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    Fer to Sheffield United

    Nowhere! I really hope they get him, it would be priceless.
  2. lake district canary

    Fer to Sheffield United

    Shhh! Don't tell them!
  3. lake district canary


    Boris.....Becker?.....Karloff? Oh, THAT Boris...... Doh, I thought you were talking about someone of substance worth talking about......
  4. lake district canary


    I've looked back and early on in this thread, broady said - "I must be a little homophobic" about seeing men kissing, so his self-awareness is pretty good. But where it gets ridiculous is the likes of one or two laying in to him with all guns firing, ignoring any attempts at reasonable discussion. I tried - and failed - to try and get some more balanced discussion going, but they just don't want it. There are levels to this - it is not a clear cut issue for everyone and attempts to make it a black and white issue are not necessarily helpful. We all - I hope - accept everyone's right to be whatever sexuality they like, but some people need the issue discussed more openly. Why does anyone feel uncomfortable seeing two men kiss....that was the question - and just to shout out 'HOMOPHOBE!' at them which is some people's reaction, helps no-one and just makes those that do the shouting look a bit dumb, tbh. This board may not be the place to discuss this kind of thing, there are too many would be kings of the board out there who like to control the agenda (FTW take note), but discussion is helpful, it's just that some don't want discussion - they just want to be seen in a good light by their peers, standing up for rights opf everyone etc etc - when all they are doing is strutting around, laying down the law and actually ruining the chance of the subject being discussed properly.
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    Last go on my part. People need to try and get over themselves and try and show a bit more understanding. People have all sorts of views about all sorts of subjects - this one is contentious, but what do you people want...that others who are trying to discuss difficult subjects are either too scared to say what they think or can't be bothered to say it because of the reaction they might get? It's social media communism. "You will only say what we want you to say or we will shout you down" Oh and hi FTW....
  6. lake district canary


    Well this board is at it's worst right now. The snowflake politically corrects have it. There is only black and white and no discussion to be had, reasonable or otherwise on the subject. It's the same with the race question. They only want to see what they want to see and don't dare anybody question it, or they will be villified. I've tried as I always do to try and show understanding on both sides, tried to get some proper discussion going, but it was a waste of time.
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    I give up trying to talk some sense into this argument. One or two people are so incapable of reading and understanding what is written, who repeatedly fail to understand anything in the context it is written, yet place themselves as judge and jury. Typical - and snowflakism at it's worst.
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    What a load of old rubbish. You - as always - totally fail to understand anything. You and FTW who I see has agreed with you are symptomatic of those who cannot see beyond the nose in front of their faces.
  9. lake district canary


    What a stupid generalisation. There are many ways to look at many subjects, but mostly "snowflakes" are just those who are too lazy or who are incapable of thinking for themselves and just spout what they think is the party line. At least Broadstairs - and me for that matter - are not afraid of trying to discuss things in a wider sense, but that is not good enough for some. No, it has to be the party line or you are shouted at, ridiculed and insulted. I can understand where Broadstairs is coming from - an older person (apologies if you are not) who was probably brought up in a world where to be gay was illegal and morally wrong - it's like being indoctrinated from an early age, not an easy frame of mind to escape from. Also he probably accepts that it is ok to be gay.....but hey, because of that ingrained attitude from years ago, he still finds it uncomfortable to see gays kissing....so he is not being homophobic - he is merely saying what he thinks - he accepts it but finds it difficult to be comfortable with it. We are not all perfect and it is about time someone stood up to people like you who cannot think beyond their own narrow world view. Hoolahansolo is exactly the same. Always there with a put down rather than actually offer anything constructive. The inability to try and understand is what snowflakism is all about - shout and be offended at it rather than try and understand it. You can shout "equality for all" if you like - and fair enough - but understanding requires actual thought. Like I said, some are incapable of it. You need to grow up a bit, the opair of you.
  10. lake district canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Yes, at least Boris has a bit of character about him - not good character, but hey, character is character......he will liven things up a bit and hopefully will come a cropper very soon as he sees he will not get away with pushing the no-deal line as a last resort.....parliament will simply not go along with it. It's going to be a bit more entertaining from here on in, let's just hope the tory rebels rebel and put a stop to the nonsense - for the good of the country. It will mean a general election, the failure of labour and conservative for good (hopefully) and the opportuinity for other parties to come to the fore, Libdems, greens, Farage and all.
  11. lake district canary

    Player diets

    Sports nutrition is a fascinating subject is a an important part in preparing sportsmen for battle and the lastest scientific research points to a whole food plant based diet as the way forwards for everyone. Does anyone know if the players' diet is mainly plant based, or indeed even no meat at all? I know Russ was a vegan, partly for health reasons, but the old fashioned idea that you need meat for protein has been proved to be false....so are any of the players vegetarian or vegan, or is the advice they are given pointing in that direction? There is a war of words going on about the rights and wrongs of different diets, keto, raw food, Mcdougall and his whole food diets and plenty of others. Intermittent fasting is also supposed to be beneficial too. I just wondered how progressive the food/nutrition side of things is at the football club, after all, they are pretty well up to speed everywhere else.
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    Snowflakism is rife and is a direct result of instant communications of today's world. More and more people are coming through their lives only ever having known social media as being the norm - and they are not the better for it imo. Thankfully there are those of us that can remember what it was like before twitter/emails/instant information/internet etc - it was not a bed of roses, but it was a heck of a lot more natural - if you wanted to get in touch with someone, you had to either write to them, go and see them, or talk to them on the phone. I dare say some will remember times before they even had telephones (real ones, not the little mind distracting toys people have nowadays). People are too easily offended if you waver from what is deemed as the collective line - ie you have to agree or you will be ostricised by those who think they have some kind of monopoly on what is right, whereas in reality they are just spouting stuff from what they have been told or seen on the internet. I do believe people are losing the ability to think for themselves.
  13. lake district canary

    In Webber and Farke we believe

    That would be a real shame. Can't really understand the expectation thing. It's football and anything can happen. We could finish bottom, we could finish top, or anywhere in between. That is why some see it as a free hit - there ought to be no expectations - just give it our best shot and whatever happens, happens.
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    "Gay" is just a label and it is a shame people feel they have to label themselves. If we were all a bit more tolerant of others who are "different" in some way and tried to understand them rather than pigeon-hole them and/or villify them, the world would be a better place. There are probably gay players at lots of clubs and it will be common knowledge within those clubs that such and such a player might be gay, just like in any group of friends. What most decent clubs would do, is support everyone in their club, whatever label society puts upon them.
  15. lake district canary


    Why did this need leaking out in advance? Surely better to just anounce it? All we will get now is days of speculation. I would hazard a guess that most people at CR would know anyway...........so why not just announce it and let everyone move on?
  16. lake district canary

    Newcastle ticket wanted

    Always try to go to the first home game of the season but missed out on a Newcastle ticket. Any ideas? Buy back scheme? Borrow a season ticket of someone who can't go? Beg??
  17. lake district canary

    Marshall And Husband

    Did they go to Germany?
  18. I’m not sure I agree. I do somewhere between 5-10 away games a season but home games about once every 5 years. The bias in the old scheme toward home season ticket holders was too heavy IMHO - how many of those home fans attend away games regularly? By all means make it cheaper to buy a joint home and away membership than two separate, but I don’t see why paying (more) for something people don’t want makes sense. The answer is just to have different categories in the same membership scheme. As in - (my figures just as an example) Category 1 - Season Ticket holders (£500ish) Category 2 - Season ticket holders with option to pay extra for away ticket scheme (£540) Category 3 - Casuals who want home tickets (£40) Category 4 - Casuals who want away tickets (£40) Category 5 - Casuals who want home and away tickets (£65) Category 6 - Supporters who want to be members of the club but don't want tickets at all for those who just want to be part of the club and who can't get to games (like homebound, infirm ex- supporters etc) You can give the categories fancy names, but it all ought to be under the umbrella of being a member of the club. I still cannot get my head around the idea that I have to buy two memberships to the same club. It doesn't compute!
  19. When I spoke to BK the suggestion I pushed on him more than anything was to have one membership instead of having to buy two (for non-season ticket holders). It's not rocket science - a membership category for casuals that covers both home and away for say £75 - and season ticket holders could be given the option to pay slightly more for their season ticket to qualify them for away priority. Having to buy two memberships for one club defies common sense. The motto should be "one club, one membership" !
  20. lake district canary

    Team spirit, ethic, cohesion.

    The fact that Leicester can win the premier league, the fact that hugely rich clubs like Man utd and Chelsea can struggle, means that the possibility to succeed is there for any club that can get it's act together on and off the field. The three things you mention that are essential we certainly have - team spirit, ethic and cohesion - but the main ingredient is the quality of players. We have real quality right through the team/squad and the new additions are just adding to that. Most of them are untried at premier league level, but that is the joy of it. I would hope all of the players think they could be good enough for the PL and we will imo see the players gradually realising that yes, they are the real deal, both individually and collectively - and that is why the sky is the limit. I will always say that anything is possible, from relegation to winning the league and at this point, it feels like it's going to be another fascinating season - and far from a negative one. Over confident? Never, but the prospects are nevertheless tantalisingly delicious...... Bring it on.
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    Just bootiful....
  22. lake district canary


    Good luck to him, plainly a nice guy by all reports and after that viscious injury....and the fact he scored for Reading against the binners, he deserves to find a club that suits him and where he can be the kind of player he wants to be.
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    We didn't dominate the ball against all 23 teams last season. Quite the opposite in some cases.
  24. lake district canary


    I don't think this is necessarily true. There were plenty of games last season where we were attacked for large parts of games, as well as games where we dominated....either way we generally came away with points. I think we will find it fairly similar in terms of what we have to do - and if we play Leitner and the kind of posession game we had during his spell in the team last season, then I think we wil surporise a lot of teams.
  25. lake district canary

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    Don't like it much, looks very cheap.