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  1. Just the position I, and a lot on here wanted either backing up or strengthening . Happy now.
  2. I absolutely love our dealings so far this off season and couldn't back Stuart and DF more. Sensible looking further ahead whilst not making the same mistakes we have in the past. One thing has made me smile is that with in reason anyone that is reported as possibly joining us hasn't happened and then one pops up as signed that morning so I take no notice of the ones on here ! But as others have said I think we would all like to see someone come in like DM to try and help reduce the goals that we let in last season and in my head I was hoping that would be before the Germany tour started . Again though, total faith in the bosses though.
  3. I can’t give one moment, one result , one goal. It has has just been a perfect season with us, Lambert and Leeds screwing it up.
  4. It was this that made me buy into him and made me so hopeful he would succeed. by Christ has he paid us back and I hope when times are harder in the PL we all remember this and back him regardless.
  5. Sorry but after the stuff that’s been rolling out of PL’s mouth and the Carrow Road incident this year it has indeed tarnished what he did he for me. he just comes across as a desperate old man with a bitter twist in him.
  6. Similar for me. i was desperate for it to work as I liked him. He was different and not the same old names chucked about . I never did like AN even after winning at Wembley, I just couldn’t warm to him. i got worried he was going to fail when he kept rolling out the stats of % of this and that . i so look forward to watching him trying to suss out the PL .
  7. Take a look back at it all . Did anyone really see this coming ? Dramatic late winners. New young players and players brought in as bargains. Golden boot. Finishing as champions whilst the mob down the road finish bottom . our ex manager turns up at CR , has a little paddy and gets sent to the stand. Ive been following Norwich for near 40 years now and put all the above together and this season tops them all for me. OTBC
  8. And Paul Lambert. Can we also thank him for making this season truly memorable.
  9. That’s the sort of attitude and fitness that we will need next year. You cant buy that very easily, if at all.
  10. Earlier in the season we had plenty of people saying our young players and those well chosen would be snapped up by the prem clubs after the season finished. Well fingers crossed we are in the same boat. I also recall Webber saying how we won the lottery but p***** it all up the wall so that kinda tells us how they will be prudent in their buying. But lets get there first.
  11. For what DF has done for us this season I feel I'd let him off if I found him in bed with my Mrs.
  12. I’ve just read his entire interview and it just comes across as the biggest a^^e kissing exercise I’ve ever had the displeasure to read. It’s not anti Lambert , it’s just basic kiss a^^^ing in the scale I’ve not seen since I left school and that was back in 85. its last chance saloon for him work wise and he knows it . I actually dislike him more than the club that’s employing him. grow a pair Paul. Go and get the fans back through skill and canny buying of players not like the above. Have some pride.
  13. Obs 3 would have been great but we’ve come out of two very tough games with team fighting for their lives. Never would have been easy. Doable yes but tbh I had us losing one of those two. United slipped up yesterday, another game ticked off . The only downside is the pressure my ticker is under but the couple of beers drunk during the scum relegation party has eased that a tad.
  14. I got myself in a right pickle last night , and I consider myself level headed !! We didn't win , Shock ! That of course meant Sheff U gained points on us .............. hang on , no they didn't . I had in the back of my head we would slip up last night with a loss , all runs come to an end so with reflection all is the same less another game ticketed off a very short list. On another note, the rabble down the road had a good evening as well .....................
  15. What we have done so far is a massive achievement. You may ask what but I would argue the performances from this time last year to this year is just a massive job so yes, we have achieved an awful lot. And we have all loved watching the games this year also, again , a huge jump over last year. my pessimistic head says I still can’t or won’t get excited yet. A slip up today and a United win just levels all up basically. But if it all went Pete Tong and we had to go again next year , we’ll we have still moved on so much. As for the binners.............
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