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  1. canarycop

    Newcastle Tickets

    Not a member and up here they won't sell on the gate unless you are black and white. Tried before and only cos I knew head of security at time I managed to get in. That route is no longer available and I won't pretend to be a mag just to get in
  2. canarycop

    Newcastle Tickets

    Live in Durham. Support the yellows. Can't get a ticket for 1st Feb. Anyone out there who can help me out ?
  3. canarycop

    F.A Cup

    Better get that new forward in then eh ?
  4. canarycop

    Liverpool VAR

    If he hadn't put his arm in an unnatural position it wouldn't have hit his shoulder. If a defender did that VAR would say it's a penalty. Honestly VAR is going to cause a riot. Fans will end up causing bother cos the opponents fans will be celebrating a no goal. I thought it was all about entertainment and goals. That is being taken away. Fans will walk believe me !!!
  5. £60m ? More like £160m in the current market or more. Rumour is Spurs going for Aarons for £50m in January. We won't get that much but on today's evidence he is far better than Aurier and how much did he cost them?
  6. We went after Roberts as our first loan signing. People were excited by his signing. Where the hell is he. Surely he can offer something
  7. canarycop

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Heard from a friend last night who's a Spurs fan that Max is on his way to them in January in a deal worth £50m. Apparently his source is close to the club and although they think it's a bit too much they rate him highly enough to bankroll it. After watching an awful Serge Aurier yesterday I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. Would we accept that deal?
  8. canarycop

    Team for Watford

    Missed Leitner but possibly for Tettey in starting 11. Tettey bench and give Todd a rest
  9. canarycop

    Team for Watford

    How could Vrancic possibly start when players who have games under their belts are not being given a chance. Roberts is one who I would like to see. Also at home a chance to play a different be team with full support behind them. My team. Krul Aaron's Famewo Godfrey Lewis Amadou Tettey Roberts Buendia Hernandez Pukki Subs Vrancic Drmic McLean Cantwell Fahrmann Byram Stiepermann Shakes it up a bit . Thoughts ?
  10. canarycop

    Patrick Roberts

    I thought we looked at every players attitude etc before they signed. In that case what has gone wrong ?
  11. canarycop


    Noticed he was on the bench recently. Obvious that we need a centre half to allow Amadou to push up to that holding role. Wont know until we try him but the looks a beast and apparently, similar to Godfrey has leadership qualities. Could he be the same revelation as Lewis, Aaron's and Godfrey ? Wont know until we try him. Plus that added protection of Amadou in front might give him and Godfrey. Just a thought. Plus whatever has happened to Heise. Bought for the premier league allegedly but nowhere near. Is he another Franke ?
  12. canarycop

    Duncan Forbes

    Remember singing that on the terraces myself when watching the big fella play. A City great and legend. If ever I am asked to name the best City team out of all the players I have watched then Big Dunc was always on the team sheet. Old fashioned, no nonsense Centre Half. Let's hope the lads do him proud this weekend. RIP Big Duncan
  13. canarycop

    Akin Famewo

    Never seen this lad play but by all counts is a highly rated prospect. DF blooded young uns in Godfrey, Aaron's and Lewis last season. Yes I know the PL is a massive step up but in our current predicament it is surely a chance to see what he has to offer. We will have the youngest back four, probably in PL history but if we can survive this season these guys could stick together for years. Is he ready though? Good enough for bench. Must be good enough for a game. Comments ?
  14. canarycop

    Match thread

    May as well put Famewo in at centre half and move Amadou into defensive midfield role. Roberts must be worth a full half now
  15. canarycop

    Man Utd at home

    Really ? That's a bit of a blow. Would have thought it was nailed on for tv. Oh well. Let's hope someone has a heart eh ??