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  1. If this takeover happens then it cant be any worse for Town than its been in the last decade and a half since Evans took over. I would imagine most Town fans are glad to see the back of Evans and a fresh start could turn things around...or not. But for sure whoever the new owners are will find a huge uphill task ahead of them and as for the club itself...just yet another English club who will have foreign owners. Our club become more unique as time passes, both as a successful self funding model and British owned.
  2. Really irritates me no end to see this seemingly "its all in the mind" attitude of Germany in general towards the AZ vaccine, when here at home i cannot still get a 1st jab even thou im in the over 65 age group, with our situation seeing a huge take up of the vaccine. Just dont understand the mentality of the German populace, when science has stated over and over how pretty good the AZ vaccine is.
  3. Nice to see some areas starting on the over 50s..at least if they have a supply of the jabs...although im in the over 65 age group and still have'nt been able to get a slot as yet for my 1st jab..a testament to different procedures and speed in different areas i suppose.
  4. Essjayess

    TV Times

    If Brentford has been moved to a Wednesday and Wednesday moved to a Sunday, whare has Sunday been moved to?
  5. For me the Monarchy as it exists today in this nation is about right in the role it does. The Queen in particular, doing the same role in 2021 that she did when becoming Queen back in Feb 1952 is a very special person indeed, not in the sense of being high and almighty but in the longevity of her long service in that role, its truly remarkable. Istill believe, in the main, that her neutrality in the political system of Parliament that we have is still a rock that allows our Parliament and political system to be what is, on the whole, still one of the best in the world. Wha amazes me is that nations like Australia, Canada and NZ still to this day seem to have a need for her to be their head of state. Also i do believe that the Royal Family in general does need to have its numbers cut back, so many cousins and aunts and uncles and what have you with titles and privelages that in this day and age seem absurd in the extreme. Although not a part of the Royal Family, i believe the same for the House of Lords, it does have a role but its numbers are way to bloated.
  6. Thats the honest truth..Spurs and Mourinho know had good the lad is..even if we decided to more than double our biggest ever transfer fee...say 20 mill...i feel even that would not be enough. Doubt Tottenham would ever consider him going except for an insane amount and 20 mill is not insane for Skipp. He has surely been about our best loan signing ever .
  7. Another important music legend dies, U Roy was the first Jamaican toaster on vinyl in the late 60s and his toasting style was picked up by Kool Herc in the Bronx in mid 70s which was the origin of hip hop. Always appreciated this guy, never liked hip hop, so sad to see his passing. Im a huge Rundgren fan to, so enjoyed the post above.
  8. New daily positives today down about 1300 compared to last Thursday, every single day this week has seen lower new infections than same days last week, so Zoe app have their stats but facts show that new infections are still on the decrease in the UK.
  9. I dont really study the Zoe app much, though i know some think its useful. I just go with the actual daily gov. stats and compare them to same day the week previous, which, for new daily positives is today 12718...last Wednesday13013. and yesterday was 10624 compared to Tuesday last week 12364, so this weeks new positives definitely lower than last week for these 2 days.
  10. Seems familiar to 2 seasons ago of course when we were battling a 3 horse race along with Leeds and Sheff. Utd, remember to during the final run in we had a spate of draws yet still came out on top. Michael Bailey also pointed out, apparently, that City are 4 points more right now than at same stage then, so despte the recent mini dip we are still in a very good position and ours for the taking.
  11. City Centre West bucking the trend with 60% increase in daily positives in last week. Back into the red zone, lets hope its short lived.
  12. I question that to some extent, my wife (66) had her first jab today, after getting the call on Monday, but myself (same age) who would have liked the jab alongside her did not. The surgery says it abides strictly with national guidelines, so im not sure yet if the over 65 age group has been officially included in first dose call ups. My wife is a lifelong epileptic and the drugs she takes for that condition has shot her immune system to pieces, so maybe she got the first dose due to being in the vulnerable category.
  13. Yes...this whole WHO visit to China was always going to be a complete waste of time, a non event. What point there was visting the food market there more than a year after the original outbreak there is a mystery. As for China itself, of course they will to time indefinite repeat their line of it wasnt their fault or the virus never originated there. Its a continual varbatim Trump type nonsense line similar to his repeated a million times "elections were a fraud". Of course the one man Trump was easily proven wrong by the democratic voting machine of America...but the WHO changing China's take on things is vastly different.
  14. So deaths in the city up slightly, hopefully just a blip, but nationwide it seems better news, yesterdays deaths were around 150 lower than last Tuesdays and todays around 3 or 400 lower than last Wednesday.
  15. Dont know about the %s of both waves but not surprised as 2nd wave was vastly higher than the 1st one. 1st wave if i recall had around 7.5k daily infections at its highest whereas 2nd wave had 68k..but if the dailies are now steadily going below the 20k mark it still records a huge drop in just a few short weeks. Deaths to, albeit more slower, are now showing definite rolling drops. Long way to go but its encouraging..but how to keep it stabilised once it reaches a certain low mark..thats the hard part.
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