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  1. Fassnacht and Gibbs can come in maybe , but I wouldn't change anything else...
  2. I have to agree with this , a manager is crucial for the chances of survival. Someone like Thomas Frank at Brentford or even Rob Edwards at Luton have had an enormous impact on the survival chances of their respective clubs. I know Luton are still favourites to be relegated too, but Edwards has done a fantastic job there on a shoestring budget . With a manager that could bring the very best out of our current squad, I think we would be a place or two higher in the league...
  3. That's the point , but how far could it still go then ? The money involved now is already mind boggling.
  4. Look, I don't want the Scum getting promoted , but let's focus on ourselves. It would be some achievement to get to the Play-offs and those are a lottery , as we all know.
  5. My opinion too , people in the crowd booing will not have completely known what was behind the decision to substitute and I don't think the lads that came on did a bad job. I didn't agree with the booing , but that's my point of view , yet I'm struggling to understand the boo-boys...I just think they didn't understand why Sarge and Onel were taken off ,(yet they couldn't have known anyway) ....imho that doesn't make it right to boo your own team!
  6. What a great victory that was ! Buffalo Bills showing they're only getting better even the mount of injuries doesn't stop McDermott calling decisive defensive plays . The change of OC is the turning point in the season everybody will be talking about.
  7. My Buffalo Bills have won the AFC East for the 4th straight time . I went to Orchard Park , back in 2008 when it was still waiting for a playoff game .... since 1999. Is this going to be our year??? I daren't hope for it , but the way this team has come back from all the injuries and probs in mid-season is impressive. #JA17 is one of the best playmakers in the league and on his day he can overcome anything. Let's go Buffalo!
  8. I don't think it's a case of the Championship getting poorer....it's about the Premier League getting richer and clubs being loaded with quality players as a consequence. Premier League table tells you a tale ... it happened to us and it's happening to Burnley🤷‍♂️
  9. In the American system with drafts , salary caps , etc... this actually is a fact . A team can rebuild there, has a process of getting it all together in a few seasons time , but I don't think it works for football atm...no money , often means no hope of getting a process going that will succeed ( in our case "staying up in the PL for more than one season" would mean succeeding tbh). I hope we can succeed , but it will be a very, very tough ask I feel you are right , this "'process" is often used when you just got stuffed by a much better side...
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