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  1. Mikey Johnson mentioned before. What about Mikey and cash for Idah from Celtic
  2. Aboh scores goals. He will be full of confidence so why not take him along. We are only going to find out if the youth are good enough by getting them involved
  3. I think those 3 could be our future. If BK truly wants to lower the squad age that is. Out on loan, gain experience and come back better for it.
  4. Knapper wants to lower age of squad 2024/25 Gunn Ansen Mair Fisher Warner Hills Tompkinson Macullum Gibbs Rowe Kamara Aboh Forsyth Tzolis Sainz Etc etc. Add a little bit of experience in there and I would say we already have the basis of a great young squad. Just need the right man to get them going
  5. The young kid Maiwoo at Man Utd has come into their team and made an impact. Nobody outside of them had heard of him before. Surely we have prospects who we should promote. I read about young defensive midfielders I the u21 squad as well as Aboh and young Myles who is just about to turn 17 looks the real deal. Good enough then old enough. Not enough teams look at their youth nowadays. Made a comment to a Sunderland fan yesterday. What is the use of academies if they aren't producing, not to sell but to play at a higher level
  6. I see Wagner is lining us up for a no buy transfer window. No surprise there then. Keep us competitive until Summer David then we will let you go on a bonus and apt new man who is not available yet. Some would call me a cynic
  7. Warner, after his really good show against Fulham should have been given a run in the team no doubt. If this is how we are treating the younger players is it any wonder they want away at the first opportunity. We have Aboh and Kamara coming through. Forsyth, Lima et Al. If we are not careful we will continue to be a club that develops players for other clubs and make no money in the process a la Matos
  8. Now let's bring in some new signings to give us a boost for the rest of the season. Wagner said the team will look different at the end of January so bring it on
  9. Absolutely. Great to see a ref clamping down on it. He'd end up booking 20 players a game in the EPL
  10. I must have been watching something completely different. I thought Sara was very good last night. The amount of interceptions he made in the defensive areas was unreal. Agree he should be further forward but he really is developing into a very special player. In Sara and Rowe we have two really good assets that if we can keep hold of will make the club a lot of money.
  11. Right. Now let's bring in players to help the push. Not out of this yet
  12. I think Barnes is having a decent game. Done nothing wrong this half. Stop whinging
  13. Think Barnes is having a decent game tonight. Sarge slowly working his way back in. Bit better than lately
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