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  1. L2 for me please, and home win for Crewe v Cambridge. City match, Ben Godfrey to score anytime. Have a good weekend all, OTBC
  2. Haven't done this for a while, but here goes. Lithuania v Ukraine Away win for the Ukraine. Coventry v Blackpool, BTTS Good luck all.
  3. Lessingham Canary

    England v Bulgaria

    4-0 Rashford to score in 1st half 30-45.
  4. Lessingham Canary

    David Powell

    Really sad news, the only person i have ever met who could be happy and angry at the same time, rarely missed a match was yellow and green to the core and true to his friends of which he had a great many. RIP David, one of a kind and one of our own.
  5. Lessingham Canary

    Happy Birthday Nutty Nigel

    A belated many happy returns Eddie, hope you had a great day and a trophy of that magnitude is the least you should have, keep up the great work.
  6. Lessingham Canary

    One club, one team

    There is a Norwich City Ladies team, they play there home games at Plantation Park, and wear the clubs kit (provided by NCFC) not sure exactly what support they get from the club, i believe it is minimal. https://twitter.com/NCFCLadies
  7. Lessingham Canary

    New membership scheme

    Personally i liked the points away system, as we were able to get to more than 10 away games per season for several seasons now. But we still missed out on a few away games (Bournemouth A, Brentford A spring to mind) so hopeful this new system will mean we still get to follow our team home and away, we have signed up for it. I also understand that the 7 who went to a meeting with the club last week were more told this was the way forward rather than consulted. So we have signed up for it and hope that it the club have got it right and are trying to be fair and also generating some extra income along the way.
  8. Lessingham Canary

    Where will we finish next season - predictions.

    Have to agree with the op, i think we will do better than the pundits predict for us, around 12th place is a reasonable target for me, if we get the signings that Webber goes after hard to argue against us being the surprise package.
  9. Lessingham Canary

    R.I.P. Roy Blower.

    Very sad, RIP Roy, a true canary.
  10. Lessingham Canary

    Tom Adeyemi

    Tom's dad is still a season ticket holder and regular at Carrow Rd, you can take the boy out of Norwich but never Norwich out of the boy.
  11. Lessingham Canary

    Former CEO

    He spent hours in his Qushqai following Jez, real man love i guess Alex.
  12. Lessingham Canary

    Former CEO

    I think his Wiki page was written by none other than True Grit.
  13. Lessingham Canary

    Rays Funds for the CSF Extra (Champions Special)

    Congratulations to Diane and Wazzy, well done both on an awesome season. Wazzy, i suggest Serie A and a home win for Atalanta v Genoa (Sat 2.00pm) Diane, Scotland and home win for Cove Rangers v Berwick (sat 3.00pm) Good luck to you both
  14. Lessingham Canary

    According to Sky Sports App

    One window opens........................
  15. League 1 for me and Bury, to well bury Port Vale please. City i see a 2-2 draw and the title coming home! Have a great bank holiday all, and good luck to our pickers. Also a big thanks to Nutty for another season of amazing work in pulling this thread together, never misses, always positive and his hard work has allowed us all to contribute in a small way that makes a huge difference to the boys and girls. Well done Eddie you are a credit to all and your efforts are appreciated by everyone on here. OTBC