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  1. YOU feel old? I saw both Def Leppard and Motorhead at the Boogie House, and my mate reckons he saw Hendrix in the Orford Cellar (mind you he may have just been stoned).
  2. Love the monarchy or hate it, I doubt we will see many with as strong a sense of duty as Queen Elizabeth II. Rest in peace Your Majesty - you have truly earned it.
  3. Obviously the Chelsea Board didn't consult you first
  4. Rashica never really looked comfortable in the side, so perhaps he just wasn't the right fit for us, or us for him. Our 'big' signings never seem to work, and last year's intake seemed a particularly poor return on investment. Having said that, Sargeant does seem to be coming on in the Champs WHEN we play him in the correct position. Let's hope it gives him the confidence to kick on and maybe be a half decent PL player.
  5. Probably a couple, plus a Watford stewardship in between
  6. Are you sure that's not Ritchie Cunningham?
  7. After many offered the opinion that Billy Gilmour's move to Brighton would benefit him by working with Graham Potter, it is ironic that Potter looks like he's going the other way.
  8. She claims to be committed to 'levelling up', so perhaps we will be able to compete in the PL after all.
  9. Even more concerning, what are all those weird creases? I've just checked in the mirror, and there are none of those on my belly.
  10. I find it very difficult to believe that anyone associated with such fine club as ours would resort to such chicanery
  11. No wonder he struggled to last 90 minutes in a game - probably sleep deprived.
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