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  1. I've already posted that I would love for Villa to go down. Weirdly I'd now be more upset if they survive than I am by the fact we have been relegated (given that 's been on the horizon for some time and confirmed a while ago). Living in the Midlands I am surrounded by Villa fans who as a bunch are quite obnoxious and full of their own importance (no wonder Lambert went there!). I was gutted about last nights result but am now praying for the possible joy of them being out of the bottom 3 at the start of Sunday but being relegated by the end of it!
  2. Just when you think this season can’t get any worse
  3. Could be the last time I can watch us in the premier league for a while so going to force myself to watch it. be nice to finally see a win!
  4. Like others I couldnt care less about Cantwell's hair .. other than it amuses me. It was a bit of a cheap shot by Webber and actually Cantwell is one of the few players who can hold his head up high for his performances post lockdown (definitely best player v Chelsea). In terms of Webber, just as a great player needs a bit of arroganace and look at me (Cantwell) I think the same is true of a good CEO (Sporting Director like Webber).
  5. As long as it's Villa I dont care who the other one is. Living in the Midlands I have to deal with their obnoxious fans a lot!
  6. IF he could stay fit I think he's the best defender at the club and I'd play him at full back over both Aarons and Lewis. I'd actually like to see him as full back with Aarons playing in midfield ahead of him (we really couldve done with that solidity on the wings this year). I had high hopes for Lewis but he's been one of my biggest disappointments this year, clearly talented but I dont think he is physically or mentally strong enough to step up beyond being a decent championship player.
  7. I Tend to agree that Rupp should be given more time. I also think he should be given a go in central midfield to just break things up a la Tettey. But I’m a bit concerned people say he’ll be better when he improves his first touch......he’s a premier league footballer being paid thousands a week. If he has a poor first touch now he always will and that’s the point which makes me question if he is worth persevering with.
  8. I'm a bit mixed about this. In some ways I admire his upfront and robust approach - can be hard to take as a fan but the reality is that he isnt a fan so wont be crying over it and I respect the way he appreciates just needs to get on with improving. Tone on player sale is slightly different though - no longer just on our terms but also lines on needing to recognise what players have done and mention of Covid impact - probably confirms some player sales pretty much done deal. Most worrying aspect for me (although probably not for some) was comments re Farke - about 100% backing but up to him if he wants to stay. That does worry me that Farke has been tapped up during lock-down and is planning to go. Goes against what Farke has said previously about never walking away from a contract but also might explain poor form of team since we started up again. One things for certain...it's going to be an interesting couple of months... which in itself is more exciting than this season has been!
  9. I agree it’s not just about being physically strong but also having players who can dominate the pitch and have almost an ‘aura” about them. Maddison is probably a relevant example of that or taking it to a ridiculous extreme Messi (and no I’m not suggesting that’s who we should be looking at). Not particularly’big’ but still strong on the ball and you don’t often see them being brushed aside. I thought that Buendia would be our man but despite his brilliant footwork he does quite command the pitch as I hoped (although was ironically as close as he has got last night)
  10. Whilst I agree it would’ve been worth trying him as CDM it’s not really been an option as we haven’t had 2 other fit CBS most the season. id mainly had liked Farke to try it just so people wouldn’t keep going on about it. As others have said, I don’t think he had the vision or footballing knowledge to play CDM. I think we’d see the same as we do as CB -the occasional majestic stride through the middle of the park but in most games he would simply go missing and always just seem to be a few feet away from the action and where he should actually be. He May yet learn and end up being as brilliant as Rio No doubt thinks he is...but at the moment I’d snap up any offer above £25m and use that money to buy a ‘proper’ CDM.
  11. Very obvious last night although actually it was the full backs that struggled even more than the midfield. At points it really did look like boys against men.
  12. I feel bad about saying this but I think our defence will be better if we sell Godfrey, Aarons and Lewis. No doubt they all have huge potential but none defend well enough and it’s just disastrous as a combination. Hanley, Zimmerman, Byram and one kid (Lewis or the cov lad) will be stronger and more able to cope in championship
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