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  1. In today's transfer market £150m is the value of out regular starting 11, imagine spending that and ending up with our team!
  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Beating man city and everton didnt relegate us, losing all those game we lost relegated us Id estimate our current owners have won the most trophies and most promotions than any other owner, I'd take that any day
  3. Basically it's the same teams that were promoted in our play off year coming down with us..
  4. And would they work it out as single tickets, would a family of 4 or 5 be split up or so its dads turn this week mums next week etc. Id rather they kept my money as payment for the following season and leave 6000 casual tickets for each game this season , first come first served. Gives everyone the same chance, even non season ticket holders
  5. I'd like us to buy ca couple of good solid defenders but the problem isnt so much the players it's the coaching. 3 seasons now our defence has been poor, even in the promotion season.its fine if you still win games but being crap at defending lasts alot longer than being able to outscored the opposition
  6. To be fair this is the annoying thing about Norwich they will probably win!! Anything better than a 9-0 defeat I'd take now
  7. I think they will struggle next season but I'd be surprised if they go down. Regardless of what we all think of Wilder he is a bloody good manager.
  8. Seems very poor on our part
  9. Centre back wise our biggest issue are hardly any of them can stay fit other than Godfrey who in my opinion should be in midfield Personally I'd like 2 new reliable centrebacks, with godfrey and tettey in midfield with vrancic or mcclean then hernandez Pukki buendia Cantwell rotated as a front 3. I would sell aarons and Lewis, neither offer either great defensive ability or assists, think they need the coaching from a top team to reach their potential. Next season I want us to be solid and hard to score against and know if we score we have a great chance to win
  10. Maybe they should have allowed injections of an unknown substance by the club drs to increase 'adrenaline'without questioning what it was,like Cascarino and his Marseille team mates
  11. I must admit I dont like everything Farke comes out with, right from the start we had a defeatist attitude about being favourites to go down and needing a miracle. It may be realistic but surely players need confidence and believe. Someone like Wilder can be honest without making his team sound they are just grateful to be there. But actions speak louder than words so will see what happens next season
  12. Hard not to see it as a dig at Cantwell. Webber has form and is happy to call ppl out like when he first joined and referenced why alex neil was in a tv studio and not in the dug out, and comments he made about Howson too. There does seem to be some divisions in the club but maybe that's normal after the season we have had.
  13. Not been many highlights but beating the reigning champions and pocketing £100m for failing this season is more than 99% of clubs can dream about
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