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  1. Tetteys Jig

    Leicester City Coronavirus

    mind boggling that we are carrying on as normal this weekend while the whole thing is on such a knife edge in this country. We should be postponing things for a couple of weeks and seeing where things are then. We can always use the non existent international weekend now to pick up the games lost this weekend if we have to. I don't see what we gain by carrying on as normal this weekend.
  2. Even if it was £60m for the pair and York City got £4m of that, it's still £56m. I would imagine there would be payment structures and bonuses for some of it but I still think we will have a big surplus. I like the stadium expansion idea best. We want to get that capacity to nearer 40k if we are to compete long term at the top level. I have no doubts we could fill that as well if we were doing well.
  3. Presume it happened in summer... what would we even do with £80m not to mention Buendia and Lewis will probably go for big money as well... Reckon that would be the stadium expansion money or something?
  4. was a mistake to release him I think unless he was after like £50k a week. Only reason I'd have him back would be because Klose is still crocked and we could do with the cover, wouldn't want it to be much more than a loan or a nominal fee.
  5. Tetteys Jig

    Bid for a left back.

    David Ornstein the Arsenal journo now claims it's done... £3m and loaned back. Looks like another outstanding bit of business for basically **** all money when you see some of the fees floating around for similar talent. Surely we're preparing for Lewis to depart in summer then, even if we somehow turn it around and survive. Funny how we have the money for this though... makes me wonder why more wasn't done in summer.
  6. Tetteys Jig

    Amadou off?

    Odd that he hasn't been given more time in centre mid recently as we are clearly lacking a bit of bite there.
  7. Tetteys Jig

    If someone bought Ipswich for you, what would you do?

    Change their name to "Norwich B" and then use them as a free feeder club to Norwich. I'd move from Portman Road to Eton Park and change the kits to yellow and green. Would keep the current squad tied into their contracts but not play them and then hire my mates to play the fixtures instead.
  8. Tetteys Jig

    Lukas Rupp

    got a feeling he will be pure back up at least to start with. Solid squad addition but not sure he addresses any of our weaknesses (defending set pieces and having a defensive line sitting way too deep and desperate). Very much feels like a clone of Stiepermann or something.
  9. Tetteys Jig

    Duda signed

    I just wonder if we would have been better doing more James Maddison type deals. Signed with a view to developing them in the championship if we go down or loaning them there if we stay up and they aren't quite ready for the prem. A couple of good examples of players we could be looking at are Luke Matherson from Rochdale who has had a couple of stand out games against prem opposition already at 17 years old and is a Norwich fan. Then there is the young lad at Peterborough, Ricky Jade-Jones who has broken into their strong attack already and is the quickest player they have ever had according to some. Supposedly the big guns are looking at him, as they were Maddison but we are a proven stepping stone for developing prodigious talents now so he may opt for us if it came to it. With us having £150m in the coffers coming at the end of the season, surely now is the time to start replacing the likes of Buendia and Aarons long term already? It would surely benefit us more than some loanee who will more than likely go back and just be more money spent for no real tangible return barring a miracle? Maybe Duda will be like Huckerby who was clearly too good for the championship but liked it so much he stuck around anyway?
  10. Tetteys Jig

    Duda signed

    whilst I don't dispute this, do you see any logic behind us doing this deal since we are likely doomed to go down already? Is this a sign of us not giving up yet or could Duda be a plausible permanent deal if we go down and he has impressed?
  11. Tetteys Jig

    Bounce straight back up?

    Problem is, does anyone bar Delia actually want to invest in this club? It is painfully obvious that we will never be a sustainable premier league team without more backing as there is no such thing these days but I honestly don't think there are any rich billionaires interested.
  12. Tetteys Jig


    Seems a positive move. Still a bit concerned with going for a loan deal as it looks like it won't be much help unless we somehow perform miracles and stay up unless he fancies the championship... you never know though.
  13. Tetteys Jig

    Poor loan signings again.

    Funny how we have needed Fahrmann twice this season and both times he has been injured. He had his chance earlier in the year when Krul got injured only to have to go off injured and then now there is a cup game for him to be used in he's crocked again. Wish we had used the money elsewhere in hindsight and brought a centre back in on loan instead and relied on McGovern/youth for a back up keeper.
  14. wouldn't bother loaning anyone or spending lots of money. If we can tie up the Rhodes deal for a nominal fee that would be a positive move. Other than that, I'm not sure. I hope we can sack off the inept and damaging loan signings of Roberts and Fahrmann though, they are a stain on our squad at the moment and probably helping sap morale.
  15. Tetteys Jig

    Roberts and Fahrmann

    his wife was posting some things I believe.