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  1. Always tried his very best for the club and fans. You can ask no more than that from a player. A model professional footballer. I wish him and his young family the very best and he will give his all for his new club.
  2. And well worth my £10 it was with an excellent display , good forward movement and passing, quick covering when the opposition had the ball, first class goalkeeping and Oh, I nearly forgot, a three nil win.
  3. If both players are fully fit then Hanley and Gibson should be choice for Birmingham game. Have to agree with those that look at quicker movement when going forward and less back passing . The best defence starts with forward play.
  4. This thread is worth the following comment :
  5. And I along with all the other City fans really enjoyed it.
  6. We have always had the beating of Tottenham this season and whatever team we put out I expect us to win.
  7. He needs to stay at Norwich. He has the right coach and natural talent and together the future will be bright for the player and Norwich City.
  8. It was handball and it slightly changed the direction and pace of the ball.
  9. Dear Simmo_2 I am very relieved that you are not the Norwich Manager/Coach, but you are entitled to your views. Regards Norfolk Dumpling
  10. There are some very different views and opinions re McLean. On balance I think he could be one of our successful players over this season. Only time will tell.
  11. If you get to Anfield or have to watch on TV just enjoy two teams playing skilled and exciting football and may the best team on the day win or may it be a fair draw. A great match to start the Premiership season.
  12. Thank you TIL 1010 for sharing this sad news. Roy was a first rate supporter of Norwich City in every way. He was willing to give so much time, energy and indeed money to the club he loved. He was a leader for Canary fans. We have much to be thankful for the part he played, sometimes as a goalkeeper helping to save our club and sometimes as a striker looking to assist City reach it's goals. TIL 1010 you have lost a good friend but you keep so many wonderful memories of the times you shared.
  13. Sadly, no. The finance was in shreads and it was his skills and financial knowledge which saved the club. Delia and Michael are fully aware of that but as others have said there came a time to move on from McNally's work.
  14. Certainly, there have been some outstanding seasons in living memory ( some of us are old) but this is the most remarkable of all. Just enjoy it. Winning with style and without big money signing. Just incredible.
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