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  1. norfolkbroadslim

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Knight has written to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters calling for action on player wages, saying clubs which furlough non-playing staff but do not impose cuts on player wages should be subjected to a windfall tax if they do not change approach by Tuesday, 7 April. "The purpose of the coronavirus job retention scheme is not to support the economics of Premier League clubs," Knight wrote. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52142267
  2. norfolkbroadslim

    Best performance by a visiting player

    Marco Gabbiadini was very good, especially in the second half of the opening game of the 1990/91 season against Sunderland.
  3. norfolkbroadslim

    EPL meeting today

    What the PL really think will ultimately happen and what they know that they have to be seen as doing, which is everything they possibly can to complete the season, are two different things.
  4. norfolkbroadslim

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    Well, they have the Duckworth-Lewis method in cricket, don't they ......
  5. norfolkbroadslim

    Relegation points total

    It's obvious. It's Delia and Webber emperor's new clothes which so many have bought hook, line and sinker!
  6. norfolkbroadslim

    Minimum Expectation

    Whatever you think, we simply did not give it never mind a good go, but even a half decent go at staying up. I am not suggesting we should have gone for a boom or bust strategy, however we did the polar opposite. We over-planned for relegation, which ultimately made relegation inevitable. It's alright having these long-term plans on paper, but if we fail to come back up they will prove to be completely pointless. We are not going to have such saleable assets every year and the longer we remain outside the PL, the more the money will dwindle and this over-cautious self-funding model will suffocate us. Only time will tell, but we could very well see that after the next 2 seasons that this regime has not been as successful as the much criticsed by Webber, previous regimes.
  7. norfolkbroadslim

    'There is no bad blood or anything going on'

    Sadly, Farke showing he is clueless yet again. You cannot compare the two, there is no correlation. A forward player creating many chances in a struggling, relegation threatened side is very, very impressive. It in no way corresponds to a defender in a poor side making lots of tackles because his side are under constant pressure. There is obviously something off with Farke and Emi. I also have an awful feeling that we are going to start next season in the Championship very poorly.
  8. norfolkbroadslim

    Minimum Expectation

    What do you envisage might happen to all the money then?
  9. norfolkbroadslim

    Minimum Expectation

    I can't believe that you think it was not meant literally given the lack of desire to stay in the PL this season. There is no other way to take it!!!
  10. norfolkbroadslim

    Team V Leicester

    We're going to win the game 3-2. 2 goals for Pukki and 1 for Buendia.
  11. norfolkbroadslim

    Daniel Sinani

    Ianis Hagi is going to be Buendia's replacement next season.
  12. The top 26 aim is nonsense. It is purely designed to keep criticism at bay and Webber in a job.
  13. norfolkbroadslim

    Massively over-rated

    For all that we have played youngsters, I actually think that Idah would have got more minutes at a higher placed Prem club.
  14. norfolkbroadslim


  15. norfolkbroadslim


    Does anyone know what happened to BlyBlyBabes?