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  1. He obviously hasn't heard of the Keystone Cops school of zonal marking. It's fairly popular in regional Germany.
  2. There is absolutely zero point in giving Farke any more time. He has to go now. The longer we keep him, the more damage it will cause.
  3. I'm not suggesting he's the messiah or anything but there is no way he is worse than half the dross we see in midfield week in, week out
  4. This is just dire. Defensive coaching and tactics isn't just bad, it's inept. Farke and his coaches are way out of their depth. Even Wycombe, yes bl00dy Wycombe are making a better fist of things at the Etihad than we didn't!
  5. It must make Sorensen feel sick to the stomach seeing Rupp ahead of him.
  6. P43 W5 D6 L32 F28 A89 GD-61 - WIN RATIO = 11.63% He should be sacked. His PL record is abysmal. He doesn't have the ability to adapt to this league. Changing managers isn't pointless. Let's face the reality, it would be difficult for a new manager to have a worse record in the PL if we're being honest. We definitely have a squad capable of picking up points in the Premier League. Take Brentford for example (no I don't wish we were Brentford), they haven't taken the league by storm, but they have picked up some decent, solid points. Yet we won the league last season with a record number of points, finishing comfortably above Brentford. Yes, on paper Brentford's opening fixtures have been easier. But, this is Farke's second shot at the big time now. We lost Emi, but the squad definitely has more strength and depth to it. However, never mind picking up a win, we don't even look like picking up a point. You don't go from 97 Championship points to the current shambles unless something is inherently wrong. The team looks lost at times. Farke doesn't look like he has learnt anything from 2 seasons ago. Give him more time? How much more time? What is the point? The last 4 years has proven that Farke and his coaches can't sort the defence. 43 Premier League games have shown that he can't set the team up to handle the opposition's power and pace. We don't impose our identity enough on the opposition and we are far too predictable and naive in our set up and thus make things too easy for the opposition to create chances as easy as a knife slicing through butter. At the start of the season I was feeling positive and fairly confident that there were at least 3 worse teams in the league than us. Now I feel that we are the worst team in the league. We just don't have an identity, we've lost it, where's it gone? We're far too soft and naive. Southampton have had some horrific Premier League results over recent years, but I looked at their result and performance at Man City with admiration. The way they ground out a point. Sadly, we don't look anywhere near close to doing anything like that against anyone in this league.
  7. You'd be forgiven for thinking that watching vintage German **** was where he got our defensive tactics from!
  8. Daniel Farke's Premier League record with Norwich City - P43 W5 D6 L32 F28 A89 GD-61- Win ratio 11.63% There is no need for a debate. An absolutely shocking record. Something has to change. What's the alternative? To just keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome???
  9. Daniel Farke's Premier League record with Norwich City - P43 W5 D6 L32 F28 A89 GD-61- Win ratio 11.63% Sorry, but show me a manager anywhere who survives a record like that!
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