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  1. Kevin Reeves , what a player . My absolute favourite as a lad . Phil Boyer got one cap , v Wales in 1976 .
  2. He was one of mine too. He got a full England cap when he was with us . Our first England International ? I think . Remember that Bradford game too . That was the last season I went with my Dad before he died . I can still hear him moaning about Mel Machin now !
  3. More great photos Sonyc . Mine were from Ashwellthorpe Woods . An ancient woodland mentioned in the Domesday book apparently - I’d never heard of it until I went online after I saw your photos to see a good place to go . Hornbeam , Oak , Ash , Elm etc and lots of hazel that was once coppiced .
  4. Thanks Sonyc . You inspired me to go on a fungi spotting walk this morning - it was wonderful.
  5. Well maybe . But I’m including away games , where nearly all of these chants are given birth to . But it doesn’t really matter . I’d bloody love to have him in our team now and we could sing whatever .
  6. Ronaldinho all day long where I was .
  7. Had a couple of pints of Trawlerboys , Green Jack Brewery , down my local early door’s tonight. A nice Pinot Noir cooking and eating . I’m hoping that’ll do it .
  8. Evening dear Pups . I’m going Northampton v BURTON Away win . Just like I did last week . Ooops . It was 5/2 last week , bookies must’ve got wind I’m on it so now only 9/4. Rowe to score anytime in the Norwich bet . Best of luck everyone.
  9. We were crushed in those ridiculous caged walkways after game . People were struggling to breathe . Just a couple of minutes more and people would’ve starting passing out . I often wonder if they sold more tickets than that away end should’ve safely held . Honourable mention for Port Vale away . FA Cup , 1989 I think . Wow . Great if you liked heading practice with bricks post match .
  10. I share your pain mate . Hang on in there . It’s always darkest before the dawn . OTBC .
  11. Evening Pups . For the Norwich game , Rowe to score anytime. I’m going Northampton v BURTON away win . 5/2 seems a good price to me . Best of luck everyone.
  12. Griffin Park back in the day. The pubs on all four corners - the holy grail for away fans . The Griffin ,New Inn , Princess Royal and Royal Oak . So pleased to have done that a few times. Of the big clubs , Anfield has just got it big time for me . Although the new Spurs stadium is gobsmacking . Always make a long weekend of Blackpool . Just brilliant fun . In fact I love all football up north so particular mentions for Rotherham and Hillsborough . Plus a big shout for Bristol City , fantastic city. And the Den , always an experience. Love drinking around Borough Market / London Bridge pre match .
  13. Hello fellow Pups . Diesel Doris , I’m saying Sara to score anytime. Kathy , I’m going for Peterborough v WYCOMBE away win at about 7/2. Probably not much use to you . Wishing you both all the best .
  14. That’s been the glory of our away support for years . We’ve been magnificent .Loyal. And we’ve been loud all game long . Not my words , other club’s fans . Been changing recently. First noticed it at Blackpool last season , people I’d not really seen much away before in previous years screaming at other fans to join in with what is , let’s face it , a sh*t song . Screaming at fans who’ve been going away for f*cking years and have built up our reputation. I totally applaud the effort to improve the atmosphere at Carrow Road however and really don’t want to get into a slanging match with other Norwich fans. But the away support did not need fixing one bit . OTBC
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