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  1. Essjayess

    Going Down

    The most sensible post in this topic. Our history of the past couple decades is one of doing the yo yo between Prem and Champs and my goodness we should be used to this by now. The way the top two divisions are run these days, nearly all the clubs running with super rich owners pumping tens of millions into the clubs like confetti its a wonder any rare club such as City with a self funding model can even get close, let alone actually compete, in such a situation. Yet we do and, we are playing some great football to boot. So enjoy the ride, be it in the Prem or Champs, there are a ton of clubs in L1 and 2 who would love to be in our position.
  2. And another City legend dies, aged 76. Such a badyear for our former heroes to see passing away like this.
  3. Essjayess

    The Brexit Thread

    I have come late into this thread, thought i would read the posts, or most of them, since Thursday's election. Seems to be a fair number of posts raising the question of PR again, just because only 45% of voters voted for the Tories. Yet also a fair few seem to think Scotland are definitely on the way out of the UK....despite, albeit a significant landslide that parallels the Tory victory, the SNP gained 8 fewer seats than in 2015 and also 45% of Scottish voters voted for the SNP. So how would the map read if Scotland had PR based on voter percentage?
  4. Essjayess

    Ricardo's report AGM 2019

    I would agree with the odd poster or two in this topic that in all likelihood an increase in the range of 3 to 5k would be the result of any new ground expansion, bringing it to around the 30-32k mark. Thoughts of perhaps a 35-40k stadium means an increase of between 8-13k...unrealistic in my opinion and if it even happened could make the the ground look unbalanced and unseemly. So in my view a ground with a capacity of 32k or a bit less would be right and suitable for the club....and look good to.
  5. Essjayess


    It seems fitting in a way that Tettey is the last senior survivor from the Russ and Wes era, he has bridged the gap from those times to where we are now. In his 7 odd years here he has seen so many ups and downs, players coming and going, but still gives his all and still showing, as yesterday, that we are the stronger for having him around.
  6. Essjayess

    Webber’s new contract official

    Yes tremendous news, if it indeed turns out that we had 5 years of a SW / DF combo then we could look back and think what a golden era it was, considering where it started out at, the club in a pretty dire way. Webber is certainly ambitious and maybe thats why hes signed for 3 more years, you cannnot get more ambitious than being at a self funding club which was on its knees, turn them around, manage to get promoted to the land of milk and money and then to survive there to. That is the next task of course, can we survive and become even established in the Prem?..with our self funding model?..maybe only Norwich City could do that. SW thrives on a challenge, he knows the jobs only half done. Clearly a guy that is not out for a relaxed easy life in a cushy job, his drive to be challenged will be constantly answered here.
  7. Essjayess

    Now do you understand??

    Ive always been in the positive camp about the direction City are headed ever since Webber and DF arrived at the club, never once doubted, not even in the lowest of times and for sure Lakey has always been this way to. Must admit though, i would not have dared to suggest what he suggested, mainly because i to mostly thought Saturday was just about an impossible task, because of the injuries we had, not any lack of belief that the squad in general, when most are fully fit, could get something from the game. So fair dues Lakey. Huge 3 points, but it still concerns me that right now our squad is wafer thin on fully fit players, so the next few weeks and months are going to be a massive test for our club. Trying to look on the positive side as Lakey does, this time of year we do have precious breaks due to the international scene, have less games than when we were in the Champs, also no League Cup games to care about. Of course to, as shown on Saturday, every last City player left standing has the ability to give of his best, the togetherness, never say die attitude and belief this squad have formed since DF's arrival is second to none, all added to the technical quality that has oozed from practically nowhere to being so self evident in the space of 12 months and its these qualities that could get us through. Winning the Championship after where we stood a year ago was like climbing to the top of Ben Nevis, surviving in the Prem, with this amount of injuries, is akin to climbing to the top of Everest, but thou negativity has its place on forums, maybe we should all cut us a slice of Lakey's positivity, i think our squad and club have earned that from us.
  8. Opinions will differ as to where of course, except one and that its got to be up there amongst the best...both result and performance but more than that...and this part will likely be forgotten over time...on the back of a huge injury list, one look at the subs bench tells all we we truly were down to the bare bones. Make no mistake, this season will still be a massive test but today proved to all that we are deserving of being Premier...it was a Premier performance.
  9. Essjayess

    There but for the the grace of God...

    No surprise to see the state of the two clubs in L1, we all know such situations have been coming for a couple of decades or so now, such is the enormous financial chasm between those with seemingly endless money pits and those that do not. Yes, its heartbreaking for fans of long held and traditional league members to see their club in such a state of affairs, but for every Bury and Bolton there is a Fleetwood or Forest Green waiting to try their hand. How would i feel if it was us?...we have sailed close to the wind a couple times recently, most noticeably a decade ago of course. In some ways, to keep City on a stable financial position has been even harder than for a club such as Bury, because probably the most difficult thing for a Board and its financial division to get to grips with is a promotion and / or a relegation between the Prem and the Championship, such is the massive increase / decrease in finances associated with such a move in either direction. For any self sustaining modelled club to go thru it once is taxing, but Norwich have done it many times over the last two decades. That is why ive always said our club is unique in that regard, no other club of the 92 come close to what we have been thru, in Delia and Michael we have the best...believe me...the best. Not necessary to express how i would feel if we were in Bury or Boltons position, i already used a word above, heartbreaking. That lot down the road?...well just think, even in their pitiful, ramshackle state theyre in right now, where they would be without their Mr. Evans annual 5 or 6 million input?....exactly.
  10. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Its enough for me to read Michael Bailey's comments this afternoon to know we should just all cool down on this ACM saga. Undoubtedly an exciting looking footballer, at least on YouTube, my opinion is im happy enough right now with what guys can drive us forward in the attacking department. We already got today what was far more important, a good looking guy to help us in the DM role, Trybull and Tettey did need another force in there. Come 5pm tomorrow we can look back and think yep, City have done as good as they could with the new guys coming in.
  11. Essjayess

    Amadou Confirmed

    Seems a very good signing, feels like all areas that needed strengthening are now done and dusted. Well done to SW and all the City staff who work tirelessly in getting the ins and outs sorted, dont think to many City fans can have much to moan about this window, now lets get the transfer window shut and the new season started. Welcome Ibrahim!
  12. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    If City go on a long bad run this coming season maybe this should be sung by the fans. Should have been one of the great football anthems in general. From the awesome and evergreen Todd Rundgren's Just One Victory. Somehow, someday, we need just one victory and we're on our way, Prayin for it all day and fighting for it all night, give us just one victory, it will be all right.
  13. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Totally agree with Lakey's thoughts, it really does not matter to me if we are in the PL or Champs, the most over riding and important thing for this club was to find a way to survive and if possible thrive to, on a set up that is mainly built on a self sustaining model. To do this is an era of English professional football where so many clubs are awash with rich owners who splash cash like its going out of fashion was and is, a massive undertaking and hugely ambitious. To do that and still retain the clubs unique position it holds regarding its image of being what it is, and in such a quick timeframe has been incredible. City now have a set thats built mainly on bringing the young ones thru and playing attracting football and of course those young ones will move on for, hopefully, the finance to keep the club in good health. Of course we all wish and dream of doing well in the top league, holding our own against the big boys and the first game of the new season shows how far weve come in such a short time. Does not scare me if we get tonked, its just glorious to think of our team being able to take to the field against the high and mighty. Bring it on. OTBC.
  14. Essjayess

    Josip Drmic signs

    We all know about Pukki now, it excites me to see what Drmic can bring to the club. One things for sure, both have scored goals for their European national sides, so to sign both guys in the space of 12 months on free transfers in this age of mega money transfers is almost unheard of. Very astute signing and more proof at how fast the whole SW / DF set up has shot the whole club to move forward in such a small time period. Welcome Josip!
  15. Essjayess

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    If BD were willing to sell him for a mill then he could be a good punt. We need cover for Aarons, Passlack knows the club and the set up now and i for one dont hold his lack of height against him. Could do a lot worse imo.