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  1. That’s the spirit ! If we play to our best and Senegal play to their best we still win every time.
  2. I think England have been superb in how we’ve handled getting to top in the group stage. A plus 7 goal difference !!! If I was a fan of any other country I really wouldn’t want to play us. I think some of us can be far too impressed by other teams qualities and be blind to their shortcomings. I don’t see any real stand out side so far , so bring it on . So my message - No Fear England .
  3. What a journey Josh and his Dad have been on ! Great guys. I found that fascinating and moving. Must be lots of us watched our boys play youth football. Mine did , through the youth teams for Loddon and then Beccles. Absolutely loved it . Can you imagine ….. Mood was set and I welled up seeing Farke again !
  4. Interesting. As a lad NCFC was all consuming. Constantly in my head from the moment I woke up. Yet Country was at a different plane above all that. Difficult to describe. Kind of like club football was the stuff of mortals , international football was the stuff of the gods.If that makes any sense . Grown up a bit now. Club first now . Still love . I am nearly 60 . Got to be partly an age thing.
  5. That was absolutely brilliant to watch . Thanks Van Wink wouldn’t have watched that without seeing your post .
  6. Ben Stokes hitting the winning run - of course he did . Well done England . Bloody enjoyed that. I actually like the unorthodox nature of T20. Thought that was a superbly entertaining and nervy final. Credit to Pakistan too.
  7. Marvellous ! I’ve got the boy Josh Sargent to follow . Like I wouldn’t anyway . I do like that boy a lot. He took a knock second half and could easily have thought about the World Cup and wanted off - he didn’t . He’s bought in to us , so I’m buying big time into him. Thanks so much Kathy for doing this .
  8. Yes Nutty Nigel , very happy with that. Isn’t it great to savour an away win for the team , the club , the city , the county …. you absolutely love and adore. Of course to really enjoy it you have to suspend any rational thinking behind any of it . When did rational thinking come into any of this anyway ….. oh yes about the same time big money appeared.
  9. I’m in the Snakepit. I think a lot of people were more ready for disappointment/ defeat. Not wanting it exactly, ( benefit of doubt ? ) but having decided how to react if it happened. Going 3-0 up was confusing to some. Bloody sad . I was buzzing - 3-0 up at home, Jesus , have spent most of my 50+ years of going to Carrow Road dreaming of that. I’m also lucky enough to be able to go to a lot of away games. Our away support is something to be genuinely proud of. But where is the atmosphere at other grounds ?Are we any worse than them ? Not in my opinion. It’s a general malaise . Premier league grounds - home to Norwich - atmosphere pretty much nothing. Championship - more as we’re seen as a scalp and one of the big games. But mostly still only sporadic. At least we pretty much sell out. Although bizarrely that’s part of the problem. In my teens and 20s I used to go with a load of mates , nothing planned, all stand together and make a lot of noise . Can’t do that now. Even if you all decide to get season tickets, you’ll never get any near each other as a group. It’s just how football has gone - money is everything if you want success - and actually that is so f*cking boring .Again so sad . I also think we’re on the sharp edge. We’ve had a few promotions to the Premier League and been absolutely battered. But smashing the Championship under Farke has without doubt left a hangover of entitlement. It’s bloody tough to get going again , especially after losing the big connect Farke gave us ….. however winning games will as always do it . OTBC !!!!!!!
  10. Very much appreciated Pyro Pete ! Bless you heart. I just don’t know how to do that !
  11. Murphy’s Mission. Heard of Colin Murphy ? You possibly need to be over 50. 15 different clubs from the 1970s to early 2000s. Ex Lincoln , Derby, Hull, Southend , Vietnam manager …. and more. A bard of the game - madcap programme notes and a column in newspapers. Shameless plug for this book written by Sally Mears, a close friend of my late wife. I bloody loved it - a great antidote to the excesses of the Premier League. Made me feel incredibly nostalgic for how football used to be. The game I fell in love with back in the late 60s early 70s. What a character - was lucky enough to have a good chat with him at the book launch. It’s available on Amazon. Give it a go maybe !
  12. We head for Cricket Club , right next to ground. Away fans always made welcome , should be plenty of us in there. Unfortunately I can’t be there tonight. OTBC .
  13. Absolutely wonderful ! The theme music starts and I feel immediately transported to a better place. Love all the members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club - priceless !
  14. Morning Pups. I’ll say Sargent to score anytime, and I’m going for EXETER v Oxford home win. About 5/4. Very best of luck Leedscanary and Hector .
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