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  1. Regardless of his way of getting the goals you also want to remember how much we paid for him. I love him for his non tattoo no showboat style of celebrating his goals . A knee slide at best with just a great big grin on his face .
  2. He is tracking back far more than used to , sometimes he is just everywhere but , and this is a personal thought is a feel he is playing for himself and to get noticed . I’m not 100% on why I’m feeling like this , body language maybe but he doesn’t look as part of the team an the others. Happy to be shot down on this and no I’m not a binner.
  3. Yes, just read that . For this reason and all the others that young players don't quite make it im glad my boys don't want to follow in professional players footsteps. The pot of gold that they see on Sky and MOTD only for them to be let loose from their club with no contract must be crushing for them . The very best to Bobby in all that is ahead of him.
  4. For once I didn’t dislike the commentary team which is of course the home team. for starters they welcomed us on board which is a first and even got ourplayers names correct. Pretty fair commentary all round tbh.
  5. I’ve always enjoyed the season before the prem . Sitting watching MOTD and being knocked by so called pundit telling me how crap we are going to be and telling me we don’t bring in young players ..... Smug Shearer when we lose a couple of games on the trot . I hate the prem because of what it’s become which is a shark pool of ultra rich foreign players and owners.
  6. Hmmm. trying to suss out KD and the piece on the front page highlighted my thoughts. Each game I’m willing him to come on and show us glimpses of what is to come on a decent run but for me , no show yet. Chuffed when he came on with 30 to go against Coventry as I thought it was a perfect opportunity for him to start showing us the real him but apart from one row z shot a can’t recall anything else in that 30 minutes. yes I know he has had a period on the sidelines but still think that maybe we should have seen more ? perhaps I’m missing something that other can see?
  7. I know he has a big contract but FFS , why hasn’t Evans got shot of him yet ??? the place is falling apart, it’s not going to better , he has enough money to get rid of him so why hasn’t he . Im seriously thinking that Evans has some weird thing going on that we don’t know about.
  8. 2 big mistakes for me . The obvious one but around 20 minutes in he lost the ball and made no real attempt to get back to challenge or make it difficult . But that’s not me saying he is no good just I prefer my LB to be excellent at their prime position and good going forward over the opposite. But he is of course on a sharp learning curve and I’m very interested in watching his progression with DF saying it’s between him and Xavi for the rest of the season.
  9. Fingers crossed for a draw so they can still see the play offs and lambert doesn’t get the bullet. too many losses and we could lose our best agent.
  10. You don’t think SW has a few nice little bolt ones for added payments ? I do.
  11. If there is one player that seems to totally confuse me and that's Idah , in what he actually has done to be thought of so positively ? Yes, sure 3 goals in the cup game but honestly I don't know what else. Not knocking him but confused why he seems to be so highly thought of.
  12. This^^^^ i keep saying to my lad we just need them to keep drawing with the odd win to keep them around 8th. We need no changes of manager when the present is doing such a great job.
  13. I know I’m still new here but even I know that a load of cr*p.
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