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  1. Really want to think we could cause an upset but looking at the carp we have been when we actually needed to win it is difficult to see anything other than 5 or 6. Pep will want revenge after all the stick he got when we beat them so he will go for a large and convincing win.
  2. I have seen many relegations and can accept that. What I find harder is the manner. The pandemic was the same for every team. We had, on paper, winnable games against rivals and some with little to play for. We have been genuinely embarrassing and abysmal on all levels from that first game of the restart with the exception of one or two players. It is not being fickle, it is commenting on what we have seen before us and the nation, for a month.
  3. Krul, 45 mins of Zimmerman, Tettey and Hernandez. The only real rays of light over a dismal restart. Build the new side around those guys.
  4. I actually agree. At 11 v 11 I thought we were were the better side. Certainly had the best chance. Emi's moment of stupidity has screwed us, but whether its something like that, or a Krul mistake, a Timm Klose mis pass or other bad defending there has always been something. We might have gone down anyway but our capacity to self destruct has been top of the league.
  5. Possibly the most embarrassing and shambolic relegation ever. And according to Webber the manager is safe, extraordinary.
  6. Hmmmm, interesting. Bottom line to me is failings on many levels. 1. Not enough investment 2. What money was spent was not, apart from Byram, spent well 3. Tactical naivety 4. Coaching at set pieces and defence generally. 5. Strange in game management and subs. 6. Lack of steel and mental strength, no points from going behind. It is not great. Positives are few and rather than use the first team as a nursery for those that show promise we must also get the "actual" and not just the "potential" before they are sold.
  7. Seems to me he says it like it is, and honestly. Knows the club and whats going more than the other usual suspects who only know the top teams. I don't think it would do any good for him to pretend that things are ok when the contrary evidence has been there on the pitch regularly.
  8. I'm pretty much with Aggy on this. I think we all agree that we don't have the quality and that has been significant. But that means we need to cut our cloth accordingly. There are some things going through the entire team which can only be down to tactics or instruction. Full backs being so high and so wide, a strung out midfield, slow passing, often backwards just inviting pressure, set piece incompetence at both ends, but most worringly lack of real grit and determination. I really would like to know why we start games and second halves so languidly, its like there is no motivational stuff going on and the team only gets it through adrenalin from playing the top sides (where we have oddly looked a bit better) or from a baying crowd. Post lockdown they have trooped on and appear to have been given a sedative.
  9. For me the difference between Season 1 and 2 was the pace of play. After the M'Boro game we gained confidence and generally played more quickly and with more movement off the ball, with some directness. This time we've been too slow, completely nullifying any attacking threat. We have weirdly persisted with an utterly naive formation with no real full backs allowing the opposition acres of space. Last season we conceded loads of silly goals at crucial times before and after half time. The defence is just as bad as then, but even with Zimmerman and Hanly fit I am not sure it would have made much difference. Having to play 20 passes to and from the goalie just to hope to get half way is not really a recipe for great success. I was desperate for Farke to do well but IMO he has lost it.
  10. Cantwell will be sold. As will the full backs. Of the rest I'd keep Krul, though that may be tough, Buendia, Onel, and Tettey. Idah obviously. Mc Lean probably ok for the Champs. I'd put Godfrey as CDM if not sold. New defence required. The rest can move on.
  11. Farke doesn't seem to have been his usual self since the restart. I would not be surprised if an announcement is announced.
  12. We had a side that won the Championship, on a high, scoring for fun with a swagger. We deserved to be and were a PL quality team. Its not just lack of spending. This is shockingly poor and suggests something way more deep rooted.
  13. Humiliating. Disgraceful. I never thought after the promotion party last year that it would end like this.
  14. So who do we retain out of this lot? Onel, Emi, Tettey and Krul the only starters I would keep.
  15. Until today I firmly wanted Farke to stay. Now I just think a change is needed. This is Webbers job, to realise that things have run their course and start over. There are some things which one just would not expect if the coaches were on it. They have failed as much as the players. This feeble effort when we are so far away from even competing with the poorer teams is embarrassing for the club.
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