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  1. Great win last week, good luck all for this week Outside punt this week and a home win for Rangers U21`s vs Wrexham in the Scottish League Challenge Cup @ 3.20 Staying in Scotland for the BTTS with Rangers vs Celtic in the Scottish League Cup
  2. Good luck Pup`s In poor picking form this season, so lets put the hex on Cliftonville this week Home win for Cliftonville vs Warrenpoint @1.16
  3. Good luck all Bournemouth vs Man Utd away win at around evens City game outside punt of 1-3 to City @ 34.0
  4. Molly Windley

    Lazio Nazis vs Celtic

    Not all Brexiteers are racist, but all racists are Brexiteers I will argue with that. I can find no evidence to prove or disprove the statement, on the balance of probability I would have to say it is false. Now what is the poster actually trying to say when they post this statement? Are they saying all the racists voted leave, no, no, no. They are saying that because ALL the racists voted leave, they as a remain voter cannot be racist. On the surface that`s quite clever isn`t it? They are not really labeling others as racists they are saying "look at me, I`m not a racist, I voted leave so I cannot be a racist" Now why would anyone, unasked and unprovoked, feel compelled to signal to everyone that they are not a racist? Never felt the need myself, why is it that some have to? There is no evidence either way for the following statement, as there is not for the original, sit well with you does it? Anyone that posts "Not all Brexiteers are racist, but all racists are Brexiteers" is not necessarily but probably a closet racist Argue against it if you like but you cannot disprove it
  5. Not all bad news, something to watch tonight, so for tomorrow let`s have Bayern to beat Union Berlin then
  6. Hi All Going for a value pick this week and and away win for Leicester at Southampton @ 2.25 looks too high to me City game with Aarons and Lewis playing against James and Rashford`s pace, both to get a yellow is a @26.0 double Good luck to Kiwi and MB
  7. Molly Windley

    Norwich to be nationalised ?

    If you look at club ownership through the socialist lens then it should be it`s workers not it`s consumers that have more say.
  8. Molly Windley

    The Brexit Party

    Not quite - EU rules on Value Added Tax and excise duties will apply in Northern Ireland, with the UK responsible for their collection. However, revenues derived will be retained by the UK.
  9. Good luck to everyone Scottish FA Cup and a home win for Cowdenbeath vs Broxburn Athletic @1.22 City game and the odds of a 0-0 are an enticing @21.0 for a small outside bet
  10. Molly Windley

    More concessions required

    Nice work Administrators, what was contained in one thread and easily ignored or engaged in is now spread all over the board. Would you say that deleting the long running Brexit thread has achieved whatever you though it would?
  11. Quickie pick this week - good luck all Norwegian Toppserien (W) and a home win for Sandviken vs Fart @1.10 BTTS Carlisle v Crewe
  12. Molly Windley

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

    Watched TNC when it started but quickly realised that I could not care any less about what Mr Reeve or his sidekicks opinions were on any NCFC subject. Not clicked on any of their videos in about 3 years
  13. Molly Windley

    Could AD be our AC??

    He did post his mobile number
  14. Good luck to Jellytot and Hector Bosnia and a home win for Tuzla City vs Zvijezda 09 @1.25 A booking for Amadou @6.0
  15. Molly Windley

    EFL Trophy v Crawley

    Ta, just waiting for the valves to warm up.