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  1. rock bus

    Famewo new contract

    I do wonder if timing of the announcement is to give the lad a huge confidence boost to have him fired up and ready to start on Friday
  2. Why is Krul getting grief? cant see he was at fault for any of the goals?
  3. Farke did seem unusually nervous in his interview, hope that doesn’t step into the lads. really hope we go for it and play the way we know we can. come on Norwich!
  4. rock bus

    XI for Liverpool

    Farke did seem unusually nervous in his interview, hope that doesn’t step into the lads. really hope we go for it and play the way we know we can. come on Norwich!
  5. rock bus

    Huddersfield’s kit 😳

    Surely there are more important things the FA could do with sorting out rather then wasting time on this!
  6. rock bus

    10 years ago today

    I was on holiday and I've never got so many texts from 'mates' to tell me the score!
  7. I met a girl in a bar once who had known Chris Sutton intimately. She confirmed he was an absolute d*ck but ironically was less than complimentary about his d*ck! His loss my gain
  8. rock bus

    MFW - Matt Jarvis Interview

    Clearly it was a waste of money and a poor decision to sign him When injured. but I have nothing against him. Seems a decent bloke and surely no one can doubt that he’d much rather have been playing than spending all his time receiving treatment and being injured. Yes I know he would’ve been paid a fortune but I still think it was just a shame for him and the club how it worked out.
  9. Anyone else get a Daniel Farke bobble head? mine arrived today and I love it! Great piece of merchandise and sits nicely with my Morrison and Presley! #farkemancrush
  10. rock bus

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Wonder if any possibility of trippier + huge sum of cash for Max?!
  11. rock bus

    What price Webber?

    Sorry GED, can’t agree with that. As much as he would’ve enjoyed last season and the adulation he has rightly got, there’s no way that would be enough to keep him if a big club came in with the right job. apart from his wife also being employed he won’t have anything like the same connection with the club like us fans. Don’t forget at the beginning of the season many of ‘us’ fans were questioning his judgement. Also I expect he was equally chuffed at Huddersfield but showed no issue dumping them for us (a very strange and presumably money/power driven decision given they’d just been promoted). Ive a lot of respect for the job he’s done here but also accept he’ll move on when the next step in his career is offered. Thankfully the Man U one, in its current guise without the autonomy he will want, isn’t the one. I just pray we get at least one more season to help secure our premier league status.
  12. Expect many will have seen this clip but it really sums up to me why we are top of the league. yes, we have some wonderful players in the likes of Buendia and Pukki. But what Farke has really brought is passion, togetherness and fight and that’s what’s brought this unexpected success. He’s shown faith in all the players and backed the younger ones and we are now all benefiting from that. credit to Ben Godfrey, this is one hell of a recovery run in the 80th minute. i just love this team!
  13. Hadn’t heard the interview so that’s good to know. its an interesting point re other changes. I appreciate the calls to change likes of McClean, Hernandez and Stiepermann. Not because they’re bad players but because the last two are a bit off form and tired and we all know how good Vrancic and Leitner are. However, now is not the time to panic and we should stick to the style and structure that has brought us such success over the season. I’d bring Buendia back for Leitner and switch Vrancic for McClean.
  14. Like others I’m beginning to worry that we’re struggling for the next win. Obviously, we all expect Buendia back Monday but this probably goes against Farke’s usual stance of taking time reintroducing players. Presuming this isn’t a risk given a) haven’t won without him, b)no one has stepped up and replaced him. Sure worrying over nothing and can’t wait to see a fired up (but not reckless!) Buendia giving a man of the match performance to secure our return to the premier league!
  15. rock bus

    Swearing at matches

    Taking kids to a football match does make you think differently about your own and others behaviour. Remember taking my daughter to her first game (away v Birmingham) she was absolutely terrified when she heard the noise from the supporters inside the bar area. I just hadn’t thought about how intimidating an atmosphere it is for young kids. It was all good spirits and pre match chanting but a shock to her. When I take my young son now I have to be careful with my own language and do wince a bit when I hear some of the more extreme expletives from others around us.