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  1. Yes, let's retire the no. 9 shirt...... looking at our scoring record this season we don't appear to have a centre forward
  2. Let's hope so (although I'd rather Villa came down with us)
  3. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/krul-hints-he-will-remain-with-city-1-6763235 If this report is correct then we would be mad to let Krul go. I would think that many premiership teams would love to have him, even if only as a back-up, but he says he owes a debt of gratitude to Norwich City. In addition to his skills as a keeper he is a fantastic leader, and a guide for the younger players. Although we shipped far too many goals this season I dread to think how many more it would have been without Tim between the sticks.
  4. Interesting to see people complaining about Farke dropping Pukki in favour of someone who has done **** all. What has Pukki done, or even looked like doing, since the toe injury earlier in the year? Many were calling for Farke to make changes, but then wringing their hands when he does. Given that we were only a goal down when a fresh Pukki, Cantwell and Idah came on, you might have thought we could have made a game of it. If we had, many would be applauding Farke's genius.Let's face it, managers are tactical magician's in the eyes of some when it's going well, and clueless clowns in the eyes of others when it's not. It's been a crap season, and a massive opportunity to establish ourselves in the PL missed, but there are an awful lot more clubs whose fans feel they should be in the PL than there are places. The PL consists of about 10 permanent clubs, with the other places being filled with transitional clubs, some who stay for a few years before dropping back down, and others, like us, who seem to yoyo up and down with monotonous regularity. Confidence plays a massive part in the game, and losing runs are much easier to get into than out of. That being said, it is the manager's job to try and build that confidence. Sometimes though teams do need the crowd behind them, particularly when up against superior opposition, and I think Norwich have suffered more than many in this respect. At the end of the day, I for one won't miss VAR, players conning the ref, £6 hot dogs and going to away games knowing it will be a long, depressing drive home.
  5. I don't think he does; Championship beckons. While the drop does not bother me too much as I never believed our squad was ready for PL. What does concern me is the total lack of heart that we appeared to show yesterday, and the fear that relegation may herald an exodus of our best young players, thus undoing all the good that has so far been achieved. I know that the club keeps saying they don't need to sell, but if the big PL clubs come in for our best young talent, then we are probably not going to be able to hang on to them. We all know that a long contract just bumps the asking price up - if a player doesn't want to be here there is no point forcing them to stay, as it just creates tension and destroys the changing room.
  6. Season ticket for all remaining games.... unfortunately you can't actually attend any of them
  7. The FA have ended the Women's Super League and Women's Championship seasons with immediate effect. They have not yet decided how promotions and relegations will be determined, or even if they will happen. If they decide not to relegate Liverpool Women, currently in bottom place, can they reasonably apply different method for determining the outcome of the season to the Men's game?
  8. Ah, but that doesn't mean they haven't spent it
  9. Much of the talk of completing the 2019/20 season seems to assume that the 20/21 season will go ahead as planned. With the general opinion of the scientists being that mass gatherings cannot take place until a proven effective immunisation programme has been administered, and a readily available vaccine being 12-18 months away it would appear that much of the 20/21 EPL season is in doubt. Let's assume that players can resume full training January - a few weeks to get match fit and we are not a million miles away from the point when this season was suspended. I know it won't happen, but shut everything down (sports wise) and resume this season in March 2021 (including FA Cup). It's no different to sports that don't straddle two years (e.g. F1, MotoGP, BSB etc.) losing a whole season, which is probably what will happen to most of them.
  10. Still can't believe he beat Salah in a one-on-one foot race in the second half
  11. Still in it until the numbers say otherwise. Yup, it's the hope that kills ya. Whatever the outcome the players can still hold their heads high, having played some entertaining football. Perhaps we could have stayed up by parking the bus, but what a boring season that would have been.
  12. And you think that would stop their fans claiming that a season without a loss is 'perfect'?
  13. Agreed, particularly about confidence. Hopefully he can bang a couple in with chances he doesn't have time to think about and at least one of those two problems will dissipate.
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