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  1. Ipswich will miss automatic promotion by one point while we scrape into the playoffs by a similar margin. Adam Idah comes off the bench to score the winning goal in the 5th minute of added time in the second leg of the playoff semi-final, thus relegating the binners to another season in the Champs. Their manager immediately jumps ship for greener pastures, and they start another slide into L1 obscurity, and then (knock knock).... quick, it's the Old Bill.... flush the rest of this stuff down the loo!
  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing. What a plonker.
  3. So Dean Smith was right all along. Why on earth did we doubt him?
  4. Definition of insanity Renewing my season ticket every year in the naive expectation of better things to come. But I suppose I probably will again.
  5. No keeper is going to shine with that defence in front of them. We weren't exactly setting the division alight with Gunn in goal.
  6. Of course it is. Oh, and while you're here, would you swap your cow for these magic beans?
  7. I must admit that when Ben Knapper was appointed I was one of those advocating keeping Wagner for a short while, thus giving the new boy time to get his feet under the table and seek a suitable replacement before the January transfer window, However, the past few games have shown just how utterly desperate the situation has become. Whether it is poor tactics, poor man management, or whatever, something has obviously gone very wrong in the squad. To surrender a two goal lead in two games in the space of a few weeks, and play so poorly even when scraping a win, is unforgivable. The players seem to be totally bereft of self-belief and, while not the best squad in the division, should be doing a hell of a lot better than they are. I'm all for giving Neil Adams or another interim manager the reigns until a suitable replacement can be found. p.s. after Stoke lost to QPR last night I jokingly suggested to my friend that we swap managers. It wouldn't cost anything other than a couple of bus fares, and neither team could be any worse. He has forbidden me from going within 50 meters of any board members.
  8. We probably couldn't afford him. Besides which, I not sure it would go down too well if Delia's was renamed The Meal Machine.
  9. Slightly less time than it takes to appoint another failing head coach apparently
  10. At the moment I'd take that in a heartbeat to maintain the unbeaten derby record
  11. I have not removed anything (other than a small typo in original, which I believe was done before your previous post).
  12. I like him too, seems a nice bloke...... I just don't think he will take this club very far.
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