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  1. November 6th 1971. Hull City away and we won 2-1. Remember standing on my upturned wood box with my rattle in hand. Happy days.
  2. Martin Peters and the rest of the squad when they trained on a pitch in Worstead many many years ago. Clive Payne when he lived almost next door to my uncle. Disco Dale when playing against him at school. Ruel Fox on a couple of occasions and also played against an ageing Colin Suggett when he was on Newcastles coaching team. Chris Waddle played that day as well when he was 17.......awesome
  3. canarycop

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Doesnt seem to stop young uns like Foden and Maddison making their mark. I really think clubs are waking up to the fact that youth is the future. The game will surely implode if extortionate transfer fees keep getting paid for average footballers. This kid has played in the SPL. Yes not brilliant standard but he has stood out...at 19. I am not panicking. We have barely spent £4m on Roberts, Adshead and Turnbull. Plenty more to come in a forward and defensive midfielder. If they are young uns too.... c'est la vie. We will still be a sustainable club for years to come.
  4. canarycop

    502 Bad Gateway

    Really starting to pee me off this. Get the bloody thing sorted
  5. canarycop

    Today's Games - Good Friday!

    It was never gonna end tonight. Sheff utd was a banker the way forest are playing recently. We are unbeaten in 10 and will not fall apart now. City will be just fine
  6. Last two games against teams fighting for their lives. 3 mid table teams to play who are fighting for nothing then Villa who may well rest players for play off games. Despite last two games I am 100% positive of promotion. Would be nice to be champions but top two is what it's all about. We were 7 pts ahead of third with 8 left and that is still the same with 5 left. Great time to be a city fan !!
  7. canarycop

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Agree with this. I believe most of the people have been preparing for a no deal Brexit for a while whilst all the politicians argue over their futures, oh and by the way for a 7.5% pay rise. The way they have all acted they should have 7.5% taken away. The arguments in the house aren't about anything other than point scoring. Used to vote Labour, nor any more. Might even vote for Nigels new Brexit party if push comes to shove. Referendum was a once in a lifetime vote. It said exit and that is what we should do. Europe need us more than we need them. All the things people wanted out for some Mp,s are now arguing we should keep going. Immigration, justice, single market, customs union. If the rest of the free world can operate under WTO rules then why can't we ? In the meantime we also stop paying ridiculous amounts of money to Europe, for what ? , being told how to run our country !! Britain is Britain, not a member of the United states of Europe which is where some would rather it be.
  8. canarycop

    OT - EU straw poll...

    God help us if Corbyn gets into the seat. Can you imagine it ? He has been so non committal on anything I don't even think he knows where he stands. Problem has always been having a remainer in charge. If Boris or Gove or the like were in the seat this would all be sorted by now. Up here in the north a majority voted to leave and it doesnt seem many have changed there mind. I ain't a politician but I am British and one of those who believes we will thrive without the EU. We used to be a country everyone looked up to but thanks to a Parliament who are acting for their own political gain and not that of the people are making us a laughing stock. All of this about another peoples vote. Where do you stop ? Best of three ? JUST GET US OUT !!!!!!
  9. I was dumbfounded to see Madders wasn't picked for the England squad. Hudson Odoi has done nothing to deserve a call up other than being another press favourite. Madders is performing very well at the minute and I am sure if he was at a top top club he would be in the squad. Closest thing to Beckham we have.
  10. canarycop

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Lots of huff n puff and not a lot of quality football being played. The nearer it gets to 90 mins then both will settle for a draw me thinks
  11. canarycop

    Tonight’s games

    All in our hands. We are still in the driving seat. Win tomorrow and it will show we really have the bottle and class for a fight. Draw and we still go top. Got to keep the faith.
  12. Seems to me Delia wants the best of both worlds. Wants to stay in Europe to be better off but won''t allow foreign investment into NCFC cos it might upset the locally supported club.

    Maybe I am just being a bit cynical.

    Personally, think the EU is taking us for a ride and the sooner we are out the better........and yes, she should be at the City Ground!!!
  13. canarycop

    World Cup Thread

    Madders will be better than Alli. For me the most disappointing of all England players this tournament. Gave possession away far too much and cannot believe he was kept on tonight
  14. canarycop


    Don''t be so sad. This is our club for crying out loud. Just support them no matter who the sponsor is
  15. canarycop

    New kit

    Are we getting a new kit for next season. County show coming up soon and it is normally announced before then. Just haven''t heard anything