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  1. I do agree with you quite a lot in parts Buh, but i dont know if a Euro super league would be an answer. For sure there is a definite pattern to how the Prem works season on season. Below the elite super rich are clubs that survive for quite a few seasons...the current examples like Palace, Soton, Burnley etc..but yes, eventually they succumb and drop down. Some get stuck in the Champs for many seasons...Stoke, Derby etc...others fall even further and find it hard to even get back into the Champs, never mind the Prem...Sunderland, Portsmouth and so on. Then there are a few specialists who are the yo-yo type...City and WBA...both of whom have had a few short runs in the Prem but often get relegated first season, Fulham another who are quickly becoming similar. Its just that in recent seasons City are taking this yo yo situation to ultimate extremes...how can a club romp the Champs twice...with 94 and 97 points..but be utter failure on their Prem return..21 points last time out and this time?..even 21 points seems a very long point to reach right now. I actually have some reservations about your Buendia / Skipp thoughts...mine being that do we really think City's current plight would have drastically changed if those two were still playing for us?...i dont think that it would have that much. It feels like a mix of quite a few reasons why we are where we are right now but i certainly dont feel its that all the new guys are just plain not good enough. With so many new guys it sure needs about half a season at least...yes that much...to develop and learn and gel into a team capable of turning DF's way of wanting to play as a team to produce a regular enough amount of points to survive in the Prem..which of course leaves us to far behind to make catch up succeed. And conversely, it feels like DF's demand for City to play in a certain way is another major factor in our current situation..its the ultimate good / bad, right / wrong, dark / light scenario..awesome for storming the Champs but derisive for staying in the Prem. Many fans feel his demand for zonal defense allied with the softly passing routine of posession starting from Krul onwards is our downfall...well, its DF's job to make that work or adopt a new approach that will work..and yes hes on borrowed time...perhaps a bit longer than most managers we usually have...but ultimately if nothing works the Board will act.
  2. Crunch time for Daniel says the top vid...is he eating Toffee Crisp? Another hard, brutal weekend lined up for the boys, lets hope they at least find some fighting spirit and togetherness.
  3. Feeling great, honestly..last night was at most underwhelming, the first 5 PL games have been brutal..but thats on the pitch yea?..In the Championship for years trying to outdo Ipswich...gone into administration....12 points deducted...i call that a failed project. Why are'nt we Derby?..coz our Delia and Board brung in SW and DF 4 years ago and our project has been a success. Im hoping the Board will continue to keep SW and DF here as long as humanly possible.
  4. I have not voted because of the make up of the title, specifically the "We" part. I have no power to either sack Daniel or keep him installed. If the question was should the board sack Farke i would say no. Relegation is irrelevant to me, as a City fan im used to it happening. If in the next four years (yes, not just right at this moment) City at least retain their top 21 status, continue to blood new young players who can be sold on at a big profit to keep the club good and solid, carry on being Championship top dogs playing sweet football, then the Board i would hope would allow DF his full contract time. I of course would adore to see City somehow stay in the Prem more than one season but the above is far more important and is what is our reality right now. A good chunk of the new signings were swayed to join City based on talking to, and what, Daniel said to them...a heck of a lot of work was involved getting them here..they need time to gel, get used to the Prem etc etc...no length of losses will change my mind that what we have right now is the best we could ever hope for compared to 4 years ago pre SW / DF.
  5. Just a personal family experience on the affects Covid can give to a family despite in general the nation not having seen huge infection increases from kids returning to school...my daughter and her husband, both in their 40s and double vaxxed and living in the Lowestoft area, had one of their 3 kids bring Covid into their household after going back to school and both mom and dad are very ill right now suffering with many unwanted symptoms. The kids all have the virus to but seem not to be anywhere near as badly affected as mom and dad. As we all try to get back to living as normal a life as can be its just a reminder of the misery this virus still causes and will continue to cause for the forseeable future.
  6. I expect us to break Sunderlands 20 match loss record, i said this before the season started, said it will take at least..at least...10-15 games for these new guys to gel with the existing guys, said this would for sure mean another relegation and also have said the one big issue at end season will be trying to keep hold of Normann and Kabak. So, Farke to go?...absolutely not..he and SW at the start wanted this club to be a consistent top 25/26 club...the last 3 seasons we have been a consistent top 21 club...trick is to go a few places higher than that. One posting here said results are the business...how true...but its the results from two Champ titles and promotions thats given us two seasons in the Prem, and the money that goes with it...to transform this club into a self funding solidity that no other club can get close to..and this is thx to SW off the pitch and DFs guys on the pitch. Yea...its absolutely brutal on the pitch right now..but to change it risks more than on field results...it risks a complete club downturn thats been built up over 4 seasons..if you cant see the risks of that then its blinkered time.
  7. It absolutely is..15 Prem defeats..the record is Sunderland with 20 and that was split like Citys is. I said weeks ago City were under serious threat of beating that and nothing changes my mind. Im not really concerned by it either, but i am waiting for one glimpse of a team who know each other , have cohesion, momentum and put in everything as a unit...that is just not happening as yet.
  8. That bench...add a RB and a midfielder to that and youve another starting 11...Daniel has options now and good ones to in almost every position..just what the summer transfer window was all about Now we need to start to gather points...today...next week...the week after..whenever...but giving all his signings game time can only be a good thing.
  9. For our type of model...self funding..we are the most ambitious...and not only that...the most successful and ambitious club out of all 92 English clubs...no more, no less than that.
  10. I to was just a reader for many years until i finally decided to contribute my own junk pile of posts in 2015. My City watching days go back to the era of Ron Davies, Bill Punton, Tommy Bryceland etc. As a youngster i was always amazed how on a Saturday how the Pink Un was put together and delivered to Newsagents not that much after 5pm...we talk today of how the internet is an almost instant news type scenario but in those days the delivery of that sports paper was truly awesome in its speed. That is the main reason why i joined this forum, the Pink Un is so synonymous with the City and the county that i felt my own humble doodlings would at least be a small part of keeping its name alive, which of course is always under threat or feels that way. Im sure other forums and boards are decent enough but ive gotten used to the posters and their banter on here that being elsewhere would'nt be the same. Sure do miss a few of the come and gones but its usually a most recent one that my old memory would recall, that would be Lapps of course, miss his input .
  11. Agree with is. My own thinking is look at the summer transfer window...did we just release 1 or 2 guys and bring in 1 or 2 to fill a small gap here or there? It was by far the biggest overhaul of players going in both directions than any other Prem club excluding youth / academy etc..it has been the 2nd big change around since DF and SW came in to the club...by necessity the first one was aligned to the financial needs at the time hence cheap but decent players who were good enough to get us Champs title. This second big change of players is an upgrade on the first but bought at an extremely challenging time, right at the start of a new Prem season where there is zero charity time to get all the new guys playing, gelling, being accustomed to the Prem etc. DF first time around spoke of needing a miracle to stay up , this time hes said theres a chance...personally i think that chance is slim, i tuly think it will take 10-15 or more games to find a first eleven that has gelled and then somehow gained some confidence / momentum to start picking up regular points...by then we will be to far behind to catch up. But that does not bother me, i think the real hard moment will come in somehow trying to keep Normann and Kabak here if we are relegated, im sure without those two we will be to good for the Champs and expect promotion again..then next time hopefully will have a team whove been together and can really give the Prem a good go from day one, but would likely be better if Normann / Kabak stayed.
  12. We are Norwich mate, there are no "lesser" teams in the Prem for us, we are currently lesser than all the 19 others and likely to remain that for a fair few matches yet, expecting more losses , yes even vs. Watford. Also i really do think and have done for while that Sunderland's 20 match losing streak record is under serious threat, we are now at 14. Do i think we will be relegated?..yes absolutely. Ok negatives but realistics aside, now for the positives (hopefully). City are starting this season with a virtual new team, many new guys signed from abroad that all have to get used to their team mates, get used to a team gelling, get used to the highest quality division in the world, get used to picking up a point never mind 3, then getting used to a momentum and get used to carrying that on. To expect that to happen even after 4 matches is crazy, i would think 10...15 games at the very least in this division, by which time of course we will already be way adrift with a realistic very slim chance of climbing out of the bottom 3. But im a firm believer that DF is building a new side capable of someday finishing out of the bottom 3...maybe another 2 seasons. But the downside may come when its time for Kabak and Normann and City decide if both can give a Championship season a go. But first things first, finding a first eleven that can gel, and yes create chances and finally score some goals and pick up some points..that could come against any of the other 19 far as i see...still feels a bit ways off but im forever patient and think it will happen.
  13. This is what i said over a week ago, cant expect the very newest guys to walk straight into the team unless its an absolute last resort. They have not even trained with their new team mates up until today, so to expect Normann and Kabak to walk straight into the first eleven is just unrealistic. The team will be as near to the vs. Leicester starting eleven as possible, maybe with a few changes on the bench.
  14. Thx ICF and also YF for replying to my questions. I actually had not checked the governments colour schemed map of new infections for quite a few weeks and was taken aback by how most of England was blue for new infetions but most of Scotland, Wales and NI was red or very dark red..had never seen such a scenario previously. Very interesting how even the northern and pretty sparsely populated areas of Scotland are in the red. As YF indicated each nation has a different set of rules etc or lack of, concerning Covid and that seems to register in stat anomalies not only in EU but in UK to. Certainly pretty darn hard to draw concrete conclusions with Covid when stats show so many variations.
  15. Awww cmon DE its not nonsensical if it actually happens even though it mat noy be of great importance. You bring in a pretty daft stat i agree about Brentford, but youve brung that in as a weird kind of "compare this" situation to stat records that City are breaking in very short time frames, and both good ones and bad ones at that. Take a look at last season, City recorded their highest ever 2nd tier points total at 97, set a new record for away points in a 2nd tier season for all clubs, ditto for away wins and equalled Sunderland and Middlesboro's record of being Champions of 2nd tier two consecutive times. Also the only team to get promoted to Prem and relegated to Champs in all available ways and in just about a decade at that, the only club in any division ever to finish above 50% matches drawn, probably (confirmation needed) the only side ever to finish in top 3 of Prem with a minus goal difference and now chasing (maybe not a choice description) down Sunderland's record of 20 Consecutive defeats (that was over 2 Prem seasons but is factually correct). The stat of worst start after 4 games may be of minor importance compared to the above but hey stats are stats and City's record ones show both good and bad.
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