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  1. I think the point is he now has to come out and say something. he has got away with keeping quiet , letting the season runs it’s dismal course.
  2. He should have got it before the match. He has earnt it and would easily have scored more in a team that gave him the ball. Shame on our out of contact club for not saying thankyou to one of the few that have tried.
  3. So if the above is so weighted in that this season is worse than others yet we have spent or traded more players then the scouting / Webber needs to be held accountable. Its one thing not being good enough but very poor to not learn and improve even slightly .
  4. Of all the season we have been promoted this is the one which ive decided that the self funding cannot and will not ever work. The chances of buying in a gem or two is outweighed by the sheer numbers of quality players bought in by the rest of the teams.
  5. They do , to an extent. Most of the pubs pay in to a fund which employs security . At the first sign of trouble they call them and in fairness the system works well and they are there very quickly. All the pubs works closely with each other and if and when trouble flairs up then others are also pre warned and descriptions passed around. Sure i would prefer them to have it on site but its not a big pub so cannot afford to have full time security . They do not have a huge amount of trouble . The odd event which tbh is normally dealt with quite easily but this was very personal , smashed glasses on the bar and best described as intense .
  6. Thanks all. I, well perhaps my daughter is well used to away fans and all that comes with it but perhaps in our ignorance just didn’t expect it form Norwich. Perhaps it’s because we support them and it’s harder to when you have fun’s in our shirts abusing her. I believe the police are involved and have access to the CCTV. In truth the level which she received was above what she has received from almost all the other visiting clubs this season and last year also so quite a spread of clubs . I know things happen , I know we are all upset at the performances this season but just maybe this can just remind people that it’s just a game and should be treated as such. thanks again for all the kind words.
  7. And we are away …. and when the game is finished and you need a drink and when you have had too many and you decide to give the bar staff a mouthful of abuse , throw some glass and be totally sh*ts ……. Just remember that the bargirl might have been at the 5 - 1 drubbing of Ipswich, her fav player is still Grant Holt, and has possibly been to more games in her 20 years than many on here have. So to the 4 guys who did this to my Norwich supporting , Brighton studying daughter today I hope your chuffed. in her words, in tears on the phone, I didn’t believe we had fans like that dad. Totally and absolutely disgusted .
  8. I think the point of if its good value will depend more on us having some players who will give him the ball when he needs it.
  9. I’ve voted no as I’m worried about what we get in , chosen by delia and co would be no better . It’s plain for us all to see we don’t have the money to complete. We need to fix that then work out how to manage that money accordingly. im not saying we need a Russian billionaire..ahem, but something in between if that makes sense.
  10. I would be surprised is Dean / Shakey left. I think they knew what they where taking on and maybe yes they would go if we didnt come straight back up but not before giving it one season .
  11. If we go down there is no way he will be playing for us next season. Like Skippy last year, he is using the loan system brilliantly to show what he can do and not like a season off like some loans end up as. He will soon get picked up by a mid prem team.
  12. I remember a lot of so called interest from alot clubs but also we received no bids. I was and still are a big fan of DF but im also really starting to understand that he was just a bit short of what is needed in this league and Smith and Shakey are a step up.
  13. I dont pretend to be great at understanding football but i thought Max put a great shift in against Saha but Williams on the otherside was superb in the second half as he was right in my view. To me his positioning as a defender was spot on. I wasnt impressed at all when first on board but ive really changed my mind on him. A tough game that 6 games ago would have been a reasonable loss for sure.
  14. I guess you are including smithy and DF in that comment because they didn’t pick him …..
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