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  1. I’d hate to see him go and we’ll definitely struggle to replace him, even if we get good money as we won’t blow it all on a striker. Must admit though I think he’s one of those who will fail in the premier league and either end up back in championship or at a non premier league class European division. Hes got loads of brilliant qualities but as already highlighted his poor first touch means he will struggle to make it in the top leagues (although hope I’m wrong as he seems a decent chap).
  2. Oxford, just because close enough for me to go!
  3. Sorry I thought you meant us developing players that Arsenal wanted to buy! Agree I've no desire to see us being used to develop other teams academy players whilst on loan.
  4. If we're developing players who are good enough for Arsenal I'd see that as being great!
  5. Love Farke but rarely works to go back. Also wouldn’t want to see him fail again here and would rather have the over riding memories of great football and ongoing respect for the man
  6. I've been one who has been saying for some time that he needs to go - just because I've been dismayed with some of his really poor tactical decisions (dropping Sainz last night a classic example) and the main reason we got to play offs was Sargant coming back rather than anything Wagner 'did'. But must admit still feel a bit sad this morning as he does seem like a decent bloke and I'd have liked it to work out. Right decision though and hope him and us go on to future successes.
  7. Should be getting in a young manager who will build a team around Sainz and allow him to shine.
  8. Barnes is possibly the worst of the lot!
  9. Is that the data we used to sign Sydney? In which case I’d stick to having scouts actually watch players play!
  10. I can not believe he has dropped Sainz! Fuming! I think he’s been our best player over last couple of months.
  11. We’re still in it! Why not save the negativity until after Thursday if that’s what you want. For now can’t we all try to get behind the team and the manager?
  12. Really? I think it’s been a really good , tight game. Think we’ve edged it with just final ball letting us down. Had a good period of play and needed a goal then.
  13. Think that’s the strongest side we could put out (although I’d have stuck with McCallum) I was quite confident until I then looked at the Leeds team (they really should’ve made automatic with that squad). We CAN do it though! OTBC
  14. I'd be giving Onel the captain canary costume - he loves the club and the fans so should be great!
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