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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11709/12463297/norwich-shortlist-frank-lampard-dean-smith-and-southamptons-ralph-hasenhuttl-for-new-boss Irrelevant now as I can't see Smith being sacked before the WC unless boro beat us 3 or 4-0
  2. We were definitely linked to him. I think it may have been on Sky sports suggesting he was on our shortlist as I recall thinking it was **** and no way would he leave them for us bottom of tge league. I always quite liked him.
  3. I really can't see Southgate taking a player he's ignored for 2-3 years now Unless he learns to play as a full back.
  4. There's a few. Waiting until Jan to but Ashton Not backing Martin O'Neil My biggest regret is the 1992 Cup semi. ,Robert Fleck ,I think broke ribs in the QF and was touch and go whether he would make the SF. Lee Power had done OK in the league, was excellent v Liverpool just before. Then we start an unfit Fleck, but don't even have Power in the bench. Maybe he was injured but I dont think so. I just see him being the hero:( if he had played ( I may be wrong but could never look back at the details too painful)
  5. https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/ex-city-star-mendham-guilty-of-knife-attack-7619746
  6. Didn't Peter Mendham stab his GF and threatened to kill him and Her? Cant recall if he was connected to club then or not although I have seen him at games since Tim sherwood dumped rubbish in a beauty spot including letters with his name and address Chris Sutton had trouble the night before his £5m move David Nielson i think had some problems..possibly even match fixing Allegations?
  7. Fleck and Gunn were in Scotlands 1990 squad that lost to Costa Rica I think.
  8. We won the league in empty grounds. Seems playing in front of people is what puts our players off
  9. Webber has had success. 2 championships in 3 seasons isn't easy and he built both squads. He has also failed in Recruitment in the prem and there's an argument that we are now no better than when he joined' although we do have more saleable assets But it's worth remembering Webber got rid of players and Farke who also won 2 championships with no loyalty so as soon as they hit a bad run of form. He shouldn't be immune to that ruthlessness
  10. Always felt he was a bit of a fraud. The self sufficient thing relies on buying young, coaching, selling on for profit. Promotion is a welcome bonus but we need to be able to survive without promotion which is why the fact only Buendia, was bought by Webber and sold for good profit is a huge failure.
  11. We have had alot of injuries. We also have one of the biggest squads to cope with it. Our back up players Hernandez,macullum,sinani,hugill,gibso etc have good champs experience, Our biggest issue is that Sara and Nunez were clearly purchased as starters, but they are more suited to Farkeball than Smith. Smith needs hard running,fast, experienced players. Nunez and Sara have, what 20 games between them in England? Burnleys 2 Central midfielders have 600-700 between them
  12. To be fair Pukki has 6 this season which isn't bad and only 2 behind Sargent. One thing I'm certain of is that both have to play. And both need to be central.
  13. In fairness most of the players Webber has sold for big money were here during Mcnallys time. I'd argue Mcnally was better than Webber
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