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  1. Craig Shakespeare's boobies are by far the best. He has, quite simply, stunningly big areolas!
  2. My eyes and/or my computer screen must be playing tricks on me because the shorts look dark green to me.
  3. Well, I can see George Formby. Not sure who any of the other's are though?
  4. We didn't improve the defence, we didn't sign a defensive midfielder and we didn't sign pace and power. All things that we knew we needed before the start of the season! You need pace and power, you need to have a threat on the counter because you know you aren't going to have as much of the ball in the vast majority of games in the PL.
  5. It's not up to 5 lads standing behind you to decide who replaces Delia!
  6. Yes, and she can take that charlatan Webber with her.
  7. Pukki will be sold to Fulham in the summer transfer window.
  8. Buy 5 injury prone players who's careers are on the way down, not one of whom would be a defensive midfielder.
  9. A lot of people on this thread not giving Brentford the credit they deserve. It's no accident and it's not luck why they are where they are. They have had a great first season in the Premier League. For me this is particularly evidenced by their goal difference which is only -7. They've got to play Leeds at home in their last game. They've played all of the top teams home and away and their goal difference is still only -7. In contrast, with Spurs still to play at home, our goal difference is -56. That's 49 goals worse than Brentford. No I don't wish we were Brentford. I just think credit where credit is due. They've had a good season, not a lucky one, if such a thing even exists that is.
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