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  1. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    If City go on a long bad run this coming season maybe this should be sung by the fans. Should have been one of the great football anthems in general. From the awesome and evergreen Todd Rundgren's Just One Victory. Somehow, someday, we need just one victory and we're on our way, Prayin for it all day and fighting for it all night, give us just one victory, it will be all right.
  2. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Totally agree with Lakey's thoughts, it really does not matter to me if we are in the PL or Champs, the most over riding and important thing for this club was to find a way to survive and if possible thrive to, on a set up that is mainly built on a self sustaining model. To do this is an era of English professional football where so many clubs are awash with rich owners who splash cash like its going out of fashion was and is, a massive undertaking and hugely ambitious. To do that and still retain the clubs unique position it holds regarding its image of being what it is, and in such a quick timeframe has been incredible. City now have a set thats built mainly on bringing the young ones thru and playing attracting football and of course those young ones will move on for, hopefully, the finance to keep the club in good health. Of course we all wish and dream of doing well in the top league, holding our own against the big boys and the first game of the new season shows how far weve come in such a short time. Does not scare me if we get tonked, its just glorious to think of our team being able to take to the field against the high and mighty. Bring it on. OTBC.
  3. Essjayess

    Josip Drmic signs

    We all know about Pukki now, it excites me to see what Drmic can bring to the club. One things for sure, both have scored goals for their European national sides, so to sign both guys in the space of 12 months on free transfers in this age of mega money transfers is almost unheard of. Very astute signing and more proof at how fast the whole SW / DF set up has shot the whole club to move forward in such a small time period. Welcome Josip!
  4. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    If BD were willing to sell him for a mill then he could be a good punt. We need cover for Aarons, Passlack knows the club and the set up now and i for one dont hold his lack of height against him. Could do a lot worse imo.
  5. Essjayess

    Dwight Gayle

    The big issue with both Rhodes and Gayle...even more so with Gayle..is the presumed huge cost of the transfer fee..so could it not be a possibility that we could get either guy as a loan?..both are used to being loaned out, we could likely pay wages and for this moment in time the one importance maybe is trying to stay up in the first season back in the Prem.
  6. Essjayess

    3 more years of Marco

    This is actually well deserved, has become another important guy for the team. Cant always describe what he brings to the set up but its mostly always positive and i would hate to defend against him. Marco is unique, we fans love him and having him around for the next few seasons seems good. We may not have signed anyone new yet but tying down guys like Marco and big Timm is as important as any new blood coming in, more so in some ways as we know what they are capable of.
  7. Essjayess

    New signing?

    Its just impossible to know the exact transfer fee of any player unless you were involved in it..5 mill?...ive just read two different outlets about the Diagne to City story...one says the guy moved to Gala for 10 mill...another says it was 13.5 mill. That is all as widely different as one poster here who says Leeds reportedly offered 3.5 mill for him yet another report says Chelsea couldnt agree on a 13.5 mill transfer. Only two things will be factual..he wont be City player until the club inform us of that...and he will blow apart the highest fee City have ever spent on a transfer. But hey...this is the 2019-20 Prem season coming up...and City are in the elite now...this is how much guys cost these days.
  8. Essjayess

    Jordan Roades

    Im amazed by this thread in the last few days, with quite a few posters thinking Wednesday would be happy to let Rhodes go for 1, 2 3 mill....get real guys. They paid 10 mill for him so its realistic to try and sell him in the 6 or 7 mill range. Champs strikers have been fetching 15 mill in last couple years, McCormack and Assombalonga etc. Do i personally think Rhodes is worth 7 mill in todays price market?..yes most definitely. Do i think City should or would pay that much for him and even consider signing him at that price?..No idea. He did nothing wrong last season as a loan player and in fact played his part in a side who were Champions of the division. But that was last season. Im in the "lets leave it to DF/SW" camp. they more than deserve our trust in their dealings in the next few weeks / months in the transfer merry go round.
  9. Essjayess

    The Champions

    For me its the goal difference stat that is most important rather than just to single out goals scored or conceded. Fact is we turned around a -11 GD the previous season into a +36..thats a whopping +47 difference. To, that away record of losing only 2 in 23 is a remarkable stat and was no doubt of great importance to cement the huge united love in for our club during the season. The amazing away support our club always gets is truly awesome and those travelling fans have been thru many years of angst away from the Carra, so to lose only 2 games on the road made it one of those very special years indeed. Above all, to nutshell the season, we went with Prudence with Ambition and it brought us Success with Entertainment. Who the heck could'ave asked for more.
  10. Essjayess

    The cost of poor signings

    In recent years one can say Naismith, Wildschutt, Jarvis and Husband have been 4 signings that have not worked out well but for each one of those there's been 4 or 5 that worked well. Overall thru the seasons City have a pretty good track record of both buying and selling, of course theyve had to be, given the nature of the clubs financial reliance in transfers.
  11. Essjayess


    Awesome news. Another 3 seasons of Timm at the club is as good as it gets. Hes a real character, puts his heart and soul into the club and for me personally, will be one of those all time CB City legends like Big Dunc and Malky. Its great to have Tim K in goal and Timm K in the heart of the defence, good experience for the younger guys around them.
  12. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    FI are reporting an "exclusive" on City preparing to table a significant bid for Kalvin Philips. But as the same article mentions Bournemouth are weighing up a 15 mill bid for the guy then this seems a pie in the sky exclusive. To many linked to City players have to high a price tag, notwithstanding most these links are just gossip with zero fact, also City just dont have such finance to get these guys. The Lorient guy is supposedly 8 or 9 mill, Philips likely 12-15 mill, even Rhodes could be 4 or 5 mill...figures just dont add up. Still think the likeliest thing is anyone we do get will come from left field...unlinked until at least the final day or two of any transaction.
  13. Essjayess

    Pulis gone?

    So Boro finished 7th...hmm, seems a good fit for a certain Mr. Hughton maybe...with TP going the other way to B n H.
  14. Essjayess

    Nelson Oliveira

    Last i saw the deal was far from done, thou Reading want him, apparently being 54 million in debt means they got to sell others before Nelson can be signed.
  15. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Agreed, im not caring much about rumoured interests right now, but the most important thing about any new signings, apart from how good they might be, is of course the attitude of the individual. No matter who they are, where they come from, what age they are, they have to fit into the DF / SW ethos, hard working, team player with no auto right to be in first eleven and above all respectful and honoured to be a Norwich City player, irrespective of what division we are playing in. No place for individualistic prima donnas at our club.