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  1. Nah he’s got a point. Probably Fassnachts first poor game for us really. The pass to Barnes should have been obvious and the challenge for the penalty was clumsy. Thought he was lucky to stay on 2nd half over Rowe tbh.
  2. Wonder if the lad signed from Man City can step up to the bench at least?
  3. How long has his contract left to run? I do always wonder in all these cases if things would be different if it was a key player. Say Gabriel Sara had done this… had 3 years left on his deal, can you really see the club just rip up his contract?
  4. That 11 would be one of the most frustrating sides to watch! The midfield is pretty class and well rounded. The rest ain’t up to it.
  5. So big Andy ain’t going unless this mystery replacement deal is done… any ideas? Ronnie Edwards?
  6. Waiting to see if Tosin Aderebayo leaves Fulham then… big Andy straight to them, A.N. Other to Norwich
  7. An extra body for the forward lines, probably good enough to be straight on the bench, I’ll take it
  8. If that’s an option to recall him we should have him ready to go at the deadline. It’s a niche need we have so might not be an ideal option to fulfill the hole that is financially viable. Certainly wouldn’t want us held to ransom on deadline day. I would hope there’s maybe the opposite situation and someone desperate to get out and play football and get off the wage bill somewhere. Perhaps Emmanuel Dennis is an option in this regard should he not get a better offer? Seems there’s a few clubs sniffing for a striker though. I’m happy with Barnes and Idah lining up as first choice but they need competition/cover at the very least.
  9. Depends on surgery. If it’s not needed and can heal naturally no problem then it’s 2 months max. If it’s needed then it’ll be the recovery time of that rather then just the trauma from the initial impact. Risk of not doing surgery is if it doesn’t heal up properly and he aggravates it again.
  10. Lucky it’s happened now not next week. Surely got to use the window to get another body in now? Surely some prem striker desperate for a move on deadline day?
  11. Gotta go for someone like Kienan Davies surely? Available for £2m and knows the league well. Would be great foil for likes of Fassnacht, Rowe and Sainz to feed off
  12. Out of absolutely nowhere?! other than his bad injury set back, I’ll take it though. He’d be a prem player but for them anyway. Will have to manage his game time but a perfect guy to have on the bench to bring on to settle a game and to mentor the younger centre mids. Exactly what we were lacking.
  13. Doesn’t look a great record other than the fact he’s played a lot at a good level… feels a bit of a waste of time and money. Maybe there’s certain intangibles we don’t see when you have another senior keeper about the place. if he’s coming in then why would McCracken bother be recalled?
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