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    Are we any stronger?

    I agree doe the most part with OP , there are some glaring holes to be filled...CDM most urgently

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    And now it's 15m for Luiz and then maybe Engels...oh I hope Villa do a Fulham , I really hope so! Spênd, spend , spend

    Contract conundrums

    Cheers FTW, interesting overview , I feel Webber and the management have done a good job , getting key players to sign on... they're looking to the future and many of them will have at least 1 season of PL football under their belt come may... Means clubs will have to pay up if they want the player...

    Non-Football threads

    GRRR....it's because we're not signing any quality players to talk about...GRRR

    Cricket World Cup

    Yes, they just have to bat sensibly at the beginning of the innings, openers have time to get their eye in.

    New 👕

    I got mine too ... and I really like it... betting company or not

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Very sensible post Broady , but he will know where the positions are that we need to assess...You can see that in the signings we have already made (back up for Krul, wide player,...). He's not going to change a lot , unless he thinks he needs to... We shipped quite a lot of goals last season, so the defensive side is still "lacking" , I mean I still think he wants to strengthen that part. A winning formula in the PL is a whole different proposition...so I think there will be some changes , just maybe not in the first game (Zimbo aside)...

    Zimmermann to miss pre-season

    Sad news, but like already mentioned...Godfrey Klose partnership should be interesting...

    Leicester spending power

    Well, I thought Tielemans was one hell of a player for them last season! But is he worth that kind of money? The same question arises everytime the next top transfer is reported...are they freaking worth it?

    Leicester spending power

    Well , that's what makes the Championship such an interesting, competitive league , there are no certainties... In the PL there are... a title race will be a two horse race , top six will be the same imo... I will be following NCFC where ever I can and I am thrilled to be part of our premier league experience ... but I won't be following the "title race" too closely and listening to the pundits getting an 0rg@sm every time MC, Pool, Frank Lampard's Chelski or Manure win a game or sign a 100m £ player. Clubs like Everton just don't have the £ to compete...Leicester obviously have...football is ruled by it , I am proud of being a supporter of a club that hasn't been infested/injected by the "money above everything bug"

    Buendía signs new 5 year deal!

    This is good news! He's been outstanding for us!

    The Surprise Relegation Team

    It would be a massive achievement to stay up, but then again there are many upsets done by promoted teams that have some impetus left from the season before. From all the teams mentioned, I think Watford , West Ham and Everton can rest easy...


    This is why I'm so "anxious" about this CDM we need... We've got quality midfielders (Vrancic, Leitner, etc...) but we need a player specifically for this position imho , that is PL quality... We're going to implement the cohesion approach in some ways aren't we? I'm quite satisified with the signings we've made , but some quality is still needed...not just players for the under 23s. There's still time .. I know , but there's not much money... makes me wonder who we're going to sign that's PL quality...

    lack of quality signings

    It's just too early to start moaning... I for one agree that we still need some good signings for DM and RB! And especially the CDM needs to be a goodun. I got told off a few days ago , talking to my m8 who's a #ncfc fan, when I was having a slight moan about this... "We've just signed a CL goalkeeper Rob!!!" That's not enough I replied , CDM is a critical part of the team and we will need it! But tbh it is just too early and I'm not a patient person. The remark of mister Baldhead that he's laughing at " idiots " on this thread means that he must have read his own remarks over and over.... " I am right and they are wrong" ... childish...