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  1. Sorry but I don't agree. All this retiring of shirt thing is getting a bit silly now and Brum have made a bit of an error with the Bellingham situation. Hardly a club legend at 17. With respect to Justin, and I was also behind the goal that day, he is one of a number of former players who could be honoured in some way. A statue has been mentioned. Justin would certainly be worth one. But so should Big Dunc as well for instance. How we honour former players is difficult because no matter what you do someone will always find an excuse to tra it down.
  2. Club should buy them for a few grand then give me back. Help him in his time of need
  3. 3 times Pulisic fouls first half and not a word. Todd once in 2nd half and booked. Corrupt referees sicken me. All for the big boys
  4. All those calling for vrancic and stieperman to be given starts.... why?
  5. I said on another thread that next season our average age will be 22-23. I've got no problem with that. If they are good enough then they are old enough.
  6. Just looked at some YouTube stuff. Defo defensive midfielder but with an eye for goal as well . Looks a very promising prospect who has played 95 games in Danish football at 22
  7. Seems we are really targeting young players but I hope we have that experience added to help. Arsenal fans apparently livid re Dennis. Sunderland fans feel the same about Mumba. Not yet signed but we are making the right moves. We have had to play young players out of necessity and that is gonna reap benefits. Look at the young kid at Arsenal , Saka, 18 and playing regular. If we cant do that with players in the championship then something is wrong. This pandemic is going to change the way football is. Young footballers and developing them is the way and Norwich are ahead of a lot of teams in doing this. Next season I reckon our average age will be 22 - 23 which imo is fantastic. Could be exciting and I am sure it will be
  8. On Vrancic I really have to agree. He has , as you say, neither the power or pace to play the style of football we want to see. Maybe that is why he and Leitner have hardly been seen this season. Buendias second half performance yesterday is what we have been wanting from midfield. Comfortable on ball and driving at the opposition. Vrancic cant do that imo.
  9. My thoughts To go Cantwell to liverpool £30m Aaron's to Spurs £30m Lewis to Palace £20m Buendia to Leeds £20m Pukki to for some reason I think Southampton £10m Released for free Vrancic Leitner Stieperman Trybull If we get fees then great and we probably will cos Webber is a good operator Got a funny but God feeling we are gonna be the new cant win anything with kids team......and we will
  10. Has to lead the line next season. Sinani and Hernandez feeding him from wide and buendia in the middle behind. 4231 Krul Byram zimbo hanley macullum Gilmour sitti Sinani buendia Hernandez Idah Subs Fitzpatrick Adshead Famewo Plus others Buendia may well be away but we can find another diamond Centre half Forward Creative midfielder Thoughts ??
  11. We haven't seen Sitti yet but he has been signed potentially for that role. Gilmour is interesting as well. Very highly regarded and has spent time in Holland following the Cantwell route and look how well he has done.
  12. Charlie gilmour is one that may break through. Played plenty on loan in Holland this year
  13. He is but surely if Scotland cancel everything then that is no fault of Norwich and he should be able to play. FA rules are weird sometimes
  14. If mctominey had been sent off for the assault on cantwell it would have been different. Nobody giving ncfc credit for performance
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