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  1. Lessingham Canary

    Coronavirus Joke Thread.

    There is a lot of confusion out there right now. Seems most people don't know their SARS from their EBOLA.
  2. I am delving into the lower leagues this week, and fancy a home win for Rotherham v Southend. For the city bet i see 2-0 home win and Todd to score anytime. Good luck all and have a great weekend, especially Lapps and Hissing Sid who will do a great job of bringing some money to the pot i'm sure. OTBC
  3. Hi all, I am suggesting a home win for Crewe v Stevenage in div1. For the City bet, 0-1 with Cantwell to score. Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck to GMF & NFN. OTBC
  4. Lessingham Canary

    Kenny Mclean

    I don't post often these days, but have to on this one. Can't believe people are knocking Kenny Mclean, on Friday night he gave some close attention to Maddison. who got angry and even got booked for complaining to the ref, had he been allowed to play his usual game Leicester would have given us more problems than they did, unsung hero. None as blind as those that cant see.
  5. League one for me, and going for Oxford Utd to beat lowly Southend at home. For the city game i think both teams to score is favourite, (prob a 1-0 now) Enjoy the game to night all, and good luck both. OTBC
  6. I'm going to stray into the championship and a home win for Leeds against Reading. For the city bet BTTS. Best of luck pickers and see you at Wolves on Sunday. OTBC
  7. Juventus v Brescia home win for me please. City like Tyson Fury may get knocked over but will come through with a 2-1 and Pukki penalty in the 90th minute. Good luck all and hope Dennis isn't the menace they think he might be. OTBC
  8. Everton to win at home against Crystal Palace for me. For BTTS i will suggest Blackburn v Fulham. Good luck all, enjoy your winter break. OTBC
  9. 3 little things that annoy me; Ipswich Town Fans that criticize other fans Fans that tell fans how they should behave.
  10. Leeds to beat Wigan for me please. For the City bet 2-1 win with Duda to score anytime. Good luck all, OTBC
  11. Scotland (championship) for me please, and Dundee United to win at home v Morton. For the City bet 2-1 win for City and Duda to score anytime. Good Luck Greg T and Kathy, have a good weekend all. OTBC
  12. Well done Leeds! (something i have never said before) great picking. Sorry about my suggestion of Linfield
  13. Good Morning All Northern Ireland for me, and a home win for Linfield v Dungannon Swifts. For the City bet 2-0 and Byram to score anytime. Have a great weekend, and best of luck to our esteemed pickers Leeds Canary and GMF, do your best guys and enjoy. OTBC
  14. Thanks Kiwi for picking up on my mystic, futuristic predictions, miss on my part. So instead of Gent v Royal Excel Mouscron. i am staying nearer home and will go for Portsmouth to win at home v AFC Wimbledon. For the City bet as earlier, Sam Byram to score anytime. Good luck all especially Diesel Doris and Molly in turning our picks into money in the pot.. OTBC
  15. Belgium for me the this week and a home win for Gent v the quaintly named Royal Excel Mouscron. For the City bet, Sam Byram to score anytime. Good luck all especially Diesel Doris and Molly, and big well done to Alex Moss for his brilliant gesture / donation to the PuP's pot. OTBC