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    Ipswich 0 Peterborough 4
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    Any chance @Pete Raven could move this ? Ta
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    Altogether depends what you made of membership really. I spent 6 months living and volunteering in Turkey as part of an EU project. Met friends from all over Europe and had one of my Turkish friends visiting literally 3 weeks ago - I came back to England 10 years ago. One of my German friends from over there had spent a year in Finland aged 15 as part of another EU project for year long high school exchanges. I was also part of another EU-funded project which took 35 vulnerable young people who had just exited the care system to Poland for a Multi-lateral youth exchange where we met with groups from 6 other countries and worked on intercultural understanding. Those kids had had **** lives and most had never been out of the country before - it was a huge milestone experience for them and probably the best experience of their lives at that point in time. Turkey was a life changing experience for me. My daughter won't have that opportunity because "sovereignty". Kids leaving the care system next week won't have the opportunity that the group we had took. For people who embraced the EU, and took advantage, we've actually lost quite a lot, and that's without even talking about the economic impact which assuredly will have a significant impact on millions of British people's lives... so I think in this instance, it's you talking from a position of ignorance.
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    Not a proud moment for the fine city. WTF is wrong with Brexit voters? They continually make me ashamed to be British https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-51341735?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.com/news/uk&link_location=live-reporting-story
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    This is the season right here. If we win today then survival is possible; anything else and relegation awaits. I'm not being negative or blaming anyone in particular. We've probably picked up fewer points than our performances have deserved. We probably could have recruited better. We've definitely been unlucky with injuries. I've still enjoyed it and will continue to do so.
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    I agree that Mario has much more to offer than The Mayor, but we need to be solid more than anything - creativity isn't our problem. I've seen Vrancic bypassed too often, & that loses us games. Could we play him further forward? I don't think he's as effective from there. It's a problem.
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    Hope Vrancic gets more than ten minutes......
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    Cost of Brexit £203 bn (Bloomberg analysis) whilst contributions UK has made 1973 to 2020 has been £215 bn. And costs have not finished yet let alone the legacy. A decision of such masochistic proportions. Only 4% of people ever thought that the EU was a problem pre referendum. The vested interests really running the country have successfully fooled millions, supported and fuelled by a press owned by billionaires and a few strange Tory / right ideologists. I realise this post will turn half of conservative (with a small c) Norfolk posters against me and I therefore apologise for having such strong views. In my previous job I occasionally had the chance to meet and talk with Swedish, Dutch, German, French Finnish people etc who would be extremely open-minded and in my mother language they would explain how their countries were tackling social and economic problems. Through this they gave me an insight into what was important to them as people, as family members, societies even. It was a humbling privilege and I felt part of a greater (and certainly) good whole. I guess it's possible to retain but when you're not in the club anymore you become marginalised and isolated. I'm very sad. And I believe the country won't heal from this self-inflicted hurt for decades. The real winners are venture capitalists not ordinary people. But hey-ho, who the hell am I to say anything I suppose.
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    I can see exactly where you are coming from but it wasn't painful for me. I don't often get to see the boys play as I live and work in Durham. Before the game met a couple chaps from Kings Lynn in Rosie's Bar. The Newcastle fan who had kindly offered me a free ticket to sit with him was fascinated as although i have been in the North East since 1981 he still thought i sounded like a Norfolk boy. The two chaps couldn't understand how someone with my accent could know more than them about Norwich. All made for a great day out. Yes we should have won and i was disappointed not to see Drmic come on as i think he would have caused the toon problems. Painful.....definitely not....not for me anyway. Can i just add that all the way home to Durham i heard Toon fans saying how they wish they played like us. Pleased to hear that as it means we are onto something even if we go down.
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    Are you honestly suggesting you would have taken Pukki off after 70 minutes, when we are drawing 0-0 away from home in a game that increasingly looked like a single goal would win it? I'm sure it's wonderful to suggest that in the hindsight of a 0-0 draw but I would personally have gone absolutely insane had that have been the case.
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    15. Brighton 26 16. Bn'mouth 26 17. Villa 25 18. West Ham 24 19. Watford 23 20. Norwich 18 So now 7 points adrift again so disappointing today, but it was a point, one of the draws people have talked about that we need. Still need some wins to get us going! Next up Brighton v Watford, Sheff Utd v Bn'mth, Man City v West Ham, so those around us likely to drop points........oh.......and us v Liverpool.....a good match to win and would kick start us for the last few matches.
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    Pathetic post Lakey. He brought Buendia on in the 67th minute, but you totally fail to mention that because it doesn't fit your agenda.
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    Ipswich 0 Peterborough 3 When I type Ipswich my auto correct puts in the 0
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    ...still maintain McLean has something on Farke...prove me wrong
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    Our current model makes it much more likely that we are able to do this moving forwards if we chose to do so. There are a couple of points that seem to have been largely missed in the thread so far: 1. Sheffield Utd have done brilliantly this year, but it is not due to the new purchases, but very largely to the success of the players that got them promoted in the first place rather than the purchases. 2. The reason that Sheffield Utd have been able to spend more freely than us this year is that they have "run a tighter ship than us in the previous years." 2018-19 figures are not available at present but in the previous year Sheffield Utd spent less on transfers, had a lower wage bill and lower debt than us. The most recent accounts (Feb 2019) show: Transfer fees owed of just £0.9 million A profit from transfer activity (sale of David Brooks) A wage bill of just £19 million Net debt of £0.7 million - effectively breaking even Of course much of this self-discipline was imposed upon them by their stay in league, which meant that they have had to cut their cloth very carefully. However, the overall picture is clear - rather than showing the benefits of profligate spending, it shows the gains to be had from financial discipline and maximising the assets that you have. Compare their spending to the likes of Derby, Birmingham and Sheffield Wednesday for example. Sheffield Utd's success shows the benefits of their financial discipline and moving forwards it is something that we should be able to enjoy if we ignore the spend at all cost pleas! http://financialfootballnews.com/sheffield-united-2018-financial-review-blades-cut-losses/
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    Why are you complaining? I thought Farke was bang on with his subs today. Taking 3 players off to run down the clock and protect our 2-0 lead.
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    Can I be the first to complain about the timing of today’s substitutions ?
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    Worth leaving just to see the look on this womans face last night
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    Lakeyo, you are confusing two words.....probability and possibility. Once you gave grasped that , you will no be longer ridiculed on here,, quite so much.
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    Give up ? F*** off ! Dust ourselves down , don’t feel sorry for ourselves , and go again . Nothing happy clappy , nothing miserabilist , just go again . Last two league games I’ve seen us create enough chances to beat Spurs and today totally dominate Newcastle . Nothing clever or big changes needed , the pieces are in place as far as I’m concerned, it’s just not clicking . That’s how football is sometimes. It just doesn’t click ..... and for whatever reason , then bang , it does . Frustrates the f*** out of me as I know it does out of you ! Away support excellent as always . Let’s glory in that ! Right , sermon over , night out in Newcastle now . Pints needed . We have a small matter of Ipswich 1 Posh 4 to celebrate !!
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    ^ this. Life and football are about love and passion. Not money and results. We have found a way to entertain at a level I can't remember seeing in decades. If this is our model, long may that continue.
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    Play them both. Pukki started out with us playing on the left side and I see no issue with him doing that again with Drmic in the middle. It would mean leaving out Cantwell or Hernandez, but Pukki is a great hold up player and can link play as good as any midfielder - and he can score from there too. It's worth a try imo.
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    Just listen to what other people are saying. Go on, just go back, read some other people's posts and consider them, rather than just thinking about what you can say that is going to get the most angry responses from people. As with the Man City game, it's a free shot with no expectations attached to it. I believe it is possible for us to win it, it's just massively unlikely. That's literally all people are saying.
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    Our own only hope is that we've mentally reached the point of no return. Collectively p[layers & management say, sod it, we're down, there's nothing to lose, so let's just GO FOR IT!!! PLAY WITHOUT FEAR!! We did a bit of it against Burnley Start with a totally attacking team. Lewis replacing Byram (who has done nothing wrong) Vrancic &, I dunno, perhaps keep Tettey as a wee bit of insurance - but tell him to shoot on sight! In fact tell everyone to shoot on sight! We're well overdue a lucky deflection/handball. Emi, Duda, Todd, Onel, Pukki, Drmic & ROTATE AS NECESSARY!! Bring on players like Rupp & Kenny when we're 5-0 up. And when we're 5-0 up ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! Sorted. What could possibly go wrong??
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    Just watch it and don’t take it too seriously. The club is not an extension of yourself as some might feel. It’s an interest. I want the club to do wel but I want to be competitive and the premier league is a horrendous. I don’t even classify it as real football at this point
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    The style of play under Hughton was more or less what 12-14 other teams in this league play every week this year. Difference is we had no pace or outstanding individuals to make things happen. We didn't have the right type of players to survive in this league that year and we don't this season either, the difference between now and then is that the league has gotten more competitive and harder to survive in. I've absolutely hated this season, I don''t understand how anyone can enjoy seeing this team beaten every week, usually in such cheap circumstances by some very poor footballing teams. But overall for me things are better for us now than they were towards the end of Hughtons reign. Difference is we will be very competitive next year without the gamble of a complete squad overhaul and hopefully Farke and Webber will have learned lessons for next time we're promoted and we'll attack this league in a less idealistic and one dimensional way.
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    We were dominating the game and creating chances. Todd started to tire and was immediately subbed. What is the problem here?
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    Oh purlease............................ If Vrancic had come on after 67 minutes you'd have been on here saying............................ 'how ridiculous to bring Buendia on so late, our most creative player, blah, blah, blah...........' Calm down, I would not have said that. Vrancic deserved to be on the pitch from the beginning.
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    Im behind the long-term plan, which accepts this season may be a write-off. Im more concerned about Farke not being in charge next season
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    About time someone brought attention to Farke's propensity to use his substitutes too late in a match! Great work.
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    Agree. And we couldn't beat them.
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    Fair to say we won't be first on MOTD. Dreadful game between two very poor teams. Should have won at a canter. A decent point away but not enough. We have gone backwards. Vrancic should have started and as always Farke"s subs too little too late. Championship awaits and we really can't complain.
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    I am absolutely hating this season...while some R saying "enjoy the ride"...
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    Give it 15 minutes, no point hooking someone at half time when the team is playing well. Cantwell's been a bit off colour but has done some decent stuff too, give him until the hour and then reassess. But we all know what will happen... unless we concede, there will be no subs until 75 minutes.
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    Ipswich 0 Peterborough 1
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    It's a question of matchplay stamina over 90 minutes and that he will have lost the edge on that in his lay off. If he is able to give a good twenty minutes if we need him, it's a good thing.
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    That is the major difference between the oft lauded NFL player cap situation and the EPL. The NFL player has nowhere else to go
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    I had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. Wtf has this got to do with Norwich City and Football?? There is already an endless thread on this in the non forum that’s long descended into bringing out the worst in people...
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    Absolutely right. Nothing will change. ...except we might be eating poorer quality food when food standards are watered down as part of a trade agreement... ...and workers rights are diluted to make us more competitive in the global market... ...and to travel within the EU we will need travel documentation like a visa waiver program... ...and movement of goods across borders will become clad in red tape causing lorries to queue on the approach to ports... ...and we no longer have the right to live and work within other European countries... ...and EU funding will no longer be as readily available to support local causes, projects and businesses, affecting lives and jobs... ...and parts of the UK (Scotland and Northern Ireland) could well seek independence leaving England and Wales further isolated and irrelevant on the world stage... All of these things could happen. Indeed some are more likely than not to happen. To suggest most of our lives won’t change is utterly incorrect. All of our lives will change. We wait now to see just how much.
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    It would really conclude this season in typical this-season fashion if Godfrey and Zimbo came out to wave Amadou goodbye just for him to accidentally run over their feet and cripple them.
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    I don’t understand the comments of he wasn’t given a chance. The players are given a chance every single day in training matches. It’s up to them to perform and force their way into the side. Farke clearly didn’t see enough from him in training to believe he should be playing
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    Slight irony (this is a correct usage Moy) of somebody who doesn't live in Norwich, saying there is no excuse for players to not want to live in Norwich.
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    I started this thread again as all my pictures (and yours) have been corrupted by the greedy photobucket mob. I now use IMGUR to host mine for fora work. It is dead easy to use and free which is a bonus. Hope to get to the Nat History Museum in the next week or so to see the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition. I'm still using my Nikon as I cannot justify upgrading as it is so good.
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    Try some poetry The sand of the desert is sodden red, - Red with the wreck of a square that broke; - The Gatling's jammed and the colonel dead, And the regiment blind with dust and smoke. The river of death has brimmed his banks, And England's far, and Honour a name, But the voice of schoolboy rallies the ranks, "Play up! play up! and play the game!"
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    still got to play west ham, burnley, brighton, southampton at home.. don't write us off yet.
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    I'm nowhere near a down as some seem to be after this game. Newcastle were not good, but they often played will all 11 behind the ball. It was always going to be tough to break that and put one away. A few chances for Pukki where you would like to one in the net, but nothing that you say he must score that. They let us control the game and played a solidly frustrating style today. A point is a fine result with lots of games still to come. Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City are the only games where I can't see us grabbing points. Every other game there are 3 for the taking. Our form has been good as of late, were not getting rolled over by other teams, and if anything we look to be the better side on the pitch. Many of our remaining games are against those around us with multiple "six-pointers" to come. Definitely not done yet.
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    In a game we’ve been the better team by far. Farke can’t put the ball in the net himself but one of those starting 11 should have done. He brought Emi on who was largely ineffective, so subs not always the answer but hey, it’s easy being a keyboard fan criticising the manager who’s worked miracles to get us here and continues to do so with no money to spend
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    Spot on actually. Thread needs moving. Glad to hear you still have supplies of food and coffee though, enjoy while they last.
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    I hope I'm wrong but are we setting up in fear of Newcastle instead of taking the game to them? We have to win. I don't care if its 1:0 or 5:4 to us. We need creativity and incisiveness. That's what Vrancic does.
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    No chance of signing Quagliarella now.
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