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  1. Vrancic needs dropping. Not enough energy or product at the minute. I'd be tempted to put Rupp alongside Skipp and push McLean into the no 10 with Dowell on left. If I was brave enough I'd go Pukki at 10 and Idah or Hugill up top. Leave McLean alongside Skipp
  2. Time for Dowell to step in. Krul Aaron's Zimmerman Hanley Giannoulis Skipp Rupp McLean Buendia Dowell Pukki Not much width but extra strength down the spine of the team against a team who could be physical
  3. Bristol City will have a say too. We have played them twice but are sure to improve Pearson in charge
  4. Vrancic for me has to be dropped. Doesnt do enough with the ball and withoutvitvis slow and ponderous. Dowell in. Hernandez was subbed after coming on last night. Is he injured again ?
  5. If I were to pick the team that would it. We are only going to see the best of Dowell and Sorensen by playing them now. If we can't or don't do it during this run of fixtures when can we.
  6. Krul Aaron's Hanley Gibson Sorensen Skipp Buendia McLean Cantwell Hernandez Pukki
  7. After a disappointing result last night I think a couple of tweaks to the team are needed. We are not conceding many but I still feel Sorensen gives a bit more stability at left back. We have to give the new lad time but not for this one. Rupp and Skipp siting with Kenny in front. Cantwell Pukki and Dowell up top. We will have a bit more space to play against Swansea and as long as we move the ball quicker we should be ok. Krul Aaron's Hanley Gibson Sorensen Skipp Rupp McLean Dowell Pukki Cantwell Subs Idah Placheta Hernandez Zimmerman Nyland Mumba Martin Vrancic Cant name them all but we have options there Do wish we had splashed out a bit on another forward though
  8. Cant really see the clamour for Hernandez at the minute. Has missed such a lot of football and looked really rusty in his cameo last week. Middlesborough will sit deep and we need skill and movement to unlock them. Potentially the way Cantwell, Buendia and Dowell interchange could be key to this. Vrancic is another but his lack of pace concerns me. Not so bad if he plays higher up but I feel he is more effective deeper and we have better options for that role
  9. Krul Aaron's Hanley Gibson Giannoulis Sorensen Skipp Buendia Dowell Cantwell Pukki
  10. I agree. Looked quite laboured imo and although it was against Chelsea didn't do anything to really impress. I hope we are looking at better and am sure we will be
  11. I would agree I'd Sorensen could play there but as he has to start at LB then Kenny has to be alongside Olly. Kenny atm is almost undroppable. I would put Placheta left Cantwell right and Emi in the middle. EMI and Todd interchange anyway so doesnt really matter but Plachetas pace will cause Cardiff all sorts of issues
  12. Awful game. Awful penalty decision. The ref doesn't give it. VAR doesn't give it as not a clear and obvious error. Ref looks at it in slow motion then decides himself he has made a clear and obvious error. Gives it. Comical. Why did he go and have a look. Everyone knows when they do they change their mind. Two poor teams and a poorer ref.
  13. Please correct me if I am wrong but didn't football stop last time because one high profile figure in Miguel Arteta tested positive. Now many more are we carry on. As Steve Bruce said yesterday. Financially it makes sense but MORALLY ????
  14. Jamie Redknapp saying he didn't think it was deliberate........really ?
  15. Are we counting the same as elsewhere though. This has always been a question. All of UK deaths I am led to believe have Covid 19 mentioned on the death certificate. It alone may not have been the cause of death. So if someone unfortunately passes away with cancer or heart failure and Covid 19 is mentioned even as a additional illness then Covid 19 is counted amongst the figures. I am of the thought that we should lockdown however until everyone gets vaccinated. Once you have had the first dose then carry a card to say you are reasonably safe to be out and about and once you have received the 2nd dose do the same. Draconian probably but desperate times and all that.
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