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  1. norfolkbroadslim

    BBC Sport Norwich article by Sutton

    Last season where we conceded 58 goals (iirc) in a follow up to the season before where we conceded 60 goals. We then went into the PL without really strengthening the first choice defence. In addition to this with Farke adamant that he would not change the way we play. It is completely valid that some people had concerns in this respect for this season. Anyway a great battling point yesterday and a clean sheet that few saw coming! I think and hope that Farke will realise that he will need to change things at times this season, even if it goes against his philosophy and whether forced by injuries or not yesterday. There is no way we will survive this season conceding at the rate that we were. The difficult part, as it has always been, is finding the balance between this whilst also remaining an attacking threat.
  2. norfolkbroadslim

    BBC Sport Norwich article by Sutton

    I would find it hard to believe that anyone could disagree with Sutton on the whole. But of course at the start of the season, we had a few people on here who stated, rather forcefully, that our defence was indeed strong enough and attempted to shoot down anyone who raised concerns or dared to even suggest otherwise!
  3. norfolkbroadslim

    We've just f'cked it up.

    It's hardly much of an exaggeration. It's not like I've claimed he would be the best defender in the PL or anything. Anyway, if Raggett was still here I have little doubt he would have been playing at CB alongside Godfrey allowing Amadou to play in midfield.
  4. norfolkbroadslim

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    I think Vrancic is a good passer
  5. norfolkbroadslim

    We've just f'cked it up.

    We have 2 other centre backs. A shame Raggett and Bushiri are both out on loan. Raggett would have been no worse than Hanley.
  6. norfolkbroadslim

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    Makes you wonder what is causing all these injuries (players out, having to play with injured players)? It can't just be coincidence.
  7. norfolkbroadslim

    Match thread

    Do I sense a hint of irony? That's a couple of big differences, not forgetting to mention that Villa also put the ball in the net.
  8. norfolkbroadslim

    Match thread

    I said to my Dad at half time, it was like some of the performances in Farke's first season and start of the second season. Can Farke get it right? Is he capable of getting it right? Does he have the players to get it right? Trouble is, it took him a year and a bit to get it right in the Champs, without ever addressing our defensive issues, I hasten to add. If it's going to take that long again, we're doomed. I don't see us spending much if anything in January and going into the season with a light squad that had little if any real strengthening should it really come as much of a surprise?
  9. norfolkbroadslim

    Match thread

    Don't mention being lightweight. I got slaughtered just before the start of the season for suggesting this.
  10. norfolkbroadslim

    Match thread

    If we get relegated straight away, then it's no more successful than previous regimes, in fact less successful. It's nothing more than supposition that we would have a better chance of staying up, if we ever did get back up under the current regime.
  11. norfolkbroadslim

    Match thread

    Since Man City we have looked like naive schoolboys, like deers trapped in the headlights. Out muscled, out played, nervous, lost...
  12. norfolkbroadslim

    Match thread

    What's going on Geoff?
  13. norfolkbroadslim

    Raheem Sterling

    Especially given the dire injury situation, I think our only chance, and it won't be pretty, is to set up with 2 banks of 4/5 or 2 banks of 4 and a 2 and defend like absolute legends for 90+ minutes, counter-attack at speed as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Yes, it will be like Hughton (apart from our attacking prowess being world's apart), it will be soaking up incredible pressure but at least we know that we have the ability to create chances and in Pukki a man to put them away. Try and frustrate Man City, keep them out altogether or at least as long as possible. We've certainly got the ability to score, we will probably still lose, but hopefully it won't be a drubbing, but maybe, just maybe we might get something out of it. A lot of luck, an injury or injuries to Man City players a sending off early on for Man City, Pukki racing through on goal early on and getting hacked down from behind. It's football, anything can happen, and as someone once said, "It's a funny old game".
  14. norfolkbroadslim

    Farke - Klose's season could be over

    Has anyone seen the scans to prove Klose's injury???
  15. norfolkbroadslim

    Farke - Klose's season could be over

    Your obsession with the word hindsight is nonsense. Myself and others were saying these things before the start of the season.