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  1. Don't give me that bull. Players know nothing about that kind of thing. All they are concerned about is winning, whoever is manager.
  2. Farke did a lot of ground work with the new players and after shutting up shop to try and stop the leaking of goals, which is why certain players were not featuring more, Rashica started had playing better under Farke - like against Brentford - so it is my strong belief that these players were going to come good with Farke in charge. However, what is clear is that the new management clearly know what they are doing and it is exciting to see the team looking more together and up for it. Things had obviously become difficult for DF, but you won't catch me saying it was right or wrong to change - to quote Farke - "it is what it is" - and having got over the disappointment of him going I'm just going to enjoy the ride as much as I can and see what this team can do with the renewed belief - which to be clear started at Brentford under DF.
  3. Gotta say those mugs look blinking awful, even at £1.
  4. Good but not MOTM for me. Rashica was excellent throughout and gets motm for me.
  5. This^^^ If all those players are on form, that is our strongest line up as a team, imo.
  6. It's not an extreme though, is it. Some very good clubs are being - or have been - put through the mill because of owners who were welcomed with open arms. Very difficult to find the middle ground. Anyhow, we have fans of the club in charge and that is different altogether. The question imo is about getting rich non-fan people in, mainly because they have money, ergo "good rich owners" or "bad rich owners". We are not rich, so don't really enter that spectrum.
  7. "led" is a bit of an exageration. His version of leadership is bumbling along saying what people want to hear in an affable way and hoping that someone else will sort everything out for him.
  8. He says he won't move to another football club - and after all, when you've worked at the best club in the world, why accept anything less? I think it just means he recognises his skill sets could be utilised in other industries and that interests him.
  9. Arsenal to beat Newcastle for me please. For our bet - a 3-2 win for us with Rashica to score at anytime. Good luck to all!
  10. I'm generally against changing things if there is nothing wrong with them and to me there was nothing wrong with the old crest, but the new one does look good, so can't complain. It's so easy to get these kinds of thing wrong, but they look as if they've got it absolutely right - they've kept all the old elements and it just looks more modern - in a good way.
  11. Even very talented players can lose their direction in their careers. They don't lose their talent, but can lose the ability to get the best out of themselves, however good the coaching is. A lot does depend on the coaching too, but what goes on between a player's ears is what will determine the direction of their careers.
  12. If Max is injured/suspended/unavailable, we have Mumba waiting in the wings, a big talent too.
  13. Not seen a thread about his contribution yesterday, but I thought he looked very sharp - and his goal was actually a brilliant header - not something he is reknowned for usually. The angle he had to get that header on target was so acute that to get the amount of power and accuracy on it that he did, was simply superb. It took their goalkeeper completely by surprise. But his overall play was excellent too, got through so much work and hold up play, as well as tracking back to help defend at times. Great all round performance for the team.
  14. Perhaps this is why Farke preferred him to a more creative player. But fair dos to the new manager in identifying what was needed to stop the Southampton threat. It worked a treat and we saw none of the gaping holes on that right side of midfield in the second half with Sargent doing a great job - and Cantwell's replacement Rashica, causing problems on the left the side of the pitch too. Proved to be a good balance.
  15. He and Rashica played exactly the roles they did today at Werder Bremen, with Rashica on the left and Sargent on the right.
  16. Ignore Buh, he's plainly on something tonight.
  17. I think the recent form guide is much more relevant than looking at results over ten or fifteen games. Football teams rarely stay still in terms of their progress, sometimes getting better sometimes getting worse, so taking results over 5 or 6 games is absolutely a good indication of how a team is doing. 8 points in 6 games, which we have just done, translates to approx 34 points over the remaining games, plus the 8 we've got which would give us around 42 points. We are currently improving, the players are now getting a better understanding, we have a new manager who seems to know what he is doing and given fresh impetus to proceedings, so there is no reason to harp back to the beginning of the season - except look back and think we have improved since then - and that it is the aim to carry on improving.
  18. He used to play for us therefore he is a Norwich connection. I follow our ex-players with interest and especially ones I think highly of, so I'll carry on posting on here about any player past or present. This is exactly the place to do it.
  19. Maybe, maybe not, but I'm just so pleased to see him doing so well still. Deserves it for his contribution to us over three years having left us with some unforgettable memories of his goals and assists - and for his ability to focus and do a job when called for, often having to do it from the bench. Now getting plenty of game time and recognition at Stoke.
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