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  1. I saw a graph a few weeks ago which had Cantwell down as our lowest paid player (not surprising as he was only a fringe play in the Championship season before) on a pittance for a Premier League player
  2. Thats a very interesting graph. Some players proportionally on far too high a wage
  3. Reposted this as missed it first time as link didnt open. Respect!
  4. Now thats a thread. Shi ttest player to have scored a goal at a World Cup
  5. Ok that Lumi one simply reminded me of the themetune from Gomorrah
  6. Have to say Cromer looks pretty nice in that video, may visit when lockdown is over...
  7. See, thing is, I was looking for the highlights video that I watched when we signed Drmic, as I remember being quite impressed. I was going to make the argument that maybe Drmic is actually a good player, but simply hasnt had the run of games needed to find form and that in the Championship he may yet prove to be a very good player for us. Then I realised that every single highlights video of him on Youtube is 5 or 6 years old. Which suggests he's been ****e for years
  8. Who is the better musician? Searching for the youtube video of Drmic I watched when he signed, I came across his 'single'... So many questions...
  9. Pukki found his feet early in the Premier League. Then the goals dried up. Yay like Ricky before him he sustained a toe injury but played through it. It was clear he wasnt himself with the toe injury and that was when he had a dry spell. But he seemed to really change after THAT Tottenham goal. He doesnt seem to have been himself at all since then. Some pundits have identified that Norwich were over-reliant on one way to score, ie splitting the centre-backs and feeding Pukki, and that once that was found out, we never really looked like scoring again. Strange that for a team that scored so many goals last season we'd be identified as one-dimensional, but there may be truth to that. The toe period was Pukki's first real dry spell with us. He'd not been prolific really during his career, so it's possible he just had a purple patch and now it is over, but I also wonder if Pukki is a confidence player, and his tail-off was the result of his first loss of confidence in yellow and green. But then, back to fitness, and trying to find form, he scores an important and outstanding goal. A goal noone in the stadium or watching TV ever questioned. Enter VAR. A contrived armpit off-side decision and Pukki's wonder goal, and Norwich's lead evaporates. Unjustly in the minds of almost everyone who loves football. Consider for a moment the psychological effects of that on a player, struggling for confiidence, struggling for form. Pukki has been a shadow of himself ever since and just doesnt look lke scoring. So, what was behind Pukki's loss of form? Toe injury? Found out? Inability of his team-mates to provide goalscoring oportunities? Return to baselne form and ability after a purple patch which may now be seen as an outlier? Or, like the penalty incident at Hull with Snodgrass and RvW was mooted, was the Tottenham 'goal' a turning point?
  10. We come to the end of the season, and the agony is almost over. No, not Norwich's season, but football without fans. I am so glad we decided to finish the season. Writing off the season, or calling it, or suspending relegation etc which other countries/leagues have done never sat right with me, and it was so the right thing to do to finish it properly in the spirit of fairness. But my god hasnt it been awful? The games have felt like pre-season friendlies. Yes the players might be out of sorts due to suspended training as well as the season, but without the fans every game has felt flat. It really rams home just how important fans are to the entire thing. So Im glad we finished it, but Im also glad its finishing. The point of my post is not to moan or complain about any decisions taken or anything like that. Merely a comment on how awful even the highest level of football is without the atmosphere and drama and galvanisisng effect of fans. The thought of further football like this fill me with cringe. Personally I think Id rather suspend football completely until fans can come back than carry on like this
  11. Polish FA scout says he can play right wing. Onel has played on the right before Im sure. We're going to be looking to be one of the dominant teams in the division this upcoming season and on the attack much of the time. While I wouldnt want to play both Onel and PeePee in the same side in the Prem, I dont see why we couldnt in the Championship. If we keep Onel, and Im hopeful we will, then we would have the option of playing them inverted with overlapping full backs, or as conventional wingers when perhaps we want the full backs to defend a bit more. In my head that sounds pretty tasty. If we kept Buendia or Cantwell, either of them would do well in the middle, or even a return to Stiepermann in the middle
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