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  1. Tetteys Jig

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    £10m would be too much for Jansson. No doubt he is a decent centre half but he has been found wanting at important times in the last couple of seasons and is unproven at the highest level. As for this Rhodes link. As long as he is here as 1 of 3 options then I am fine with it for a minimal fee and less in wages. I never get this whole, "Sheffield Wednesday wont sell him for cheap because they want to recoup his fee" though. It's a sunk cost fallacy. They will get for him what he is worth. Sure the last season will have helped improve his stock but it is still not to a level of near the £10m they paid for him. Hopefully we agreed some kind of clause should we want to make the deal permanent. Maybe we did but even that fee was too much? If he came in alongside that French fella who could add a bit of pace and cover the left wing and striker slots then Rhodes could be a shrewd move. On his own, I dont think we have enough and it would be a huge risk if pukki got injured. Perhaps loaning Eddie Nketiah or similar could be worth doing as well.
  2. Tetteys Jig

    Stunning season - at a cost

    Buendia was 1.5 million quid. are you suggesting Rhodes on loan was 2.5 mill?
  3. Tetteys Jig

    Next Season

    I would disagree with the last bit. if we play as well as we have this season we would be at least 16th in the prem. Obviously it is a tall order to even repeat that so wherever we can strengthen the better but it has to be the right signing. The wrong signing rather than no business at all could be the difference between 17th and 18th next year while the right one could transform us into a top half side.
  4. Tetteys Jig

    Nelson Oliveira

    Don't think he is good enough to step up to be honest, not fit enough for our system and while talented, these talents don't overcome his lack of fitness levels required like a prime Berbatov. He is a good, mid table championship player who maybe could step up if he manages to integrate into the right system. I think the deal with Reading is already done anyway, just waiting for an official announcement. No hard feelings though, he had some decent games for us, we just changed systems to one that didn't suit him.
  5. Tetteys Jig

    Grealish or Bamford

    Honestly thought that was a pen last night. His reputation preceded him though.
  6. Tetteys Jig

    Perfect Season?

    Having promotion "basically" secured while on 1st night of honeymoon thanks to a Timm Klose inspired Sergi Canos.
  7. Tetteys Jig

    Jed Steer

    now that WBA are out, is this Harper kid gonna join?
  8. Tetteys Jig

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Perhaps he thinks he can do better than the Turkish league? If he came to the prem and smashed it here, he'd be a £100m player getting paid £300k a week in no time.
  9. Tetteys Jig

    Jed Steer

    Can't see Villa letting him go cheaply though, that's the issue. I don't think we need to be spending several million for "competition for Krul" If we are buying a keeper, it's a smart buy for a free, loan or a couple of mill or we go for a proper standout keeper and spend some £££
  10. Tetteys Jig

    What players get sold on?

    Funny one with Cantwell as it depends who we bring in. I think those games that he came into the team to cover Buendia will have helped him massively. Yes he wasn't a stand out performer but neither did he shirk the challenge or bottle it as some wrongfully claimed. If anything, he should have had a goal vs Wigan if Pukki had played it back to him early doors after excellent build up play. I think those games will have really blooded him into what it means to play in high stakes games and perhaps now his composure will improve. If he can play like he did vs Forest more often where he ran the show then there is no reason why we can't use a player like him in the prem. He has a massive summer ahead of him to convince Farke he can play a part next season for us and he has a lot to improve but even if he is not quite ready, perhaps it would be good for him to go spend a year away at another championship club, he won't be short of suitors. That said, all it will take is a run of 3 or 4 games with him playing well and the benefits we get will be massive. He is easily the most exciting outfield Norfolk born prospect we have had since the likes of Darren Eadie.
  11. Tetteys Jig

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    Think we can do better for the money but wouldn't be too disappointed. He's had a good season at Villa tbf and recovered well from that horror injury that screwed his Bournemouth career up.
  12. Tetteys Jig

    Fabio Quagliarella

    hes been immense this season, the Zolaseque volley he scored was a particular highlight. Would be a dream signing, mad how good he still is, must be something to do with the olive oil or the red wine but so many Italians peak late in their career, just such an endless list I cant even be arsed to type it.
  13. Tetteys Jig

    UEFA didn’t plan that well

    well it will affect the Dutch as well given Wijnaldum and Van Dijk will be playing in the final as well.
  14. Tetteys Jig

    Time to put our feet up.....

    how's the week off footy going?
  15. Tetteys Jig

    The Fulham excuse

    not completely wrong though is it? £27m of Fulham's spend was on mitrovic who was key to their promotion and a natural move. They also lost Frederick's on a free and had to replace him and Carney, their key player in the middle has had an injury hit season.