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    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

    This ^^^^ , I keep wondering why so many people reply (ooops...I just have...)


    A good coach and manager, 12 games of hardship ... out! Mourinho , the plumber... That's what top PL football has become about , few bad results , damage to reputation of the club and fulfilment of the ambitions (which are too high, Spurs will not win anything ) -> manager has to go and successor has been lined up already sad really , I rate him highly


    Don't have any money...forget it , I would think...

    Steer clear!

    I understand what you're getting at and I feel the same way about the PL to be honest...yet I want our club to benefit from playing in it...(financially , our youth players benefiting from the experience...) I think the Championship is more fun to watch... By rule though, you want your club at the highest level possible...I think...

    Steer clear!

    Of the message boards , tw@tter, FB , etc... that's what I told myself after the Watford debacle. I was too dissapointed and down and I didn't want to read the negative cr@p ... although I thought I would agree with many of it. I think we will get relegated tbh , but I hope we won't. Yesterday I was talking to a few m8s and they said "if you want to be a Norwich supporter , you will have to accept the yoyo'ing..." There won't be any big money any time soon and the financial model is good for the club in the longer run. We've got a good youth setup... I suppose this is right and I can't see myself supporting another club. One of the guys is a Southampton fan and he says their club has been through hell too... Yet he thinks the Chinese owner saved the club and he is happy. I said I understood , yet I don't think I would like one owning NCFC. He said the money is the only way to survive a longer time in the PL , he doesn't like it either ... yet he thinks it is unavoidable. What do you posters on here think about the "accepting the yoyo'ing" statement?

    Ricardo's report v Watford

    Spot on, I lived in hope...but after witnessing the last few performances, my conclusion is that relegation is the most probable outcome. We're not going to invest a lot in January and even if we were to, it would take an enormous turnaround.

    Match Night Thread -

    Yes...still watching...

    Match Night Thread -

    If there is a next goal...Watford will be putting men behind the ball and wasting even more time 2nd half

    Match Night Thread -

    We will not win this game, mark my words

    Match Night Thread -

    Seems such a long time ago, yet it isn't

    Match Night Thread -

    I'm afraid that's game over ... at least this was what I was dreading the most.

    "It's only Watford".......really?

    I agree with this! I am not happy and I am rather more downcast about our chances , but being pessimistic and just posting for the sake of being negative is not gonna help ...

    "It's only Watford".......really?

    The way we are playing at the moment, we would have a tough task beating a midtable Championship side tbh. Every game in the PL is tough and we will have to be up for it (I mean the team and the supporters). I will be supporting the lads, but I am nervous to say the least

    Interesting Comments By DF

    "we will never have the possibility and the tools" Indeed it's these kind of comments that convince me that relegation will be the most possible outcome. I hate to be this negative, but it is the way it is... They're not going to spend money and we have a depleted squad.

    So many misplaced passes

    I just can't see it happening at the moment, the performances are that bad. You can be an optimistic person and I give this person all the credit 4 that, but the reality is there 4 all to see. I will keep on supporting #ncfc, whatever happens. But I'm preparing myself for the Championship mentally..., I don't want to do that, yet the football served up is that bad!