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  1. Normann and Sorensen Three of Tzolis Gilmour and Rashica behind Teemu
  2. No,no and no. Let's have some serious suggestions eh ? I like Farke but he really is out of his depth in the EPL. Not time to experiment with a Terry or Lampard. Hodgson is too old. Bruce will not manage again and Martin is just starting out although he will be manager here one day. Got to be Wilder or Howe for me. Someone who is gonna stand on the touchline and bark orders out, something Daniel really struggles with.
  3. Not forgotten about Coote at all. Wouldn't it be great though if we had someone break through a la Rooney. We have a great Academy now so surely that's the hope.
  4. Had a conversation with my dad last night and he asked the question. If someone is banging in goals for the u23s why don't they get the opportunity in the first team. ? I have always been of the opinion that if you are a goalscorer you will score at whatever level. Who do we have that may be our 17 year old Owen or Rooney. Interesting to read about young Matos who has just signed his first pro contract. Seems Chelsea were after him. Just got us talking and thinking ahead. Thoughts ?
  5. Let's all hope that whoever this is that they pull through. For me if it's bad news then abandon the game. Some things are more important
  6. I love in the North East and the anger they have towards Bruce is ridiculous. Working for Ashley was going to be tough. Bruce, being a geordie is proud to manage Newcastle. He knows its only a matter of time before he gets the chop. A decent fella and I hope the Newcastle fans give him the salute he deserves tomorrow on his 1000th and probably last game in charge of the club. They won't though as now Ashley has gone Bruce will be the scapegoat
  7. Rodrigues was very lucky to stay on for that cynical foul on Kabak. Maybe Burnley won't gain from the change in refereeing this year. Shouting for everything and trying to bully teams and referees. 5 yellows tells a story
  8. Whatever team he picks we must get TC back in. Krul Omabamidele Kabak Gibson Aaron's Normann Sorensen Williams Cantwell Gilmour Pukki
  9. I work with Newcastle and Sunderland fans. Newcastle are destined for the drop according to them and Sunderland might get promoted but still aren't very good. So as a line city supporter I don't get too much grief. They all understand failure
  10. Idah did enough in the recent internationals to show he can hold play up and bring people into play. If we are to have some success this season a majority of our goals will have to come from the likes of Cantwell, Tzolis, Rashica etc. I am a big fan of Sorensen and really hope he gets his opportunity soon. I fear Gilmore will be a shoe in due to some agreement with Chelsea. I like the team mentioned just think Sorensen will be left out again for Lees Melou
  11. I think we should give Farke a bit more time. However he has got to lose this sense of sentimentality with some players. Become a nasty b. Mclean, Hanley etc who he seems to have allegiance with. Shocked that Cantwell seems to be the fall guy. Tuesday is massive in respect of performance. I think we will see obvious changes but I hope they are with Everton in mind who are beatable
  12. I mean on for Barnsley even so a good move for him
  13. Hondermarrk on for Stoke. Released recently and gets in Stokes squad
  14. That is so far offside it's unreal. Plus point is that we will stay up....too good. Shocking from referee
  15. I would like to see Krul Aarons Omobamidele Gibson Williams Normann Gilmour PLM Rashida Pukki Cantwell Normann should fit straight in despite DFs comments Really hard as we have a plethora of options now. Want to put Dowell and Sorensen in but where ?
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