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  1. I read the last 2 posts from TGMD and he/she has written pretty much what I am thinking, but far more eloquently. It is ironic that the " reward" for promotion , in the absence of £100m+ is to hope you don't get embarrassed too much on any given match day. Even that spending guarantees little, as the experience of other clubs has illustrated. I think I'd rather us finish 3rd and lose the play off semi final on goal difference.....As said it is an indictment of the PL not our club.
  2. Just because one may not like the manager yet does not mean that wins cannot be cheered and celebrated. The two are not mutually exclusive. I'd rather have an unpleasant manager and win (Lambert?) than a lovely guy manager but lose (Hughton?) every week.
  3. I thought Kenny was excellent filling in at LB tonight. Seemed to give us an extra option with his midfield experience. I also thought the Sky pundits were fine, McAnuff very measured and rightly called the Sargent tussle for what it was, which was pretty much 50/50. This Millwall team were good, very well organised and physical. They could do well. But we were most un Norwich like, matched them well, harried and looked "up for it". Sinani superb, Gibbs looks exactly what we need in the centre, and Onel's unpredictability is exactly why he deserves a place. But Nunez, wow. Very pleased for Sargent, a handful all night and a great No 9 performance. Well done.
  4. From memory Marshall said he had a really horrible time as he had to live in some castle thing in Norfolk. Tough life.
  5. I look back now on that time as a golden one. But among the two great promotions was a pretty poor first season, one dreadful relegation and half of an even worse one. Strange, but Farke really did revolutionise things.....Funnily enough the one I'll probably remember most is Stieperman!
  6. Seems like a top chap, shame to see him go but good luck to him.
  7. I like the idea of yellow and black. Dortmund do it very well, looks good.
  8. I agree this time feels more dispiriting. The causes are probably many and varied, not just one thing (although just one DM could have made a difference). But I do feel that the club is just not run very professionally, nice but dim perhaps, who are no threat to Delia and have the same "oh well never mind" attitude. Perhaps all too jolly and nicey nicey. If those issues re POTS are right, then one does wonder about how the bigger issues are managed. All sems rather amateurish. We don't have the most money so must at least get the basics right.
  9. All things come to an end. Sadly I do now think it is time. This is a watershed moment. For me its about culture . She is not driving a success orientated attitude. We have had good managers, good players, good crowds and gazillions of parachute payments. Its all been there. But a defeatist " we are just happy to be here" approach has undermined it all. Time for a new era.
  10. Smith does now seem like a knee jerk reaction, but he needs time to clear out and rebuild Webber's mess. Still staggered that when Farke left there was no succession plan, that is surely a key part of a DoF's role.....But I think the whole culture is just too cosy and not performance driven. The lack of money doesn't help but we just seem to prepare for, and accept, failure.
  11. I don't blame Smith, Dean. But we are so far off it is embarrassing. We look like a non league team, there is a chasm to bridge. It is possible to have inferior players but still make a fist of it.....
  12. I've been a staunch Delia supporter as I think her heart is in the right place. But this is dreadful and it is time for her to move on.
  13. I agree with Ken Foggo, I don't think I have felt so disinterested in football ever, even when we went down to Lge 1. Even a home win against Rotherham at the start of next season may struggle to get my motivation levels back... !
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