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    Expect many will have seen this clip but it really sums up to me why we are top of the league. yes, we have some wonderful players in the likes of Buendia and Pukki. But what Farke has really brought is passion, togetherness and fight and that’s what’s brought this unexpected success. He’s shown faith in all the players and backed the younger ones and we are now all benefiting from that. credit to Ben Godfrey, this is one hell of a recovery run in the 80th minute. i just love this team!
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    Yesterday we had posts accusing the players of bottling it. Today we get this rubbish. Farke is the bravest manager we've had in my time. These young players are the bravest we've had in my time. The older players are the most supportive we've had in my time. Yes there have been games we've won comfortably during the season. QPR the latest. But most of the season has been like the last four games. And that's regardless of whose personal favourites have started.
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    There have been some bizarre posts going on lately, on here and on the Facebook groups. How Farke isn't good enough, isn't playing the right players etc. I actually think he's pretty much been proven correct in every decision he's made this season. People wanted Leitner to start ahead of Cantwell but it was clear Cantwell played because he was more up to speed and the pace of play etc than Leitner was. That was clear when Leitner made his start at home against Wednesday and struggled (despite the fact he's a wonderfully talented player). As with McLean, he's actually a 'more offensive' option than Vrancic. McLean travels with the ball and is involved in the final 3rd alot more than Vrancic typically is when he's starting a match from the deeper position alongside Trybull. I prefer Vrancic as a player but McLean has scored and assisted consistently during his run in. I remember when some on here, good posters too, felt Farke wasn't mixing up the squad enough, giving enough players chances etc - however in the last 15 games or so we've outperformed Utd and Leeds, so even doubting that is dubious.
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    As much as I agree we’re better with Leitner or Vrancic next to Trybull/Tettey, you can’t argue with winning 8 games in a row which McLean has done with city. Dont see how we’ve been more defensive lately at all. With McLean as a wandering quarterback we’ve been more attacking if anything. Scored more, conceded more.
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    The draws have been a little disappointing but I think down to separate issues. Reading and Wigan pressed us hard and flooded midfield, there was little space and passing was more hurried and imprecise. Both wigan and Sheff Weds had really bad refereeing decision going against us, plus in the latter case a world class goal. Sheff Weds aIso an improving side under Bruce with good discipline and players, plus an out of form and position Leitner. All games we were bound to be nervous and lack some fluidity as the line approached. And of course BUendia missing until yesterday. A free header and a missed chance to clear, basic errors but not confined to that game either! We have not been at our best but in fact could have won 3 out of the 4. No choking, just football life in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.
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    For what DF has done for us this season I feel I'd let him off if I found him in bed with my Mrs.
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    Norwich haven’t gone defensive in the last few games at all. I think the opposite criticism could be laid at their feet that they have tried to attack too much and been unbalanced. Mostly what has happened is a little bit of nerves in front of goal and chances that would have been buried 10 game ago are now being missed or passes that would have found their man are now going to defenders. I agree that the squad management hasn’t been as I would have liked. Even just giving players longer from the bench would have helped. Not making a sub until the 80th minute versus QPR is just weird (in my eyes).
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    Great so Trybull can walk his dog a week after the end of the season?
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    If that's choking, I bet there are 20 odd other teams in the division who wish their manager needed the Heimlich Manouver. It's very rare that I question the selections of a successful manager - I tend to think there is a reason that they work for a football club while I work for a printer.
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    I don't think it is that dubious- we saw how rusty Leitner was due to such sporadic use for example. I think with a bit more rotation and better use of subs we'd have been promoted a game or two ago- can't prove it though.
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    Great recovery from Godfrey but that McLean pass really pissed me off in the game. Norwich have put a lot of players up and the risk of counter is high, the last thing a player should then do is loft in a really low percentage ball into the box like that. I like McLean and haven’t been one of the people saying he should be dropped, but sometimes he’s prone to trying too much when a simple pass would be the better option. This certainly hasn’t been the only example of that from Norwich players in the last 4 games and part of the reason I think they have struggled to get a win. Been a slight vibe of ‘trying too hard’ and trying to force things of late rather than the patient approach that got Norwich to the top of the league in the first place. Anyway, great stuff Godfrey.
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    We are not up. A 10 goal swing , over four games , one of which involves the worst team in the league , who have a motivation , is certainly not insurmountable (actually its 11 as we have scored 17 more goals) . That's neither "pant wetting" or "happy clapping" but a nailed on truth. Add in the fact that most people wouldn't have seen Dirty Leeds getting beaten by QPR, Wigan or Brentford, you throw the unexpected into the mix. Everyone now expects them to get beaten by Villa. Did I expect us not to beat Reading, Wigan, Wednesday and Stoke? Absolutely not, and neither did most on here. I read lots about how the blades wouldn't beat Forest and Hull. Do I think we will go up? Yes. (As do the bookies and have for a long time) Are we there yet? No. Blackburn (and Mowbray) would love to spoil the party.
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    OK time out..... let's get three points against Blackburn and enjoy that night as a celebration of our outstanding football season, and (unexpected) promotion. We have all deserved this in our different ways. These moments come very infrequently, enjoy it. Then we just need a point against Villa to take the title. Doesn't matter if Stoke are on the beach or scare the hell out of Sheff Utd, they can lose 20 - nil as far as we care, if we get that point. A 0-0 or 4-4 I don't care, a point will have us top of the league and Champions.
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    Gotta be Alex. A) a big physical presence should keep the game tight and B) it would be lovely to have such a great servant there to celebrate next week.
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    Reminds me how 60 points has become so magical and yet so mind blowingly different to two neighbours in a short 12 month period. A year ago City and Town both finish with 60 points..they get the higher place courtesy of goal difference. A year later...88 points compared to 28...enough said.
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    Is that an Artichoke joke about farke’s alleged choke? an Artijoke if you will.
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    To say he's choked is nonsense. There is a valid criticism to be made of his squad management as the season has gone on but this is mostly nonsense.
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    Hilarious reading the ‘ifs’ scenarios here. Not ever happening, we’re up. But then again what if a giant asteroid were to hit and wipe out all life
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    Who deserves a big bonus? Paul Lambert if he can somehow get that shower of sh*t to take a point off the Blades next week
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    I think the only issue with bringing Tettey straight back in is he hasn’t played since January (?). I’ll be surprised if he’s thrown straight back in to the starting line up after getting 0 minutes for months. I think we’ll see Leitner or Vrancic start alongside McLean - let’s get at them from the first whistle!
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    The thing is Sheff Utd May not even get automatic promotion, let alone the title. One thing I’ve learnt this season is funny results can pop up at any given time. Twists and turns have been the weekly norm. Good form and bad form both have to start somewhere. Leeds think they’re out of it, but imagine Ip****e winning on Saturday. Unlikely but not beyond the realms of possibility. Then an encouraged Leeds manage to beat Villa who are already resting a few key players for the upcoming play offs. If that goes to the final day of the season with Leeds playing Ip****e and Sheff Utd playing Stoke then who knows? I think Sheff Utd would do well not to count their chickens just yet, they are definitely not in as good a position as us.
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    He’s basically Lady Diana in a football shirt.
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    The tide was out at Hull.
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    Leeds are not going to lose later.
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    Nope, you got me at "If..." As long as it loads the Pinkun and the sites recommended by Bill when I don't go to away games, I'm happy. As for kernels..? That's just nuts.