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  1. Sooty57

    Nature or nurture?

    Apologies if I caused any offence. I was brought up in pre-politically-correct times when many of the terms and names now considered offensive were not only the norm but, in some cases, considered the correct ones to use. I am afraid you will have to excuse use old, or should that be chronologically-challenged, individuals who struggle to keep up.
  2. Admittedly it is probably a combination of both, but are our current amazing performances due to talent or the level of belief that has been instilled in the players by Daniel and the rest of the coaching staff? Every time we lose a 'key' player we fear for our lives, but along comes another 'also ran' or 'untried youth' to step on the pitch with the attitude that they have every right to be sharing the stage with the best the division has to offer, and in most cases cope admirably with some of the best players on the planet. Surely this can't just be down to our astute scouts unearthing rough diamonds. However, once those diamonds have been polished by what must be one of the best man-management teams in the country we seem to have a strength in depth of our squad that totally allays any fears we may have had at the start of the season. Mind you, as many former Championship opposition fans have always been keen to point out, we are only a one-man team, and as soon as Pukki is injured or sold off we will plummet back to the lower leagues. Yeah, right, just like when we sold Maddison and the Murphy twins. Sure, one day the bubble may burst, but for now, if Farke puts out a team of one-legged midgets I am prepared to trust his judgement.
  3. Sooty57

    Lack of investment

    Agreed, you really have to feel for them
  4. Some of the Man City fans on their forum are blaming their unfortunate situation on a lack of investment. Thank goodness we splashed the cash so heavily in the summer.
  5. How about pulling the fuse to the floodlights tomorrow... hopefully the game will be abandoned and rescheduled for a later date when some of our defenders are off the treatment bench.
  6. Sooty57

    James Norwood - No words

    His drinking ability seems pretty much in line with his shooting ability - i.e. only a small percentage gets anywhere near it's intended target.
  7. Just in case Lampard brings his electrician mate with him again, let's all make sure we have a full charge in our phones in case we need to turn the torches on
  8. Sooty57


    Before tonight I felt that we would have done well if we were not rock bottom after the first five games, but after tonight I will actually feel hard done by if we ARE bottom. Being 4-0 down at half-time it would have been all too easy for the team to completely capitulate, particularly with so many young players. Instead of this, they came out and won the second half, learning and growing throughout the game. To me this says as much about the manager as it does about the players... whatever was said in the break was obviously spot-on. Despite the loss, I am feeling more confident about our chances in the Prem than our last outing there.
  9. An oompah band with the U23 team dancing in Bavarian costume
  10. Sooty57

    Chris Hughton

    Or not, as the case may be. Hughton sacked this morning. I always had a lot of time for Hughton; a very decent bloke but unfortunately sets his teams up to not lose, rather than to win, which tends to make him unpopular with fans. I can't help thinking that this is a good thing for us in that Brighton are even more likely to be relegation fodder without him than with him.
  11. Sooty57

    Farke Chokes !!!

    If that's choking, I bet there are 20 odd other teams in the division who wish their manager needed the Heimlich Manouver. It's very rare that I question the selections of a successful manager - I tend to think there is a reason that they work for a football club while I work for a printer.
  12. Sooty57

    Who deserves a big big bonus.......

    Who deserves a big bonus? Paul Lambert if he can somehow get that shower of sh*t to take a point off the Blades next week
  13. I would absolutely love this, but would love it even more if I had a tenner on it - the odds must be phenomenal!
  14. I don't actually recall complaining that we didn't beat Stoke - indeed I expressed satisfaction that we have almost certainly clinched promotion. I do though feel that Stoke will be more secure in their mid table position on the last day than they were today.
  15. Sorry Bill, I was watching EFL on telly. I thought that would be more entertaining than getting embroiled in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.