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  1. Could only see it happening as a makeweight in a Cantwell deal….although all seems to have gone quiet on that front
  2. I expect the insurance costs would make this a non starter for us.
  3. It’s the hope that kills you! but good on you, that’s why we all support the team, without hope what’s the point?
  4. The Webber point is a good one. especially given how he called him out for sitting on the pitch which I do think was uncalled for. Of course that will scupper all contract negotiations. Cantwell should perhaps react better but perhaps the fact he knows Webber will never give him the contract he at least feels he desreves and therfore he will have to leave the club is why he is possible so unmotivated. The immature aspect of it is that Todd is just cutting off his nose to spite his face as it means he is stuck here because other clubs wont want to take a massive gamble on a player who could be either a) unfit b) injured or c)troublesome. I'd love to see it sorted by Smith showing Cantwell some love and him performing so he gets a good contract offer or the move to a better (?) club
  5. Strength may be, but finishing???? -other than one game I've seen nothing in any of his performances for us or Ireland to show he is a good finisher...in fact quite the opposite. I'd love this to be the time he finally shows some signs of fulfilling his potential, but sadly I tend to agree with Nora that he just doesnt appear to have the ability to be a top player (certainly not as a strike) I really he hope he proves me wrong though.
  6. He does have a bit of an air of class about him (similar in that way to Vrancic) which i think could see him thrive in the championship where he will have more time, be facing weaker and less talented opposition and (hopefully) we will be on the front foot in most games. As you say issue then will be making sure IF we get promoted again we replace him with a better first 11 player of premier league standard.
  7. To be fair takes a bit more energy to play football for 90 mins in the premier league than put out a tweet!! (unless you're kenny Mclean!!) I do agree that the sooner this pantomime is over and he leaves the better...and I say that as a fan of the old Cantwell!
  8. This is a really good point. Must admit I've been very quick to blame Webber (and still think this years signings have broadly been a waste of what resources we have) but he is totally hamstrung by the wages. We are in position where we can pay the transfer fee to persuade clubs at our level to sell their better assets. BUT we will never attract the type of player we need to secure premier league survival as we wont meet their wage demands. We are therefore reliant on effectively striking lucky with a player who is quickly able to fulfill his potential - this worked out amazingly with Pukki, Buendia and Maddison but sadly has failed far more times - Leitner, Oliveira, Duda, Placheta, Gibson and sadly all the signings this year at the moment.
  9. Cant disagree with this but I was always bemused why Farke seemed to play him in front of defence. For me only way to accommodate him is to have him just off the front one (or two) to provide an outlet pass
  10. A good point and I tend to agree but unless we sign a CDM in the transfer I dont think we have a choice. I know we will have to start again with two new players next year but we may save a bit of face this year compared to the current embarrasment.
  11. Appreciate injuries are the current reason.....but cant remember a game when Mclean hasnt started?
  12. If we are to have any chance of even ending the season with some hope and winning another game (now given up on survival) then we need to stop having such a pathetic midfield. I actually think we have the attacking players and defence to be an ok premier league team but the midfield has been woeful. I think a trio of Normann, Gilmour and Rupp is our only real option ....and I never thought I'd be pushing for Rupp as a starter. This means we get rid of the invisible man McLean and I would push Gilmour up and tell him he has one main job - to either make a slide pass to pukki on goal or play the ball behind the full backs for Rashica/Placheta/Tzolis to chase. Sorrenson can come on for Gilmour in last 15 minutes to protect our slender 1-0 advantage (sadly I dont think Sorrenson has the pace, power or strength for the CDM role).
  13. Says it all when a loan signing seems to care more than our actual players
  14. What 'striker' will continue to make our strike force completely ineffective in the absence of Pukki? If this is best option we might as well just recall Hugill and save the money for a promotion push next year and most importantly a longer term replacement for Pukki
  15. Surely his contract doesn't expire this year. I know people are questioning Webber's competence but there is no way he'd leave us in a position where Pukki could sign with another club now. I'd also like to think that Pukki is one of the few remaining players who has a bit of respect and loyalty to the club so would be willing to sign a new contract so we could at least get a decent transfer fee for him IF he did want a new challenge (are you listening Mr Cantwell!)
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