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  1. Yes, I wind him up by pointing out his hypocrisy and lack of commonsense.
  2. Lies.... you never stop criticising UK PLC
  3. ... and today I read , just to balance things a bit, that the EU which was going to reduce natural gas useage due to climate effects has reneged on a deal with scientists ..... when it suits eh !!
  4. The refusal to buy EU goods will not bankrupt our economy BUT it will move supply of goods to other areas, mainly from the UK as it rebalances and gives more business to UK companies, existing and new as we develop outside of the EUSSR. We are already seeing biotech companies such as AZ and Novavax avoiding the EU as they behave agressively towards innocent business in raiding factories and denying exports for legitimate orders. All good for UK PLC !! Goods that we cannot supply in the UK will be imported from outside of the EU ASAP as we rebalance.
  5. ... and many more successes to come thanks to now having our independence returned. It is really upsetting some people
  6. Pfizer is being pulled forward for the same reason as AZ..... we have extra capacity for vaccination due to lack of first doses available. You remoaners are so dense.....
  7. It's obvious why, surely. Supplies are drying up so there will be fewer first vaccines for the time being, thus second vaccinations can be moved forward to fill the void, until we get more supplies back online. My next jab is in May but I'm sure it will be moved forward.
  8. I voted to never trade with the awful EU ever again and now many others feel that same way, especially companies such as AstraZeneca and Novavax......
  9. Shocking news : https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56604703
  10. Just more proof how awful EU countries are to foreigners, even those that have lived there for years, and why we were correct to leave. The UK would never behave in such a mean-spirited way, but they have no right to complain when we start prioritising sending vaccines to our beloved Commonwealth friends rather than bitter spiteful countries such as Spain : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9422293/Alicante-officials-refuse-let-dozens-Britons-Spain.html#comments
  11. I'm not aware of the US stopping legitimate orders, such as the EU stopped to Australia. We have not banned any vaccine exports but we applied our due diligence last year which put us at the head of the queue by investing more than the EU, and ordering, in many biotechs at the right time, while the EU dithered and put its money behind the failed Senofi vaccine rather than the British AZ due to political reasons. They simply failed and are paying the price of that failure due to making bad political decisions.
  12. They are vaccinating their own citizens and doing very well at it, just as we are, and need that supply. Nobody will have the incentive to supply or produce in the EU while they denigrate suppliers and threaten export bans of legitimately ordered vaccines. That really is a sad indictment of EU policy and still they continue to act with political stupidity.
  13. Despite all this rubbish, the Tories are set to win the staunch Liebore seat of Hartlepool in May.... There really is currently no realistic alternative to the current incumbents as they are the only party that would realistically make any attempt to reduce the National Debt or any deficit for that matter, as they are the party for best economic growth via free market enterprise, and that is what will get us out of the current economic dire straits. We ran out of money in 2009/10 and Libore will never be forgiven for decades for their many additional major errors also, many of which drove us to vote for Brexit.
  14. Not at all, but all very sad for EU citizens who in my view need vaccination urgently, and this will cost thousands of needless loss of life. Purely political, I reiterate. ... and point 4..... why are you so concerned about hoarding, which it is not actually, when the vaccine is deemed dangerous in the EU ? strange logic indeed.
  15. As you know, the EU tried but were rebuffed with a glib reply, and then Novavax funnily enough agreed to supply the UK with 60 million doses instead, and also to situate the bottle and filling inside the non-protectionist UK, as they know that the non red-taping and free-trading UK will not invoke crazy export bans. That's what you get when you threaten to ban EU resident vaccine plants from exporting to fulfil legal contractual orders that the EU were late in placing..... . Companies are now reviewing their supply chains and the EU will be a massive loser.
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