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  1. Essex, I believe everyone knows you are an Associate Director, and have enjoyed the benefits that come from that for well over 20 years now, and I’m sure all things considered you have received great value for your investment in the club. Surely as an associate director you wouldn’t expect preference over fellow supporters who are equally committed to supporting the club? My understanding ( my personal understanding, not influenced by anyone else) was that for an investment of £25,000 those shareholders would recieve a number of benefits, to distinguish them from the likes of myself who bought a much lesser amount they were given a title of “Associate Director” to distinguish them, but as shareholders why should they be privy to any more information to a shareholder with 4 shares, they are not executive directors ( a clue in the title maybe) and of course any shareholder will receive a copy of the clubs annual report, and have the opportunity to raise any concerns etc at the clubs AGM. Always and as a last resort there is the route of the Independent Ombudsman if anyone feels their club is operating or treating its members / shareholders in a way that is unfair or improper manner.
  2. GPB fair question, we were invited initially to a “brainstorm” type meeting with various people (staff) from within the club, and and had a session on how the crest might change etc, which we immediately were concerned about a good sensible discussion ensued which was led by external consultants, at a later date we then were shown (what is now current crest) the proposed crest, the new font the club wanted to introduce, I would add some other supporters groups were in attendance, and I believe to a person the crest was a pleasant improvement over the previous, whilst the font was viewed with an amount of concern, the club proceeded with it as it is unique to NCFC and is becoming more recognisable as time moves on as being our font. i understand why some people believe the panel is a tick box exercise and at times we have felt that, but overall the objective is to give the club an opportunity to share thoughts before raising alarms on a wider basis. this last year Elliot has settled into his role really well and has made a great improvement (IMO) in ensuring the panel is listened to on any concerns raised, there is so much could be done to make the OSP a vital tool for club and supporters alike, but as most things not easy, unfortunately for the masses a few idiots put dampeners on things, even to the point one member and his family were subjected to serious abuse for having an opinion, another felt they saw it as a perfect opportunity to use it as a vehicle to push their own agenda against the club and its officers. So we are where we are 3 years in, it’s becoming more productive with time, I hope it continues to be something the club continues to utilise, and that new members who join in the coming weeks join for the right reason.
  3. There was a meeting in Tuesday evening that took place with the OSP, sorry to disappoint but Zoe wasn’t present as at an EFL conference, however the legal and governance director stood in. there will be minutes hopefully by middle of next week, main items were around panel members leaving the panel ( the original) with last years intake who are remaining and the club will announce how they will select new members for next season soon. Majority of the meeting was a review of items OSP had participated in ( a sounding board, its main purpose) over the last 12 months. i won’t comment on anything else discussed until minutes are published, as there will be a few bits that are not ready for publicising as either awaiting sign off or may not happen at all. i would remind our friend Essex there are some great NCFC supporters on that panel most of who travel home and away, and have done for many years in some cases, and never in the last 3 years has a leak come from the panel on any discussions, simply because it would be wrong too. Also as already pointed out, the panel isn’t there to comment on how the club should be run, business wise or footballing wise, why would they, there are people running our club on a daily basis better than of us ever could. They bounce off the panel to get a reaction, which does not necessarily mean the reaction will veto any plans, but it does allow the club to consider how things might be greeted on a wider scale. i do urge anyone with a genuine interest puts themselves forward at the next opportunity, do not expect any personal gain or benefit, just the knowledge that your club does consider the wider supporter base even when things are not going the way the majority wish. when I joined I was elected based on votes by fellow fans, as were the original panel, if the club chooses that route this summer I will definitely cast my vote for any individual I believe has the clubs interest foremost. thanks Lessingham Canary
  4. Fighting my family was much better watch than i ever expected. Family.jfif
  5. Yes, local media were invited to a meeting with the club and brought up to date with position, there is an appetite to build bridges, which can only be good news.
  6. @Greavsy minutes should be up tomorrow (Monday) Tuesday at latest, expect something on clubs social media channels with a link to website.
  7. Looking forward to Barnse'y refereeing the game on Saturday, brilliant stuff Neil 🤣🤣
  8. I will second Marc Libbra, perfect hat trick v Fakenham Town then that goal v Citeh !
  9. https://tickets.canaries.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/ProductEvent.aspx?ProductSubType=evt1 Be quick Tilly, wont be many left.
  10. Yes Club have confirmed Ipswich is included in Match Picks, and likely to be 2,000 offered strange, but consistent with how match picks have been managed previously with no game excluded (remember Rotherham and Luton everyone's fears at start of season ) last season and neither sold out, although i'm sure regardless of "form" at the time Portman Rd away section will be sold out.
  11. Easiest way to answer your point Tilly is, to give continuity to the panel half the group will remain for another 12 months, all were given the option of reapplying or stepping down as we all signed up for an agreed 2 years period. In light of the latest government white paper and the changes within it from the original Crouch report the club has decided to allow certain groups to put a representative forward for a seat on the panel. The original panel members staying on for a further 12 months. will be replaced by supporters who will be elected as per original basis of membership, so election process is delayed and not completely kicked into touch. The EFL is encouraging clubs to have more involvement with trusts, as the feeling is supporters trusts will help protect clubs from major changes that fans are opposed to, that may well put a club at risk. Groups have been identified (by the club, not the panel) for a variety of reasons, and some may not take up a place, some will be disappointed they are not involved at this stage, but may well be in some way in the future. Some already have dialogue with the club more than others, what this looks like going forward is anybody's guess at the moment, and in the case of the trust they have it in their terms that they have 4 meetings a year with the club and that will continue, certainly for the foreseeable. Someone once said change is a challenge, not a threat, and i believe that is case here and as always only time will tell.
  12. He has lived in Warwickshire for a good number of years now, his father still lives in Lowestoft, sadly he lost his mother last year, maybe be incorrect but don't believe he has been to a Norwich game since a teenager, other than our recent visit to Coventry just after he took control.
  13. The Norwich way is we will win tomorrow, all get our hopes up again ! and then lose at West Brom with a no show performance.
  14. Deepest condolences to you and your family Ricardo, wishing you strength and support.
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