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  1. Actually there's a funny story,” the former Mainz and Paderborn midfielder added, whose family moved to Germany when he was young fleeing war torn Bosnia . “One of my best mates, his mother is from Norwich, and when I was like 12 or 13 years old we used to play together. He said 'one day you're going to play for Norwich City in the Premier League!' and I've achieved it.” You certainly did Mario . It was meant to be ! He’s a player I just love watching , he oozes class I reckon . Again , wish I’d seen more of him in the Premier League . If we do go down , he could have another great championship season here with plenty more of those goals .
  2. Gateway to heaven , 27 . Reims v Marseille please . All the best Mr Apples .
  3. And he’s a Norfolk boy . I bloody love that . I usually go back into pubs after any away games I go to , and I’ve found that Todd Cantwell is the player opposing fans have consistently talked about and praised more than any other Norwich player this season . Max Aarons after him . Would not have expected that at the start of the season at all . He’s come on in leaps and bounds , and still getting better . Stay here Todd !!!
  4. A truly horrendous thought . Next post . That would be sublime . Jesus , talk about uppers and downers !
  5. This for me . But most of you have been involved a lot longer than I have .
  6. Always refreshing and exciting to sign a young prospect , especially a striker . Cheered me up this morning
  7. I think your post exudes empathy . Yes we’re all in for the long haul I believe.
  8. Number 36 please , Freiburg v Schalke . Best of luck Diane . Aussie pools for me as I have an uncle and cousins in Sydney which may give me an unfair advantage, which I like very much .
  9. So , bit earlier than I said , but I’ve agonised over a couple of these long enough ! Plus I want to post this before I have any more to drink . Here goes . 1 Villa v Arsenal 2 Bournemouth v Southampton 6 Norwich v Burnley 8 Spurs v Leicester 13 Celta Vigo v Atletico Madrid 17 Real Betis v Osasuna 28 RB Leipzig v B.Dortmund. My pick please Nutty 29 Schalke v Wolfsburg 33 Metz v Nice 40 Den Haag v Zwolle 44 Heracles v Groningen Cheers Nutty . Fingers crossed PUP’s !!!
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