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  1. hope so, he's the one I'd most like to keep. Far too good for the championship and almost guarantees we will be near the top of the table with him pulling the strings.
  2. the big teams all have squads don't they? Just use the league Cup to field the b team and get on with it. My local side Harrogate deserve their place in the league Cup even if it does mean playing Lingard and his mates, not Rashford and co
  3. I guess, I meant more for them to be able to moonlight with a few mins off the bench if needed. Personally, I think we should just get Rhodes back and crack on.
  4. Surely someone versatile like Roofe would be a good idea as he could also play on the wing if necessary and get game time there.
  5. like the sound of Larouchi being used as part ex. He's a real prospect
  6. I like Jamal but out of all the "big 5" that are likely to be poached, I'd miss him the least since we've got Maccalum in to replace already who is off the back of a very strong season with Coventry and ready to jump straight in. Hope it is a side like Liverpool he goes as he'll basically replace Milner as left back cover and probably have a good time there.
  7. this is true sadly. Hopefully that last bit is true. At least those of us that can cope with a vaccine and it does work can get back to normal without worrying about killing anyone. Id imagine when push comes to shove, there will be less anti vaxxers then we'd think.
  8. already signed up. I suspect the anti vaxxers think its a hoax anyway so they'll have to tough it out in a non socially distanced world while the rest of us safely get back to normal.
  9. would rather we got Rhodes back as plan B to be honest.
  10. I've read enough about the Oxford vaccine that I'd be happy enough to take the hit tomorrow if it meant knocking this way of life on the head. Would rather "take my chances" with that than contacting corona even if it likely wouldn't heavily damage me.
  11. My local side now in the football league! I can't actually believe they've done it! They had a wage budget of £1600 a week a few years ago, that would get you Josip Drmic for about 6 hours York City will be eyeing up our sale of Godfrey for their future... would be game changing money for them if we sold him for £30m and they get 10%
  12. can't see them happily sat on the bench. Would rather we put one of our youth lads there.
  13. for that split second when he headed that goal v Everton, I thought we'd finally "made it" as a mid table prem side. Shame he never got going really as there's definitely a decent player there with the right set up. Sadly I don't think he was suited to a team in the prem largely on the back foot. Someone like Holty would always put a shift in even with us getting a 4 nil hiding vs the big boys where as with Ricky, he needed a goal to be considered as having a good game. More importantly, glad he seems to be over the worst of his health problems and can get back playing, he seems to have done pretty well since he left us.
  14. if we can keep them happy and motivated, I'd just keep them all unless daft money comes in. If Covid is making the fees go down for now then sod it, would rather wait a year. Godfrey is worth nothing like £50m even in a covid free market but I can see the logic in setting his price at that. We have seemingly replaced Lewis but the rest look like they'd be more valuable to us than some reduced fee.
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