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  1. Greavsy that's absolutely fine, i take your point made, i have heard the drum at away games but no idea who he is, my point was around as much as it would be nice to know when these things are happening the club isn't going to consult the OSP on every single thing it looks at, and there will be things where they may consult and the OSP don't agree but will still be introduced, we discussed the drummer but nothing was discussed beyond what was in the minutes.
  2. It was discussed, we didn't know the club were trialing it at the Coventry game or if it would be same drummer as has appeared at away games this season, it is certainly one of those initiatives that would be labelled in the "damned if they do, damned if they don't" categories, I took this pic on Saturday, not anyone i have seen at matches, could it be he is a former poster on here, a man of many names. ?
  3. Thought Roger Milford had made a comeback
  4. Maybe if we had wore it at home against Wigan, Dimi and Max wouldn't have had such heavy wacks
  5. Happened right in front of us, the scream showed how bad it was, the Wigan manage signalled to the ref straight away, he was 2-3 yards away and new it was bad instantly, there didn’t look like any intent but the Wigan player got the ball and his trailing leg got Dimi full on the ankle, doesn’t look like a quick fix and will be surprised if he is back much before Xmas.
  6. The “ugly sisters” as they are referred to in Scotland would do ok in the Championship and would make it into the Premier league, but would struggle at that level over a season. They simply aren’t used to more than a handful of competitive matches per season. Imo
  7. @Greavsy, well said the fans forum has been arranged by the NCFSC with support from Dan Houlker, and has absolutely nothing to do with the OSP same with the Hibs event. Im sure the club once the new man gets settled in will announce their plans about future fans engagement forums / meetings. i believe the club have already started to meet with various fans groups /representatives. Big steps already.
  8. I'm too young to remember him playing, Bill Punton was a flying winger back in the day i'm told, and still well regarded in these parts, is he a contender?
  9. Was Robert Fleck at last match, which was a 2.00pm kick off ? Thought Flecky was well received ?
  10. The Irish Canaries, at most matches home and away a great bunch of lads that love the club.
  11. Understand your position fully Essex, you situation is one that is more unique and personal to yourself, and of course you have communicated it well with various people within the club, personally i can see both sides of your issue, and as previously stated its not something we can get involved in, the upside (if you agree) is that you do have a line of communication, even if its not your preferred option and can at least agree to disagree until such times something changes.
  12. Thanks Diane, a lot of ground has been covered, but barely scratched the surface so far, guess that was always going to be the challenge for a new panel, not that anyone needs reminding, in our first year we have seen too many changes in club staffing within roles that interact with the OSP, we have had BK8, winter wonderland, Tap Gate, The Crouch Report, Mountaineering announcements and less than satisfactory football to watch, in many ways it has been a baptism of fire. Agree we could possibly do more in keeping the wider fan base aware / involved, also agree that it should not just be on here, we are planning to have our own meeting as a panel ahead of the next meeting with the club in July and can certainly add that to our list, as well as having a social media expert on the panel, we have a PR guru, an ex FA employee to mention but a small selection (all true fans) that make for a really committed and supportive panel of members that represent many facets of the NCFC fan base. With the new head of supporter engagement imminent and a clearer line of responsibility within the club in terms of Zoe Ward and Sam Hall for ongoing involvement with the panel i believe that the 2nd year will be a lot better structured and therefor more productive. @ncfcstar @Feedthewolf will add anything they feel i have not mentioned that is relevant.
  13. This, by a PHM ! football in Scotland has suffered for years at the hands of the ugly sisters, we are now seeing it in England and the threat of implosion in football is real, Leicester winning the league was akin to St Johnstone but alas will be a very a rare occurrence.
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