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  1. As back up here though he would have a better chance of playing, especially with the injury-prone Byram. Liverpool are at another level and so for him it would be much tougher to become a regular starter than here. Most footballers want to play regular games and the Murphys are a good example of moves to the Prem that failed and necessitated them dropping down a level again to enjoy their football.
  2. If he sits on the bench it can ...... money does not necessarily equate to a good career..... just look at the Murphys as an example.
  3. All going nicely according to plan. No Deal !!
  4. No other country would accept that constraint and obviously neither will we. The EU's red lines are quite comforting to us leavers as it means WTO and the total independence from the EU that we seek with 100% of our fisheries returned to the fold, no 39 Billion etc. Luvly jubbly.
  5. ... and now potentially prisoners near Oxford infected : https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1240816/Coronavirus-UK-latest-outbreak-male-prisoners-Oxfordshire-symptoms-bullingdon
  6. That's not a recent report as they've known that for at least two weeks. In fact, I just checked my postings on another BB and I made that statement on 23rd January.
  7. Unusual for remainers not to scaremonger..................... I'm impressed.
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