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  1. Is that an outpouring of frustration at the question or a genuine suggestion?
  2. I have a friend who has supported Spurs for years. He was taking the Mickey out of us and saying he would hate to support a team like Norwich that couldn't sustain a spell in the top flight. I then pointed out to him that every couple of years we have an exciting promotion push, and when was the last time Spurs won any silverware, or were ever likely to? He had no answer
  3. Yes, we ARE a yo-yo team, but so is half the Premier League. With the exception of a few seemingly permanent residents, mostly from the large metropolises, all clubs fluctuate up and down the divisions, and always have. The statistic that we hold the record for PL relegations is true, but only because we are successful in quickly regaining promotion. Perhaps we should have stayed in the second tier for donkey's years, then we could be a big team like Leeds or Derby. Most teams promoted to the PL only stay for a few seasons, often just one or two, so why are 'little old Norwich' always being singled out as the embarrassing team who have no right to be in the PL? Our success in the second tier gives us the undisputed right to be promoted. If we go back down again because the gulf between the leagues is too great, then so be it. We are no different to any other team in climbing and dropping - we are just more successful than most at quickly recovering from relegation. Nearly all clubs are yo-yo clubs.... we just have a shorter string!
  4. All Martin Keown said was that, although not wanting to write us off too early in the season, he saw nothing to suggest we could stay in the PL this year. Much as any true fan would like to, it is very hard to argue with that.
  5. ... it still doesn't seem any better. I am sure we will improve as the new players gel into the team, but fear it will be too late. A losing mentality is a very difficult thing to shake off. The quality of teams in this league offer so few chances to gain precious points that you have to hit the ground running and perform against the lesser teams right from the off. The first 4 defeats didn't bother me unduly because even at our best we would probably still get nothing unless they had an 'off day'. Yesterday, however was entirely different. Instead of raising our game to take what should have been a very achievable 3 points we managed sink to a new low and give a very average side a comfortable away win. So what is the answer? If I knew that I would be managing a PL team instead of sitting in my PJs on a Sunday morning wringing my hands over a keyboard. Sack the manager? I think that would be an incredibly foolish thing to do. Quite apart from the fact that we would be unlikely to attract a replacement of any quality, all of the new players have been bought in to play roles in DFs 'system', and obviously believe in it, and may not be suitable for another manager's style of play (I know there are many that think there is no workable system at NCFC and the players are not up to it anyway, but I reserve judgement on that, at least for a few more games). I also feel that Daniel Farke deserves better treatment than that after his loyalty to this club. Bring in a few 'established' PL players? Quite apart from the fact that the transfer window is closed, that has not worked too well for us in the last few years. The Championship is also littered with debt-ridden teams who tried to buy their stay in the PL. We are a prime example of the gulf in quality between the Championship and the PL and, while it may not be very palatable, I fear we have no alternative other than to sit tight and strap in for a bumpy ride, at least until January, by which time it may well be too late to turn the season around. To be honest, if we did go back down, can you name manager you would sooner have in charge of a Championship team?
  6. We don't justify OR excuse it. We just improve on it.... or resign ourselves to the drop
  7. This is the first time this season I have come away thinking we have very little hope of extending our stay in the PL beyond this season. Man City and Liverpool were always likely to be one-sided affairs. Against Leicester and Arsenal their were glimmers of hope and, given the rub of the green, we could have taken points from both games. I went to CR today with the firm belief that we were about to turn a corner, and see a different Norwich to that which totally capitulated toward the end of our last stay in the top flight. But no, put us up against a team with some physicality and we seem to be totally lost. Despite some pretty play, and looking like we had the upper hand at 1-1, we just switched off at the back to gift the second goal and from then on it was same old Norwich - toothless up front and leaky at the back. First time I had seen Sargent in the flesh, and was impressed how he didn't shy away from a physical battle. Norman also looked pretty handy first time out. Having said that, it looks like being a long sorry season - I hope I am wrong!
  8. Not sure, but we've missed out on the magic 100 again with just 33 games to go.
  9. I bet he's the uncle no-one wants to sit on a table with at family weddings
  10. I think much of this thread is simply self-deprecating banter. No-one is actually suggesting we are relegated yet. I think most fans with anything between their ears looked at the opening fixtures and were hard pressed to see us getting anything from the first two or three games, and our disrupted pre-season has not helped. We also have a raft of new players who have not had any time to gel together yet. The worry for me, and many others I believe, was the nature of yesterday's defeat. In as much as the Liverpool game left. me feeling quite optimistic for the future, the nature of yesterday's defeat was reminiscent of the total capitulation at the end of our last season in the prem. The lack of a good DM like Skipp is something that simply must be addressed ASAP, and I am sure that Webber and co. are busting a gut to find one.... let's just hope that there is one available out there. If not, I do fear that our newly appointment attack-minded players will not get an opportunity to display their talents because they never have the ball.
  11. I doubt it has escaped Webber & Farke's notice that the loss of Skipp & Tettey has left a very big defensive hole, but there are two criteria that need to met: A player of the right calibre has to be available at a not too ridiculous cost He has to accept the move here I hope that, with the games we have before the deadline, potential transfers aren't put off by seeing us as relegation fodder.
  12. Don't be ridiculous. Why would I want him when Big Sam is still available?
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