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  1. rock bus

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Must agree I don’t think this is right. Rather than tax payer (ie us) paying I think the right thing would be for players/directors to sacrifice some off their millions to cover the non playing staff.
  2. rock bus

    Grant Hanley

    Been brilliant since he cam back, full credit to him
  3. rock bus

    match thread

    It was a decent goal and we’ve really grown into the game, think we’ve done alright and can definitely win this. lots of miserable sods on here!
  4. rock bus

    match thread

    Leitner totally disappeared! Unless I’ve missed it, not injured so must be some kind of fall out.
  5. rock bus

    FA Cup or premier League football

    Cup for me as it will be something I can remember for rest of my life and will go in history books of the club
  6. rock bus

    John Ruddy to return?

    I saw the main article as a bit of a PR piece by Ruddy and almost a 'come and get me' plea. Think he may be tempted on basis that as well as being number 2 (presuming Krul stays) he will have a coaching responsibility/position with the younger keepers. Sounds like an ideal plan to me (especially as home grown player!)
  7. rock bus

    Man City and the likes

    This sounds great, Man City, Villa and Bournemouth relegated and we're allowed to stay up i(f the miracle doesnt happen). We can dream,. as if they'd have the balls to relegate Man City (the other two maybe!)
  8. rock bus

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Jake Humphrey just sent tweet reminding us weve only lost 2 in last 8. Given they were Man U and Tottenham our recent form is pretty good. Thats probably the most frustrating thing we are so close to making a go of things. Just a couple of fluke goals in a couple of games and we’d be in such a better position
  9. rock bus

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Really disappointed Vrancic isn’t starting with the adding of Rupp I think we have enough strength in midfield to sacrifice mcclean for Vrancic
  10. Won one today without Leitner!
  11. I don’t disagree but apparently we have a defence which has 3 x c£30m players in it (one who can’t get in ahead of a £750k defender!). unfortunately has to be questions over the training, organisation and tactics of the whole defensive unit, we need a specialist defensive coach (do we have one?)
  12. it must have been very different actually at the game because from just watching match of the day it looked like we played really well! Lots of good passing, plenty of chances and all the possession. Also worth noting that our record in last 5 (LDDLW) isn’t that bad compared to many other teams and actually better than Leicester. It’s a big IF but if VAR hadn’t robbed us of the second goal against Spurs we might all be feeling a lot more positive.
  13. Living in the Midlands and working in Birmingham, the only thing that is keeping my hopes up this season is praying villa get relegated and are hit hard by ffp
  14. rock bus

    Duda signed

    I’m a bit unsure on this. its a good signing and I’d normally be positive but I’m feeling a bit dejected after yesterday and wondering what’s the point. not convinced he could ever do enough to keep us up so really would like to see us not wasting money on a loan. Surely it’d be better to sign someone on a permanent even if it’s someone not yet ready for premiership but who could excel in the championship. Obviously, hope I’m wrong and him and Pukki form the dream partnership and the miracle of us staying up happens!
  15. To be honest, not sure why we will loan Duda now. hate to say it but we’re dead and buried so might as well save the money OR use it to buy someone who will be here next season!