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  1. I bet he is really disappointed Liverpool didnt make an improved offer for him. Wouldnt get much game time there but he'd be a lot happier
  2. Ashton had everything except blistering pace. If not for a tackle by Shaun Wright-Phillips of all players, I firmly believe he would have been the player to most closely resemble Alan Shearer that had emerged since. Such a shame for him
  3. Never that impressed with Bertrand. For me Martin Olsson was superior. Bowen was class
  4. These things are always tricky. Do you pick the supremely talented player who gave us one season then moved on, but reached high levels with other clubs, or the stalwart who was never a world beater but gave us a decade? Holt and Hoolahan would always be in my XI What surprises me is that Danny Mills is never considered in any of these lists. Objectively he proabably achieved more than any right-back we've ever had in his career. Unfortunately his attitude with regard to the club means he cant really be considered
  5. Football is empty without the fans. I have very little interest in watching without the fans, just seems so flat
  6. Not strictly on topic but some memories here. Id probably have included Drury's goal against Middlesbrough in the 4-4. Not a spectacular goal, but to complete a comeback from 4-1 down 10 minutes earlier Id have included it
  7. Can I ask where Hugill and Pukki are playing in relation to each other?
  8. I am of course talking about Tom Trybull, Moritz Leitner and Josip Drmic. Now the international window has shut, I believe only a domestic club could sign them. Doesnt seem likely does it? What about loans? Might we release them? I imagine Drmic has a while left on his contract on decent wages
  9. I think Pukki didnt score a single headed goal in the Championship last time. Its an idea that might work. We have Hugill who is rather in the Target Man mould, and could capitalise from the exploits of Placheta and Hernandez. If Hugill played with his back to goal it might help to bring Pukki in
  10. Oliveira, Watkins, Edwards, Roberts - all examples of players who couldnt get a look in because of their attitude allegedly
  11. Downing tools. Is there evidence for this? Cantwell's goals were one of the few hopes for survival we had last season. He had a meteoric rise, and this could well have been a purple patch above base level, but I find that kind of public criticism surprising. We dont know what is going on behind closed doors or how Todd has been, but it's a bit classless from Farke, and not his usual MO. Perhaps more will come out
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