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    Derby in the doo doo.

    I certainly hope so!

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    I'm preparing for a disappointment à la Watford (H) ... 0-1

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    It couldn't have been worse than the one we have now... I will be in the fourth group though , went to 6 away games in 18-19 season , we shall see...

    Farke getting off lightly

    Nope, I would put my money on him leaving if he gets a shot at being manager of a Bundesliga club! I don't think it's fair on him to be criticised too much either , if you don't get any backing it makes the job of being a PL manager very hard. I agree that he has made mistakes (substitutions, game management,...) but he's not the main reason we are down in the cellar
  5. Preferably not somebody unknown...like you say , but that seems to be increasingly difficult doesn't it?
  6. Don't look at me as a "money first" poster , yet I think we pay enough as NCFC fans!!! They're the ones that should have invested in players before the season started imho... Do I mean "splash out silly money" ... no preferably not , but they should and I think could have done more than they did! I find this frustrating , especially in the plight that we're in now.
  7. Well, they have done terifically well with the shoestring budget they have to work with and I stress that I don't want to see them leaving. Yet I don't agree that we are up to staying in the PL for a sustained period of time yet. It is clear to see , that not all the youngsters in the squad are quite up for it yet ... that's where the investment comes in. If you sign a few players , with PL experience , that can boost the squad , it can make those young players reach even higher! We didn't do this and I feel we are paying for that. Naturally this is not the only reason why we are rock bottom atm. The much bigger pot will be there , but it still will be the smallest pot in the PL , even if we should survive
  8. I get your point Nutty , "people over money" that's fair enough... yet I reacted to the post "what do you want / expect..." I agree that a rich investor might not be better than what we have in place now , but it could be better... There's examples of it working and examples where it's gone from bad to worse.
  9. I know the definition of "settled" is very vague... How I see it: a season or 5 -6 in the PL would be a mighty achievement for City ...
  10. Nutty , I had to think about that one 'cause I anticipated remarks about this... but quite a few of the fans I have met and those in my family agree with me... I know this won't stand up in court , but it's proof for me... it's not just the yoyoing like I called it...they just want to be a settled PL club... is that wrong? Or don't you want that?
  11. Harsh reality is , that you need to invest and splash out occasionally to be able to stay in the PL! This has been proved a few times, although I am willing to admit that it has failed a few times too. But most of us want the club to survive in the PL for at least a few seasons and to reach that , our owners have to invest. They don't have sufficient capital to do this and therefore we will continue yo-yoing , something most of us are fed up with... I don't see a foreign investor as the solution to everything and I admit that the club is stable now financially , but the model we are in will not bring a long run in the PL . I am quite certain of this , because the talent we will develop, will not be playing for NCFC long enough... Selling the club to a wealthy owner might give us the afore mentioned long run in the PL... yet , the word"might" in this sentence has to be stressed
  12. There's a lot of sense in the post, although I would point out that investing in the squad would have been the right thing to do before this season started. No silly signings ,but you have to "risk it" or maybe gamble (as we did with RvW ) if you are going to stay in the PL. Sometimes it will pay off, sometimes it won't... A so-called "non-sensical big contract" for a good player might be the key to succes...ie staying in the division. I am no advocate for splashing out TOO much money, but investing in the squad was what had to happen imho.

    The Great Escape mini-league

    That's fair enough LDC, I don't like this pointing the finger ... but I disagreed with you ... without spending some sort of money on a few players I couldn' t see us staving away from a relegation battle. The last thing I'm going to do is gloat about being right . I think we are all very disappointed about the way the season has gone. I don't believe anything else to be true from a NCFC supporter's point of view. I'm counting on a Championship season next one up , but that doesn't mean it can't be an enjoyable season and I won't have that much trouble getting an away ticket compared to this season...I hope...

    The Great Escape mini-league

    haha...as has been mentioned many times on here "it's the hope that kills you"... I believed we could win on Saturday too , but after watching 5 mins of the game , I knew this was impossible tbh

    Been conned

    I was able to get my hands on one away ticket after upgrading to the 50 £ away membership ... Luckily a m8 of mine got me into CR so I was able to watch a home game too when I was back in Naarwich... But I think the membership scheme was a shambles too , especially after the way this season's gone...but admittedly that's hindsight... Nearly no investment in the squad , yet we're paying , paying , paying... (eg. ST prices etc...) "Not great marketing by the club" is putting it lightly...