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  1. My tongue was very firmly in my cheek when I wrote this..... I didn't think for one moment it would happen
  2. Sooty57

    Pellegrini sacked

    Much as I dislike the bloke, in most matches Grealish looks head and shoulders above the rest of the team, and when he was out through injury they were absolute pants. I sincerely hope the tabloid rumours are true about him leaving in January are true.... at least there will be one team we are guaranteed to finish above.
  3. Perhaps there should be one minute's silence before every PL match on New Year's Day to mourn the sad demise of football as a spectator sport, the final fatal blow being delivered by VAR at Carrow Road on 28th December 2019.
  4. Sooty57

    It’s Not Football Anymore

    Why oh why are they so insistent on a players shoulder possibly being one mm offside, but then allow Spurs to take the free kick that resulted in a goal 3-4 yards further back from where it was awarded, thus giving the taker a better chance of getting it over the wall and back down into the goal?
  5. Sooty57

    How many will Harry Kane score

    Harry Kane score at Carrow Road? Nah, couldn't possibly happen...... well not in a yellow shirt anyway.
  6. I've got a different opinion to the one I had before the last game..... I seriously need to give myself a good talking to.
  7. Sooty57

    Don't get disheartened.

    Sorry Lakey, but I can't agree with you. Today was one of the most disappointing games I have seen for a long time. For the first 45mins we played as well as I have seen us all season and should have killed the game off by half-time. But once again we let it all slip away in the second half. There have been other games where we have played well in the second half, but have been playing catchup following a poor first 45. I know some will point to our defeat of Man City as a valid argument against my opinion, but that was earlier in the season when we were still pretty much an unknown quantity to most 'big' teams, the ground was a cauldron of noise, the players were leading the reigning champions and running on adrenaline. When we play our best game we can be a match for anyone. The problem is that we seem incapable of maintaining that level for a full 90 plus minutes. Perhaps the intensity of the game we need to play in order to compete at this level takes a little too much out of out players, physically, mentally or both. I really hope I am wrong, but for the first time this season I honestly think that we are not quite good enough for this division - close, but not quite the complete article yet. Going into this season I thought we had potentially the best team for quite some time, more than capable of surviving the jump up and consolidating ourselves as a Premiership side at least for a few seasons. I now worry about us, not just going back the Championship ( I rather enjoy it there, especially the lack of VAR), but more importantly losing our young home-grown talent to established Prem teams, thus undoing all the good work that has been done over the last couple of years.
  8. Sooty57

    Fire sale

    Hopefully this is all pure speculation, as we will manage to grab enough points in the second half of the season to stay up. My biggest worry is that most of our attractive young prospects are doubly so because of the home-grown rule. I can see big teams coming sniffing round in January for players like Godfrey and Aarons. If we lose them we can no longer keep robbing the lower German leagues because we will have too many overseas players.
  9. Watching Wolves v Spurs, they had periods where they seemed to be playing Tottenham off the park. I think they were really unlucky to come away with nothing from that game, and I'm worried we are going to get the backlash as they will be determined to not drop points 2 games in a row. Maybe Leicester players underestimated us a bit - I can't see Wolves doing the same, as I'm sure Nuno will point to our Leicester result as a warning. The crowd are really going to have to get behind the team for this one.
  10. Sooty57

    Broken toe

    My grandad broke his toe trying to kick my mum up the backside and got the step instead - didn't know it was broken until he had an x-ray for an unrelated issue about 30 years later
  11. Sooty57

    Broken toe

    I'm no medical expert but I know that within the motorcycle racing world riders can often speed up the recovery time from fractures by having the bone laser welded, often being back racing the following weekend, depending on which bone and the severity of the break. I am sure that if this is an option in Teemu's case, then the physios will know about it.
  12. Unbelievable that we can play so well against top sides but seem unable to trouble those around us. After 17 games 8 of our 12 points have come from teams currently sitting above 12th spot, with just one win and a draw against teams around us. Villa, Southampton and Watford have all beaten us, yet sit with us in the bottom 4. Had we won these games we would be sitting comfortably in mid table on 21 points. I must admit that I approach games against the top sides with a much lesser sense of dread than games against the 'lower' teams.
  13. Sooty57

    Nature or nurture?

    Apologies if I caused any offence. I was brought up in pre-politically-correct times when many of the terms and names now considered offensive were not only the norm but, in some cases, considered the correct ones to use. I am afraid you will have to excuse use old, or should that be chronologically-challenged, individuals who struggle to keep up.
  14. Admittedly it is probably a combination of both, but are our current amazing performances due to talent or the level of belief that has been instilled in the players by Daniel and the rest of the coaching staff? Every time we lose a 'key' player we fear for our lives, but along comes another 'also ran' or 'untried youth' to step on the pitch with the attitude that they have every right to be sharing the stage with the best the division has to offer, and in most cases cope admirably with some of the best players on the planet. Surely this can't just be down to our astute scouts unearthing rough diamonds. However, once those diamonds have been polished by what must be one of the best man-management teams in the country we seem to have a strength in depth of our squad that totally allays any fears we may have had at the start of the season. Mind you, as many former Championship opposition fans have always been keen to point out, we are only a one-man team, and as soon as Pukki is injured or sold off we will plummet back to the lower leagues. Yeah, right, just like when we sold Maddison and the Murphy twins. Sure, one day the bubble may burst, but for now, if Farke puts out a team of one-legged midgets I am prepared to trust his judgement.
  15. Sooty57

    Lack of investment

    Agreed, you really have to feel for them