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  1. I've found joining in the **** banter and predicting the worst is the way to go. Predicted 20th, none of the new signings are good enough, might as well have stayed down... bored them to death with talk about the "self funded" model. When I don't display any pride about who I support, it leaves little room for banter.
  2. The goal was Hanleys fault... what on earth was he doing a) sitting so deep and b) letting his man get in front of him for the cut back. Hanley isn't the answer at this level
  3. voted no as I think our problems potentially run much deeper. He deserves the first dozen or so games to see whether his recruitment shows any life after we effectively had no pre season. I don't really see any managers out there that will improve our chances of staying up significantly so you're employing someone to prepare for a season back in the championship if you switch now
  4. So it seems we can't rely on winning with quality football so how about 5 at the back, crowd the middle, rile the players up pre match with montages of talk sport telling us we should just give our place up and shearer and co telling patronising **** jokes about us on MOTD... Krul Aarons, Gibson, Hanley, Kabak, Giannoulis Rupp, Sorenson, Normann Sargent, Pukki Scrap the creative side and just aim to win the physical battle. We really just need to scrap out an ugly 1 nil and fast. It's just annoying to see how well we did it in the championship vs the likes of QPR and Birmingham but then we are so loose at this level it's embarrassing. I really don't subscribe to the idea it's impossible to adjust to this level when you look at how well the likes of Sheff UTD did with average players, or how Brentford have managed to turn up... the likes of Ayling, Cooper and Klitch not looking remotely out of place. here is something severely wrong with the mentality at this club that seems to stop us believing we are allowed to compete at this level. A bit like England and penalties, it transcends through the years through various squads and is entrenched in the very core culture of the club. Who knows maybe if Farke can't stop the rot, maybe it is time to concede we have to go down the "Big Sam" brexitball route if we're going to survive at this level without chucking huge money at it? Perhaps our model has hit its ceiling sadly short of top 17? Teams just don't seem remotely scared to play vs us. At least vs physical sides like Burnley and Leeds, they're a pain in the **** to play against even if you do end up smashing them eventually. We just seem like a pushover, ready to be cuckolded, bend over and accept we are here as whipping boys. Time to forsake quality and just try fight a bit harder.
  5. Odd one with Williams... sounded like he fought a 1 man battle vs Arsenal and was easily our best player but then was absolutely pony today and vs Leicester... I guess that's young players for you. Probably time for Giannoulis to get a go and/or 5 at the back to come into play.
  6. weirdly enough, we were incredibly solid last season... doesn't seem to have hampered Watford so there's clearly more to it than that
  7. seems that way... how on earth do we explain how we pissed the championship last season and then suddenly we look so weak this season?
  8. A stinking rich Chinese businessman to bankroll us
  9. I don't want to be dramatic but it does feel like a defining game in the Webber/Farke era today... particularly when you watch Brentford taking to life in the prem like a duck to water.
  10. was a really good post until the last paragraph. For me, Rupp is solid back up material. Versatile, useful to bring on to tighten things up or if we get an injury somewhere we're a bit short in numbers, our James Milner of sorts. That said, when everyone is fit I'd have him nowhere near the starting 11.
  11. If rupp plays then it needs to be in a 4-2-3-1 with someone like Dowell in at number 10. The problem so far has been the 4-3-3 with 3 defensive minded midfielders not getting forwards enough and pressing high enough to help Pukki out. Most people don't have any problems with the players per se, just realise they are limited to what they can do and so the system needs to be right. We only get 1 crack at 2021/22 season so really we need to use our best players and tactics regardless on what they've done before either at Norwich or elsewhere. Hopefully Farke takes emotion out of his team selection. We'd all love Rupp to go in and bag a hattrick of assists for Pukki tomorrow but there's got to be some realism. We've spent £50m on quality competition so the expectation levels should be high or the next fella gets a go.
  12. Farke has been on a bit of a rant answering your question I see... Regardless, I'm hoping Normann will become our ball winning midfielder meaning Gilmour/PLM/McClean/Dowell can do the creating further forward. I just don't think Rupp is the answer at this level. Useful squad player but we need better
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