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  1. This shows the Brentford way of doing things does work... They lost Watkins , Benrahma ... yet found a signing like Toney and the guy in midfield Josh Dasilva is only getting better... They'll take some stopping. If we find form again, we can be the team that does it...
  2. While Krul is a better GK , I think McGovern has shown what a good professional he is. Good performance all round , respect!
  3. I support Borussia Mönchengladbach, as I was able to go and see them a few times when I worked in Germany for a few months. Great club with top supporters! Wir sind Borussia Wir sind die Fohlen !
  4. This was an accident waiting to happen. We got into an habit of losing at the end of last season and the goals have dried up too... Panicking won't get us anywhere, but I don't feel confident ...
  5. I completely agree with much that has been pointed out. The money in the game has made it more about the cash than about the sport! I have explored other sports over the last years... I still support City and I was born in Norfolk, but the sport has just lost its appeal ... It would need one of the top clubs to go bust or at least crash , for changes to be made or at least hoped for! NCFC are not in the Premier League any more and honestly, I haven't watched a second of PL football this season, I don't have a clue who was signed by who , unless a Norwich player was involved. I will follow the Championship naturally , but even so with the Covid , the game looks so sterile ... No fans = no football , watching these games without supporters just underlines that as far as I'm concerned (that doesn't mean to say that the measures aren't the right thing to do). The comments about last season being the most unenjoyable are spot on ! I have been a fan since 1986 , so I am comparatively young , but I haven't seen anything worse. If this is the way the game evolves , I mean : if you don't have the money , you can't be a member of the club , I don't think I can keep following it
  6. Is it still a sport? Or is it more business than sport...? I often ask myself this question... Athletics , gymnastics,... for example are more about the sport than the money...in football it's become the other way around... I like to watch football, but my passion about it has faded because of this
  7. I absolutely resent Neymar , disgusting little %*£+¨.... PSG are a horrible club... So I never watch a single game they are involved in
  8. totally agree Brentford deserve to go up, so do West Brom...
  9. Yep it doesn't bode well for next season. Losing takes it's toll , whoever is playing for you... I think these last games are important for the morale ... lose all of them and I don't think we'll be settling in easily in the Championsip next season! A difficult league without the effects of an eleven game losing streak ...
  10. I've been a supporter since 1986 and it's been one of the poorest seasons I have seen ...along with for example the relegation season in 2009 to league one. We have looked unworthy of a place in the PL and it has been embarrassing at times... I'm sorry but there are not a lot of positives to be taken imho
  11. that's an important part of the discussion going on and on and on... Some appear to be convinced there is a mystery buyer w8ing in the wings ... other's conservatively hold on to the model that's in place and that should not be altered! I've come to terms with the relegation , but I am still reeling about the difference between ourselves and clubs I used to know as comparable , I mean in size ... The Leicesters , the Sheffield United's , Crystal Palace, So'ton etc... and the difference is mainly money to spend... Our owners don't have it , but I don't hate them for it... Yet I hope one day someone comes in with some £££ , because otherwise what's the point of even getting promoted? I was still celebrating the promotion , when we started getting beaten week in week out , so to speak...
  12. This is a good point! I remember us winning away to Liverpool in 1988 , my first visit to Anfield... those are the days I remember being a supporter of NCFC in a game that wasn't dominated by the big money and the television coverage! A top reason to be in the top flight ... But this season proved that those days seem to be just about over, ... Yes we beat Man City ... but that's about it...
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