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  1. Tetteys Jig

    Match Night Thread -

    look shot of confidence. Taking 1 touch too many constantly and hesitant on the ball.
  2. Tetteys Jig

    Match Night Thread -

    remember when we used to win?
  3. Tetteys Jig

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    given Ampadu has been recalled by Chelsea, I think he would be a good option in Jan on loan
  4. Tetteys Jig

    Lewis in NI squad

    Presume this means his elbow isn't broken at least
  5. A win over Villa and we are good until at least November I think.
  6. we were massively missing Aarons and Zimmermann/Klose especially today. Hernandez would have been an ideal wide option to stretch Burnley as well.
  7. Tetteys Jig

    We need a Plan B

    rather than a whole "plan B" I think we need to learn to defend a bit better. We could learn a thing or 2 from Burnleys 2 centre backs today who were outstanding. Maybe we need Amadou in at DM and Hanley in the back line so we arent so vulnerable in the middle.
  8. Tetteys Jig

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    I really dont get it either. It is a squad game so you should rotate properly and have some faith in the young players to see you through the increased fixture load.
  9. Tetteys Jig

    Todd Cantwell

    supposedly Man U were sniffing round a few years ago so he clearly always had the vision and skill but I imagine he is very much a confidence player. He will have gained so much from his efforts over the last month. Amazing that a clumsy step from Hernandez has had such a positive effect on our season
  10. Tetteys Jig

    Ricardo's report v Man City

    Raising a glass to Lakey tonight. Sometimes the deluded optimism shines though, the manner of our win shows we can mix it with anyone in the world now even with half our team out.
  11. well now we know that Amadou basically is Baresi reincarnated we can cancel the Djourou thoughts
  12. Tetteys Jig

    Season hinges on Amadou?

    There's no way he was £1m. Half that at most. We basically outgrew him. He is lower champs/ upper league 1 standard. A bad buy agreed but not a disaster like Naismith, Franke or Marshall who were pricey and came with expectations.
  13. Tetteys Jig

    Feeling even more positive now

    Reminds me of a patched up Bolton Wanderers getting a draw against Bayern Munich with this team: Al Habsi, Andrew O'Brien, Cid, Michalik, Gardner, Alonso (Giannakopoulos 56), Nolan, Guthrie, McCann, Braaten (Teymourian 77), Davies. Yes that is Marcus Alonso in centre mid.
  14. Tetteys Jig

    Season hinges on Amadou?

    I'd hardly call Husband a disaster. He was brought in for not a lot, was a mediocre left back (not as bad as some make out) and then left because Jamal Lewis was too good for him to keep up with. Franke was a disappointment but Zimmermann makes up for that one. I still think we are missing a proper no-nonsense centre back unless Hanley can get back to a better level. To be fair to him, he looked great for us until injuries ruined his rhythm. You look at the likes of Burnley and WBA grind out narrow wins and draws against the likes of Man U and Arsenal and I Struggle to see us being able to find that plan B. I trust we can compete vs the competition around us and there will be more days like Newcastle at home but we will need to top up our total with a few points robbed from the big boys. I know the 2nd half at Liverpool was good but they were 4 to the good that day from foolish mistakes. We need to at least give ourselves a chance in these type games as we have the talent going forward. Chelsea was a classic example of where we cost ourselves the points with some poor defending.
  15. Tetteys Jig

    Grim Injury News

    I thought at the time he had been brought in as extra cover while he bedded in for the first few months with our under 23's and played the odd cup game. January would have been when i'd have loaned him out, similar to the position I would have put Idah and even Cantwell (at the start of the season) in. We knew Klose and Zimmermann were returning from long term injuries when we loaned him out.