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  1. The international streaming remains so the illegal streaming will also remain.
  2. I picked my tickets up in October/Novemberish - Pumpkins are on my list of bands that I want to see but never have - saw Billy Corgan in the shortlived Zwan phase but never SP. If drumming is your thing, check out AJ Hale from Halestorm - that dude is unbelievable. Honestly, I was really looking forward to Ghost - not a huge fan of their music but had heard about their amazing stage show - I was hugely disappointed. Gave them half an hour but it was just boring so I left... Just about made it to the tent to see Coheed and Cambria play a few songs including Favour House Atlantic which I'd always wanted to see live, but yeah, Ghost were rubbish! Pretty much the only band that disappointed me over the whole weekend to be fair. Spillways was cool live, but the stage show/presence was non-existant.
  3. Been to tonnes over the last few years (although I'd wager, not many on here will be on the same vibe!) Since May 2022, I have done: The Script x 2, Sheku Kanneh Mason x 2, My Chemical Romance + Funeral for a friend, Alterbridge + Halestorm, Liam Gallagher, Embrace x 2, Bon Iver, Papa Roach, Muse x 2, Blink 182, Bring me the Horizon + Bad Omens, Tom Clarke (from the Enemy) acoustic set, Corella, DMAs and Download 2023 where I watched: Ice Nine Kills, Bring me the Horizon, I Prevail, Disturbed, Ghost, Evanesence, Slipknot, Metallica x 2, Moionless in White, Asking Alexandria, Amity Affliction, Neck Deep, Bad Religion, Pendulum. Upcoming I have got: Smashing Pumpkins + Weezer Foo Fighters Liam Gallagher Leeds fest for a day (Taking my 7 year old to see Blink 182 for her first gig) Download fest - bought after last year but lineup is weak for my taste, so am going to sell the weekend tickets and just get a Sunday day ticket and a Slam Dunk ticket as there is much more for me doing it that way (Download - Limp Bizkit, Sum41's last UK festival show, The Used, Corey Taylor) (Slam Dunk: I Prevail, Asking Alexandria, You Me At Six last UK festival, the Dangerous Summer, Caskets, As December Falls, LS Dunes, Goldfinger, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), Funeral for a friend (although they were awful supporting MCR in 2022), We the Kings, Head Automatica. I like music a lot. Of the gigs I've been to over last few years, highlights were Bon Iver who is just an unbelievable musician, Corella who are really up and coming, they're ace. DMAs who are excellent live, and Papa Roach who were awesome, and the whole of Download fest last year was bloody wonderful - every single band I saw killed it.... but Bring Me The Horizon are hands down the best live band I've ever seen, and I've seen ALOT of bands. They are on fire at the moment.
  4. I know someone who taught him at GCSE and A-level (and his brother for that matter). She said he was a really nice, polite, decent kid. Seems like she was right. Class act.
  5. I watched this game (I lived in Turkey a long time ago and adopted Fener as my Turkish team due to the nickname - don't watch them much anymore but was at a loose end yesterday). There was a big flashpoint in the 98th minute resulting in a mini brawl amongst the players, but the game was pretty bad termpered all the way through and Trabzon fans were throwing stuff every time a Fener player was within range. Turkish football is crazy, especially the Fener Gala derby. This one was one of my favourites as bat**** games go - 3 sent off AFTER full time whistle and Jailson running for his life as the entire Galatasaray squad tried to batter him. Video of the chase is here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/7648121/roberto-soldado-galatasaray-fenerbahce-fight-video/ - Just needs the Benny Hill music.
  6. Not in the episode from Thursday, think the UFO episode/s are quite old so might take some digging - I just had a brief look on google but couldn't find them, they definitely exist though
  7. The "stuff you should know" podcast released an episode on Thursday; about the alien abduction phenomenon of the mid-20th century. Pretty much the same deal - mass hysteria due to media coverage and made for TV movies, and general bandwagonning. Died a death since everyone got camera phones. They've done UFOs on an episode before too.
  8. Adam Peters is COOKING in DC. This is such a breath of fresh air. Eagles are having a really nice free agency too. The Cowboys though....😱 Dak on sexual assault charges too... When it rains, it pours.
  9. General manager in most organisations has control over player personnel so makes the draft picks, free agent signings etc. He essentially builds the roster. It's basically the Stuart Webber role of the NFL world. Our coaching team is now put together. Not 100% sure what to make of it, as the up and coming young offensive coach (Ben Johnson) that everyone thought was locked in to be our next head coach bailed last minute amidst a swirl of rumours he'd interviewed badly etc. He decided to stay in his current role, so we hired Dan Quinn who had a fairly unsuccessful stint with the Atlanta Falcons (although he did take them to a superbowl where they blew a commanding lead), but he has spent 3 years since that being a Defensive Coordinator in Dallas and built one of the premier defenses in the league, and he is universally liked and respected around the league. I like the coordinators Quinn has hired though, he's brought Joe Whitt who worked under him in Dallas on board as the Defensive Co-ordinator and brought in Kliff Kingsbury as Offensive Co-ordinator, who has a knack of developing star Quarterbacks which is a good move seeing as we are defniitely picking a QB at number 2 in the draft. Kingsbury has just spent the last few years in the College game coaching Caleb Williams who is one of the best Quarterbacks in the upcoming draft so there is a lot of expectation we will draft him, although Chicago pick 1st and also need a QB - possible we may trade a pick or two to swap places with them so we can take him, there's been a lot of noise that if Chicago draft him, he will refuse to play for them and force a trade elsewhere (Eli Manning is the precedent for this). Time will tell though, theres a few good QBs in this draft. So all in all, interesting times in Washnigton right now.
  10. As a fellow Washington fan, now is the time to start paying attention again. The poison that is Dan Snyder has sold the team, we have a competent and exciting ownership group led by Josh Harris who owns several successful franchises across other sports (the group also includes basketball legend Magic Johnson).... and we have just appointed the hottest prospect going (Adam Peters) to lead the front office, who has spent the last 6 or 7 years as the second in command overseeing the 49ers rebuild and subsequent success. He was coveted as the top general manager candidate across the league and he didn't even interview elsewhere, he took the Washington job immediately. We've spent the last week interviewing the best available candidates for the head coach position, and should be close to appointing one in the next week or so. I trust the new General Manager and the group in charge to make a good decision on this, and we are now seen as an attractive proposition across the league so good candidates actually want to come to DC. We have the 2nd overall pick in the draft, and 5 out of the first 100 picks, and we have the most salary cap space in the league. We are about to begin a beautiful journey - jump on for the ride.
  11. Also, how have we gone from Washington being a total dumpster fire, to securing the GM candidate that the entire league coveted (Adam Peters, John Lynch's right hand man at the 49ers), and being one of the most appealing Head Coach opportunities in the league right now? Finally a bit of ****ing hope for the franchise!
  12. Love to see Dallas get their **** whipped. Especially in Jerry World.
  13. Absolutely zero chance we take him. Not what we're looking for. All the journos with the inside track have said the links to us are utter nonsense too. Almost nailed on we get Ben Johnson, the Lions OC for our head coach role.
  14. I've seen Bruce Groebalaar (spelling?) Pushing luggage around Heathrow, and Earnshaw at a service station. Thats about it though. Burnley away a few years ago (when we got beat 2-0 in glorious sunshine), the motorway had a concrete divider splitting one lane off. Went down it and got stuck behind an accident and nobody could move. Other 2 lanes were free flowing. Everybody out their cars, mostly man city fans travelling to the etihad. Me and my mate in our Norwich shirts, and then from the moving lanes, there's a horn beep from a 4 x 4 and it's Big Grant Holt leaning out the window and shouts "Up the yellows" as he drives past. He was doing some media up north that day. My mate was on a stag do and saw John Barnes in the airport. The groom was in a pvc nun's outfit and there's a cracking picture of him and Barnesy 😂 (id share but I don't have it). Non footballing, Roy from Eastenders at a hydro-electric dam in North Wales, circa 1996/1997 😂
  15. Hope that sounded funnier in your head buddy!
  16. I've been ill af all week. I haven't been excited about Norwich for a few years and apathy has been at the highest point since Hughton for me... but... this the ****ING DERBY. Expecting to lose but anything can happen and its stirring the passion for ncfc I've been lacking for a while now. Let's have it. Come on you ****ing yellows.
  17. God knows who the new DB coach is - they promoted one of the assistants, I don't know anything about them. The DB situation is as much lack of talent as coaching - they just constantly lose players and leave them running wide open. It really is a cluster****.... Tua is going to embarrass them.
  18. I think the Cowboys are legit, although I hate to say it. Their Defense is exceptional, and will cause trouble for most OLs across the league. Rivera will make it to the end of the season, pretty much nailed on. Fired Del Rio and the DBs coach this week (seriously, the DBs coach has worked under Del Rio twice in the NFL, and the rest of his career has been coaching High school football... wtaf?). Rivera is a lame duck, but he will see the season out... Think Harris is content to let the season play out with us losing out and hoping to sneak into the top 4 or 5 of the draft, and Rivera staying (he's now taking on DC responsibilities too) pretty much cements that. We are in need of a full rebuild, although I think Howell is good at QB - Our OL is beyond porous, it's historically bad, and Howell's leading the league in passing despite narrowly avoiding death on almost every play. He's had way more pass attempts than anyone else due to always playing from behind and Bienemy hating any kind of rush attack, but he has done a good job. Trading our EDGE for picks was smart as neither were staying and we've now got 5 picks in the top 100 of the draft, so can't complain at that really for a team in need of rebuild. We have 90mill in cap space too and no blue chip renewals to worry about (mainly cuz we don't have any blue chip players!). The Defense has killed us this year - something like 16 TDs conceded from 20+ yards, last in the league in points allowed, every team throwing bombs over their heads like it's nothing. It's been a total mess and given we invested like 6 of our last 8 first rounders on Defense, it's inexcusable. So many busts in that number. It's going to take a huge effort to even make us look halfway competitive again, but I do think Harris will get it done over the next few years. I'm not sure Bienemy has earned a HC shot here if I'm honest, I wouldn't be against it, but I'm not totally sold on it either and theres plenty of fans on the forum who have zero interest in seeing him take on HC role.
  19. Yeah, needed to happen to be fair, we need a total rebuild. I think Howell can be the guy at QB but our OL is horrific. We've played both of our best games against the Eagles, aside from that we have stunk this season. Time for Ron to go and for a new Front Office to be put in place. Not sure Bienemy is the answer to be honest though, he's had a really up and down season.
  20. Hell of a game last night @king canary !
  21. I met him after a game once, I'd have been maybe 7... Only things I remember are very friendly, kind bloke and he was dripping with gold jewelry.
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