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  1. Maybe Farke has to dig deeper. I don't blame the players- they are set up the way they are set up. We've all had bad bosses, hard to be at your best if you aren't given the chances to do so.
  2. D. Sadly I think that blind faith and bizarre hope will prevail, but I can't see a third promotion. Once a manager has gone past his sell by date that's pretty much it. Its just a question of how much pain you want to endure. He has been given his gun, but is pointing it in the wrong direction.
  3. Webber and Farke appear too close. The whole point of a sporting director is to see when things have gone wrong and recify it. 11% win ratio in the PL and the club a laughing stock= things have gone wrong. Webber can make excuses all he likes but if he does he is just peddling, and condoning, failure.
  4. Along come Norwich. It's a cliche, but in our case too true.
  5. I think you have your answer GJL. Its 5. According to many, the season started today. Well, what a start. DF is turning the club into a PL embarrasment. He has done great things here, but surely looks as though he has topped out. Once things get to this stage, our historic lack of decisiveness at managerial change has too often ended in an acrimonious downward spiral where hope outweighs hard facts. I just hope it doesn't go that way and his legacy is positive rather than hughton-esque.
  6. There are always excuses. But excuses are generally one offs. Those stats are unacceptable, and we won the Champs twice! Its not as though we got promoted by random draw. There is enough of a pattern now, and evidence of the same approach and dogma, to suggest very strongly that nothing will change without a hard decision being made. Making excuses for every defeat in a results driven business is myopic and delusional. This is not the territory of excuses. This is serial underperformance.
  7. I'd rather have our squad than theirs. Which means there is something wrong at the managerial/coaching level. I don't feel we are getting the best of what we have, and what we have includes some very capable players.
  8. I don't have any confidence that anything DF will do is going to work. He seems out of his depth now, and appears to be repeating all the mistakes from last time. The players don't look fired up either, too languid and seem to be turning up for a cuppa and slice of victoria sponge instead of a PL match..
  9. Sadly I think we need a managerial upgrade.
  10. Those stats are genuinely shocking. Nice guy but I'd like him replaced now before the remainder of his legacy is totally shot, as well as any shred of credibility we have left as a serious top level football club.
  11. Morty became some sort of self proclaimed controller of the forum and caused way too much trouble, being deliberately obtuse and hounded some posters he took exception to.
  12. I remember in the 70s a schoolmate said his gang were baking potatoes to fill up with nails and lob at Ipswich fans at the derby. It was pretty horrible back then.
  13. Hi sonyc, I'm still here! I remember the old board, the moderation had its pros and cons, but the board was probably too succesful to allow that to be sustainable, plus also I suspect there is less legal liability if archant just provide a platform. What annoyed me was the personal stuff between posters which was tiresome, and some really good thought provoking threads often just degenerated into two or three people determined ever more hysterically, and sometimes abusively, to be right. Which of course is impossible where so much is simply opinion. It put me off posting much. But there are some really good posters with great views, not all of which I share but respect if their point is well made. For someone like me who left Norwich many years back it is a great source of opinion and "mood" rather than the uninformed national media. Long may this place stay vibrant and active.
  14. In my view we have, and have not, learned lessons. The squad looks palpably stronger I like signings but am very surprised at the lack of a CDM. That really was and still is priority 1. Where I see the issue though is the whole approach to the game. 1. Passing about stupidly under pressure. I know that it is DF' s approach to play out from the back but to do it dogmatically all the time failed last time yet we still persist. A good old hoof is sometimes needed. 2. The tactics with the wide attackers and advancing full backs still seems there and leaving us prone to any swift counter attack. 3. We don't really press, or try to starve the opposition of time and space. We seem to sit back a bit and stand off too much to my eyes. Corners are a good example perhaps where we often just conceded posession again around the box through having no outlet. 4. This is the one that really worries me. It is hard to describe but about fire in the belly. I don't see us starting fast and "up for it" in Harry Redknapp terms. Neither at kick off or restart. We often semm rather languid and passive Any of that fire seems to come from in game adrenalin such as from a perceived bad decision or goal against or other slight. Is DF too relaxed and calm in his pre game build up or half time cuppas? We are never going to be buying the sort of players that other prem clubs and the top 6 will be. But we have to make the most of what we have and what we can control. Are we really doing that? Does DF get too easy a ride because he seems like a good bloke? I like him a lot but is there a stubborn streak in there which is making it harder for us to make the most of what we have,? Early days this season and hard to judge against good teams after little pre season but so far like for like we are actually worse off than last time and still doing some of the same things. That is an early worry to me. But ho hum, 'tis only football........
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