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    Next Season

    As much as I like the reasoning behind it , I think we have to put the message SW shared into perspective. He can't outspend any of the Premier league clubs. So it is reasonable for him to say that he will not throw the bank at any player. Yet I think it would be foolish to think that we do not need strengthening. We have seen our defense being bailed out by our forwards many times the last season, which means they need help. Same can be said for the DM midfield spot ... I have to say that I am convinced that we will have to make signings ... signing players who can come in and do a job immediately. I shared the sentiment for the slogan "go with what we have" , but realistically we can agree that, to be able to stay in the division, we will need some help. Spend , spend , spend ? No we can't ... Do we have to spend : Yes , we do , we most definitely have to, ...but wisely...

    Grealish or Bamford

    Agree, but own fault...you only reap what you sow

    Perfect Season?

    Zimmermann defying the odds (as a player brought in from the regional Liga)

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    I have to say, I just don't want Leeds going up... I think Villa deserve to be in the Play-off final . West Brom have some work to do in the Summer

    NFL Thread

    Oh it would be so sweet if that weren't the truth...(as a Bills fan you can but dream...) Many Americans have asked wtf has happened to parity in the NFL? One of the reasons why the college games have become even more popular than the NFL itself. Americans hate predictability in their sports... Yet ... tbf ...Pats have the same means and rules to follow , so they must be doing something right.

    Liverpool or Man City

    Got me there, but do you think it's a competitive league? I mean ... many results are so predictable! As soon as Real started losing a few the Spanish press went berserk...

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    Wage demands have left the signing of Billy Sharp balancing on a razor's edge
  8. 10...a few guesses...

    Jed Steer

    I think Villa will be promoted...and Steer might be first choice there...no way we will be able to sign him.

    Liverpool or Man City

    I agree , top six ... same clubs ... and the 14 others battling relegation... I mean you could say that Leicester are a settled premier league side ... but remember the season after they won the league... This top six is so settled , that the Premier League isn't half as interesting to follow as the Championship. I am happy that our club have reached the top division again and it will be good for the investment in our youth scheme and the club in general, but the season won't be half as thrilling as the last one... The competition in France: people are talking about who will be finishing second as the champions are a foregone conclusion Spain: top two are certain , before the season even begins Germany: immer Bayern, jedes Jahr das gleiche Scotland: well , I don't understand why you would even go to watch football there, it's decided before it's even started

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    No, freaking way!

    NFL Thread

    Yeah, it was a great experience, they lost their second superbowl in a row that season... fan base is awesome and I liked the city. I saw them play ... Kelly , Bennett, Bruce Smith... Circle the wagon, #gobills But the pundits and the national media don't really like the team. It's all about the Giants , the Cowboys and the Pats... I like the 49ers too , great team , great franchise and what about their team in the eighties!!! Joe Montana is a contender to be the imo

    Joe Hart

    Not going to happen!

    NFL Thread

    I am a big Buffalo Bills fan. I saw them play live when I was a young fellow ... been a fan since... Not the most fashionable team , but they did sign some good players in the draft! One more thing...I really , really hate the Patriots...

    Fabio Quagliarella

    Having "Fusilli Lungi" as a nickname has given him wings...but who will he replace in the starting line up...?