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  1. Naismith was the business in that game. I dont care what anyone else says. Like when we bought Gary Hooper, I thought, now that is quality and why you pay the money. I dont think the Naismith purchase was a poor decision - if he'd have maintained levels of performance like that it would have been money well spent. Im not sure where that Naismith went
  2. This the same squad that Smith instantly said was bloated and needed thinning out?
  3. I put on another thread that there were lots of pivotal moments in the club's history that I lamented. Some were unavoidable, like Bryan Gunn breaking his leg - still convinced that we'd never have been relegated (just as the Prem money came in) if that hadnt happened, but some were completely avoidable, foreseeable and self-inflicted. Martin O'Neill's autobiography is timely, as if he'd have been backed, we'd have had some of the adventures that Leicester went on Im sure. For me though, and this isnt just the recency effect, sacking Farke, and throwing away everything that he brought is the biggest of my lifetime. What do you think?
  4. Thats a shame, maybe they should diversify their brand, ie have a version independent from the main game where you can do this
  5. I have a young Swedish right winger at the moment https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/roony-bardghji/profil/spieler/792331 Id love for his info to say 'Could be the new Kennedy Bakirciogl├╝'
  6. If you want a good striker on FM22, in my current save I've had perhaps the best striker I've ever had. Scored 30+ goals a season in Serie C (or whatever the equivalent is called now), Serie B and a decent return in Serie A. Bit like Holty's record https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/mattia-bortolussi/profil/spieler/269870
  7. Match engine has never been right. Even now your players make inexplicable mistakes leading to goals you dont see the opposition make and worldies only ever seem to get scored against you, never for you. My players with 20 for long shots seem never to shoot from distance or score. Apart from one player https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_Barusso on a previous version who spanked it in all the time. Think I got him on a free as well. Into the hall of legends son alongside Tonton Zola Moukoko and Cherno Samba!
  8. That looks so cool! They should bring it back as a mobile phone app. I had an app called something like Retro Football which was very reminiscent of old Championship Manager
  9. Im playing as Sevilla on FM22 at the moment. My First XI, B, C and U19 sides are almost exclusively Wonderkids. Im still a bit behind Barcelona and Real Madrid's level, cant quite seem to crack that yet, but maybe when my youth policy starts to pay dividends I took the Sevilla job after a successful stint at Cesena. I have so many team fondnesses following saves. Yet strangely some teams you can never gain affection for. I had stints managing Millwall, Birmingham and Aston Villa in a different save and it didnt stop me disliking them. One of my favourite saves has been Bilbao - I greatly admire their policies and it's a challenging game. One of my favourite games ever was in CM3 when Crystal Palace were bankrupt. You couldnt reject a transfer bid for any of your players or set what they were worth so the constricts made the game a real challenge
  10. My ex GF's little brother introduced me to it when I was 18. Championship Manager 2 and then Championship Manager 3 - and the addiction began
  11. My first footballing game loves were 'European Club Soccer' - not a great game but great feel (music etc) and Sensible Soccer. To this day the best (if not realistic) gameplay of any football game I have ever played. Oh the hours spent editing teams... Totally get your point about the music being burnt into your soul
  12. I dont get the new game each time it comes out. I had 2010, 2016, 2020 and 2022. Wont be getting 2023 as plenty of life in the current game. I conventionally dont like skins, but the Zealand skin is excellent, and I play with that. Also the Stadium, Face and Kit packs from FM base and Sortitout SI massively enhance the game if you dont do that. And Zealand's AI NewGan Manager programme/facepack is simply unbelieveable
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