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  1. If Madders doesn't go to the World Cup it will be a travesty. He is by far and away the best English midfielder out there at the minute. I have just said to my dad that he gets people off their seats he is that good. Southgate would be a fool to ignore him........ You just know he will though don't you
  2. Rowe looks to be back in training. I believe he would have been ahead of onel if he hadn't have gotten injured. Could be handy second half of season. Exciting prospect
  3. I thought that overall that was our best 90 minute performance of the season. Not 20 minutes or 25 but 90. The crowd hot really nervous when we proceeded to play it around the back and this affected the players for a few minutes. Maybe they should learn to be a bit more progressive then the crowd will keep off their back. For me I have kittens anytime Gibson gets the ball at his feet. Let's hope Omo returns fit after the World Cup which could come at a really good time for us
  4. When Idah and Pukki played together we did indeed look good at time playing 442. The difference was we had wingers. Fair enough they didn't pull up any trees.....Rashica, Rowe etc al but at least they were natural wingers who gave us width. That alone stretched the play. At the moment we only have Onel who was deemed that good he was sent on loan. The lack of wide men stifles us in my opinion and wide men with pace
  5. I've said this system Gunn Aaron's Tompkinson Hanley Macullum Gibbs Hayden Nunez Pukki Sara Sargeant Should allow Aaron's or Macullum to push on with necessary cover. Teemu is clever enough to play that role. Later in game we can bring on the likes of Cantwell Sinani Dowell etc without changing system. Worry is though there is still no pace in the squad
  6. American manager employed by new American owners. Novel idea. Something has to give here. Even Delia must be bored watching this style of football. Burnley were everything we should be. Pacey with movement off the ball. Plenty of width and got crosses in. Smith can't get these players to play and we look so cumbersome and leggy. Mitigating circumstances must be Dowell Sinani etc but again no pace. Has he been counting on Rowe to come through. Makes sending Rashica and Tzolis out even more of a strange decision.
  7. Given our dire form we really need to dig out something here and firstly keep a clean sheet. I'd go for 4-2-3-1 Gunn Aaron's Hanley Gibson Giannoulis Gibbs Hayden Sara Nunez Cantwell Pukki Sarge may be carrying a knock but should be OK. Bench of Sargeant Dowell Ramsay Hernandez Tompkinson Krul Sinani or Byram. Sinani from being a standout performer for Huddersfield last season has really disappointed me. If Sarge isn't fit bring Hugill in. Can't wait until Idah Rowe Omo Springett etc are fit again just to give us some youthful exuberence
  8. Smith gas to go. I haven't said this before but now it's gone too far. He hasn't got a clue. Who would replace him though
  9. I don't know how we are losing. We are controlling this but losing. I only hope our subs make a difference. We will play a lot worse and win
  10. Wasn't Rob Newman at a City game a little while back. He could be a good appointment should Webber leave. Experience at West Ham and may be up for a new challenge as a Sporting Director as opposed to current head of recruitment role.
  11. If we were bottom three the Russell Martin would be here by now. We all know he is the next manager in waiting
  12. After yesterday we need Todd and hayden to try and add some urgency to our play. In January we need a couple of wide men. Would give us the option of playing sarge down the middle more often
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