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  1. glory.win or die.

    Duda signed

    Because you might like him, but not alot....
  2. glory.win or die.

    Rock & Roll VAR

    I'm sure I have seen IFAB say that they dont want VAR to be so forensic with off sides but the PL seem to have chosen to use it so precisely. No other league seems to have cocked up as much as the self styled best league in the world
  3. glory.win or die.

    Paradox in defence

    1. No 2. They played in a team that won the championship title which suggests not, but have suffered, I think from not having a regular experienced defender to organise them. 3. To an extent, we are open and attack which leaves space behind 4 About equal, their assists/goals suggest they are good going forward,not necessarily attacking, 5. Yes, 6. Yes
  4. glory.win or die.

    Given up

    Realistically we have every right to give up, but the players,coaches etc are paid to play and coach, they arent paid to stay in the league(although I'm sure there are bonuses for that) I expect everyone to give 100% regardless of chances of success.
  5. glory.win or die.

    Aarons £15m 😂

    It's hard to value players now. In today's market, trying to be neutral £30m with good add ons, 15%sell on fee,eng caps etc would be fair but that makes Cantwell and buendia in the £50m+ mark
  6. glory.win or die.

    We need a song for Adam Idah

    I put an idea on twitter to the tune of ebenezer goode, having found out idah is pronounced eedah Eedah's good eedah's good ADAM eedah's good
  7. glory.win or die.


    Anyone that thinks Farke should be sacked is an absolute moron. He should have his contracted extended if anything.
  8. glory.win or die.

    Max Aarons 45mil

    We got a fair bit for Lewis Grabban, from plucky Bournemouth
  9. glory.win or die.


    I will tell you when you say what proportion of credit you give each for getting us to the prem against the odds despite having to sell our best players
  10. glory.win or die.

    Stewart Webber in Gunn club

    I wouldn't blame zonal marking for the first goal, I just remember watching it play out in slow motion, thinking Krul is going to come for that..hes going to punch that..hes going to, stay on his line. Gutted today, but I think I'd be happier if we were ****,but first half could and maybe should have been 3 or 4 nil up.its so frustrating.
  11. glory.win or die.


    Who remembers defenders of the earth? Loved that cartoon.
  12. glory.win or die.

    A critique of Daniel Farke

    The fact we only lost a handful of games last season suggest Farke had little need to change games, but you can also look at the number of late goals we scored to win points as plenty of examples of positive changes made. Zonal marking annoys me, but most of our players are just rubbish in the air so regardless of zonal or man marking I think we would struggle No idea about leitner but hes hardly done anything to warrant a regular start
  13. glory.win or die.

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Godfrey isnt that good, comfortable on ball but often beat in air, often out of position, and culpable for a few goals. Has great potential but £30m we would be crazy to turn down. Would need to get a couple in but proper specialist defenders. Godfrey is still a midfielder playing out of position to me.
  14. glory.win or die.

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    We did for 2 seasons under Lambert and Hughton. Or did u mean forever.
  15. Gutless. We make things so bloody easy for other teams. At the throw in before the equaliser, 3 times Byram shouted at Hernandez to get tight to his man, 3 fecking times, and did he? No, he stood 5 yards off him. He hardly covered himself in glory with the build up to 2nd goal either. I'm not making him the scapegoat tho, as the majority of the team are weak, and we are simply the worst team in the league. And VAR can **** off too