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  1. norfolkbroadslim

    Time to go Delia

    That's exactly what I think every time I read one of your posts.
  2. norfolkbroadslim

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Frankly amazing how many people have been taken in by Webber's 'Emperor's New Clothes'!
  3. norfolkbroadslim

    DJ Thrills the Crowds.....

    Arsenal signed Ian Wright 2 months before his 28th Birthday!
  4. norfolkbroadslim

    Stewart Webber in Gunn club

    Glenn Roeder liked to bring in loan players. He also liked to criticse the fans. His reign didn't end well if I recall.
  5. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

    No way Emi deserved to be on the losing side today. No excuses for that defeat today Farke at fault, Woeful game management, as seen in his first season. We should have won that game 99 times out of 100.
  6. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

    Krul's up
  7. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

    We'll never score in a month of a Sunday's here
  8. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

    Hughton was the same
  9. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

    There you have it, our season summed up right there
  10. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

    All that great work undone by a corner yet again!
  11. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

  12. norfolkbroadslim

    Norwich v Wolves

    ooh Tettey so close!
  13. norfolkbroadslim

    Maddison is great, but.....

    Just spat my coffee out. That's a bit rich coming from you!
  14. norfolkbroadslim

    ****Official match thread vs The Blades****

    Spent £750k on Byram, and wasted God knows how much on the loans of Fahrmann, Roberts and Amadou.
  15. norfolkbroadslim

    How much do we spend in January? Do we try to save the season?

    We'll do well to avoid relegation next season.