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  1. glory.win or die.

    Danny Mills

    Danny Mills loves Leeds, criticising the Newcastle fans for being deluded and living in the past lol
  2. glory.win or die.

    Sheffield United

    To be fair, you can't argue with wilders success with mostly brits. Having said that, the way they play could result in lots of pens and res cards next season,they tend to be strong and aggressive so VAR could be a big factor for them
  3. glory.win or die.

    Andy Hughes

    Neil Emblem wasn't far behind.
  4. glory.win or die.

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    That's the thing. I don't think anyone can argue that VAR is getting 99.9% right, but at what cost?It's nice winning games,lifting trophies, but it's the moments us as fans remember, not the end result. That feeling of pukkis winner v Millwall Vrancic v sheff wed, Klose v ipswich, Jackson v derby, you can't get that feeling of a total explosion of emotion anywhere. VAR Dilutes that feeling because it adds doubt,it delays the decision. I would rather keep football as a human game with all the human errors and human emotion than a robotic game
  5. glory.win or die.

    New home kit...

    I think it looks great at first look...maybe better couples with green shirts and not jeans like most of us wear but I really like it
  6. glory.win or die.

    Callum Robinson

    Bet they "understand"
  7. glory.win or die.

    Callum Robinson

    According to reports on Twitter we have bid £6m for Callum Robinson from Preston. Can't say i know to much about him, to be honest,
  8. glory.win or die.

    Women’s World Cup

    Presumably you don't watch it then, so your argument is invalid as you can't have any idea what women's football is like so your opinion is based on assumption.
  9. glory.win or die.

    'Baptism of Fire' v 'Eased in Gently'

    It shouldn't really matter over a season but I tend to think it's more important who your final games are against. Psychologically at least if you finish with easier games the pressure should be lower throughout the season.
  10. glory.win or die.


    VAR is terrible for football. Great for the TV and their viewers but it just seems to be draining the life out of football as I love it. Ask yourself which moments of last season did you enjoy most,was it's the equaliser v forest, the equaliser then winner v Millwall, Vrancic v sheff wed? Imagine them with VAR, would you still celebrate to wildly knowing VAR could find a reason to disallow it? Yes I want wins, i want promotions, I want to trophies but they are just the rewards of success, I go to football to experience that moment of ecstasy that only football gives u, which you can't compare to any other sport, any other thing. If VAR takes away that "moment" I'm not sure it's worth it.
  11. glory.win or die.


    Unless they offer a ridiculous amount, or Pukki pushes for a move, which seems highly unlikely given his character and words from last season, I can not see this happening. His last chance to prove/test himself in the best league in the world Hes happy and comfortable here We already need a prem quality striker so to sell pukki will mean we are likely to have to spend £40m on strikers or hope we find 2 unknowns who happen to be prem quality.
  12. glory.win or die.

    Webber man of integrity

    Webber is going to walk out on us eventually, whether he remains for 1 season or 10, when he leaves he will be criticised by many and called Judas and greedy, but he's just ambitious. In regards to leaving Huddersfield, he was given the chance to work with his wife, so was just as much a family decision I think. And Wagner walked out on Huddersfield too, at least Webber left them at the top, not bottom.
  13. glory.win or die.

    New signing?

    This seems more likely, in The Sun,(Admittedly might be most reliable) we have apparently signed Patrick Roberts from Man city on season long loan..i suspect we would still want another senior striker so Diagne may still happen,assuming there is any truth in that rumour
  14. glory.win or die.

    New signing?

    I still don't think this is true, £15m seems too big a risk for our financial model..I just thought it was interesting the report seemed to be sure it's a done deal. Having said it
  15. glory.win or die.

    New signing?

    Seems unlikely but this site reckon we have made our first signing although the price makes it seem unlikely to me https://t.co/lwlQcQkoWa