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  1. Essjayess

    Pulis gone?

    So Boro finished 7th...hmm, seems a good fit for a certain Mr. Hughton maybe...with TP going the other way to B n H.
  2. Essjayess

    Nelson Oliveira

    Last i saw the deal was far from done, thou Reading want him, apparently being 54 million in debt means they got to sell others before Nelson can be signed.
  3. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Agreed, im not caring much about rumoured interests right now, but the most important thing about any new signings, apart from how good they might be, is of course the attitude of the individual. No matter who they are, where they come from, what age they are, they have to fit into the DF / SW ethos, hard working, team player with no auto right to be in first eleven and above all respectful and honoured to be a Norwich City player, irrespective of what division we are playing in. No place for individualistic prima donnas at our club.
  4. Essjayess

    Chris Hughton

    Very very similar actually to City when we were relegated last time. I can recall the win against Southampton in January when we had, if i recall, 23 points and i said there and then we would only get another 10 or 11 points until end of that season and so it transpired. If Brighton are indeed a forward looking club with plentiful funds to at their disposal, then i can see why Hughton has gone.
  5. Essjayess

    Liverpool or Man City

    Indeed, i posted to a couple of weeks back mentioning what a crazy but wonderful and special thing was happening in the top two divsions, City (at the time) on the cusp of being Champions and being so unfancied to do so at season start and to, after a massive upheaval at the club. Then the Prem, mentioning Liverpool would likely finish with 97 points and just 1 defeat, yet not being Champions. Im not worried by Pool or Man, City though, they are miles ahead of every other club in the Prem, even 3rd placed Chelsea finished a whopping 25 points behind Liverpool. Not that it means much these days, but back in the 60s and 70s when a win was 2 pts, Liverpool would have won it on 67 pts with Man. City 2nd on 66. Shows the importance in the modern era of winning games even more than in the old days.
  6. Essjayess

    Tricky summer ahead

    No doubt between now and August we will be linked to dozens of guys, 95% of whom will be totally wide of the mark. Looking at how Heise was bought in Jan. when he was up to be bought this summer im sure SW already has a good idea who he thinks could be good and / or available for the club in the coming weeks, most of whom wont be ever mentioned by the media. After the huge change in player personnel of the last couple of summers this summer will maybe only see 3 or 4 new faces coming in. The outgoings would seem pretty obvious to most i suppose, Pinto was the first and Oiveira, Yanic, Husband along with likely Marshall and Raggett will need to be sorted . Would love us to sign Jordan, Srbeny is a conundrum, just cant decide on him. In midfield i guess Harrison Reed's name will be a constant pop up name, hes been given 2 full seasons in the Champs and has shown to be a good player. Surely its time he, and his parent club, decided a proper and definite plan on his immediate future. All in all, for the most part, we have a squad that does not need dismantling like last time, and who have given us one of the best seasons in the clubs history. If anything is "tricky" it will be mild compared to the massive overhauls SW has had to deal with the last 2 summers...and which have turned to be hugely successful and brought the club and fans together in a way that seemed unimaginable even 9 months ago.
  7. Essjayess

    Bottom of the Premier League.....

    Bethnal, i kinda get what your saying, but disagree with you somewhat in that you said Norwich were relatively lucky in the circumstance of the seasons make up of teams in the Champs. Yes true, Wolves had a huge cash injection and the way they spent it obviously has had a current success story to it, but theres plenty of other instances where that kind of thing has not succeeded. WBA and Stoke, at least on paper, had much better higher rated squads than City. A fair few clubs, Derby and Forest to name just two, spent far more than City did, so many clubs should have had a much better chance than City to nail down the top spots. In fact what City have done is way more impressive than what Wolves achieved as Wolves never had any competition of note thru their promoted season, Cardiff only coming thru with a late surge. We hit the top in early November, maintained a high position the rest of the season and finished at 46 games 5 points clear of 2nd and 11 clear of 3rd...and, after spending diddly squat on transfer fees and wages in comparison to Wolves, and we also had Leeds and Sheffield breathing down our neck all the way thru. As to future Prem money...i have nothing to say, let City use it as they wish. W e have heard enough from Delia and Michael and SW about that so im sure most of us know the score.
  8. If Timm is indeed close to staying on at the club then for me it will be one of the best new signings we could ever hope to make this summer. Still a decent age, only just turning 31, he loves the club, the area and its people, he has never made a secret of that. Always given his best on the pitch, including at times a bit of a sticky period in that first Championship season, he will likely be called upon to play his part again in the coming season. Indeed, for me, Godfrey, Zimbo, Klose and yes, Hanley to, are as good a quartet of centre backs as we could possibly have at this moment in time. A big guy with a big personna thats so endearing to most of us City fans, we are going to truly miss him when he leaves. Happily it seems that day is a ways off still. Great news.
  9. Yep, congrats to the Blades for promotion, well deserved. Aside from us, also the most consistent in the division, playing good football to. Just look at the 5 teams below us from 3rd to 7th, all of them likely were fancied above us and Sheff. Utd to get auto promotion so its awesome to see both clubs finish top of the pile. Wilder's team pushed us all the way, kept us on our toes right until the final day. Happy of course that we are the Champions, but promotion was the real goal and for both clubs its job done and onto the Prem. See ya next season Blades!
  10. Essjayess

    Style or Survival

    Dont know the answer to hypothetical or mystical situations, all i wish is for the DF / SW combo to remain with us for a few seasons to see where it takes us. Also we all love football because we just dont know how each season will turn out..the beauty is not in the knowing but the unknown. Anyway never mind mystical, how about mythical?2018/19 season in the top two divisions is very close to becoming a crazy reality when at season beginning we likely would have thought...nah thats a myth, it could never happen...NCFC being Champions while Ipswich finish bottom and 60+ points divide....while in the Prem just not only crazy but off the scale bonkers...a team finishing 83 points above the bottom side...ending with 97 points...just 1 loss all season...from just 38 games...yet still not being Champions! Yet both these things are close to becoming real...thats the beauty of football. Lets just take what comes when it happens...be they ups or downs or likely both.. but take it with Daniel and Stuart please.
  11. Essjayess

    How much longer.....

    Happy i was in the Lakey / Bill camp looking back at those mid August impatients. Yes, even then, so early, i felt optimistic about this season, although never expected to be entering the season finale match with a great chance to be Champions. But i always viewed the whole picture, the club practically being restructured so quickly, Colney, the old team dismantled etc etc. Sometimes, in circumstances like this, positive results on the pitch can be the final piece of the jigsaw and so it proved to be, but even then, 3 games in, even some of the wrong siders admitted the attacking part was beginning to improve . I just had a positive feel, coupled with patience, that the SW /DF combo would bring back some good times.
  12. Essjayess

    Bolton 0 Brentford 1

    I suppose it could be officialised as scored by A.N. Other.
  13. Ya..As it stands, developing Colney first has proved to be the absolute right thing to do. Ground increase has always been one of those "so close but so far away" projects that both the club and its fans have longed for and of course the main stand sticks out like a sore thumb as the place for a restrucuture. One of the commentators on Radio Norfolk at the last home game mentioned he thought a 35-40k stadium would be deserving of this club, but i personally think that would be to much, a 40k stadium...i cant see how the main stand could increase capacity by up to 13k more without being perhaps a triple tier and looking ugly. I would love to see a tier added on top of the existing stand, maybe to add another 3-5k, which would increase the capacity to 30-32k which is actually in line with many new stadia outside the top 6 Prem sides and would be more realistic than 35-40k.
  14. Essjayess

    Pinto’s gone.

    In some respect one thing has not changed since last Summer's close season in that for City to get new guys in to prepare a squad strengthen for the Prem campaign guys have to leave the club to...often the outs have to happen before the ins. So thats 1 in and 1out (Heise being the in, even thou it was Jan. when we got him). I wish Ivo all the best for the future and sure wherever he ends up he will do a good job. Has been a model professional, enjoyed his forward thrusting runs, overall was a decent signing for City. Thx Ivo, great lad on and off the pitch.
  15. Essjayess

    Three Free Transfers....

    An old aged team past its usefulness to a decent number of Germans, some very young home grown academy guys, then a sprinkle of Finland, Holland, Scotland, Cuba, Argentina...but then add the special ingredients..DF and SW, two hard working, humble guys who believe in team and club spirit and togetherness and join them with a loan arranger who knows and loves the club from top to bottom, and a major share holding couple who in their 3rd decade continue to uphold the beliefs and characteristics of what NCFC are all about...a local, family, community and social club that continue to fly in the face of modern day big time charlies and conglomerates yet manage to make the yellow and green a hugely bigger symbol than perhaps its roots would suggest is possible. Im sure there are many other staff at the club that also gel into what i describe above but yea...what you see and hear from those 3 guys are what we have and where we are with City at this moment in time. The success thats come along this season has been incredible but for me its something else that this club has thats more special to me..that togetherness and spirit...and it started to form last season, well before things started to get exciting on the pitch. Its a special, magical moment in time for City, maybe it wont last forever of course, but while its here, live it to the full i say.