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  1. kick it off


    Not Duda related but on the debut theme - Haland scored a hat trick for Dortmund today on his debut, as he inspired a 5-3 win coming back from 3-1 down!!
  2. kick it off


    Absolutely, thought he was magnificent first half - he seemed 3 steps ahead of any other player on the pitch. Faded a bit second half but that's to be expected I think, being parachuted into a side after not much football and only a week of training. Really wish we could have him permanently!!
  3. kick it off

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    and to add the cherry on top, Wycombe get a pen in 90+5 to win. Penalty conceded by Rochdale defender and Norwich fan Mathieson and keeps the scum out of the top 2
  4. kick it off

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Don't disagree it was a red but how much of a c**t was Wilson? Used to really rate him but he was ****e today, and on top of being ****e, spent literally the entire game rolling round on the floor trying to get our players booked. Can understand why Godfrey gave him a proper kick.
  5. kick it off

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Duda looks very good so far. No idea what cook was doing. Mental decision
  6. kick it off

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Yeah - I'm not sold on McLean being in - he hasn't shown much in recent weeks that warrants that imo - Would have preferred to see Vrancic in there, maybe Hernandez in for Cantwell/Buendia.... Strong side though.
  7. kick it off

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    Cantwell would finally have a challenger for worst hair-do in the squad.
  8. kick it off

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    To be fair, they did say right back in September/October that the games from this season wouldn't count for next year because this year has been such a balls up. I know that doesnt help your situ but that isn't new news.
  9. Gone to MK Dons until end of season. Fingers crossed for him that he can stay fit for a bit and get some football under his belt. Hopefully we can send the Norfolk Cafu a few more players to bolster his squad when we want to send them out on loan
  10. kick it off

    What are you watching?

    1917 is definitely on my "must-see" list.... Have a look at "The Courageous heart of Irena Sendler". That will give you that same type of hit. She was the Polish version of Schindler and gets far too little recognition or credit for what she did. Risked death as she used her position as a social worker to assist 2500 children to escape the evils of the Nazis. Especially poignant as it is holocaust memorial day on the 27th.
  11. kick it off

    Burnley away tickets

    I went to the last one - won't be making the trip for this one though.
  12. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Who else is an NFL fan in here? I'm a big Redskins fan - currently 6-3 atop the NFC East. Have to say, we're probably the worst team to be leading a division but all I know is misery and mediocrity in my Redskins fandom so I'm happily enjoying the whole winning games novelty, even if we are winning ugly every week. Anyone see past Saints/Rams for Superbowl?
  13. kick it off

    Lukas Rupp

    Congrats buddy! I found the first 5 weeks or so really tough but once they develop the ability to smile, the whole game changes and it becomes a lot more fun!! I hope you enjoyed sleep whilst that was still a "thing" you had access to!
  14. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Elite - Agree fully Starters with elite potential - Jackson and Watson for sure. Dak has an elite OL so has all day to throw, elite RB to help him out. Elite WR in Cooper.... He's had an awful lot of tools to succeed and not put it all together (albeit whilst posting decent numbers). I don't disagree with you, but I wonder what he looks like without all that help or what happens if you put Daniel Jones for example into that same situation. Wentz - Talent wise, no doubt, but at this point durability has got to be a concern. I know concussion was a freak injury off a cheap shot, but he always seems to be going down for one reason or another. Agree with the rest. Although I'm adding Gardner Minshew II into the elite category based exclusively on the moustache.
  15. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Andrew Luck who retired in the Summer?! Bizarre to say the least!
  16. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    The god stuff is duplicitous being the issue. I dont care what religion you are, or what your motives are, but at least be a man and front up to them. Hiding behind your religion to cover your money grabbing is pathetic by any standard. As if "God" gives a toss whether Cousins signs a one year deal or multi year. He wasn't 7th highest paid when he signed, he was highest paid player ever. Fully guaranteed. But he didn't do that for himself of course, he wasn't bothered about that, he was just helping other QBs by setting the market.... The guy is so full of ****, it's unreal. He wouldn't have signed at mid-tier level, his red line was to be the highest paid QB/player ever. Anything less he doesn't sign. Like I said, if thats his motive then fine, no issue, but don't then hide behind your religion or complain when held to the standard of your contract. He made a big fuss about wanting to be on a team that could win, and how it wasn't about the money before demanding a contract so high it harms the Viking's chances of winning. He didn't sign for market rate remember, he demanded the market be reset for him. There are plenty who chased the money at the Redskins, there are plenty that played far worse for us than Cousins did, but there's an awful lot of Redskins fans who specifically think Cousins is a **** and want him to fail without caring about the others. The reason is the way he conducted/conducts himself. He talks out both sides of his mouth and he takes no responsibility. Josh Norman is a good example. He's paid 16mill per year and has SUCKED on the field for the Redskins since we gave him the massive contract, with the exception of the first year or so. Gets torched every week and was benched for most of the season. Everybody wants him cut, but when he is, nobody will care what he does or where he goes. He made it clear he was about the money, we signed him on that basis and he may be as dumb as a box of frogs but at least he is honest.
  17. kick it off

    An Outrageous Effort!

    Bloody hell! he meant it as well!
  18. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Like I said, I don't care who signs for what as long as they own it. Kirk's martyr routine wears thin. "God told him to sign a 1 year deal". He only signed a 30mill per year fully guaranteed contract "to help other quarterbacks".... He never takes accountability for his actions and him demanding a fully guaranteed contract as the highest paid QB ever at the time harms his team's chances at winning. I hold everybody to that standard - do they practice what they preach. Plenty in the NFL chase the money but at least they come out and say they feel they deserve to be paid like a top 5 QB or whatever. Cousins has this **** way of deflecting all responsibility for the choices he makes. Bottom line, I think the guy is a **** and I hope he loses every time he steps on the field (and no, that's not sour grapes, I didn't like him when he was a Redskin either, and I wasn't the only one).
  19. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    That's kind of the problem. He can't do it all himself, yet he is paid to be elite and put the team on his back. He's not good enough for what he is paid. Kirk's contract is 16% of the salary cap meaning that the money isn't there to beef up the OL amongst other positions. So actually, it kind of is his fault that the Niners kept Cook to 18 yards and it kind of is his fault that he ate turf a billion times. IF he has more interest in winning than stacking money he doesnt need and will never spend, Vikings have a shot but he is more interested in the money. Nothing wrong with that, like I said, lots of NFL players do it, but don't then pretend you were more interested in winning. Cousins will never win a Superbowl because he needs to be on a stacked team and he demands to be paid in a way that doesn't allow you to stack a team. His skill players are unreal, yet still they don't have those extra few million to build the trenches.Bad OL drafting doesn't help but maybe they're not reaching for those guys in the draft if they can afford to bring in a decent calibre FA help I'm not saying Kirk has to live on bread and cheese to win - but if he'd really wanted to chase a trophy (bear in mind, he had made $45 million before he signed the Vikings contract so he had money already) then he could have signed for 18-20mill per year. Under market value? Sure, but look at how many moonshots the Patriots make with that 10-12 mill per season. Some work, some don't but they get great value if one or two of them come off. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4817033/new-england-patriots-2019-free-agent-signings-jason-mccourty-returns-to-deep-secondary That's why the Patriots dynasty has been such a juggernaut - great drafting etc sure, but having Brady on a team friendly deal helps the team take those cheap high upside chances on players like Maurice Harris and that in turn leaves money left over for those calculated high reward risks in FA like Josh Gordon - don't always pan out but when they do,...
  20. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    I didn't watch the Ravens game in the end but I had a feeling the Titans might have a shot to upset the apple cart after watching them last week. Henry is a monster and that Offense is absolutely made for him - it's a really good fit. Tannehill might not be flashy, but he is pretty competent. Unfortunately, the team I'd most want to watch is the Packers who are playing on the late kickoff so won't finish until stupid o clock. Can't be doing that on a school night.
  21. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Look what happens when Kirk Cousins plays against a decent defense... 172 yds, 1 TD (that should have been an INT or at least never have happened - also accounted for 40+ of his yards for the day) 1 INT, 742,000 Sacks.... 7 First downs in the entire game - 3rd lowest in playoff history. Niners played well to be fair, far superior team to the Vikings. Bye Kirk.
  22. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    That TD should never have happened - no idea wtf he was thinking. I could have defended that pass better than he did.
  23. kick it off

    NFL Thread

  24. kick it off

    PR Paul

    "Pep and Klopp might as well be a different sport so there is no comparison and him playing for Dortmund was over 20 years ago.Can he ever just talk about something relevant that he is basing this madness on?" Isn't it funny that they don't apply the same logic to their assertions they are a big club because they won trophies before most of them were born?
  25. kick it off


    Yeah me too.... but obviously this deal has meant Webber has not been able to do anything else. In the rare moments where he hasn't been on the phone with Duda's agent (which sources reliably inform me has been at least 12 hours daily for 6 months), he has been sat twiddling his thumbs doing nothing. Now he can finally start working on a new CB and striker, which he definitely can't possibly have been doing until this point.