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  1. Anyone know who the rest of the consortium are?
  2. I was half expecting to see one of our old match balls up there following a clearance by the doc
  3. Would love it, but extremely unlikely unless they lose some key players to injury.
  4. I wouldn't normally start a post about the insignificant club down the road, but has anybody else read Lambert's latest self-praising tripe and thought 'here we go again'.? For those that haven't read it (and there is no real reason why a Canaries fan would other than idle curiosity) he now seems to be levelling the blame at Marcus Evans' door, claiming that he protected Randy Lerner from blame for failing to fund Villa properly, but he is not prepared to 'go through that again'. A cynical person might think that he is beginning to engineer his own dismissal, thus ensuring a nice payout with 4 years left on his contract. He does have history of painting himself as the innocent victim at more that one club.
  5. Like you, I hope I am wrong, but have felt for a few weeks that Swansea and Brentford may well fill the automatics. If so, I really wouldn't fancy us in the playoffs with a bunch of demoralised players who knew they had thrown almost certain promotion away. For all our possession and pretty play, we seem to have lacked the final ball, often relying on a flash of individual brilliance to get the win by the thinnest of margins. If it came down to playoffs there is also a good chance that several of our better players, assisted by their agents, would already have their minds on their next move rather than the task in hand. Hopefully we will now go on a nice little run, and this thread will slip down the board and be forgotten about. Having said that, going up with the current squad would appear to result in another painful lesson in the gulf between the quality of the two divisions, resulting in us being destined to spend several seasons going up and down like the bloomers of a lady of the night.
  6. Agree with you on this, however I think the same could be said of Skipp. Unfortunately our chances of Spurs letting us keep him for another season are very slim. We could well be going up with a severely diminished midfield.
  7. Was that the old black & white German(?) program with the bear and evil looking little bearded dwarf? If so, I found it really unnerving too.
  8. There will be some very tired legs out there towards the end of the second half, particularly amongst hard-pressing Barnsley players. This may be to our advantage if scores still level near the end.
  9. On Bristol City forum after tonight's game........... Yeah. Cantwell is very good too, as is Gibson. And their left back is best full back Ive seen in league all season. Best player on park I thought. Should we tell them he's just a stand-in, or would that be cruel?
  10. Until Troy Deeney falls out with this manager . Swansea or Brentford for me.
  11. So did Derby, thanks to a last minute free kick
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