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  1. canarycop

    Peter Mendham

    Dunno where that first page came from. Anyway have just finished reading Life on the inside, Peter's book about his career and subsequent issues. What a good read. The story of his upbringing, career and recent history including his prison sentence is fascinating. Even for non Canary fans the final chapters on the crime and his rehabilitation should be an inspiration to many. Too often good people do one bad thing which shapes the rest of their lives. Seems Peter has got back on track whilst accepting responsibility for his actions. Recommend this highly.
  2. canarycop

    Peter Mendham

    Krul Aarons Zimmerman Hanley Lewis Amadou Leitner Roberts Buendia Hernandez Pukki
  3. canarycop

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    True but can add those in over the course of a season. Few extra games but those at the top get paid enough. Either that or cancel the whole lot and start again
  4. canarycop

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    Any legal challenge will surely be doomed. People are losing their lives and it is only going to get worse. Nobody's fault so how could a court find someone to blame. Ain't gonna happen. Cancel the lot and start again. In August. Teams start with points they have now and effectively play others 4 times over 2 seasons. That way Liverpool will have a huge advantage which they may well sustain over the course of another season.
  5. canarycop

    match thread

    People have been crying out for trybull and vrancic to start. This is exactly why they don't. Between the two of them, a poor Drmic and Rupp our spine is poor. Buendia is back though and whilst there is Emi there is a bit of hope
  6. canarycop

    Team for Spurs

    Ciaran Jones has been released hasn't he ?
  7. canarycop

    Team for Spurs

  8. I can see exactly where you are coming from but it wasn't painful for me. I don't often get to see the boys play as I live and work in Durham. Before the game met a couple chaps from Kings Lynn in Rosie's Bar. The Newcastle fan who had kindly offered me a free ticket to sit with him was fascinated as although i have been in the North East since 1981 he still thought i sounded like a Norfolk boy. The two chaps couldn't understand how someone with my accent could know more than them about Norwich. All made for a great day out. Yes we should have won and i was disappointed not to see Drmic come on as i think he would have caused the toon problems. Painful.....definitely not....not for me anyway. Can i just add that all the way home to Durham i heard Toon fans saying how they wish they played like us. Pleased to hear that as it means we are onto something even if we go down.
  9. canarycop

    Newcastle Parking

    Getting into Newcastle on any match day Isa nightmare. Went shopping on a Sunday recently when Newcastle were playing Southampton and took an hour and a half to get parked. Much easier parking gateshead side and either walking over Tyne Bridge or low level bridge or getting Metro over.
  10. canarycop

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    Ipsh** Liverpool Leeds
  11. canarycop

    Transfer rumour ..

    May be right for next season. Webber found EMI when no one else did so if this one is true then we must trust he is doing the same with Sinani. Let's also not forget the signings made previously. Gilmour for instance I would imagine will be our holding midfielder next season if we are relegated. After a season at Telstar he should be ready. He'll be like a new signing. The future is yellow. In Webber we must trust
  12. canarycop

    Newcastle Tickets

    Not a member and up here they won't sell on the gate unless you are black and white. Tried before and only cos I knew head of security at time I managed to get in. That route is no longer available and I won't pretend to be a mag just to get in
  13. canarycop

    Newcastle Tickets

    Live in Durham. Support the yellows. Can't get a ticket for 1st Feb. Anyone out there who can help me out ?
  14. canarycop

    F.A Cup

    Better get that new forward in then eh ?
  15. canarycop

    Liverpool VAR

    If he hadn't put his arm in an unnatural position it wouldn't have hit his shoulder. If a defender did that VAR would say it's a penalty. Honestly VAR is going to cause a riot. Fans will end up causing bother cos the opponents fans will be celebrating a no goal. I thought it was all about entertainment and goals. That is being taken away. Fans will walk believe me !!!