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  1. The Great Mass Debater

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Just seen the goals. Christ someone needs to teach Godfrey how to defend. Far too often this season he has been doing the same thing over and over again, and for at least 2 of the goals he has done it again - just standing there doing nothing. Far too many times the scorer is in acres of space, as is Godfrey. Has noone ever told him about marking? Has he not been coached to get tight to the man in space? At least twice yesterday and countless times this season Godfrey has been an onlooking bystander. When his centre-back partner gets drawn to the ball, he needs to get tight to the opponent positioned between them, he needs to respond, but he doesnt. He doesnt react he just stands there leaving their striker in space and stood in acres of it himself. What does he think he is doing in that moment? How does he think he is influencing the game. Cue the 'stop bashing the youth, he's only young' responses, but he's been doing it all season and shows no sign of improvement in this area at all. He needs to resolve this if he wants to get better and we want to stop conceding easy goals. It's just bad defending, pure and simple. He needs to learn, and fast
  2. The Great Mass Debater

    Match thread

    Seriously though, I've missed a couple of games, so dont know the whole story. Liverpool I thought we were great, but naive. Thought in an attacking sense we looked very dangerous and were unlucky not to score more. Salah's goal was just individual brilliance - cant stop that. Hanley's OG was just bad luck. The Van Dijk goal was awful defensively, but we've consistently been awful at defending set pieces. Having Jamal mark Van Dijk is just a total mismatch - our defending needs to be smarter. The Origi goal was just too easy, Aarons caught badly out of position, on a plate. Huge defensive problems, but not uncorrectable with good defensive coaching, and being able to create lots of chances against the Champions of Europe away - very encouraging. Newcastle I thought we did really well, but there was a huge chunk of Newcastle being **** in that game. I said at the time that is the worst team I've seen us play for about 2 years, they were that bad and was pleased we had the quality to put them to the sword effectively. Chelsea I thought we were really good. Thought we went toe to toe with them and were unlucky not to come out of that game with a point. Games against the big boys are free hits and brushed this one off. West Ham - the start of the decline, though it would be an error not to mention the cup exit here to Crawley. I didnt see that game, and wasnt too fussed, but I dont know whether this started something. West Ham I thought we were awful. Bullied all over the pitch, really lacklustre. I dont know if this was a response to West Hams physicality or Zimmermanns injury but something was very differnet about this game, I dont know if the cup game influenced anything, but this was the first time we looked poor, rather than naive. Didnt really create anything, couldnt defend and we were lucky to escape that one with the scoreline as flattering. Hoped it was an off day but was a cause for concern. Man City - what a response. Totally different team. I dont buy this idea that Man City were poor - ok they had an off day, but we were well worth the 3 points. Pukki's goal from a Man City perspective was terrible, but you dont score that goal unless Buendia presses, has the composure to feed Pukki who has similar composure in putting it away. That was a forced error which was effectively dispatched. Tim Krul outstanding, as he has been all season. Was worried West Ham was the start of a slump, Man City the perfect response. Burnley I didnt see this game so cannot comment. I have no idea if we were in the game or not. But was too concerned, Home games more important than away games. Crystal Palace. Disappointing and meant we had lost 5 out of 7 despite the plaudits, which was worse than I felt our season deserved so far. Worried that although we werent out of the game right until the end when the second goal went in, we never really looked like getting back into it. This also represented the 3rd 2-0 loss against teams we really need to be picking some points up against if we are to have any hope of staying up. Its ok getting beaten by Liverpool and Chelsea, but your points have to come against the rest, and if we're not doing that, we're not staying up. Nevertheless, we were still 17th at this point, and this is where we need to be at the end of the season. We dont have to qualify for Europe. 17th is a successful season and if you finish 17th you lose lots of your games. So at this point, it's a tad concerning, but we're still doing what we need to do and the squad is ravaged by injury. Each returning player will feel like a new signing. Then Villa. Home against a team below us before today I think. Villa have always been a bigger club than us and a team who invested heavily this year. But I still hoped that they wouldnt have gelled and we'd pull out a Man City performance, despite the injury/fitness woes. I havent seen the game or the goals. But a read through this thread suggests it was very poor. We have responded before, and I hope we can again, but I fear the optimism has gone. This was a heavy defeat off the back of defeats against teams we should be looking to take points from. I really hope the boys have the mental strength to bounce back from this. At least they have a bit of time to regroup. Players like Krul Pukki and Zimmermann will be massively important figures in that dressing room to make sure the heads dont drop and they keep believing. A decent performance against Bournemouth and we're back on track - it's just whether they're able to do that or not
  3. The Great Mass Debater

    Match thread

    Just got back from the in-laws, couldnt see the game. How did we get on?
  4. The Great Mass Debater

    Emi singing his own song

    Id have asked him whether he likes Argos
  5. The Great Mass Debater

    NBC Norwich Promoted Documentary

    NBC said during the Man City game they had an upcoming documentary on all of the promoted sides Well here it is...
  6. The Great Mass Debater

    Pukki Party GIF

    The Pukki Party GIF Whose body is it?
  7. The Great Mass Debater

    Match Thread V ManC

    What a gent Guardiola was at the end. Congratulated every Norwich player. Class
  8. The Great Mass Debater

    Match Thread V ManC

    We'll still be on last
  9. The Great Mass Debater

    Match Thread V ManC

    Who's Bryan? (And dont say I'm Bryan... Or your wife...)
  10. The Great Mass Debater

    Match Thread V ManC

    Im watching on NBC. They said something about a special on each of the promoted sides. I was only half listening. Anyone know anything?
  11. The Great Mass Debater

    Match Thread V ManC

    Why are so many teams persisting with this goal kick thing? Seems counterproductive every time
  12. The Great Mass Debater

    Match Thread V ManC

  13. The Great Mass Debater

    Season hinges on Amadou?

    Bet we wish we'd have kept Franke. Even if he was a flop, he was at least a recognised centre-back. I think if there were mistakes made, it was not in recruitment, but perhaps in maybe rushing Klose and Zimmermann's return. That both of them were injured in their return matches suggests they werent quite ready. Easily said with hindsight though
  14. The Great Mass Debater

    Gary Holt on the mend after serious illness

    Rhabdomyolysis is what can kill elderly patients who have fallen and spent a long time on the floor. Pressure causes muscle break down and the break-down products can be fatal
  15. The Great Mass Debater

    Kevin Friend this week’s ref