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  1. Pockthorpe

    Banter today

    Good stuff Lakey . Bloody good away day by the sounds of it . Wish I’d have gone now !!
  2. Pockthorpe

    Are we really a family club?

    I think we are a family club . I like a bet . So do my children .
  3. Pockthorpe

    We can still do this!

    Promised myself as I staggered out of Villa Park after the minor miracle of last season that no matter how tough things got this season , I would carry on believing in the team until all is lost . Said to myself they’ve earned that from me many times over . Surely I could bloody manage that I said . All is not lost , getting closer admittedly. And keeping that promise is a f*** sight harder than I’d thought at the time ! But , I don’t think it’s just blind faith . Saw us create enough chances away at Spurs , a top side , to beat them . If we weren’t creating the chances , then maybe . So small chance of success, everyone’s writing us off , what’s not to like ! Keep creating those chances and bring it on ! Keeps me going anyway .
  4. Pockthorpe

    Help with ticket renewal please

    Yes , it may be tricky . I have professional whingers behind me . God they’re good , I’ll give them that . Think we’re watching a different game most of the time . In fact I don’t think they know what football is sometimes . So I get all wound up listening to absolute moaning b******* and then usually lose my rag over a fairly innocuous comment and then I feel bad . Bet they think I’m a right git ! I can usually zone out and ignore them fairly easily , but I seem to have lost the knack this season . Best if we part company . Plus I just fancy a different view . I will just check today to see if they’re renewing ! Or moving ! Please God !
  5. Pockthorpe

    The Admiral hangs up his boots

    Yes , all the very best Michael . Proper old school honest footballer . I knew exactly where I was with players like you , nowadays not so sure .... Enjoy your retirement, you’re always welcome at Carrow Road !
  6. Pockthorpe

    Lakey Was Right, It Can Be Done.

    I think you’re a very naughty boy HIWEM . Do you wish you hadn’t told us about that ? Out of curiosity, did you scale that big gate between the River End and the old South stand ? That’s how we got in after a big night out . Ran around like drunken idiots ( Norwich Bitter of course ) scoring imaginary goals against Ipswich in front of the Barclay . I had a crisis of confidence getting back over the gate and got stuck on the top . Needed a lot of coaxing to get down . Nobody saw us . Shocking behaviour of course .... but bloody brilliant all the same .
  7. Pockthorpe

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    3-1 Norwich . Pukki brace and one for Emi . Can’t wait to see Emi play again with the form he’s in . Man Utd fans in pub we were in after game last week drooling over maybe buying him . Bastards ! Nice little confidence boost for any Bournemouth players reading some of our predictions . As for match nerves I recommend beer , lots of it . Then get loud and support !
  8. Pockthorpe

    Help with ticket renewal please

    Thanks for asking that Dylan . Been wondering about moving our 4 tickets . Trouble with the neighbours ?
  9. Cheers hepphep ! Thanks for that . Fully deserved in my opinion. Even though I have absolutely no idea who he was up against .
  10. sgncfc ! I’ll just add this for myself . I want to see us at an FA Cup final , and sing Abide With Me , with my two sons before I go . Slightly dramatic , sorry .
  11. Pockthorpe

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I’ve got a plan , well to just keep myself going really . I’m just going to focus on getting off the bottom of the table . If we’re going to go down , let’s not do it by finishing last .Christ let’s at least do that . Beat Bournemouth next week , that plan is on . Then aim for Villa .
  12. Pockthorpe

    Timm Klose

    I’d like to hear a Klose injury update 1980 . Why do this ?
  13. Pockthorpe

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    TIL , are we talking September 2014 ? When we won 3-1 to go top of Championship . Stayed the Saturday night with my youngest son . Had never heard of Scottish weekend . We were the only non Glaswegians in our B and B . In fact , felt like we were the only non Glaswegians in bloody Blackpool at times . Yes , there were a few sights around ! Quite an eye opener for my young lad . On the plus side , made me feel like quite a moderate drinker for once .
  14. Pockthorpe

    Adam Idah = Global Superstar

    Go TVB . Oh Lakey ....... if only you were more of a positive chap ! . I absolutely insist on going overboard when an 18 year old scores a superb hatrick on his full debut . If not now , then when !
  15. Pockthorpe

    We need a song for Adam Idah

    Oh that is a bloody nuisance ! I love a big strong “I” . Might still work ! Don’t tell me , I bet I get Teemu Pukki wrong too when I sing it ! Pronounciation , never a Norfolk strong point is it !