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  1. I assume you're talking about Theoklitos? That wasnt the last time we conceded 7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/24681355
  2. Couldnt disagree more. I wouldnt fault Krul for any of them. He was our best player today. Given we conceded 7 that speaks volumes
  3. Lucky you. I didnt realise it was early kick-off and came in at 2-0 down. Why I continued to watch I've no idea
  4. I made the same argument, but it was pointed out that the end result would be a lot of squad embitterment at Emi's huge pay-rise, and they themselves would be asking for rises
  5. Mount (8'minutes) Not much I can criticise about that one, strike from outside the box, not sure you can criticise Kabak for being outpaced by Odoi. My only criticism would be of Kenny McLean, who could have closed Mount down but didnt, leaving a defender to rush out to him to do it instead who couldnt get there quick enough. Hudson-Odoi (18'minutes) Main criticism here is the space between Kabak and Hanley that allowed for the pass. Good finish by Hudson Odoi though. Dont think Krul could have done much better. If nit-picking could criticise the poor pass from Pukki to Sargent to lose possession in the first place. James (42'minutes) Lots here. Firstly Jorginho in ACRES of space, noone near him. Normann in normanns-land marking the space and not influencing play at all. McLean not much better. Both Normann (Jorginho) and McLean (Mount) slow to press allowing both to pass under limited pressure. 1:01 Giannoulis is 2m goalside of James, the only runner, but is seemingly unaware of him (criminal for a left back), doesnt track James' run and only realises he's been done too late. Cant really criticse Krul too much, out quickly, did his best. Chilwell (57'minutes) Williams does seem to be fouled and is taken out of the game. Could argue harsh he didnt get the foul here. With Williams out of the game the team shape means James meets 3 banks of central players, none of whom are in his way and make no attempt to close him down, Kenny McLean doing little to dampen James' day. Shape means Gibson gets sucked out to Mount, but isnt tight enough to him to stop his pass. Normann has allowed Jorginho to get goal side of him and hasnt tracked his run. Kovacic is in ACRES of space again completely unmarked. At the time of Jorginho's pass to Kovacic, Hanley is ball-watching, not influencng the play. Kabak is marking the wrong forward and should have passed him on to Hanley so he can mark the other forward. Big criticism of Hanley and Kabak there for me in terms of organisation and communication - not for the first time from Kabak. Hanley is marking the space, Kabak is marking the player Hanley should be marking, which means Aarons, 3m behind the play is forced to leave Chilwell and get goalside of the forward Kabak should be picking up. So guess who scores? The final completely unmarked Chelsea player in this sequence Chilwell. All these players are poorly marked due to poor positioning/organisation by the team. Looks good to the Chelsea and neutral but from a yellow perspective it is absolutely terrible defending. Aarons (62'minutes og) All own goals are unfortunate.Same old story with noone closing down Kovacic and he is allowed a good old run forward. For some reason Kabak and Aarons have ended up n each others positions. Kabak doesnt have Max's pace and Hudson-Odoi gets past him with ease. The rest is just unfortunate I think. Arguably Aarons is less sure how to deal with that kind of ball in than Kabak would be and might be why he makes a meal of it. Krul no chance. Mount (85'minutes pen) Possibly for this one you could criticise how many Chelsea players outisde the box had noone really picking them up. Normann in my opinion was lucky not to be sent off there. Im not sure the handball was deliberate but a clear handball and Rudiger's shot did look to be going in. Krul makes a great save but again, not for the first time undone by the technicality and Mount, like Aubameyang before him gets his reprieve. Mount (90'+1minutes) Ziyesh in too much space, Normann overpowered by the fresh legs of Loftus-Cheek. Kabak tries to close down Ziyesh but it's all too quick for him. McLean has failed to stay with the runner (Lofts-Cheek) who moves in for the return pass. Kenny claims for offside. Hanley and Kabak have both been sucked in towards Ziyesh leaving Mason Mount completely unmarked. Max has two players to close down now so decides to compromise and not close either of them down, allowing Mount time and space to receive the pass and slot home. So generally abysmal. Some fine goals by a great set of players, but the strikers offered little and showed little in the way of a partnership which meant we were essentially down to 9 men involved in the game from the start. Midfield pulled apart, not picking the players up, tracking the movement or effectively closing down. Centre-back organisation and decision making (Gibson) very poor today in my opinion, with the result being we were chasing shadows the whole game. Krul the only one who comes out with any credit. I wasnt in favour of the 3 at the back but it had grown on me with the two clean sheets. The two banks of 3 and the isolated wingbacks actually today made it easier for the opposition and didnt offer any protection. The players unfamiliarity with the system only compounds this. Playng Sargent and Pukki up front is not effective and there are no signs of a blossoming understanding. So I think its time we abandoned the 3 at the back, and returned to the 4231, albeit it a far more disciplined role from the full-backs and let the wingers (Rashica and Tzolis) provide the width and do the running.
  6. Found myself reading about Richarlison. Scored 5 goals in 38 games for Watford. Everton bought him for £35m rising to £50m. Interesting
  7. This aged well... Don't write us off, warns bullish Farke ahead of Chelsea duel https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/canaries-ncfc-chelsea-daniel-farke-premier-league-preview-8434902
  8. Does he really need a loan? He's played quite a few Bundesliga games
  9. Can we recall Hugill? Loan out Idah perhaps?
  10. Kansas apparently https://www.google.com/maps/@39.934533,-98.1053219,12z
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