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  1. Hello Pups. I haven’t managed a win yet. Sound familiar ? This week I’ll go with ROTHERHAM v Crewe Home win . For the Norwich game , good old Teemu to score . Best of luck Hissing Sid and NewYorkCanary .
  2. I still think he’s a talented lad with an awful lot of potential and is worth backing. However I admit he’s not pushed on as much as I thought he would . He’s in that twilight zone where he’s reckoned to be too good to go out on loan but not good enough to get many first team minutes and build his confidence. Big opportunity for his career , but with big pressure for him , starting last night . Nobody’s getting cut much slack at the moment. Understandable , that’s how it goes . He should’ve been as selfish as f*ck and insisted on taking that penalty. Reckon he’d have buried it.What a chance for him . Maybe affected him after that . No way have I given up on him yet .
  3. I’ll go for WEST BROM v Millwall home win . For us , Cantwell to score . Very best of luck Wolfie and SuperHooper !
  4. Tzolis on for Greece on 70 mins , great assist on 74 mins . I think we’ve got one . Going to Arsenal Saturday, really hope to see him play !
  5. Worst stadium I went to in that era was Stamford Bridge. Away fans in one completely open end , and the terracing literally crumbling away in big lumps. Let alone having to run the gauntlet of the the regulars of the Chelsea Shed before and after.
  6. I was there in a rammed Barclay with my mates John and Phil . We’d had a few pints ( Horse and Drey , Ber Street I think ) then got there really early to get a good spot behind the goal.Then of course we were absolutely bursting for a p*ss but didn’t dare leave that spot until half time whistle . It was fever pitch the whole game. so much so that I can’t actually remember much about the game apart from Steve Bruce scoring that glorious header in front of us. I can replay that in my head even now .Got a big photo from the EDP on my wall of him wheeling away after he’s scored with Donowa , Channon and Deehan. Crazy celebrations at the end. Then I think I was actually in a bit of a state of shock. We’d actually beaten Ipswich to get to Wembley …..we were better than them …….. it felt like a sea change in our clubs fortunes . OTBC .
  7. I like the boy Rashica a lot. He’s proper I reckon. Yes , great attitude. I loved that nutmeg he did second half - right in my line of vision, don’t remember or care who the Leicester player was. I do admit, I’m an absolute sucker for that sort of thing .
  8. Oh , £3.23 . Better than nothing I suppose . Gutted really , we deserved so much more ! OTBC .
  9. Right , here goes . Thanks for all the suggestions. Quite a few of you were of the same mind so they’re all in . I know there are injury doubts but I’ve taken a risk with them anyway . So , if you could put the £10 on like this please Nutty : £2 BTTS £1 Norwich win £1 Draw £1 Sargent to score last £1 McLean anytime £1 Tzolis anytime £1 Idah anytime £1 Less than 2.5 goals £1 Under 7 corners Thanks Nutty . Come on Norwich !! OTBC
  10. First Wazzock , I’ll go for Morecombe v SHEFF WED away win at even money. Not quite as daft as my other selections so far this season. Very best of luck with the final 6 this weekend mate .
  11. Hello Pups . Thanks for the suggestions so far , please keep them coming ! I’ll post my picks here early Saturday morning if that’s ok Nutty . Thanks for giving me a go .
  12. Kings Arms , top of Hall Road . Pre match football heaven in my humble opinion .
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