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  1. Maybe like me you built up a bit of a surplus so it’s compensating for that? Mine isn’t going up much and with the 67 quid a month it’s actually going down. The rate per kWh is up obviously though.
  2. Wonder what Morty and the brexit boys excuse is this time…
  3. I’m safe until 2025 thankfully but my payments are already £990 a month and I’ve got a pretty good LTV. A 5% interest rate would leave me needing to find another £400 a month. 10% and I’m begging around family to help me out, starting an onlyfans or handing the keys to the bank. I know people in a far more fragile state than me that appear to be doing alright with life who this increase will absolutely destroy. selfishly, I’m hoping this somewhat sorts itself out by 2025. I know we are in a historically low time of interest rates so if it can settle at 3 or 4% I’ll grin and bear it. seems I need a promotion/job change every year or 2 just to tread water at the moment. Hope my mum is ready for 3 days a week childcare when nursery becomes completely unaffordable! it’s really sad watching our public services all wilt in front of us in broad daylight. It’s clearly visible first hand how rinsed the police, education and health services have been and an absolute disgrace in what is supposed to be an affluent, well to do country.
  4. How in any way shape or form is this now the time for tax cuts for the super rich?! It just beggars belief! I like to think that I’m an aspirational thinking person economically speaking but not at the expense of making sure the most vulnerable of society aren’t looked after first. I dread to think what’s coming. if interest rates hit 5%+ then how is there not going to be an epic property crash? The scary thing is, these lot aren’t thick, they’re just pure evil.
  5. Can’t think who would need him that can afford him to be honest. If he’d been a left back it might be a different story but there’s loads of good right backs at the moment. I’d imagine Spurs thought about him but could then get Djed Spence for much cheaper than we want for Max. Arguably less proven but far easier deal to do. Glad we didn’t cave in and sell for cheap anyway as he’s more important to us this season than say £15m would be.
  6. He just seemed to get really unlucky every time he was due a chance with some niggly injury. Also seemed to show most promise when Norwich were doing well and well covered up top and then taper off/be injured when we were struggling a bit. Hoping Adam Idah isn’t heading the same way.
  7. That’s the fine margins! We’d have lost that game 2-1 in the prem
  8. I’m fairly ambivalent tbh, got a newborn to deal with so I’m busy anyway! I do think they have failed to learn the lessons from all the Covid cancellations and this weekend will bite many teams in the **** later on this season. We’ve got another Covid winter as well when no doubt there will be the odd outbreak that will cause disruption. I think they should have got the games played whilst they could this weekend and then maybe postponed next weekend when there’s the actual funeral and everything.
  9. €1.5m in wages and no fee… seems that’s a bit cheap. Can see us having to rip up his contract next summer as well.
  10. Pointless if it’s just an option though… needs to be a mandatory purchase depending on clauses being met.
  11. Only has to look at the likes of Rodgers or Parker to see how you can go from hero to zero so quickly… quite the opposite of foolish I think.
  12. Was about to have some sympathy thinking he was stuck at Rostov or something but he’s actually chosen to join a new club in Russia so **** him.
  13. Oh hadn’t considered monthly payments option… absolute no brainer then! I put an enquiry in last week but can’t see it being answered quickly!
  14. Seems Kenny is doing a good enough job there for now and also keeps Kenny out of the midfield so double win!
  15. Kenny doing the “sorenson role” at left back and doing a good enough job so far. Sara still building match fitness.
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