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  1. Not going to happen in my honest opinion...however much I would like it to
  2. Not claiming it to be a fact , but a poll on a website is not a true reflection either...
  3. Sorry, I think it is very relevant... He's losing the supporters , he most definitely is. There must be an end to the excuses , like the first 4 games were against so and so. If you're going to be a PL side , you must perform against these kind of teams too. We didn't perform well against them , I'm sorry... If a miracle happens and he turns it around with the new guys performing much better , then I will be amazed and happy... But at the moment and after the performances we have witnessed , I just don't see that happening. The only thing I have read and heard are excuses,... not a good thing to go by
  4. I appreciate this sentiment Lakey, but emotions are not the right thing to go by now. Unfortunately he hasn't performed at this level, as the stats prove . I do not adhere to stats very often when it comes to football, but in this case they don't lie do they? Lost 15 games on the bounce in the PL ... I mean that is terrible... Whoever we get in might be worse ... true ... but it can't get any worse tbh...
  5. Thomas Frank is a very , very good manager... Not saying DF is not , but that is one of the main reasons Brentford are doing so well. His tactical nous is very good and his group of players are closely knit.
  6. I'm emotional and angry, so it's difficult to give a level headed answer tbh. But I'm so sick of this, I wouldn't care if we hoofed it up top for a season and managed to stay up or at least win a game. This stinks and I wouldn't even want another promotion if I knew in advance that it would be another humiliating ride like this! I hope we get it sorted but I'm afraid DF is not the man to do it any more... I've got respect for him, but tactically he's just not cutting it at this level.
  7. Well, the performance was terrible and this season has started in the worst possible way. Maybe not the best way to vent your frustration, true... But I am sick of it...and so are many many others. I wouldn't boo myself, but I wouldn't have stayed till the end, which I normally always do. They deserve the criticism they're getting. There is nothing positive to take out of this, nothing
  8. We most surely will be relegated... No way back imho
  9. Monologue or not, we want results...what's wrong with that? I'm a fan for life...but for me the result at 6 pm on saturday evening...is top of the list... Am I wrong? Should the way we play be more important to me? Nah, I want points first...style of play is important, but not no. 1
  10. I agree with you on the whole , but my goodness there are some fanbases which contain many more wallies ... in the northern part of the country...and the western part... and... Well , if you're a Norwich fan and are able to get a ticket for the game, you should be roaring your team on !!!
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