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  1. To see Norwich win the FA Cup with my two sons .... another taste of European football ......... rebuild that bloody stupid main stand and let’s get 30,000 + in Carrow Road on a regular basis ...... But in all seriousness , what really gives me joy on a day to basis , is for Norwich City Football Club to carry on being the undisputed PRIDE OF ANGLIA . OTBC .
  2. Evening Pups. Sonyc , I’m going for OXFORD v Charlton home win 11/10 . Kathy , how about Max to score . Good luck everyone . Very sad to be doing this without Wooster, I was always keen to see which draw he’d selected .
  3. He’s been absolutely phenomenal . I say phenomenal. What a football brain ! Plays with a maturity that massively belies his youth and lack of first team football before this season . I’m a HUGE fan .
  4. Sad news indeed. Condolences to his family and loved ones at this most difficult of times.
  5. Hello Pups . Mandie , I’m thinking Gianoulis to score . Wacky , I’m going for an extremely risky Swansea v BRISTOL CITY away win . 4/1 . So probably best ignored unless you’re feeling reckless !
  6. Hello Pups . Lakey , I’ll suggest a 3-0 win for us . Diesel Doris , I’m going for Ipswich v OXFORD Away win . 23/20 . I can’t resist . Very best of luck to you both .
  7. My Dad and Uncle were there. Both long gone. Went by train with a bottle of whisky each. They used to say of all the teams we beat in that marvellous cup run , to outplay and lose to Luton ........
  8. Diane . Unlucky Til . It’s bloody tough out there at the moment.
  9. I love how Farke doesn’t just goes through the motions , but takes the time and respects the fans enough to give us a proper post or pre match verdict .
  10. I think Mark Barham would’ve suited Farke well . Cracking player .
  11. That boy Pritchard could really play when we had him .
  12. Evening Pups . Diane , I suggest 2-0 Norwich win . Til , I’m going to take a punt on Sunderland v DONCASTER away win . 11/4 . Probably not what you’re after . Very best of luck to you both .
  13. Just a quick shout for a 2-1 win for Paul Warne’s Rotherham at Preston today , Out of the bottom 3 . Gotta love a Norwich boy beating the odds .
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