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  1. Absolutely, and the club will have "granted him permission" to open personal discussions with them, and he in his agent are happy, then the club still have the upper hand if not happy with the deal, obvious risk is if Max is really really happy and the club isn't, and he stamps his feet to force a move, which i don't think he would but many have over the years, really hope it works out for him, this is real dreamland stuff.
  2. Hi All to try and help with a few bits that have been raised on this thread. Our family and friends are part of our social bubble, so if all have season tickets (and you have included them on your account under family and friends) then you can sit together, it was made perfectly clear when we were notified that we would get tickets for another match until ALL season ticket holders have had an opportunity. The "herding" was the most congested, however the area was clearly marked with 2 metre markings throughout, and everyone wearing masks until in their seats (same if you left seat to use the facilities), the whole process when we arrived just after 2.00 and it was quite busy took less than 15 minutes from joining the line to taking our seats, that included the temperature check, ID and bag checks, we were quite happy and never felt at risk. And i'm sure it will get slicker as you could tell the stewards were getting used to their new regime. Once inside (there were three of us) we had nobody sitting directly behind us or in in front, and we had 3 seats empty to the side, the largest bubble we could see was 4 but there may have been more, personally i think they got it right, as had the spaced more there would have been even less of an atmosphere. Finally, a lovely touch before kick off when the Preston GK coach came to the front of the stand, tapped his heart and mouthed "great to see you back" (or similar) before bowing a few times, to a spontaneous round of applause from those in the river end half of the South stand, a lovely gesture, showing that football people know without the fans the game is nothing. Our 3 had my 72 year old mother in law (she hasn't missed a game in almost 7 years home and away pre COVID) and she felt totally safe the whole day. Good luck to those in the ballot for the next games, hope you get to see a win. OTBC
  3. Delighted to say we got one, all of my bubble (3) so excited even though we know we get any until all other ST holders have had an opportunity, love this club, missed it so much and looks like it is very safely controlled and hopefully goes to plan which sees it gradually increase over the weeks ahead. OTBC
  4. Personally i hope Todd stays here for the next season at least, his career could easily follow the same path as the Murphy's by moving too soon. In Madders we had a player where it would have stifled his career by him staying, in my opinion.
  5. Feels like a bit of normality, with Rays funds back to its usual format I would suggest home win for Getafe v Eiber Sat 6.30pm ko For the city bet This game reminds me of Man City earlier in the season, so many injuries went to the game expecting the worst, so for that reason i am staying positive with a 2-1 win and Klose to score anytime. Good luck all OTBC
  6. Yes, however the clubs i believe have put people forward, and they are being asked to sign a document contains guidelines (no alcohol, illegal substances, use of offensive language etc) so at least if does go wrong they will be able to take action, and measures in place should minimise potential for some to spoil the return of our game.
  7. Dont know if its common knowledge, but the PL media team are working with fans of clubs inviting them to participate in a "fan wall", where fans reactions / participation will be streamed live to the screens inside the stadiums to give players support, and its planned for Friday at Carrow Road. OTBC
  8. We have 4 dogs, Theo, Ruddy, Charlie and Archie, the pic is Charlie and Archie, cant imagine a world without dogs!
  9. There is a lot of confusion out there right now. Seems most people don't know their SARS from their EBOLA.
  10. I am delving into the lower leagues this week, and fancy a home win for Rotherham v Southend. For the city bet i see 2-0 home win and Todd to score anytime. Good luck all and have a great weekend, especially Lapps and Hissing Sid who will do a great job of bringing some money to the pot i'm sure. OTBC
  11. Hi all, I am suggesting a home win for Crewe v Stevenage in div1. For the City bet, 0-1 with Cantwell to score. Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck to GMF & NFN. OTBC
  12. I don't post often these days, but have to on this one. Can't believe people are knocking Kenny Mclean, on Friday night he gave some close attention to Maddison. who got angry and even got booked for complaining to the ref, had he been allowed to play his usual game Leicester would have given us more problems than they did, unsung hero. None as blind as those that cant see.
  13. League one for me, and going for Oxford Utd to beat lowly Southend at home. For the city game i think both teams to score is favourite, (prob a 1-0 now) Enjoy the game to night all, and good luck both. OTBC
  14. I'm going to stray into the championship and a home win for Leeds against Reading. For the city bet BTTS. Best of luck pickers and see you at Wolves on Sunday. OTBC
  15. Juventus v Brescia home win for me please. City like Tyson Fury may get knocked over but will come through with a 2-1 and Pukki penalty in the 90th minute. Good luck all and hope Dennis isn't the menace they think he might be. OTBC
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