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  1. canarycop

    Team for Watford

    Missed Leitner but possibly for Tettey in starting 11. Tettey bench and give Todd a rest
  2. canarycop

    Team for Watford

    How could Vrancic possibly start when players who have games under their belts are not being given a chance. Roberts is one who I would like to see. Also at home a chance to play a different be team with full support behind them. My team. Krul Aaron's Famewo Godfrey Lewis Amadou Tettey Roberts Buendia Hernandez Pukki Subs Vrancic Drmic McLean Cantwell Fahrmann Byram Stiepermann Shakes it up a bit . Thoughts ?
  3. canarycop

    Patrick Roberts

    I thought we looked at every players attitude etc before they signed. In that case what has gone wrong ?
  4. canarycop


    Noticed he was on the bench recently. Obvious that we need a centre half to allow Amadou to push up to that holding role. Wont know until we try him but the looks a beast and apparently, similar to Godfrey has leadership qualities. Could he be the same revelation as Lewis, Aaron's and Godfrey ? Wont know until we try him. Plus that added protection of Amadou in front might give him and Godfrey. Just a thought. Plus whatever has happened to Heise. Bought for the premier league allegedly but nowhere near. Is he another Franke ?
  5. canarycop

    Duncan Forbes

    Remember singing that on the terraces myself when watching the big fella play. A City great and legend. If ever I am asked to name the best City team out of all the players I have watched then Big Dunc was always on the team sheet. Old fashioned, no nonsense Centre Half. Let's hope the lads do him proud this weekend. RIP Big Duncan
  6. canarycop

    Akin Famewo

    Never seen this lad play but by all counts is a highly rated prospect. DF blooded young uns in Godfrey, Aaron's and Lewis last season. Yes I know the PL is a massive step up but in our current predicament it is surely a chance to see what he has to offer. We will have the youngest back four, probably in PL history but if we can survive this season these guys could stick together for years. Is he ready though? Good enough for bench. Must be good enough for a game. Comments ?
  7. canarycop

    Match thread

    May as well put Famewo in at centre half and move Amadou into defensive midfield role. Roberts must be worth a full half now
  8. canarycop

    Man Utd at home

    Really ? That's a bit of a blow. Would have thought it was nailed on for tv. Oh well. Let's hope someone has a heart eh ??
  9. Long shot I know. Will be in Norwich the weekend of this game. Live in North East and don't get to many games due to work commitments. If anyone has a spare ticket I would love to attend. If not will probs watch on telly in the city. Get so much grief being a North East Canary but could be worse......could be a mag or mackem !!!!
  10. November 6th 1971. Hull City away and we won 2-1. Remember standing on my upturned wood box with my rattle in hand. Happy days.
  11. Martin Peters and the rest of the squad when they trained on a pitch in Worstead many many years ago. Clive Payne when he lived almost next door to my uncle. Disco Dale when playing against him at school. Ruel Fox on a couple of occasions and also played against an ageing Colin Suggett when he was on Newcastles coaching team. Chris Waddle played that day as well when he was 17.......awesome
  12. canarycop

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Doesnt seem to stop young uns like Foden and Maddison making their mark. I really think clubs are waking up to the fact that youth is the future. The game will surely implode if extortionate transfer fees keep getting paid for average footballers. This kid has played in the SPL. Yes not brilliant standard but he has stood out...at 19. I am not panicking. We have barely spent £4m on Roberts, Adshead and Turnbull. Plenty more to come in a forward and defensive midfielder. If they are young uns too.... c'est la vie. We will still be a sustainable club for years to come.
  13. canarycop

    502 Bad Gateway

    Really starting to pee me off this. Get the bloody thing sorted
  14. canarycop

    Today's Games - Good Friday!

    It was never gonna end tonight. Sheff utd was a banker the way forest are playing recently. We are unbeaten in 10 and will not fall apart now. City will be just fine
  15. Last two games against teams fighting for their lives. 3 mid table teams to play who are fighting for nothing then Villa who may well rest players for play off games. Despite last two games I am 100% positive of promotion. Would be nice to be champions but top two is what it's all about. We were 7 pts ahead of third with 8 left and that is still the same with 5 left. Great time to be a city fan !!