampton.
  12. glory.win or die.

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    Surely that applies to any team sport, like rugby for instance? The all blacks seem to manage ok.
  13. glory.win or die.

    Jordan Rhodes

    Sounds like taking the **** but if we had offered to take over his wages then that's £2.3m in wages if rumours are true us on around 45k pw. And as much as i like Rhodes I wouldn't want to outlay much more on someone unlikely to have resale value.
  14. glory.win or die.

    Inside No. 9

    The 12 days of Cristine.. great series . A few hit n miss episodes but the hits are incredible.. And once you see them all watch them again, they have a hare statue that's in every episode.
  15. glory.win or die.


    Spending £50m+ would be suicidal for us