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    Peter Whittingham

    RIP , this really is sad

    Peter Whittingham

    Wow, that's a shocker

    Anyone else hugely excited?

    Well Lakey I hope you will be proved right there aswell Discussions are fun between the bit more pessimistic supporter , the optimistic supporter and the "bit more over optimistic fan" , as long as it can stay civilised ... Yesterday was a night to remember , first time at the new WHL for me. The defensive frailty was still there to be seen ,but we put it right after the early goal and looked relatively solid. Our Goalkeeper was the MoM , which does mean there is still work to be done... I don't think we will stay up . Yet we can keep the cup run going if we keep performing like yesterday!

    6th Round Tickets.

    The Carra is not big enough any more...City Stand or Main stand , we need more seats...obviously!!! Whatever league we're in , the fans are loyal and will be filling the ground! ...Unlike you know who...

    Krul's bottle

    Krul was class , one of the best GKs in the world if you're in a penalty shoot out

    Krul's bottle

    You can say that again! I was not impressed by Spurs to say the least... They were cr*p
  7. Haha that could well be true!!! It was amazing to see the turnout... it felt like going to a final sometimes, with the setting and the amount of yellow and green! reminded me why I am such a passionate supporter of this club!

    FA Cup or premier League football

    The premier league survival is a lost cause imho and I have just about come to terms with that. The FA cup gives us a unique opportunity to put a silver lining on this disappointing PL season. I'm glad I wasn't on this forum yesterday evening...some of the posters here were watching another game it seems! We didn't give up after that early blow (not good defending admittedly) and deserved to get through! I don't rate Spurs very highly !

    match thread

    I couldn't have dreamt of a better away day! I had a good view of the pitch and people around me were friendly!!! We showed grit and determination. Our GK is top! After that start to a penalty shoot out...quite amazing to come through OTBC

    Chris Lakey article on Pink Un

    I think he's just ill informed in this case . He hasn't spoken to enough supporters (or the wrong ones ...) and he hasn't bought into what the club is attempting to achieve . It's much too onesided and his writing leaves a lot to be desired...

    Chris Lakey article on Pink Un

    I can relate to some of the stuff he says , but I don't like the bits where he has a go at some fans now , as though they just calmly accept everything (I don't...but I think in this day and age , the board hasn't much other options, they don't have any money...compared to the rest). But the "winning" part is true , if that is not the top priority , why are you involved in sports or why do you support a club? I want my team to win , first and foremost tbh... It's about getting points to stay up , to gain promotion, to get to the playoffs,... If it would be just purely a case of entertainment ... we would all be watching the best players on this planet

    Kenny Mclean

    I have to put my hands up on that one, I have criticised GH in the past , but he has proved me wrong over the last few games. McLean did his job imo and so did big Grant

    The Run-in

    That's what I think, but here's hoping we can do it

    Back in the fight?

    If we are going to pull this miracle off, the win yesterday was crucial! Especially for the mental side of things imo. If we can get a result next pl game, then I think the belief will be coming back. Still a mountain to climb

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    Over the moon, Aarons was quality and whole defense dis their jobs. Swhat keeps you in the PL