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  1. Genuinely has it been reported properly what they have available to strengthen their squad ? I for one will be interested in how they get on. I can see a bit of a Luton scenario but that will depend on the start of their season. An easier start against similar sized clubs ( not what the fans thing are similar i might add ) might see a few points on the board but get some hard games and a few early kickings and things become a lot harder.
  2. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of it all the set up first class .
  3. I was at motocross at the weekend chatting to a rider . Turns out he is 74 !!! He said there " are two chairs that will kill you, the electric and the armchair and i dont intend to spend time in either " No, it wasnt Jamie.
  4. I will have always , and will continue to laugh and any mishap that lot down the road have . Why ? Cos football ! I mean come on ....................... Maidstone
  5. This. We cant win and especially in the press. Its been said before but spend sensibly and we are hounded for not giving it a go but spend way above your means and its well done for trying. Honestly until something changes in football be it our finances or the PL way of funding then i really dont want a part of it and i'll take what i get in the Champs.
  6. And he got a promotion bonus even though he never kicked a ball. I'd wear an ips*ich shirt for the day over shaking that bloke by the hand.
  7. Tbh whilst I won’t admire them I can accept they have done well on a very limited budget.
  8. im Sir Farke's biggest admirer byut also first to admit that to have him back would be a mistake. Love and admire him for 80% of what he did and move on.
  9. But Its not like we have played badly with out him is it ? Sure it might have been a bit easier but in general i would say we missed Sarge way more than Rowe
  10. He’s the one that put the video of Sir Tim Close scoring that goal up and the deviation in the away fans isn’t it he ? to be honest I’m going to give him a bit of credit as he will put up posts and videos that a lot of people wouldn’t , like the one mentioned as I bet it hurts like hell to get beat again. It’s not like he puts up posts only when they beat up. ( which admittedly is near pre YouTube )
  11. I wonder if @ricardo will be able to cycle home in a straight line after that ? Looking forward to his report already.
  12. Very sad when a player moves on and from an era when platers stuck around in clubs for longer. my thoughts are with his family.
  13. Little Emi ........ And Argos hasnt really changed has he ! 😊
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