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  1. Just wondering if we might dip back in for Bielik or Bochniewicz this summer - both are currently shining for Poland at the Euro U21 championships. Bielik scored in both group games (Poland just beat hosts Italy 1-0 thanks to his reaction volley). I know Bielik link was a couple of years ago but he is really looking quality - albeit in midfield now where we're already well equipped. Bochniewicz who we were linked with in April has also had an excellent tournament so far. 6'4 and a real unit - would be ideal 4th CB if Hanley does depart. A side note - Grabara, the keeper is unbelievable. Liverpool signed him a few years back for 250k but if we're looking to bring in legitimate competition for Krul, on the cheap but genuine quality competition then a loan may suit all parties here. Very much a well-rounded sweeper keeper and a phenomenal talent. Went on loan to Aarhus in Denmark for second half of last season but was training with Liverpool's first team squad before that and got on the bench a few times in the cup. Will be a top, top keeper in time.
  2. kick it off

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Thanks for sharing Ricky - it's almost unimaginable for us whippersnappers. My first game was aged 2 and a half, but the first one I have any recollectrion of is when I was 5 - My only abiding memory is of seeing the Villa mascot and being adamant he was waving at me. Shame really, as it was a 3-2 win at Villa park, with Daryl Sutch scoring the winner. https://www.11v11.com/matches/aston-villa-v-norwich-city-28-november-1992-20964/
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    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Different ball game with VAR - massively beneficial to the smaller clubs
  4. kick it off

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    He can take penalties too. I'm in.
  5. kick it off

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Obligatory youtube montage
  6. kick it off

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Yeah 19 years old and 15 goals last season in the SPL. Sounds promising.
  7. kick it off

    New Kits - Why did you...?

    My WH supporting mate LOVES their new kit
  8. kick it off

    President Trump

    So he’s having yet another pop at Sadiq Khan. This time over the murder rate in London. It’s a good job that the USA doesn’t have a murder rate that outstrips any other developed nation by a multiple of ten, and gunmen shooting up schools every other day.... Otherwise people might see him as a populist bull****ter who says things for attention and effect and have no substance behind them. How do the thickos like jools keep lapping this stuff up when it’s so transparent?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Villa **** a load of cash last season, and the one before, and scrape their way up through the playoffs, whilst we spent pretty much nothing and romped the league? You can spend 8million on Ricky van Wolfswinkel or sign Pukki on a free. Which strategy is better? The money is a complete misnomer - it doesn't matter what you spend, it is quality and how they fit the team.
  10. There is no away season ticket?
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    Didn't we have some kind of get out clause with LeoVegas this year? Wonder if that's it? The club have been unusually quiet on kit news this year.
  12. Without digressing into politics as there''s plenty of that in other threads, I''m wondering what on Earth has gone wrong with society in a cultural sense and how the hell we fix it?Since I was a kid, I have little doubt that despite the internet and smartphones etc, society has grown interminably more stupid generally, but reading the news last night I came across a story that Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, has had $1.3 BILLION wiped off it''s valuation because Kylie Jenner has tweeted she didn''t use it very much any more.Grown men (and women) in the finance world, wiping nearly one and a half BILLION dollars from the value of a company because a pseudo-celebrity, famous for absolutely nothing, with no discernible talent whatsoever aside from having a sister who made a sex tape with a semi-successful music producer, says that she doesn''t use their product very often anymore. WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON?!?!?!I don''t get Snapchat, I don''t use Snapchat etc but I understand what it is and why it''s popular with kids. I also understand from the news they made some significant changes to the user interface 3 or 4 months ago which were badly received. That does not explain to me anything about how we''re wiping over a billion dollars off a company''s value based on some talentless moron''s tweet saying she doesn''t use it much. Picture the scene, it''s the mid-90''s and Michael Jordan says he doesn''t eat as many Weetabix as he used to, or Will Smith says he used to really like Apple computers but he''s moved to Windows based systems, or Sarah Michelle Gellar saying she has changed shampoo brands.... Can you comprehend that translating into those companies crashing on the stock market? I certainly can''t. It wouldn''t have happened. Maybe if it had emerged that Weetabix had been using Arsenic as a flavouring product or something, but not off the basis of one "celebrity" (and they were at least real celebrities back in those days) saying they no longer use a product.What has gone wrong here? There is a serious disconnect between logic, reason, and what now passes for reality.On top of the stock value nonsense, how the f*** has Kylie Jenner and her whole family made careers from being talentless nobodies with a sl**ty sister? How is that a job?Something is seriously wrong here.Rant over.
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    Two for Pukki

    https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11737886/pukki8217s-sublime-brace Both goals on the link - both absolute quality.
  14. kick it off

    Anyone been to China?

    Going to China for the first time in the summer. Got 5 days in Beijing, 4 days in Cheng Du and 11 in Shanghai (Partner's aunt lives there so needs to be the longer stop). Itinerary so far: Beijing: Great Wall, Tiannamen Sq, Forbidden Palace Cheng Du: Pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha Shanghai: See family, 2 or 3 day trip to Zhangjiajie (mountains that inspired Avatar), Hangzhou/West Lake, Maybe one of the water towns, Shanghai sights like the Bund etc My question is - what am I missing? Is there something that is a must see? We're not going to make it X'ian or Three Gorges Dam etc this time - Those 3 locations are locked in with flights and accomodation booked, so is there anything not currently on my itinerary that anyone would recommend?
  15. kick it off

    Anyone been to China?

    The closest we'll be to Hong Kong is Shanghai, and that's over 1000 miles away - 3 hour flight time - not really feasible this trip. We do plan to go back to see some over stuff that we won't get to this time, and Hong Kong will probably be part of that itinerary. Thanks for suggestion though.
  16. kick it off

    Onel signs for longer

    Really good to see the club rewarding the players who got us to the promised land and gave us a season for the ages!
  17. kick it off

    NCFC Memorabilia in Obscure Places

    There is a fully decked out NCFC themed bar in Thailand. I forget where, maybe Koh Samui
  18. And the yellow wall couldn’t possibly exist or function just fine without drums, could it?
  19. kick it off

    Crying out for Madders!!!!

    Jamie Redknapp just said Madders or Foden were the missing link for England.
  20. Yep. Epitome of tinpot
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    Guess Who?

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    Guess Who?

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    Guess Who?

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    Guess Who?

  25. kick it off

    Guess Who?

    I think I'm pretty good at this game I've taken inspiration though and started it as a wider football version on a different forum I use.