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  1. In the American system with drafts , salary caps , etc... this actually is a fact . A team can rebuild there, has a process of getting it all together in a few seasons time , but I don't think it works for football atm...no money , often means no hope of getting a process going that will succeed ( in our case "staying up in the PL for more than one season" would mean succeeding tbh). I hope we can succeed , but it will be a very, very tough ask I feel you are right , this "'process" is often used when you just got stuffed by a much better side...
  2. Just be fair...only a few of these signings are really good enough for the Premier League ... not moaning, stating facts...you and I can see it week in week out. Best signing : Normann by a mile DS has already shown what was needed at management level I you think our team is genuine PL material at the moment , I feel you are thinking with your heart and not with your head
  3. I work in the marketing and sales world and I think it is quite good. As has been pointed out before in the thread , I think just the ball is not good. On the whole it has been well designed imho.
  4. A point would be a good result. I am feeling more confident after Saturday , not just because we won as we could easily have lost ... Yet our manager was able to change the way we played when needed and I think he will be shrewd enough to put a side out that will give Wolves a good game.
  5. Completely agree with OP! I was hesitant when we appointed DS...it's only one game etc... but he's shown me he can adapt and is tactically much more flexible which I think is crucial
  6. For me it did show how out of depth DF was in the PL. I love him for what he's done for our football club, but he wasn't up to the premier league. I mean the way DS changed things round and his game management... sorry we didn't see enough of that with DF in the pl
  7. S why he's my favourite player in this side. Dependable and commands respect
  8. Smith has done something right! The second half proves that. Attitude was top
  9. Axel Witsel, Ngolo Kante, ... DM with good technique
  10. possible...I would respect his judgement...but I feel he will give him a chance.
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