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  1. There is no point saying 15 mill would not be a bad deal when it is....because SW plainly said on the record...that all City's youngsters have a starting price of 20 million minimum...Pool need to double their offer...even if its true...then that may at least get Webber to think theyre serious about getting Jamal.
  2. With the 3 guys signed earlier in the year that weve not seen yet i make that...9...or 10? newies thru the door. The amount of players at the club now must be big, so far only Raggett is gone and he was never really here anyway. So there must be a few who will leave surely. Dowell seems a potentially good signing, ticks most boxes, wish him and all our new guys a happy time here and a successful one to.
  3. Annie Lennox at the Brit Awards in 2016...her eulogy for Bowie sums it up nicely. Like him, dislike him or somewhere in between...but in the music industry his legacy and works is top of the pile..nearly all major recording artists of the past few decades were influenced by him. Not only the music world, he was a pioneer of fashion, many fashion trends of the last 20 to 40 years can be traced back to Bowie. A pioneer in the world of internet to. I got to speak with him for less than 1 minute back in '73..a minute ive treasured all my life.
  4. I dont do stats much now, but i see that this weeks cases and deaths for Tuesday and Wednesday are definitely up on the same days for last week. This rollin' 7 day average seems to be the in vogue thing nowadays so i suppose better than a 2 day thing, but anyway..still a bit of a concern.
  5. Most of our squad have tasted the kind of footballing experiences that many other players at other clubs will not or have not tasted in their entire football career. A season of being Champions and the absolute joy and togetherness that comes from that and a season of being rock bottom and relegated and the absolute misery and togetherness that comes from that also. Age is not related to our guys, its a team effort. Some will leave, some have already arrived, but its the ethos of any individual club and what happens season after season out there on the pitch that affects experience. Being out for year, then being told you're straight into the team as theres no other choice, needing to play a string of games in a very short time frame against the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and others when you're clearly not ready for it..that is one heck of an experience..you guys who bash Timm...do so if you wish..but it would be extremely hard to replace such a guy who has such a big amount of different experiences in his time at the club.
  6. Ok...so Mumba, Soto and Dennis signed...3 in 2 days to add to last weeks Sorensen and Placheta...this is very pro active from Mr. Webber and the club. We know some will likely leave the club, how many no one knows, but no one can deny that City are not standing around and letting things happen...they are making things happen.
  7. As has been said, Aarons came from seemingly nowhere at 18 to play RB for the first team and Bali Mumba has already played for England youth sides. Its said DF sees him as a first team option, so no disrespect Hazza but i will go with DF's thoughts on the young guy.
  8. And Villa..just like Watford and Bournemouth...will get relegated...next season...the season after...but go down they will. Reality is all these kind of clubs are spending 100s of millions over the seasons to achieve....about as much as City achieve. We dont need the help of rich sugar daddy owners, we do it how it should be done.
  9. Was recalling the last time we got relegated under AN..At the turn of the year we had a game against Southampton, by then we had gotten past the 20 point mark but from there on in the points dried up and by May we had barely crept over 30 points and we were going down with a very aged team, had spent to much and the club was, financially, in a fair bit of of bother to say the least. One would think then, given this time weve only amassed 21 sorry points, that we should feel even more despairing than that previous relegation, but, even with the crazy amount of injuries and the Covid killing machine, somehow im feeling way more positive for our club in general than just 3 or so years back. Yes its been as bad as can be on the pitch, and off it to with the Covid effect, but there is much more hope and good vibes for me already for the coming season than last time.
  10. Its sad times when the majority of us are expecting like 5 to 7 goals to be scored against us but such has the utter predictability and very poor path trodden thru this restart period that in reality thats is indeed what will likely happen so...7-1 then.
  11. Championship has always been the toughest for fixture congestion, the only division that has to play 46 league games plus be affected by the international breaks, so the coming new season is going to be extra tough. Likely nearly every week will have a midweek league game where possible, so it could be a season where guys like Idah , Martin, Famewo etc. will get their minutes on the pitch for the first team, perhaps often not thru choice but necessity to.
  12. Absolutely spot on. DF was right...he said the Prem has the quality to be the best league in the world but that the Championship is the toughest league. Relegation from the Prem can be awful, but you carry away a good chunk of silver from TV rights with you and get to play in a very exciting, emotional roller coaster of a league. Relegation from from the Champs leaves you with nothing much in the coffers and likely mid table L1 mediocrity (how are you guys down there in Poorman Road?).
  13. Saw the pic gallery earler today of our new Polish guy, you can see in one pic Timm, back to the camera, roaring out his infectious laugh and making Przemek laugh to. Thats big Timm, a great lovable character that seems to have a big influence on those around him. This season is almost done thank goodness and im really wishing Timm a great season ahead...at least for starters to stay injury free. His role to as one of the senior experienced guys around the club is important.
  14. Would you have been happier if he had cost the club 27 mill instead of 2.7 mill?...considering Wroclaw only bought him for 60 thou just 12 months ago, i would not say he is cheap as chips. Add this guy to Sorensen and also Sinani, Sitti and McCallum who we have yet to see play for us and already there's a decent amount of freash faces around the club. SW sure doesnt sit on his laurels, its awesome how he gets new guys in so fast, even before some of the potential big money sales depart. Looking forward to see how they all get on with us.
  15. None of us can say what Timm's body was going thru but Timm himself, but to be out all season then to have no choice but play a string of games so close together like that was immense. Injury has robbed him of playing way to few Prem games since he signed for City. For anyone to write him off is absurd. He loves the football club, loves the area and gives his all, even when its plain to see it was a hell of a stretch to get his body playing thru all these games. I for one hopes he stays injury free for the whole of the coming season, if so i dont think he will ever be to far from being in most match day squads. Most City fans yearned for Timm to extend his stay last year and he did so, when probably he could have gone back home to play his football. He still has a big role to play as far as im concerned.
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