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  1. I think our players will be professional enough to do the job. Cant complain much about injuries either. 3 nil win to us.
  2. to be fair, you can look at Leeds at how you can incorporate average looking players into a successful prem side with additions in the right areas. Take Ayling for instance, looks decent enough for Leeds but stick him in the WBA side and he'd probably not do as well next to a team of not quite good enough players. Krul, Aarons, Gibson, Todd, Emi, Skipp and Pukki are in the (Y) category for me. McClean, Hernandez, Sorenson, Hanley, Giannoulis are in the "Ayling" category. I'd maybe add PP, Zimmermann, Hugill and Rupp to that but I'm sceptical. With the right players alongside, they would play a decent enough role. Look at the defence we had that finished 12th under Lambert for instance! What we really need is a solid plan B since teams will be far better tactically up there. It seemed like if you set up a certain way against us last season, we were so easy to stop. This season, teams that set up that way usually fall short thanks to out extra relative quality to get the job done even if they do tactically find us out. We can't really rely on that advantage at prem level so we need the ability to mix things up. The spanner in the works of course, is potentially having to replace Skipp, Aarons and Buendia. Next season could really be the one we get to see Stuart Webber unleashed if he has like £80m to play with (assuming Aarons and Emi went).
  3. Away at Wycombe... I feel like we need the directness of PP as opposed to another technical player. Shame Onel is a doubt as it would have been ideal for him to come in and just rewards for a strong sub appearance last time out. I'd be tempted by getting Dowell in there over Vrancic from the start as well or possibly even putting Hugill in for a 2 man attack. In an ideal world, we take the game to them, overwhelm them with high tempo and press, grab a couple of early goals and then we can ease off a bit in the final 20 or so mins ready for the Brentford game. Clearly it is unlikely to transpire like that exactly but I think we are best going for it rather than being patient, I can see Wycombe trying to do us on set pieces and trying to slow the game down. Some PP inspired chaos should be too much for them to cope with.
  4. send it over here and we can start the 24 hour centres
  5. it's basically just the new working class populist movement that have this ignorant attitude. No surprises there.
  6. my wife had the AZ one... I just thought she'd been getting lazy down there recently...
  7. Ended up with Pfizer surprisingly enough! Shame as I was really looking forward to being a proper ripped chimpanzee as well! Jab 2 in 12 weeks...
  8. Difference with us and Leeds is the external investment meaning they could gamble that £90m and then if it went **** up they'd be bailed out. We would have been bust. Shame but that's the way things are. Have had to explain this to plenty of Leeds fans until I'm blue in the face. I'd hope if we go up this time then we can at least spend £50m or so for 3 or 4 quality players but even that's probably stretching things
  9. 60 grand a week really wouldn't be pushing the boat out for a decent loan with view to permanent transfer next year if we are serious about trying to establish ourselves. Its about £3m over the year. sustaining Prem football is worth at least £150m and RLC is an asset who would sell if we needed to.
  10. if we go up then Rhodes is nowhere near good enough... might as well have kept Carlton Morris than sign him. He did a job as back up last promotion so fair play to him for that buy he's not the answer. We really need someone as good/better than Pukki to come in and challenge him rather than cheap out like we did with Drmic. I wouldn't be averse to a loan deal though if we can secure some wonderkid like we have Skipp this season. That Liam Delap at Man City looks like he has a bit about him... wonder if he inherited his dad's throw ins End of the day, we're gonna still be at the bottom of the list for attracting players though if we can offer more game time there is still quality players to be had, we just have to try harder. I'd quite like a more physical threat as an alternative to Pukki to push Hugill as well who will be desperate to prove a point in the prem but probably can't be relied upon. Burnley seemed to manage to convert average looking championship strikers to decent prem strikers though when you look at Wood, Barnes and Vokes for them. That Diange fella at WBA looks to have made a little difference for them allbeit probably too late.
  11. what are you carping on about? please elaborate further
  12. every teacher I know is in work already (in the actual school) doing their job.
  13. Glad to see Onel come on and make a telling contribution tonight, the game needed him, big member of our squad
  14. the problem we have with focusing on mutations is that we are only around 1% of the world's population so our efforts are near enough futile. As you say, we need a vaccination that will jump ahead of the virus and give it nowhere to go. The long term T Cell response seen from these vaccines gives me hope that even with the current mutations, we're basically good to go though. Hopefully turns Covid into a tickly cough for the vast, vast majority!
  15. 119 days until freedom! I'm confident but this seems very optimistic... Doesn't look like we're gonna wait around for antivaxxers etc.
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