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  1. Sadly I agree. Keep hearing he has all the attributes to be a good player, which I agree with…he IS big, strong and quick. Sadly he doesn’t know how to use those attributes. Honestly don’t think he is a very good football player! He also seems decidedly uninterested half the time, just seems a bit dopey in his play and not particularly bothered. For the life of me I can’t understand why in earth we gave him a 5 year contract, if anything that will just make him even more complacent.
  2. Gunn not an option today but does seem he should come back in. Mclean is ‘ok’ as CDM agains weaker teams when we press but can’t be relied upon or handle any semi decent opposition midfield. How long can we go without getting a decent CDM? Surely Webber can find someone somewhere ? in the interim I think we should just try Gibbs the chance, let’s play him for rest of season
  3. I know this may not be well received after todays game but I honestly don’t think we are far off a having a good team who could be exciting to watch. we need changes in the old guard, ie the likes of Hanley and Krul. BUT if we can get players like Sara, Nunez, Sargent and Tzolis clicking and playing well together as a joined up unit it could be special. I honestly think Wagner can deliver that, just look at the improvement in players like Aarons and Dowell since he arrived. Too late for this season but a couple of key signings and next could be very different.
  4. First 20 very poor and ridiculous mistake by Krul. But much better last 20. we can definitely win it! im going Tzolis for late winner and a new hero is born (we can all dream!)
  5. Given the balls he gave away at Coventry I’m genuinely wondering if Krul is betting on us conceding
  6. Yep, that's exactly what I've done! Krul has now been given the shirt (mainly I think because of his experience, character and ability to organise the defence rather than being 'the better goal keeper'..if that makes sense?). But if he does start making stupid mistakes then he gets dropped and Gunn is given another go to fully claim the No1 shirt for good.
  7. I'm far from convinced that Gunn is the better keeper and not sure stats do prove that... happy for you to show which ones do. They are both decent keepers but with weakness eg Krul's distribution is awful but he commands the area much better. Krul at his peak was a far better keeper than Gunn is now, my hope is that Gunn continues to grow and learn from Krul so we have a seamless transition to him either again this season or for next season.
  8. It is a big show of faith...and not one I am particularly sure on if I'm honest. I just dont think he will ever be of a quality needed for top championship/premier league. Interesting that Wagner describes him as having a 'raw, natural ability' but given he is 21 surely by now some of his potential should've been realised. I still think he would benefit from time on loan (preferably in Championship) so he gets chance to play week in week out rather than a bit player like he is at moment.
  9. That first day video is really interesting and gives some good insight into the club. He may not be popular but I like the way that Webber personally escorts them all and knows everyone in the club. Hernandez instantly likeable and McLean definitely a character. Wagner is indeed very tactile with the players and you can tell how much he wants to build a good relationship with them. In total contrast, Hanley gives a miserable hello and then just walks off....not exactly what I'd expect from our captain.
  10. It's interesting how Wagner seems to have made very quick decisions in terms of: Liking the look of Tzolis Immediately knowing that Hugil and Sinani arent good enough Sargent plays through the middle or not at all No point giving Cantwell any more time Heck he's even managed to make a star player out of McLean!!! It could all go disastrously wrong but I certainly have faith in his opinion.
  11. Everything’s been covered in this thread but have to say I’m gutted that he has left. Probably for the best for him and the club but I certainly wish him all the best and hope he knuckles down at rangers and eventually really fulfils his potential.
  12. He was good but that was when we were on top and moving forward all the time. Once Coventry started having a go at us and used their own pace and strength he was clearly found wanting. He is another player where confidence is key and he let a few simple balls slip under his feet and go out of play... after that he just seemed to be struggling. I thought McCallum was much better second half and he has a better physical presence (although he also benefited from the whole team playing in a more structured and calm manner.
  13. To be fair, they seemed to be pretty much be doing that when Smith was here!
  14. I'm not sure OP is right. It certainly seemed like that at the weekend where the first half turned into being played like a Basket ball game. But Wagner was very clear in his post match interview that he was really unhappy with the first half and our style of play. I think the 2nd was much more what he wanted where we totally controlled the game. I think the players just got carried away in the first and it was brilliant when we were attacking but it also led to a lack of discipline and structure in our play which allowed a far inferior team to get back in to the game. The flowing football was great but I certainly feel Wagner is looking for a more controlled and organised style of play rather than the gung ho approach of Lambert.
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